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November 9, 2022



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And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

History Made

I know many of you who were expecting a red tsunami are feeling shell-shocked that so many of your fellow Americans cast the ballot equivalent of “Thank you, sir, may I have another.” You’re feeling as if you just watched one of those anti-establishment 1970s movies where the bad guys win in the end. I definitely get it. And I’ll dive into the election results in a moment, but first, let me share some positive news that gave me a personal reason for celebrating.

Congratulations to my daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, for her huge win as Governor of Arkansas!

Here’s my appearance on Fox News this morning discussing it.

I couldn’t be prouder or happier, and to those who rib me that she’ll be the best Governor in Arkansas history, I say sincerely that I think she will be, too. Although to be fair, she does have the advantage of a heavily GOP legislature. I had to deal with a bunch of Democrats who nailed my office door shut.

Sarah made history in several ways. She’ll be the first female Governor of Arkansas, the first daughter to follow her dad into that office, and along with Leslie Rutledge (just elected as the state’s first Lieutenant Governor), it will be the first time women hold both of those offices. You do know what a “woman” is, right?  

People keep asking what advice I’ve given her. She hardly needs any, having grown up in politics and government (she won’t even need a tour of the Governor’s mansion because she lived there for years.) But I did tell her this: never make a decision for political reasons. Make decisions based only on what is best for the citizens of Arkansas, especially those who don’t have powerful voices in government or anything to give you. But I doubt she even needed to be told that.

And now, I believe there were some other races yesterday…


Don't believe the polls

Well, now you know why I tell people at every election not to listen to polls. Can we all agree that they're useless and getting more so, at least until the next election, when the media start obsessing over them again? The only poll that matters is the one on Election Day, and in some places, that might not even matter.

Please note, though, that I am not going to be an election denier, like Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams or Joe Biden. There were the usual reports of suspicious activities around polling places, illegal electioneering, machine "malfunctions" in red areas, and Democrats trying to get judges to strike down election integrity laws. But the hard fact is that in most of the races where Republicans thought they had a chance in blue states due to the polls, the Democrats won by big enough margins that it’s very hard to attribute it to anything other than voters suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

The one exception I’ll make is John Fetterman’s win in Pennsylvania, which is almost certainly due to voter fraud. And I don’t mean hacking or ballot chicanery. I mean the right-out-in-the-open blatant fraud perpetrated on the voters that I previously cited, when his campaign lied that he was in much better health following his stroke than he really was and conspired to delay the one debate until after about five million early votes had already been cast. Fetterman’s margin of victory currently stands at fewer than 150,000 votes. Do you really think more voters than that wouldn’t have changed their minds if they’d known his actual condition? Those who place bets on politics are already moving ahead to wagering how long it will be before the Governor chooses a replacement for him.



Two Americas

As of this writing, early on Wednesday morning, control of the House and Senate remain undetermined, although the GOP is still favored to take the House by a much smaller margin than I hoped. We may not know about the Senate until December, if there’s a run-off in Georgia between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker (and Georgia Republicans had better show up and vote in that run-off; do NOT curse all of America with a Senate tie breakable by Kamala Harris again!)

Some other big races are also still nail biters. At this writing, Katie Hobbs, a wet dishrag of a candidate, is inexplicably ahead of Kari Lake for Governor of Arizona by about 30,000 votes. But that’s with only 63% of the vote counted, so let’s hope and pray that turns around. Hobbs couldn’t even competently perform her current job of running elections that she should’ve recused herself from. Lake fumed that it was an election “run by a bunch of clowns.”

This midterm will make history as one in which one of the most unpopular Presidents of all time, who has inflicted policies that are almost universally disastrous, didn’t suffer a well-deserved rebuke from voters. In fact, the electoral results suggest we might be entering a new era of political polarity in which, regardless of how bad the President is, red states get redder and blue states get bluer until we really are living in two Americas.

In blue areas, voters have become so partisan and so unwilling to listen to anything other than propaganda from Party-approved outlets that they will keep voting Democrat no matter how much it hurts them personally. Look at Pennsylvania, where Democrats elected a Senator who clearly belongs home in therapy and not in the Senate; or Memphis, where they literally elected a dead woman with a (D) after her name – by 73%!

Voters in New York, Michigan, California and Illinois reelected Democrat Governors by comfortable margins who treated them like abusive spouses and who are virtually guaranteed to continue making their lives exponentially worse. Republicans might wonder what it would take for New Yorkers to elect a Republican Governor; does someone have to club them over the head? Then you realize, they are getting clubbed over the head, and they’re still voting for Democrats.

