November 21, 2018

The letter from Mary in Arizona offering insight into Sinema’s win over McSally sparked many letters from around the country.  Here are excerpts (with slight editing) from some particularly telling ones.


From Charlene in Connecticut:

As conservative voters in CT, we were hopeful with heavy voting turnout and dissatisfaction with our last [Democrat] governor of two terms, Molloy.  Bob Stephanowski, a businessman, won-over many in our state and was leading late on election night.  Yet, in the morning he was said to have lost by 1 percent.  This state is saturated by Dem corruption and all leaders are Democrat.  The people have had it, but term after term the Dems win.  The big cities seem to be the problem.  They allowed people to register past the closing of polls.  Bob said 80 people a day are moving out of CT.  I wish I was one of them.

Eight years ago, when Molloy first ran against Tom Foley, Foley looked to be the winner that night.  Next day, it was reported a batch of absentee ballots was accidentally found in a cupboard in some political building.  That gave Molloy the win.  I think this ballot tampering has been tested in states such as ours and is the new strategy for Dems to win state races.  Personally, I fear for the 2020 election if we don’t institute universal, safe and valid methods of elections!


From Karen in Arizona:

I voted for Kelly Ward in the primary but never would vote for Sinema! I don't know anyone who did.  McSally went from being ahead by 20,00 votes one day to losing the next after more votes "showed up."  We haven't elected a Democrat senator for over 30 years.  McSally conceded quickly and disappeared.  Why didn't she challenge the count? It is very odd.  Now all of a sudden the secretary of state seat is going Democrat almost two weeks after the election!  I'm a lifelong Arizonan; I have never seen anything like this...The Democrats have been trying to get us for years.  It is a sad time for us old timers.


From Laura in Arizona:

I voted for Ward in the primary; had felt the same way about McSally.  But I got info from Judicial Watch and others about Sinema being a total liar/leftist.  I voted for McSally, mail-in ballot, but it gets better.  My ballot was NOT COUNTED!  They said they mailed it back to me (they didn't), and gave NO REASON for its not being counted.  Talk about voter suppression!  And it wasn't only mine, but others voting Republican.  Those who went to the polls were turned away or given provisional ballots, despite having proper ID/voter registration.  I have notified the President (tweeted him), emailed Governor Ducey, tweeted McSally, Michele Reagan, secretary of state, and some conservative talk show hosts (Bongino, Shapiro, etc. –- I have more to tweet!).


From Dale:

I'm glad Mary from Arizona volunteered that information to you (about the McSally/Sinema election), but I've heard the same things said on Facebook by some of my Republican/Libertarian/Independent friends ... and it makes me want to tear out my hair!  What sense does it make to vote for a third party candidate -- or even a Democrat -- just because you've taken a dislike to some aspect of your Republican candidate's personality or something he/she did during the heat of a campaign?  Especially when you know that, by doing so, you're placing in danger all of the agenda items you'd like to see accomplished by your government?  It makes no sense.  And I don't know how you can address it, other than to constantly coach and educate your voting base about the absolute necessity of 'staying the course.'  This is a thing most Democrat voters seem to know instinctively. Why don't we?


From Karen in Mississippi (on their upcoming Senate runoff):

Something very similar is going on in Mississippi.  The President backed the wrong horse in Cindy Hyde-Smith, so Espy [the Dem] will probably take it...Cindy was a Democrat up until Thad Cochran appointed her to the seat she holds right now.  When asked who she voted for for President, her answer was, 'I don't remember.'  Does anyone in the whole US not remember who they voted for President last election?  She is also getting contributions from Sean Parker (a staunch Hillary supporter) and she pleads ignorance about that too.  So either way we get a Democrat in our seat.  Either way, so why bother to vote (words I never thought I would hear myself say ever)?...A conservative Republican should have had it, not someone who votes with Planned Parenthood.  So most people I have spoken with will be sitting this one out.


