August 22, 2020


This is perplexing. We’ve just had four nights of Democrats lecturing us about the evils of voter suppression, and now, they’ve just succeeded in getting Green Party candidates kicked off the ballot in Montana. I guess they meant, "Don't suppress OUR voters." The Green Party candidates should take a cue from Stacey Abrams and just declare themselves the winners anyway.


The most “blue state” headline of 2020 so far, courtesy of Black Lives Matter activists in Hugo, Minnesota:

“Unity Event Canceled Due to Threats of Violence”


“Election officials cited “appalling” and “concerning” problems with the primary election after 72% of absentee voting precincts in Detroit showed mismatched numbers of voters and ballots.


Antifa and BLM radicals posted a video begging people to stop posting videos of them rioting and breaking laws online because (surprise) it’s causing them to get arrested and ruining their lives. Boo-hoo!

This is a perfect example of being "educated beyond your intelligence." News flash: When you decided to riot and break laws and call it “justice,” you made the choice to ruin your lives. The videos showing you in the act just help real justice arrive faster.


David Harsanyi at the New York Post goes into some detail about why John Kerry lecturing Trump that his foreign policy is a failure took about as much gall as Kerry telling Trump that he’s using too much Botox.


Say, remember when Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended her right to get her hair done when everyone else was banned from going to hair salons because as the public face of the city, she’s a special person whose appearance is more important than the average Chicago citizen? Well, she’s now decided that the safety of herself and her family is more important than the safety of the average Chicago citizen, so she’s banned “protesters” from the block where she lives but not from the blocks where anyone else lives.

Her fellow Democrats need to explain to her that there's nothing to fear; those are “peaceful protesters.”


Stop the Presses! Merrill Mathews of the Institute for Policy Innovation just did what nobody in the mainstream media would ever do for fear of being excommunicated for blasphemy. He fact-checked Michelle Obama’s DNC Convention speech! No, I mean he REALLY fact-checked it!


Wealthy uber-liberals on New York City’s Upper West Side are suddenly appalled that the socialist Dinkins protégé they voted into the Mayor’s office has brought back the filth, crime, drugs and homelessness of the Dinkins era. I guess they assumed that safe, clean, efficient cities ran themselves. Since they can no longer call on the cops, thanks to DeBlasio’s brilliant plan to defund and dismantle the police force in the face of surging crime and civil unrest, they’re doing what wealthy liberals always do: they’ve hired a top dollar lawyer. I assume they plan to sue over the outrageous injustice of expecting wealthy liberals to suffer the consequences of their own misguided votes. Those consequences are only supposed to be inflicted on other people!


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  • Lary Willis

    09/25/2020 10:53 AM

    Bend, Oregon police cars have blue line removed.

  • Carol Rickman

    08/24/2020 03:20 PM

    I am requesting info on Ever Bright Media ( which used you as an endorsement on Facebook Social Media site.
    My Mom recently ordered children’s guide to the Presidential Election and keeps receiving pamphlets . She assumed it was a one time fee; however, her credit card is being automatically debited every month. She logged on to their website and sent several emails to no avail. She then called their toll free number and spoke to someone to try and cancel the order.
    The man who answered, only asked her first name and advised he would stop the charge. He did not ask her any further questions and advised her that he had all her info on record. That was her red flag. She contacted her bank and canceled her credit well as flagged it as potential scam.
    Please advise if you actually endorse this company?
    Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.
    Carol Rickman

  • John F. Phillips

    08/24/2020 02:40 PM

    Hi, Gov. Mike! I tried to read." The real reason they are keeping Americans home", and all I got was a blank page the top of which said, " No information. This has happened before on your website. Is someone playing games with you? sincerely, John.

  • Jeff and Anne Williams

    08/23/2020 06:00 PM

    We want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for all that you do. We greatly appreciate it! Enjoy your day!

  • David Loyal Hotrum

    08/23/2020 05:48 PM

    The only thing good today is the Bible verse. Our country is dying s horrid death.

  • Steve Mylar

    08/23/2020 12:19 PM

    Mike, it is my hope that President Trump will respond to the theme of the DNC convention (Joe is a really nice guy) by reminding voters that while being nice is surely a great character trait, it certainly is not a skill set. No home owner would hire a contractor to remodel their home simply on the basis that he’s a nice guy. Yes, I like nice guys and would prefer the contractor to be such, but I more importantly want him to be highly skilled, honest, and trustworthy.

  • Holly Woodyatt

    08/23/2020 11:53 AM

    Happy Birthday on Monday Governor. Hope you have a blessed day and so glad you were born.

  • Ben Johnston

    08/23/2020 11:45 AM

    Could not access the link for the David Harsanyi article on John Kerry.

    Also, could the Democratic Party replace the nominees for president and vice president before the November election?

  • Joyce Birch

    08/23/2020 11:15 AM

    Another great opinion!
    A very "Happy Birthday" Mike! Have a wonderful day & keep an eye on all those candles!

  • Dot Whitley

    08/23/2020 10:19 AM

    Thanks for more of your excellent reporting. I love what you do.