Meanwhile, in red states, Republicans are winning by eye-popping margins. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis won his last election by 0.4%; yesterday, he crushed Charlie Crist by nearly 20%. By the way, if you didn’t see DeSantis’ victory speech, it was great, and a wonderful blueprint for other Republicans to lead us out of this dark period of leftist insanity.

In other red states, Democrat dreams of winning the Governor’s race in Oklahoma evaporated, J.D. Vance easily beat Tim Ryan for Ohio’s Senate seat, and two of the Dems’ media darlings, “Beto” O’Rourke and Stacey Abrams, got their heads handed to them by Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas and Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia, respectively.

(On a side note, I want to thank those two for wasting so much Democrat donor money on their quixotic ego trips. It’s estimated that their two 2022 campaigns cost a combined $200 million. And “Beto’s” hat-trick of loserdom, for Senator, President and Governor, burned a combined quarter of a billion dollars that might’ve gone to electable Democrats. Most of it, of course, poured in from outside of their states. Having lost two presidential races myself, I honestly feel for them. It’s tough to work so hard and get rejected by the voters. But I had to pay off my own campaign debts, I didn’t turn losing into a lucrative career. And I can assure you, it’s possible to lose a race for less than a hundred million dollars.)

Is this phenomenon of blue and red states becoming ever more polarized because so many reasonable, hard-working, law-abiding residents of blue states are giving up and moving out, leaving behind blue states with majorities of criminals and what Steven Kruiser of PJ Media calls “socialist sheep?” He also makes the great point of what a mistake it was for Republicans to let leftists take over our education system and turn schools into leftist indoctrination centers.

In retrospect, despite the false hopes of the polls, maybe it was never possible for any Republican to win as Governor of New York because too many New Yorkers who’d be smart enough to vote for him already moved to Florida and voted for DeSantis.

If so, it doesn’t bode well for the future for a “United” States of America if we become two separate groups of states, one where freedom and prosperity are paramount, and the other where crime and failed big government tyranny reign supreme. Maybe Republicans should follow the Democrats’ playbook and try recruiting brave pioneers to move into blue states to vote Republican and save them from themselves. But good luck finding any volunteers!


I was very sorry to see that Rep. Mayra Flores lost the seat she had held only since winning a special election in June. She's one of the most exciting new voices in the GOP, and she made history as a new face of female Hispanic Republicans who won in a border district that’s getting hammered by Biden’s open border policies. Unfortunately, the deck was stacked against her when her district was altered to include a lot of Democrats in San Antonio. This is a setback for her, but I predict she will have a very bright future and continue causing nightmares for Democrats who hate minority voters and political leaders who think for themselves.

In assessing winners and losers of this election, many are too obvious to mention. So I’ll mention a few losers that might get overlooked:

Respect for human life was a big loser. Several states had abortion laws on the ballot that helped increase pro-abortion Democrat turnout. And in California, voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 1, making unrestricted abortion a right under the state constitution. It advances Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ghastly ambition to turn California into America’s premier location for killing your own child in the womb. See, and you thought he couldn’t sink any lower in my estimation.

It also was not a good night for former President Trump. Many of his House picks won, but they might have anyway in heavily red districts. He’s facing backlash from some Republicans for backing candidates who fell short in Senate races, like Walker and Oz. His kingmaker reputation has taken a blow, with accusations that he may have influence in Republican primaries, but he picked the wrong people for races in purple states with less conservative voters and where his endorsement may not be a positive for Independents.

Finally, and this may seem counterintuitive, but the Democrats may soon realize there was a big downside to not getting drenched in a red wave. At least such a repudiation would have given them cover to remove Biden and bring in fresh blood for 2024. Now, Biden can brag that his horrible policies are somehow popular with voters, which will convince him all the more to run again in 2024 when he's 80 years old, which is the last thing smart Democrat strategists want.

If you’re looking for a silver lining to this election, that might be it. At least until all the votes are finally counted and we learn who will have a majority in the House and Senate. Keep praying for America.



DeSantis' Election Day stand-off with the DOJ: how that went

Yesterday we reported that Biden’s ‘Justice’ Department had announced it was sending officials from their Civil Rights Division to 64 jurisdictions around the country to “monitor for compliance with federal voting rights laws” on Election Day. The list of jurisdictions included the Florida counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.

This prompted quick action by Florida. By now, you probably know that DeSantis –- to his credit –- has stood up to the feds on this, but now we have details on how it went down, plus analysis by law professor Jonathan Turley. Here’s how it unfolded...

