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March 23, 2023

I recently wrote about the nearly $83 billion (yes, with a “b”) that woke corporations showered on Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups to keep from being called racist (not that it helped them.) But while the leaders of BLM were celebrating getting all that money by buying mansions and putting their relatives on the payroll, it seems that nobody was talking about the effects on the companies of giving away all that moolah.

Now that we finally are talking about that (like the focus on Silicon Valley Bank crashing and leaving their depositors hanging out to dry, but somehow having $74 million to give to BLM), here’s a story that went overlooked:

The Federalist reports that the cereal giant Kellogg’s proved how flaky its corporate leaders are by giving a heaping bowlful of cash - $91 million! – to BLM and a campaign to “fuel innovative and actionable solutions to build a racially equitable future,” all less than a year after employees went on strike to protest cuts in benefits. These included reduced health care benefits, limited vacation days and enforced work weeks as long as 84 hours.

Also worth noting: “In 2022, Kellogg’s also bankrolled a pilot program aimed at providing hundreds of illegal aliens living in the U.S. with a guaranteed basic income of $500 per month.”

If you are what you eat, I think the board of Kellogg’s has been eating too many bowls of Fruit Loops.

Know what might be a better way for a corporation to achieve a “racially equitable future?” Instead of giving away the payroll to leftist radicals and illegal aliens, use it to provide good wages and benefits to the people of all races who actually work for you.

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