January 9, 2020

All the caterwauling and hand-wringing from the media about President Trump standing up to Iran possibly setting off World War III suddenly reminds me of Groucho Marx's line in "Duck Soup": "We can't call off the war! I already paid six months' rent on the battlefield!"

And yet, World War III does seem to have been called off, since the severe retaliation promised by Iran was apparently all for show.  Word is that they even informed our intelligence agencies that the rockets they fired were aimed to do minimal damage, and now that they've "showed us" (and let that be a lesson to you, Trump!), they will go home now and seek no further escalation, oh, and, one other thing: please, please don't kill us!

Wait, so responding to an attack with overwhelming force DOESN’T make a bully want to fight you even more? It actually makes them back down and slink away?  So then, maybe it’s better for America to be feared by our enemies than to try to make them love us by appeasing them?  Why didn’t someone tell Obama, John Kerry and all those other exponents of “smart diplomacy” about this?!

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