June 26, 2020

When last we left the Michael Flynn case, presiding Judge Emmet Sullivan had been advised by a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to follow Attorney General Bill Barr’s orders and let it go. Give it up. Shake it off. And then maybe take a loooooong vacation. (Personally, I’d suggest a permanent one.)

But the stalemate continues, though it’s almost overshadowed by another revelation, made possible through the DOJ’s partial declassification of a note in Peter Strzok’s chicken-scratch handwriting, that Obama and Biden participated actively in a January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting about the incoming national security adviser. The notes even suggest Biden specifically brought up the Logan Act.

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On Thursday, numerous pundits weighed in on the significance of this, and I was particularly intrigued by one comment from a source we’ve quoted with confidence, Undercover Huber, who tweeted: “Don’t laugh, but at this point, my working theory about Gen. Flynn and the Logan Act is that the people in the Obama administration got the idea from the freaking WEST WING cable TV show. An episode at the end of the series (“Transition”) shows the outgoing lame-duck admin in a foreign policy dispute between China and Russia. They carry out electronic surveillance of all calls with Russia and wiretap the incoming team and confront them about...the Logan Act!”

Dan Bongino brought this up in his Thursday podcast. Could it be?? We’ve seen real-life intersect with fiction before in this scandal; Christopher Steele apparently borrowed from the creative mind of wannabe screenwriter Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. What if Biden got the idea to go after an incoming national security adviser for violating the Logan Act after seeing something similar on THE WEST WING?

We know he’s not above plagiarizing others’ words and ideas; in fact, he even dropped out of a presidential race after it was discovered he had plagiarized.

It’s likely he also stole a different idea from THE WEST WING, as Bongino illustrated by juxtaposing two clips: 1) Biden at a podium, likening the race to cure cancer to JFK’s call to put a man on the moon in 10 years, and 2) Martin Sheen playing the President in his office, giving essentially the same spiel, with similar delivery.

Hilariously, Obama borrowed the same idea, for his January 2016 State of the Union Address.

My guess is that then-Sen. Biden was a fan of that show, which depicts those in the corridors of government power the way they must love to be portrayed, with constant snappy reparte –- do they EVER tire of hearing themselves talk? –- and nonstop hectic lives, all in the interest of “governing.” Martin Sheen played a President Democrats could only dream of, and goodness knows they needed someone they could idolize in the early 2000s with George W. Bush in office. I’ve imagined this show as therapy for them.

I’d seen clips from THE WEST WING but never an entire episode. So I thought the best way to come to any conclusion would be to watch the episode in question: Season 7 (the final season), Episode 19, “Transition,” which originally ran April 24, 2006, and has been in reruns since. Obviously, this episode is set during the transition period, with President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) transitioning out and President-elect Santos (Jimmy Smits) transitioning in. Concerns are established early in the script about the new administration overstepping the old on foreign policy issues before Inauguration Day.

To set the stage, the episode opens with President-elect Santos returning congratulatory calls from foreign leaders, specifically from the G8 countries. He’s told by an aide that the rest can be dealt with by his chief foreign policy adviser. “Well, then we’d better hire one,” Santos quips.

When he gets to the call from the Russian president, he hesitates. The aide nods him forward, telling him Russia is “one of the G8's.” Santos replies, “He’s also leader of a nation we may find ourselves exchanging hostile fire with any moment.” They exchange uncomfortable looks, and Santos finally says, “Call him.”

A scene in the President Bartlet’s office establishes that the incoming President is going to be briefed in-depth on the “intervention” in Kazakhstan. Santos is taken to a secure deep-basement briefing room --- I’m guessing kind of like the one Adam Schiff’s committee used for their secret impeachment confabs --- where he’s told we’re “reaching full deployment” of ground and support personnel positioned between Chinese and Russian forces. (Say what??) When he asks what happens next, he’s has a big problem with their cavalier answer and the “entire adventure, as I’ve already expressed to the President.” He abruptly leaves the room.

Here’s where it gets interesting. As soon as he’s gone, there’s this exchange:

Official #1 --- The NSA picked up the President-elect’s congratulatory phone call with the Russian president.

Bartlet’s chief of staff (I think) --- They’re tapping his phone?

Official #2 --- In the current crisis, the NSA’s monitoring all contact with the Russian and Chinese governments as a matter of course.

Chief of Staff --- And?

Official #1 --- The Santos call contained nothing improper.

Hm, so why was this even brought up? Later in his office, Santos complains of the Kazakhstan “mess” that “they’re depositing on our doorstep.” He tells his aide to get the president of China on the phone. “China’s not one of the G8 countries,” the aide warns. The message to Santos is definitely "don't go there." But the call is placed as the scene cuts away.

Now, it gets even more interesting. We go to President Bartlet’s office.

Chief of Staff –- Sir, we have a problem.

Official #1 –- NSA monitors picked up a phone conversation between President-elect Santos and Chinese President Lian.

Prez: Yeah.

Chief of Staff: Sir, you’re not going to like what he said...