  • Jerry Korba

    08/23/2020 09:50 AM

    Happy Birthday Mike Hope you have recovered from the woman in the box I can see Jed shaking his head also I saw a little bit of ruth buzzie running around. I didn't know who sang that song I always wondered thank you. Thanks for appearing with Pete this morning so much better than Harf, when you were on outnumbered, America can do without her lunacy. People like her is like pulling an anvil while trying to water ski she is trying to pull America down.

  • Robert Neumuller

    08/23/2020 09:26 AM

    I think that the worm is turning. (I think that is the expression.).

  • William Fuhrer

    08/23/2020 07:19 AM

    This should be a turning point in the animosity toward President Donald Trump. With the unveiling of the weaponization of laws aimed toward terrorists used against Donald Trump. The unleashing of the Communist Chinese virus. The unmasking of Black Lives Matter as a Marxist organization. And some mayors who love their cities showing that protecting their cities are over their capabilities

  • Terry Mominee

    08/23/2020 01:43 AM

    As always, you tell it like it is. Speaking of litigation, the citizenry of this country should band together in a lawsuit against Dr. Fauci, now that the HCQ cocktail has been proven (globally) to actually work, and is NOT anywhere close to being the "dangerous drug" he keeps insisting it is. Leading medical authorities have called for its immediate use, but Fauci and the FDA and CDC are denying doctors the right to use it despite all the hard science, even contradicting their own precedents for accepted use. This is beyond criminal. They are directly responsible for thousands of deaths due to willful withholding of vital, proven medication that they KNOW works. Why is all of this being withheld from the public? Because it means there is NO NEED for remdesevir OR a risky vaccine. Trump was right about HCQ, and when it is combined with zinc and a Z-pack, for those in the early stages, the success rate of stopping the virus is HUGE.

  • Louverna Knotts

    08/22/2020 10:35 PM

    We would like to know how we can give to the presidential election. We had given before, but got an unpleasant email afterwards. We want to make sure this time that it goes where it should. Please help if you can.
    Thank you for your articles. They keep us up on what is going on in our country.
    God Bless You.

  • John T McLaughlin

    08/22/2020 10:06 PM

    Dana Perino and Chris Wallace say they thought Joe Biden's speech was wonderful and that he has full command of his faculties. Three month's coaching in his basement by experts and a top-notch film editor from Hollywood to take the errors out of the tape can do wonders. Ms. Perino and Mr. Wallace need to be woken up.

  • Jerry korba

    08/22/2020 09:45 PM

    I would like to thank all the visitors from Transylvania’s to the DNC’s convention. The American public got the garlic and the silver bullets out not many really wanted to listen to the same old shitff they get from you every 4 years. vampires, I think the black community is starting to reject you and the 70 years of broken promises they are starting to catch on a lot of them are getting the garlic necklaces so hopefully you are safe back in your caves see ya in 4 years with even fewer viewers

  • Mike Spears

    08/22/2020 08:56 PM

    Gov Huckabee: Regarding the Democrats' bill authorizing $25B for the Post Office - Aren't they a few months late? We've got less than 75 days before the election. If the bill were to make it through the Senate, get to the President, even in an expedited fashion, it takes some time for the procurement system to authorize the spending, for the Post Office management to decide how to spend the money, to solicit bids from vendors, cut purchase orders, etc. All of this can't happen in less than 75 days. Who are the Democrats trying to fool, this time? This bill is a waste of time.

  • James Drury Jr

    08/22/2020 07:50 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.

  • Hal Smith

    08/22/2020 07:44 PM

    Not a comment, rather a question. Did NASA load stupid dust on the ISS and have it spread over the USA? And there were no umbrellas in DC.

  • Denise Jackson

    08/22/2020 07:41 PM

    Don't know about Montana, but every Green I knew in California had total contempt for the Democratic Party. Governor Huckabee, please explain to me, are the Democratics trying to create confusion and anger to make it easier for them to steal the election or do they actually believe their stunts are gaining votes for them?

  • J Harold Mohler

    08/22/2020 07:32 PM

    The left mantra is always do as I tell you to but not as I do I am much better than you so I can do what I want do you have to do what I tell you to

  • Karen Elizabeth Odom

    08/22/2020 07:12 PM

    Everything runs on money. I know this and it is election time. But I'm sick of getting over 200 emails from Republican candidates every day. NO JOKE. Then there are all those annoying phone calls and messages on my cell. And finally the mailbox is stuffed with requests for money. I don't look at any of the stuff now. Just hit delete or throw it in the trash. Overload!!

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/22/2020 06:56 PM

    Thank you...think I’ll get my hair done ??

  • Aaron Ashcraft

    08/22/2020 06:46 PM

    For years, the Federal government has been sending unwed mothers a monthly payment so they can stay at home with their children. Some women have several children in order to have more money.

    It seems to me that the children of unwed moms are learning that they never need to study hard and work hard for a better life, because the government will always send money!

    It would be very, very interesting if someone could do a study of academic performance of these children to see how they perform in school versus the average child. Further, it would be interesting to know the percentage of these children that go on to university versus their peers.

    While I sympathize with these children, my guess is that the vast majority of them end up doing nothing with their lives.