Garland’s planned intrusion looked to Florida officials like the massive exercise in control it was. The State of Florida did not need babysitting, especially in their own polling places as had been specified, so Brad McVay, general counsel to Florida’s Department of State, wrote to John “Bert” Russ, Deputy Chief & Elections Coordinator of the Voting Section in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ, noting that the list of jurisdictions “seemed to indicate” that these monitors would be positioning themselves inside the polling places. McVay went on to note that “Section 102.031(3)(a) of the Florida Statutes lists the people who who ‘may enter any polling room or polling place’...Department of Justice personnel are not included on the list.”

He told Russ that the DOJ had not explained “the need for federal monitors in these counties. None of the counties are currently subject to any election-related federal consent.” And, indeed, that is true. Elections are run by the states. At the very least, the feds should be able to articulate a good reason for sticking their noses in, and they didn’t do that.

The law McVay quoted back to Russ says, “No person may enter any polling room or polling place where the polling place is also a polling room, or any early voting area during voting hours,” with certain exceptions, one of which is “law enforcement officers or emergency service personnel there WITH PERMISSION OF THE CLERK OR A MAJORITY OF THE INSPECTORS.” (Emphasis ours.)

H wrote: “Even if they could qualify as ‘law enforcement’ under [the Florida statute], absent some evidence concerning the need for federal intrusion, or some federal statute that preempts Florida law, the presence of federal law enforcement inside polling places would be counterproductive and could potentially undermine confidence in the election.”

As Prof. Turley explains, the DOJ could still argue that even without a pending order relating to some issue at the polls, “it has federal jurisdiction to investigate possible election fraud or voter suppression.” (Well, wouldn’t they have to provide evidence of THAT?) He also says the law doesn’t actually require a pending order. “It simply allows,” he says, “for ‘law enforcement officers’ (and not just state law enforcement officers) to enter these polling places.”

McVay’s letter doesn’t actually say, “Just try it, you jackboots, and we will bar you from entering.” That’s probably because he legally wouldn’t be able to bar them without first obtaining an injunction to have them removed. So, what would happen if the DOJ just showed up at the polling places, demanding to be let in? Florida would have to run to court to seek that injunction, and the feds, according to Turley, would have “an edge” in such a challenge, though he doesn’t explain why and I would really like to know.

He does note that President Trump’s Justice Department sent monitors to some polling places in 2020, but they remained outside, just to monitor general conditions. Biden’s DOJ apparently was planning to station their monitors INSIDE the polling places. Big step.

Biden’s ‘Justice’ Department could always go down to Florida, set up outside, and then try to go in if they found some pretense to do so. Turley said he “would be surprised if the state would seek to bar entry in such a cases given the concurrent federal jurisdiction in elections.”

Now, as I have said many times, I am not a lawyer, nor is anyone on my research staff, but if we were in Prof. Turley’s class, we would have to raise our hands and ask what he meant by “concurrent federal jurisdiction in elections.” The Constitution gives the states the power to run their elections. Absent some serious, overriding issue, the feds shouldn’t just be showing up outside polling places expecting to be let in. And the state law says they can’t come in unless the clerk and a majority of inspectors agree. So, to know how this should play out, let’s start by asking the clerk!

As one reader replied to Turley: “I live in Florida and I would not ‘be comfortable’ with them anywhere inside or outside my polling place!”

A more strident reader said, “The governor should have armed state agents keep the DOJ agents at bay. If DOJ resists, then they should be taken into custody and held until the election is complete.” Perhaps the mere prospect of being put in that spot –- or even the possibility, however remote, of starting another Fort Sumter –- has kept the DOJ from running roughshod over the state of Florida..

So, how did it play out on Election Day? Well, the Florida Secretary of State’s office sent monitors of their own to monitor the feds who were monitoring the election –- presumably from outside.

That’s how crazy things re getting, but at least DeSantis knows he has the voters of Florida behind him, especially after his sweeping re-election. If only we could say, “As Florida goes, so goes the nation!”


Fetterman the projected winner in PA Senate race tainted by lawyering and electioneering

Just as Tuesday night turned into Wednesday morning (at least in Central Time), FOX NEWS projected that John Fetterman had narrowly defeated Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania in a race Oz should have won, considering that Fetterman is cognitively incapacitated to some degree, not to mention so far left it’s not funny.

