July 26, 2018

The saying “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” has apparently never made it to Washington, DC, judging by the number of people who dwell in crystal bubbles and keep hurling bricks at other people. 

For instance, I’ve been hearing plenty of carping and mockery lately about the lack of progress from North Korea on its promises to President Trump.  Ha!  See?!  They told him so!  He foolishly dealt with Kim Jong-Un and got lied to and snookered, just like…well, they did, but let’s not bring that up.  Let’s also not bring up that they’re painting Trump as a failure, a rube and an incompetent because it's been a month since that summit meeting and North Korea still hasn't completely dismantled the missile and nuke program they spent over 20 years building under the leadership of Trump’s "smart diplomacy" critics.<


It would be embarrassing enough for them simply to be hurling that rock through their hothouse walls if it weren’t for these two pieces of breaking news.  Satellite photos show that North Korea is dismantling a launch site used to test long-range ballistic missiles…

And on Friday, they are expected to return the remains of 55 service members to the US, as Kim promised Trump…

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Luckily for Trump’s ever-ready boo chorus, those embarrassingly positive stories were drowned out by others, both empty scandal stories like the Cohen tapes and Trump’s meeting with a European Union delegation.  Unfortunately for his critics, that meeting was followed by his announcement that they had agreed on a framework to avert a trade war.  European officials agreed to increase imports of US soybeans and liquefied natural gas, to work toward the goal of "zero" tariffs and subsidies on non-auto industrial goods, to reduce bureaucratic obstacles, work toward reform of the World Trade Organization and limit unfair market practices and to "resolve" recent tariffs that both sides have imposed.  Or to put that last one another way,  Trump held firm and the EU caved.  Trump said, "This was a very big day for free and fair trade.”

I admit that even I was concerned about some of Trump’s tariff threats possibly sparking a trade war that would hurt consumers, but I also understood what he was doing and that it might require toughing it out through a transition period.  The same type of self-proclaimed experts who allowed other nations to impose unfair tariffs on American goods for years assailed Trump for using the same tactic, accusing him of undermining free trade. 

But in fact, we didn’t have free and fair trade; we were playing with the deck stacked against us.  Trump made it clear that that was going to stop, and despite all the sneers from abroad and the howls here at home, he stuck to his guns.  As he told the Europeans, he would love to see no tariffs at all, but we’re no longer going to tolerate tariffs largely stacked against the US.  And it appears that he’s won the European round.  In response to the news, stock markets soared.

I wonder how many of the people attacking Trump for not knowing how to conduct trade talks were also attacking him for not knowing how to deal with North Korea?  You’d think his critics would at least grudgingly come to admire his resolve in ignoring their bad advice.  It’s as if he just won a high-stakes poker tournament, even while his mother-in-law was standing behind him, screaming, “You’re bluffing! You’re going to lose! Fold! Fold!” 


Might I politely suggest that all the people who’ve been screwing up trade deals and foreign policy for the past few decades stop going ballistic every time Trump tries something different than what they did that failed?  Let him finish playing poker with China now.  He’s good at it.  Maybe you could go play bridge instead.  That’s a game that requires dummies.


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    07/27/2018 05:21 PM

    Mike; He could fine a cure for an or all illness and they would say he did it to attack Big Pharma!

  • Jenn

    07/27/2018 02:28 PM

    A lot of what the msm does is distract people from what is the most important thing of the day. So they talk about N. Korea so we ignorant masses won't hear about the latest thug/criminal in Washington, D.C. I got rid of cable when 0 was in office. Also, for those have noticed what's happening with Facebook, Mike Adams of Natural News has started and anyone can post videos. It's going crazy:) Robert Kennedy, Jr. has a video that was yanked on FB and it's on There's videos on the Clinton's history that were pulled is on

  • Amelia Little

    07/27/2018 01:39 PM

    Now, any other time, any other President--how ever long it takes to do what they negotiated with other countries, that's no problem. Are they really stupid enough to think that every. single. thing. was going to be accomplished the next day? I, for one, am glad that we have a President who is standing for America, instead of (as especially in the last administration) caving in to all the other countries--even enemy countries like Iran. Whoever thought it was a good idea to give all that money to Iran--and part of the deal seemed to be inspections to see if they were dismantling anything. Ooops!!! Some reporters were allowed to see (what they chose for them to see) but no official from the US, the UN, or any other nation. smh. Whenever I remind liberal friends about things that politicians did or said that is the same as what President Trump has done or said. Well!!! Hmph!!! It was okay before, and we're not addressing what anyone else had done---we're only going to oppose it now, and because it's Donald Trump. I wish more people would get their news from anyone but the msm. Do they ever, ever, comment on the accomplishments of this administration? Probably like this instance. Start out with the foolishness (meaning not the good ol' political game) of how an issue is being addressed. Then, two days later--aha--see, it didn't work!!! And when, like the economy growing because of accomplishments--not another word. Unless they can spin the results into something bad. I wonder if msm even shows about pelosi (with her gazillion $$) making fun of people who think $1000 in their pocket is a good thing. Or, if they show good ol' maxine inciting people to harass (oh, excuse me, "peacefully" protest) anyone related to the Trump administration and anyone related to those people.

  • Joyce Bowden

    07/27/2018 01:12 PM

    Playing “Hard Ball” instead of apologizing all over the World - Thank Goodness, it’s about time. We’re tired of other nations, ie China, stealing and extortion of companies that moved plants over their - but really what did they expect from a Communist country.

    Now if only the Washington DC Bubbleheads would come into the “real world”. Would love to see most of them try to get a Real Job - But unfortunately most of them have No Real Life Skills & are unemployable.

  • Robert Pierro

    07/27/2018 10:58 AM

    Toughing it out through the transition period..... That is what the American people must understand... There may be some pain, but rest assured, it will be temporary.... In the end, President Trump will triumph and America will win.... Patience is a virtue... Let's use it.....

  • judy koehr

    07/27/2018 10:19 AM

    I love this have hit the nail on the head....again and again...i bet the lame stream media does not make one mention of the remains being returned to the USA.....course I won't know for sure as I don't waste my time listening to their rants and raves.....