Then, everything hits the fan. There’s a twist later that reveals the incoming and outgoing Presidents --- who, significantly, are from the same political party --- had secretly coordinated this call to China, using it to play “a little geopolitical good-cop, bad-cop.” VERY different from the adversarial Obama-Trump transition. Still, the episode contains several clear messages.

1. That the incoming administration is supposed to wait till Inauguration Day to insert itself into foreign policy.

2. That the NSA wiretaps calls between incoming officials and foreign leaders. (Apparently when this episode came out in 2006, that practice was kept closer to the vest. Today, both President-elect Trump and incoming national security adviser Flynn would have been aware.)

3. That current security officials will listen to the calls and “tell” on the interlopers, even on the incoming President or his national security adviser.

So, could Biden have gotten the idea of using Flynn’s recorded calls with a foreign leader to prosecute him after watching this show? The words “Logan Act” are never spoken, but if Biden watched the show, it might have come up later in conversation among colleagues exploring possible ways of taking Flynn out. And everyone seemed to be exploring those.

Doesn’t sound too farfetched to me. These days, hardly anything does.

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  • Tony Weaver

    06/27/2020 11:06 AM

    It’s time to fight back
    We only need a leader to lead us

  • Joyce Lee

    06/26/2020 07:00 PM

    Governor Huckabee, This comment is not related to todays articles, however since you have a comment section I'd like to share with you and maybe you can pass it on. I was going through some papers and found a clipping from WORLD magazine April 7, 2012. I quote-- "For years retailers and city leaders have used classical music to chase away loiterers and cut crime. That approach works because teenagers and young adults who are most likely to commit crimes tend not to like classical music. In Christchurch, New Zealand; London, England; Portland, OR.; West PalmBeach, FL.; and Minneapolis, MN. police and others have played Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven and broadcast opera at busy transit stations and urban hotspots. They've seen declines in shootings, assaults, drug deals, and robbery." end of quote. Maybe this needs to be done to help control our violence we see in our country at this time. Thank you for your daily newsletter and weekly special on TBN. God bless you and your family.

  • Claudia Andrews

    06/26/2020 06:12 PM

    We need a new Highway To Heaven television series with current problems being addressed with truth from the bible.

  • Ellen Klapperich

    06/26/2020 01:53 PM

    That's not the first time I've heard of actual events inspired by movies,books etc. But of course that's all just conspiracy.

  • Marlene Glidden

    06/26/2020 12:59 PM

    Yes they are starting in Indiana Mooresville and Plainfield and the list goes on They may get shot old farm people won't tolerate it Start the draft let the military teach them what life is about or they just might end up in Military prison for life

  • Fred H Sayin

    06/26/2020 12:12 PM

    My minister at my local Christian church- Unity Missions I heard the tape of her June 14th sermon on the 21st when TBN was having technical difficulties. In her sermon, she stated some people asked Mother Teresa if she would participate in a anti-war rally. She replied:
    "No", however if you have a peace rally, feel free to contact me". How about instead of protesting against injustice, have a rally for justice, instead of a protest that XX lives matter which brings arguing and division, how about having a rally for inclusivity? Thus instead of protesting a negative item, rally for the antonym that is positive ie protesting bullies at school, rally for Kindness at school.

  • Floyd A Unger

    06/26/2020 11:19 AM



    06/26/2020 11:12 AM

    Do not give up hope.

    Think positively.

    Right now we are a recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions for re-employment of your former employees .

    These stupid MUSH HEADED COLLEGE EDUCATED PEOPLE have no idea what is coming next down the road.

    If JOE BIDEN and the Democrats get control of the House and Senate, almost immediately you commence to see what is really happening in the world Global Finance. Already Bank of America International Banking units are anticipating a 20-30 per cent loss due to the Foreign Companies
    and Foreign investors will be pulling out their money from Corporations they own.


    BAYER Corporate headquarters is in Germany

    Siemens Corporate headquarters is in Germany

    UBS (FINANCIAL GLOBAL BANK) headquarters in Bern Switzerland

    Barclay (Financial Global Bank) headquarters in Germany

    Duetch Bank (Trumps Financial Lender) headquarters in Germany

    BMO (BANK OF MONTREAL) headquarters in Quebec City, Canada

    During the Lockdown those foreign investors bought almost 2 Trillion Dollars of our debt and stocks.

    Now you know and what are those MUSHHEADED COLLEGE EDUCATED INSURGENTS going do when their comfy jobs are gone and they out there having to fend for themselves , while Pelosi and their parents and rich people that backed the insurgency are gone to their Carbeanean Villas drinking Champagne and living the good life and they are living on the street or in their cars trying to just survive for the next day
    due to the government has defaulted on its National Debt required payments


    These are my thoughts of what is happening today in the cities and in the countryside.

  • Nancy McNeely

    06/26/2020 10:44 AM

    I say NO.... where are leaders out there to also say NO to this evil?
    I am ready to jump on board...and put on my armor..and to stand up against all this craziness...

  • Charles Simmons

    06/26/2020 10:35 AM

    At times like this I like to remember that Citizens of Missouri once elected a dead man to the Senate over a Republican incumbent.

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    06/26/2020 10:27 AM

    It figures that Biden couldn't come up with anything original ;-}