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October 28, 2022

Another woman has surfaced, accusing Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker of paying for her to have an abortion many years ago. Like the first accuser, this one is anonymous and has no actual evidence, only this one is represented by Gloria Allred, for what that’s worth. Walker calls it a lie. And considering the latest accuser claims that coming forward (sort of) less than two weeks before the election is NOT politically-motivated, I have serious doubts about her sincerity.

Karen Townsend at has a very good report on this story and why it’s not likely to be the damaging “October Surprise” the left must hope it will be.

Part of that is due to a fundamental lack of understanding of how conservatives and Christians view people. They think we’re narrow-minded and judgmental, so if they can just tar a Republican as a sinner, we’ll abandon him. They don’t get that we believe in a faith that’s based on forgiveness and redemption. So far, they’ve shown no evidence that these accusations are true, but even if they are, we understand that people can repent and change from what they were in the distant past. 

What we do know is that Herschel Walker today is pro-life. Why would we abandon him over an unproven allegation of a past sin, when the alternative is a candidate who has already voted in lockstep with the Democrats for unrestricted abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy at taxpayer expense? They must truly believe that we’re as stupid as they think we are.

Besides, why are they trying to paint Herschel Walker as morally unfit for the Senate by alleging that he once paid for an abortion? I thought we were supposed to celebrate abortion. Have you noticed how often Democrats try to harm a Republican’s political career by accusing him or her of something that they claim to support wholeheartedly, from having an abortion to being gay?  Why, it’s almost as if their ethics were…situational.


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Comments 1-2 of 2

  • Carol Unger

    11/06/2022 02:41 PM

    Lies!! I wonder how much the "democrazies" paid her to lie!! Isn't it funny how she came forward just days before election??HUM

  • Gerald Bucha

    10/30/2022 07:10 PM

    So what he paid for an abortion. Don't the Dems love abortion. Why come out with this now? How long have they sat on it until now. Dems are evil.