From Wiley in Arizona:

The demographics are changing fast in AZ for a number of reasons.  One of the big reasons: The hi-tech companies are moving into the Phoenix area and expanding at a very high rate.  They employ an army of millennials, who are very bright but who live in a different world than their parents and grandparents.  They have little time to understand the issues of real world challenges.  They were educated in universities staffed by far left academics.  They vote Dem.  [Also,] the “walking around money” charge must be investigated.  If true, the money source culprits should receive long prison sentences.


And we’ll end with some common sense from Don:

The right will never be as well-funded as the left, and the right is more prone to vote (or not) for personal or moral reasons rather than for political or "big picture" outcomes.  If they voted for Trump, then they need to set aside their personal opinions and bottom lines to vote for who he says he needs.  The country has never been more polarized, so each individual 'opinion' vote was okay in times past, but not anymore.  Trump is in there swinging every day for no money.   We need to swing in the voting booth for no money and aside from what we feel or think or postulate about any of the candidates.  If you do nothing for the good of the country, then bad forces will jump into your spot.


Thanks to all who wrote.  We want to know what’s going on around the country and value your input highly.  But just one word:  To those of you who wrote to say you’re giving up and will no longer vote, it’s very important that you still do.  The left WANTS you to stay home –- it’s part of their strategy, in fact –-  because the closer the elections are, the easier it is for them to win through fraud.  Don’t play along.  Only with big Republican victories will the fraud be insufficient to cheat.  No matter what, NEVER give up your right to vote.



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  • Lupe Beltran

    11/23/2018 12:04 PM

    Love hearing your perspective. So informative with lots of wit! Love Sara and will be sad when she leaves the White House press conferences! I live in California, and Proposition 6, which was the "gasoline tax relief" bill was somehow defeated. EVERYONE I know, both democrat and Republican, voted Yes on 6. I just can't understand how it was defeated. California politics is so corrupt!!! We need voter ID cards especially since California DMV issued illegals driver licenses and sent their info to Registrar of Voters, giving non-citizens the ability to vote!!! This is so wrong!!! I guess the illegal and dead people votes re-elected corrupt democrat politicians and were against the gas tax relief bill.....

  • bob

    11/23/2018 11:33 AM

    Mike, I'll be turning 62 in a few weeks and have been voting since I was a teenager both National and Primaries. I don't believe any of us that stated we'd stop voting will actually do that. We all know how much voting means. We're just aggravated and disappointed that this Fraud and corruption continues unchecked. Can nothing be done legally to put an end to this?
    Hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving. I have to say that aside from my Family, health and having my wife and I both working, I am thankful for Donald Trump and what he's done to turn this country back around...thx Mike

  • Sherry Stone

    11/22/2018 11:28 PM

    Something needs to be done about this rampant voter fraud, otherwise people are going to be discouraged from voting. The same laws should be applied to every state. No state should be able to change these laws once they go into effect. Also, one of the laws should be that no vote should be counted once the polls close, no matter where they are found. Even if a National Guard has to be deployed to every polling place to make sure that no one cheats.

  • Elgonda Brunkhorst

    11/22/2018 03:30 PM

    The voting irregularity was bad. The “suddenly found in janitor’s office” ballots should never be counted! That is totally breaking protocol. We thought the voting was going to be monitored?
    We know that the left went all out to pay people, even California’s Governor race, Repuplican candidate was leading, but the next morning some unexpected ballots had been found.
    I also wrote Governor Ducey, re the vote count as many voted “straight Republican” so McSally shoukd have had same number of vites as Governor Fucey received! and as for McSally not contesting the vote ...maybe she is expecting the Senator post in January, where we wanted Ward or Arpaio to make for two strong Senators in DC, after the mess McCain and Flake did in representing us.

  • Karen McKee

    11/22/2018 01:24 PM

    There IS a solution but, we need Congress to pass it into LAW! Its simple really even though Dems will cry foul. Voter ID must become mandatory in every state! Those arguing about suppression can go out to those rural areas & get these people signed up for voter ID's. Have a SS #, & it belongs to you & not a dead person, you get an ID. How can that be complicated? If you truly want to vote in this nation, you will find a way to get your ID.
    Seems Dems can go out & register voters, they can do this too. Maybe we need a Govt task force? I'm all for it!

