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June 17, 2024

Former President Donald Trump gave an interview to pro wrestler and popular podcaster Logan Paul, and it went over so well, James Carville would be pulling his hair out if he had any left.

Trump arrived with gifts for his hosts of his mugshot T-shirts, then sat down for a wide-ranging, free-wheeling and often hilarious interview. He touched on topics of interest to all voters but especially young podcast fans, from what he would do to help them find jobs and achieve the American Dream (fixing the economy, reversing illegal immigration, ending income taxes on tips for service and gig workers) to UFOs (believing in space aliens is “not my thing,” but he had talked to fighter pilots who’d seen unexplainable objects, and these were “pilots [who looked] like beautiful Tom Cruise but taller — handsome, perfect, people."

Here are a few important points I take away from this:

1. Trump knows he can’t get fair coverage from outlets like CNN or MSNBC, so he’s granting interviews to alternative outlets that reach voters who don’t watch the DNC mouthpiece channels. And it’s working.

2. Trump is making his case to voters who traditionally support Democrats and have suffered for it, including blacks, Hispanics and in this case, young voters – and it’s resonating with them, which has the Democrats so terrified, all they can do is triple down on calling him a racist, Nazi Hitler.

3. When you listen to Trump unfiltered, he’s nothing like the angry, fascist straw man the Democrats have invented. He’s well-informed, quick-witted and entertaining, and he doesn’t insist on pre-screened questions like some people I could name. You can see why he was the #1 star on NBC before he became a Republican presidential candidate and they suddenly stopped sucking up to him and turned on him.

4. Paul said he had also reached out to the Biden campaign about interviewing Biden but hadn’t  heard back. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that phone call, pal.

Here’s an article with quotes from the interview… an-paul-interviews-former-president-donald-trump/ar-BB1odhh2

And here’s the full podcast on YouTube if you have the time. It’s well worth watching…

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