And just about that same time, TOWNHALL broke the news that Project Veritas’ hidden cameras had caught illegal electioneering going on in Philadelphia for Fetterman and also Democrat gubernatorial candidate Joshua Shapiro, who also won. Undercover journalists were told whom to vote for as they walked into one of the city’s polling places. “Committee” members passed out Democrat Party materials, apparently a Democrat ballot that told voters exactly how to vote. They told voters they were “scared of” Dr. Oz and that the Democrats were for the “poor people.” Their video also shows pro-Fetterman and pro-Shapiro campaign posters hanging right at the door of the polling center.

So, what happens now? Considering Project Veritas’ cameras can’t be everywhere, it seems likely that this one example of malfeasance is the tip of the iceberg in this Titanic of an election.  But we don't know. Who’s going to investigate to find out who these “committee” people were? Biden’s Department of ‘Justice’ will ignore it. Gov. Shapiro will ignore it. The media will ignore it. To be honest, I’m not sure what it’s going to take at this point to fix what is deeply wrong. The reform we were so hoping for is not to be, at least for now.

Jonathan Turley has a piece on this race as well, reporting that even as ballots were being counted, Fetterman and a couple of Democrat groups were working with infamous former Clinton/DNC counsel Marc Elias and his Elias Law Group to ask federal courts to negate a state provision that ballots with incorrect dates or no dates on their outer envelopes should not be counted.

They chose to do this NOW? They couldn’t have dealt with it earlier? This tells us they were using it to delay the count if they needed to. Sadly, it looks as though they didn't need to after all. But here’s what they're trying to do to go around state legislatures.

Since the state Supreme Court has already ruled that the provision is clearly stated and mandatory, Elias wants that part of the law struck down. His challenge is being brought under the First and Fourteenth Amendments as well as the Materiality Provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964--- not the Voting Rights Act as one might have assumed. There’s a unique clause in the Civil Rights Act that says, “No person acting under color of law shall...deny the right of any individual to vote in any election because of an error or omission...if [it] is not material in determining whether such individual is qualified.”

Elias argues that the date on the outside of a ballot envelope is immaterial to whether a vote should or should not be counted. (Well, of course he does. Elias’s stated purpose is to elect more “progressive” Democrats to office; he’ll argue anything that helps them win.) But the state legislature has clearly concluded that these dates are material to the security of the mail-in voting system. Elias wants a federal court to override them and say their requirement is merely “a trivial procedural formality.”

If federal courts can tell state legislatures that their idea of a secure election is invalid, then what is next? What else on the outside envelope, or inside a polling place, is, to their mind, “trivial”? Marc Elias has dedicated his career to fundamentally transforming the voting process to elect more Democrats, and he will go as far as he has to. Tragically, it seems Pennsylvania voters –- who also appear to be cognitively incapacitated –- have elected Fetterman without his help, but Elias’s work is never done.



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  • Margaret Gray

    11/11/2022 06:58 PM

    I have always voted republican, and was a staunch Trump supporter, but no more. The candidates he backed did not win and I am disenthused? with him, turn his speeches off due to his bragging etc. Too bad & now bad mouthing DeSantis. I am impressed by DeSantis (How he handled the hurricanes recovery & quick vote counting presently,). Thanks for your great leadership & shows.

  • Sandra Conklin

    11/10/2022 12:36 PM

    Mike Huckabee, I always enjoy reading your newsletters and am comforted by the bible passages. Being reminded that God is in control helps enormously in these disturbing times. Knowing that all things work together for the good to those that love God, brings me solace. I live in a blue state, but the eastern side of my state is red. The more populous west side is overrun with those on the left, some very radical. I never miss an opportunity to vote, but have for many years had to deal with the knowledge that in my state, an all mail in vote state, things are very rotten. I remember when I used to go to cast my vote in person in my small town with people I knew in the community working the polls. I would love to have that back again. I along with many others know the country is headed at break neck pace towards disaster. We are already in economic recession and many things are reminiscent of the hard times experienced during our Great Depression that preceded World War 2. I've seen disturbing signs of rising antisemitism in this country and other nations, that were evident back then. I hoped to never see that dark evil stalk the world again, but here we are. I pray daily in our Lord's name that God's will be done on earth and that I am in compliance with His will. Thanks again for the newsletter. God bless you and all your staff for the work you do. So good to know that things are heading in the right direction in Arkansas with the election of Sarah Huckabee Sanders to the governorship of Arkansas.

  • TJ Boyd

    11/10/2022 11:10 AM

    Congratulations to you and your family! Sarah may be a better Gov...but if so it's because she was brought up by great moral parents and shown love, respect, integrity, compassion and grounded in Christianity!

    Love reading what you have to say!