  • Karen Neal

    11/22/2018 05:27 AM

    This may have been considered before BUT (please don’t be unnerved by the capital letters) wouldn’t it be wise to change the vote tabulation process to having all mail-in ballots sent out early with a earlier return deadline? Then require all mail-in ballots be counted prior to Election Day. Once a total for these mail-ins have been counted the numbers would be certified and unchangeable. After that date only votes cast at the polls could be counted. No ballots found in cargo bins of Lear jets or greyhound buses or grannies pantries. Nothing added after the poll votes. Even if the totals of main-ins were leaked (I’m sure THAT would never happen) the only difference I can see would be to motivate the supporters of the trailing party to get to get to the polls. fingerprint matches at the polls (you know since everyone can not afford the free picture ID’s) ??

    I worked in Human Services (foodstamps and Medicaid) long enough to become very cynical.

    I thank God for you and your daughter, Sara. Love your style.

  • Gerri L. Morgan

    11/21/2018 09:45 PM

    Go to a National Voter ID system---issue a number that goes with you every where---much like a credit card--once your card is swiped, it can't be used again until next election---those who try to swipe in another precinct will be prosecuted-----here in Nevada we are encouraged to use any precinct ---most other voters I have talked with have to vote in the precinct they live in-----we are a purple state turned blue and are fast filling with illegals in our major cities---many who have drivers licenses and for sure vote---Dems are winning and the GOP is doing nothing to stop it---------for me, I am not making any more donations to spineless GOP until they get some backbone---Trump IS the party, without him and his agenda-- the country suffers---our majority GOP don't care if we suffer, they're too busy siding with the Dems. and their own interests.

  • Gretchen Grant

    11/21/2018 07:03 PM

    WOW! I was surprised to read the comment from Charlene in Connecticut. Hundreds are leaving Illinois every year too. The corrupt Chicago machine runs Springfield. We conservatives have no representation at the state or federal level. These crooked Democrats will never force me to give up my right to vote however futile it is in this state. Have not ruled out moving to a red state, but I shouldn't have to feel it is the only alternative to getting a fair government.

  • Donna Ward

    11/21/2018 07:02 PM

    I have been in Arizona for a few years. I like it very much and I like the fact that it is a Republican state. But this election I was disappointed in and I feel that McSally should have won I also feel that something needs to be done with our voting process. Sinema is a dishonest person and doesn’t give a darn about this state or the people in it and I too am not looking forward to the 2020 election.

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    11/21/2018 05:52 PM

    Once upon a time, I lived in a wonderful state named Maryland. I voted in that state for years, sincerely believing that my vote counted. Then my husband's job took us to Europe, and when we finally returned to stay, I noticed a dismaying change: Dead people began "voting." People who had moved to another state were still "voting" in elections. And -- magically -- when electronic voting machines were introduced, the machines started "voting" automatically for DEMONCRATS! When Ellen Saurbrey ran for governor, the election was stolen from her by a combination of all three of the above. She had all the evidence a thinking human being could ask for, and the judge DISMISSED her suit! It was then I realized that the D'Alesandro family firmly controlled everything in their chosen "territory" -- nothing happened without their "consent." Nancy Pelosi is part of this horrible clan, and now a D'Alesandro rukes in Florida! Unending corruption.

  • George Blood

    11/21/2018 05:12 PM

    How come the democrats that commit voter fraud are not prosecuted and jailed. The criminality that occurred in the midterms threatens the entire Constitution and America. The democrats will try to amend the Constitution and change the voting to allow New Your and California to control all the federal elections. How can Mueller continue to ignore the treasonous acts committed by Deep State Democrats and pursue decades old transgressions that have no other intent except to get President Trump supporters to roll over and lie to get reduced sentences, if not even not indicted. Why haven't the Republican controlled committees supenoed the DOJ for all the documents detailing their and the FBI"s illegal activities. Why doesn't President Trump resend all the agency rules that allow Agencies to charge citizens with criminal conduct that was not enacted as law by Congress.

