April 23, 2018


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Today's Commentary: What Americans Should Demand From Social Media Networks -- New revelation shows Dem cybersecurity was a joke -- Anti-Christian bigotry ignored -- North Korea proves Trump critics wrong  -- Trump tweets high gas prices will not be accepted  -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Big week for me on Twitter—I saw the number of those who follow me on Twitter cross the 1 million mark, which is a milestone of sorts, especially since I have never purchased followers and the number has grown organically. I’m not sure if you knew that you can actually buy Facebook friends or Twitter followers, but you can, which some celebrities do in order to make them appear more popular or influential. I have over 2.2 million Facebook friends as well, and I’ve never bought any of those either. I’m convinced that many of the Twitter followers and some Facebook “friends” are those who sign up just to spew vicious comments toward me. I’m happy to provide a place for them to deposit their bile and vile because it keeps them busy and therefore too occupied to do real damage to society and because it prevents them from unleashing their phony fury at folks who might actually care and be bothered by it. I see my social media platforms as the electronic equivalent of a mosquito trap. When they spend their time stuck on my pages, they aren’t out hurting the feelings or saying nasty things about nice people who aren’t used to cowardly comments from people who hide behind fake names and monikers so they will never have to stand up and be accountable for their comments.

Here’s what might shock you—today 62% of adults get their news from social media according to Pew Research Center. 2/3 of Facebook users get their news from that platform, and 59% of Twitter users get their news in bursts of 280 characters or less. Yikes!


Mike Huckabee

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New revelation shows Dem cybersecurity was a joke

By Mike Huckabee

A few excerpts from New York Times reporter Amy Chozick’s new book, “CHASING HILLARY: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, And One Intact Glass Ceiling,” have already been reported, notably that Hillary used that “basket of deplorables” verbiage –- deplorable at it may be to think of one’s constituents that way –- numerous times before many groups of Democratic donors, and also that on election night she actually said, “I knew this would happen to me...they were never going to let me be President.” Personally, knowing Hillary, I think she must have been shocked out of her ever-loving mind when Robby Mook broke the news to her that she wasn’t going to be President, but in that remark one can see the beginnings of a paranoid conspiracy theory already forming in her brain.

Chozick’s book may turn out to be a pretty interesting read...



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Anti-Christian bigotry ignored in NYC 

By Mike Huckabee

Last week, New Yorker writer Dan Piepenbring suggested that Chick-fil-A didn’t belong in the “woke” liberal mecca of the Big Apple, even though it has four locations there now. He was clucking over the opening of the newest location in Manhattan, the biggest Chick-fil-a restaurant in the world. Piepenbring called the chain’s Christian corporate culture “creepy,” accused it of anti-LGBTQ bigotry because the founder believes in traditional marriage, and wrote, “The restaurant’s corporate purpose still begins with the words ‘to glorify God,’ and that proselytism thrums below the surface of the Fulton Street restaurant (in Lower Manhattan), which has the ersatz homespun ambiance of a megachurch.”

Well, if he meant to draw a line in the sand, New Yorkers have now made it clear where they stand: they’re standing in line at the new Chick-fil-a. Another location estimates that it’s selling one chicken sandwich every six seconds, and the chain has plans to open a dozen stores in NYC. I doubt that New Yorkers buy a copy of the New Yorker every six seconds. I bet some have gone at least six years without buying one, and Piepenbring makes it clear why. Tasty chicken will always be easier to swallow than elitist leftist paranoia and anti-Christian bigotry.


North Korea's latest move proves Trump critics wrong

By Mike Huckabee

Say, remember when President Trump’s threatening tweets were going to goad Kim Jong Un into lobbing nukes at San Francisco? Because as any expert on international relations can tell you, letting your opponents know you are unafraid of them and far more powerful than them is certain to encourage them to attack you.

Well, apparently, they don’t get CNN or MSNBC in North Korea, because the denuclearization summit Kim agreed to hasn’t even happened yet, and he’s already shutting down his nuclear test site and suspending his missile tests.

If the media are still searching for a way to give Trump no credit for this development, they could try reporting that Kim just did it because he hates being called “Rocket Man.” Oh wait: that's something Trump did, too…


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Trump tweets high gas prices will not be accepted

By Mike Huckabee

You’ve probably noticed at the pumps that the price of gas has been creeping back up. The average price of a gallon of regular is $2.74, which is about 32 cents higher than a year ago. The rise is largely due to a deal by OPEC to restrict oil output to try to force the price of crude back up, although there are some other secondary factors, such as geopolitical tensions with Russia and Iran, and a steep drop in Venezuelan oil production (the miracle of socialism!) The cost of a barrel of Brent crude is up to $73, and OPEC hopes to get it to $80 to $100.

But President Trump served notice yesterday that OPEC no longer controls the oil market. He tweeted, “Looks like OPEC is at it again. With record amounts of Oil all over the place, including the fully loaded ships at sea, Oil prices are artificially Very High! No good and will not be accepted!” Behold the power of a Trump tweet: the price of Brent crude immediately dropped by three-quarters of a percentage point.

Trump has been removing many Obama-era restrictions on the domestic energy industry, with US oil production expected to surpass 12 million barrels a day by 2019, making the US the world’s top oil producer, which should put a big damper on OPEC’s ability to manipulate prices. In 2012, President Obama again displayed his enviable talent for saying patently absurd things in a way that makes them sound like unquestionable wisdom when he declared that “We can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices.” At that time, the average price of a gallon of gas was $3.64 ($3.80 in today’s dollars.) So to answer Obama’s quote with another of his quotes: “Yes, we can!”


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