  • Jerry

    11/10/2022 09:52 AM

    The blame game on the midterms elections belongs to the people itself Yes biden is an Anti American President however I knew that going in the fact biden warned the voters he was going to beat down our Petroleum industry and he has done that. People of this country are ignorant about the relationship of Petroleum and our food Chain. Most people in our Urban areas have no clue to the process of food to the store and food to the table. Most of them have no idea how Beef, Pork,Poultry, dairy products, breads, pastry get to their mouth and into their stomachs. The pure ignorance how our food is produced depends on oil diesel and gasoline even the road transportation is based on oil and the people chose to elect this President and every democrat in congress went along with it yet the people voted for a democrat that is how we the USA are in the terrible condition we are in today. Biden told everyone he was going to make the food chain a miserable task and people said yes I want to live miserably. Now people figure out how you are going to spend your devalued dollar. Have fun with that its your fault people that you possess more ignorance than intelligence live with biden and watch the level of misery rise with every sunrise.

  • Vickie Watts

    11/10/2022 09:08 AM

    First of all, big congratulations to Sarah Huckabee Sanders! She set the standard for press secretary and now she is going to help out Arkansas.

    Second, I am happy that it looks like the House will be controlled by Republicans, but I am double-minded about having the Senate in Republican control as well. I am afraid that scenario would set us up for a failed bid for the Presidential election in 2024 because I can’t see the Republicans accomplishing a lot under Biden’s heavy-handed administration. I am afraid that the public would see control of both houses of Congress, little accomplished and go ahead and vote for the Dems again. That would be disastrous for our nation! I am grateful that the House that controls the budget should be in control of the Republicans. Now, if they will only unite for the common cause of saving our nation and not feathering their own nests, they might be able to stop Joe’s reckless spending.

    Again, huge congratulations to Sarah and her family, including you, Governor!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    11/10/2022 08:45 AM

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis won his last election by 0.4%; yesterday, he crushed Charlie Crist by nearly 20%.

    WAKE UP!! Florida is NOT representative of the "new merica"!!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    11/10/2022 08:43 AM

    "Look at Pennsylvania, where Democrats elected a Senator who clearly belongs home in therapy "

    Just like Trump, the rinos in pa HATE Oz so much they would rather have incompetence representing them and vote for a jackass than someone who cares about the old America. AND being a senator is EXTREMELY EASY when all he has to do is show up in his hoodie with the blank stare on his face and say "yeah or nay" when chuckie tells him to. His "handlers" will take care of everything that is expected of him which is an automatic vote with chuckie!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    11/10/2022 08:37 AM

    "Lake fumed that it was an election “run by a bunch of clowns.”

    BUT you rinos do NOTHING to stop it!!!!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    11/10/2022 08:35 AM

    "(and Georgia Republicans had better show up and vote in that run-off; do NOT curse all of America with a Senate tie breakable by Kamala Harris again!)"

    Just why do you think the idiot voters in Georgia have gotten any smarter since the last runoff!! I would have thought after all you talked about was a "red tsunami" that turned into RIPPLE you would have gotten a little smarter. The election just verifies all the comments I have made to you, which you have IGNORED!! That the majority of the sheeple and VAST majority of the millennials and blacks WANT what odumbo, the creep, the kameltoe ho and the jackasses are pushing on them!!! Look at Wisconsin!! Used to be a "swing state" and is now officially blue!! You rinos have your heads in your asses if you really think the "merican" voter wants what you are trying to sell. WHY they want this "new merica" is beyond me BUT you rinos are doing NOTHING to change it and it will only get worse. Look at mexifornia and all the blue cities and states that REELECTED the same jackasses that have turned their states and cities into a 3rd world dictatorship!! AND with ALL the jackasses and 50% of the rinos that HATE the man and the jackasses have perfected cheating (look at arizona AGAIN!!!), Donald Trump would get his assed kicked if he ran again. I would vote for him again BUT I am in a shrinking minority!! YOU better wake up and smell the BLUE coffee!!!

  • Jerry

    11/10/2022 05:50 AM

    Congrats to Fetterman winning a senator seat in the federal government A mentally challenged politician has out smarted the hapless republicans in Pennsylvania the high IQ population of Pennsylvania could be looking at the nations next President in Fetterman at the end of the decade. As Biden has lowered the standard of the presidency requirements. Fetterman A couple of steps higher in IQ status than we have today definitely a step up in intelligence . I still remember Joe Biden wanting to match IQ with a US citizen well an iq test between a jungle primate would be a better match up.