  • Lorena Dohl

    11/21/2018 05:00 PM

    I'm wondering if those of us who vote early or by mail should not do so. In our case we were traveling but we may have more say in the outcomes if we stay home and vote at the polls. How can so many states misplace ballots unless they are early or mailed? This is all so frightening.


    11/21/2018 03:33 PM

    There seems to be a common theme that is starting to arise through out the country. Cities are going over overwhelmingly DemonRATic where as most of the out laying areas are going for Republicans. The problem is that cities have come to the point where they are overpowering everywhere else. You could see that in the 2016 election when it was broken down into the blue-red map. It use to be just a east coast west coast against everyone else but has become city against rural. Maybe we need to go to a county electorial system for all election if that don't happen we country boys are going to get to the point where out votes have absolutely no meaning!

  • Ellen Porter

    11/21/2018 02:56 PM

    The same sort of thing happened all over the country. Orange County, CA has turned entirely Democratic in the House elections after finding tens of thousands of votes since Election Day. Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh noted Tuesday that more than half of the Republican House candidates in Orange County were leading on election night. “Some of those Republicans won by eight points,” he said, “and then counting the undervotes and counting the overvotes and counting the late votes. And many other states are finding the same thing.

    Something has to be done about it, and soon. Congress does have control over voting laws in Federal elections. U.S. Constitution, Article I Section 4: "The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators."
    We just have to get Congress off their buts and make them do their job in writing laws and enforcing them.

  • Evelyn B

    11/21/2018 02:14 PM

    Mark Taylor has a message for all

  • Joseph N Perron (I use CAPS so pay attention

    11/21/2018 02:02 PM

    All complain about BIG L`ARGEANT I believe it is THE MESSAGE
    OUR PRO-LIFE PRESIDENT was out spent big tyme He was 100 % on target
    with 0ver killing 66million innocent BABIES -----NOT GOOD AMEN

  • Linda Gill

    11/21/2018 01:52 PM

    Thank you, Governor,got getting the information out about all the irregularities in the elect from Albuquerque vet the country. I’m also in Arizona and have repeatedly contacted Gov. Doug Ducey, Martha McSally, the AZ GOP, Rhonda McDaniel, Mark Brnovich(AZAG) to questions why no one fought back. The silence during and the week after the election was deafening. A week later they called Dem wins for the Secretary of State and School Superintendent. Again, silence. It was well know in AZ that Tom Steyer was targeting these positions with lots of money. This was just a warm up for 2020.

  • Maureen Innis

    11/21/2018 01:45 PM

    Regarding election fraud, I have been reading the comments from the voters in various states about the corruption on, before, and after election day. It got me to thinking (again) about the four visits by President Trump to our state of Montana, and visits by Mike Pence, Lindsay Graham, Senator Steve Daines, and all the campaigning and hard work (do I repeat myself?) by Republicans that went on during the mid-terms. Matt Rosendale was running to replace Jon Tester, and was pulling ahead, then the day after the election, all these votes came out of Missoula that gave Tester the win. I thought, how could that happen? A few days later, a man called in to a local radio talk show, and said he had been watching the numbers here in Montana for quite a few races through the years, and the same exact number of votes always came in the day after the election (not reported in the vote tallying the night before) from that heavily democrat area, and a democrat always ended up pulling ahead and winning. It wasn't a round number you could remember, but something like 22,129. Makes me wonder if something also stinks with the Democrats here (you think?). Last election in Missoula, people (and yes, they were democrats) were going door-to-door offering to take voters' absentee ballots to the polls for them. Some were even filling them out for them. Nothing changed except they could no longer do that after being found out. Maybe that's how we could send a Republican majority to the senate and house here in Montana, and still "elect" a Democrat for governor.

  • Linda Carter

    11/21/2018 01:10 PM

    So true! The left field loonies expect all of us who are conservative to just take it with a smile. Well, no longer. There is so much corruption and it appears that in many states rules do no matter. Why would there ever be a state that requires photo ID's to purchase alcohol not also require photo ID's to vote! Why would anyone stand by and allow "lost"ballots discovered hours after a vote count to be even a part of anything! I grew up in the south with voter box stuffing and it has now spread to every corner of our great nation. We have made it too easy to vote and therefore too easy to cheat. Other nations require voting in person or with mail in absentee ballots that are numbered. We allow anyone with a computer to vote. And apparently anyone who breathes, or who has EVER breathed, to cast a ballot. Dead people, illegal aliens, multiple addresses for the same person...nothing stops the Democrats vote! I never hear of the dead voting for a Republican. Perhaps there is a great epiphany in the after life that changes our perception of right and wrong????

  • Michael Hutch

    11/21/2018 01:03 PM

    When you clean your clothes, what do you do?
    You wash (wa-sh) them
    I will never vote for a person who cannot pronounce the English Language

    I won't war sh them, I will wasssh them
    I am from WaSSSh ington
    Not WaR shing ton

    What is wrong with linguistics?

  • Ann Williams

    11/21/2018 12:38 PM

    The biggest question is: What do we do as individuals to overcome the trickery and deceit by those who are stealing our vote? They cheat, lie and go to any lengths to win (and cry and whine when they don't) and I can't see a way for us who are honest (of any party) to overcome the problems. If I can make a charge on my credit card or make a transaction through my checking account and see it in my account online in seconds, there is no reason that our voting system can't be overhauled to stop all of this treachery going on in our government at every level. We are being destroyed from within!

  • Robin Durham

    11/21/2018 12:38 PM

    If VOTER ID is not instituted all IN EVERY STATE, this country will be a disaster! When you even mention VOTER ID, the Democrats go into Cardiac Arrest. Wonder why? (They think we can’t figure it out!)

  • Amelia Little

    11/21/2018 12:38 PM

    I would hope that ALL US citizens can see the double standard that comes from the democrats and the msm. Now, when hilary, as you point out--long-time political background who SHOULD HAVE (and probably did) know the rules of using approved email and servers--is held to the fire of turning over what remains of the emails she hasn't yet turned over, and is held accountable for the destroying of many and of servers and other electronic devices, THEN, we can get to seeing if Ivanka broke any protocol. And, for hilary to reveal all the related, hidden emails from her staffers and cohorts and their significant others. Of course, those that only get their "information" from msm probably have not heard any of this controversy surrounding hilary.

    I have an idea about voting. Enforce the laws like how much time before all the "oh, we found these ballots" can be used. It seems to me that advance ballots would already have been tallied--in advance. Same for absentee ballots. AND, when illegal ballots are found (there hasn't been any legal changing of letting non-citizen immigrants and illegal aliens and dead people getting to vote) ALL the ballots in that voting site are disqualified. And, the people running that site criminally charged. Of course, there are people who voted correctly who will suffer because their ballots will also be gone--but maybe that would inspire the people of that site, city, state to rise up and demand following the laws, and eliminating those who cheat or encourage or abet cheating.

  • Robin Durham

    11/21/2018 12:37 PM

    If VOTER ID is not instituted all IN EVERY STATE, this country will be a disaster! When you even mention VOTER ID, the Democrats go into Cardiac Arrest. Wonder why? (They think we can’t figure it out!)

  • Cef Coles, Jr.

    11/21/2018 12:21 PM

    How is it possible that Republicans who were leading on November 6th lose to their opponent the next day? It's not coincidental that the Left "suddenly" had the votes they needed to get their people in. In my district, Mimi Walters was leading on November 6th. A few days ago her opponent Katie Porter suddenly had thousands of votes that appeared and won. It's unreal! Yesterday Larry Elder showed a chart comparing the Democratic and Republican votes from the 2018 election to the last one. Except for one district, all the others were Republican in Orange County. Suddenly in 2018 all of Orange County is Democrat?!? There's something wrong with that picture!!!

    It also makes me very angry that the "majority" of California voters elected to keep the gas tax. Despite all the facts about Sacramento diverting the monies elsewhere, that Proposition passed overwhelmingly? Who are these people kidding?!? As bad as our roads are, this "majority" must not drive the streets or freeways!

    So who do conservatives voice their complaints to? Sacramento isn't going to listen. We need the Feds to step in and investigate here too!