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May 17, 2023



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17 You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you.’”

2 Chronicles 20:17 NIV


Durham Report: it’s time to talk about the CRIMES

We know the word “framer” in a positive way, as in the “framers” of the Constitution.  But in a different context, that word takes on a sinister edge, as in the “framers” of Donald Trump.  President Trump was DELIBERATELY FRAMED as a Russian agent in a totally made-up plot, hatched within the Hillary campaign.  Certain people --- including Presidents Biden and Obama --- knew full well that this was a frame-up, a political hit job by our intel bureaucracy against a political candidate, but let it go forward and lied to the American people.  Others actively falsified evidence, lied in sworn statements and planted fake stories with the media.  If you or I framed an innocent person, we would --- and should --- face charges for that, both civilly and criminally.  

As Dan Bongino said on his Tuesday podcast, “People should be in handcuffs.  Right now.”

Bongino did an excellent job of summarizing what the report confirms these lowlifes did to frame Trump, including how the FBI targeted innocent people who just happened to be caught in the “Crossfire.”  George Papadopolous, a really nice guy who has appeared as a guest on my TV show, was one such person.  The FBI paid a fake source, Igor Danchenko, for fake information, and --- knowing it was fake --- continued to pay him $300,000 for his work.  Igor Danchenko was tied to the Brookings Institution, run by Hillary crony Strobe Talbot.

Here’s a memory refresher if you’d like it, from Andrew C. McCarthy in 2021, when Durham was prosecuting Danchenko.  Though Durham faced incredible obstacles and was unsuccessful in getting a conviction, the case brought out important facts that ended up in his final report.

Bongino has much more, including a clip of Obama lying to Chris Wallace on-camera with his “guarantee” that no one was being treated differently by the ‘justice’ system when he KNEW the plot to take down Trump with a made-up story.  Obama denied that there was any political influence at all.  It’s just amazing, looking back, how smoothly and deftly President Obama can lie.  If he hadn’t gone into politics --- if only! --- he could’ve had a great career as an actor or poker player.

If this --- framing innocent people to conduct a bloodless coup in the United States --- isn’t a crime, then what IS a crime?  Is the real crime simply being on the wrong political side?

Here’s a quick clip of Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz on NEWSMAX expressing similar frustration.

And Josh Hawley makes the case that Hillary deserves to be prosecuted.

Speaking of practiced liars like Obama, California Rep. Adam Schiff is still sticking to his story about Paul Manafort colluding with Russians, saying again that Manafort provided some internal polling data from the Trump campaign.  He also is still trying to implicate Don Jr. and Michael Flynn.  After years of investigation, none of those allegations has been determined to be significant, but Schiff distorts the facts and sticks to his story like flypaper.

If you have a subscription to THE EPOCH TIMES and a strong stomach, you can read more here.

Roger Stone has a thought about why the Durham Report took so long to be released.  This is just his theory, mind you, and we will never get inside Durham’s head to know if this is true.  But Stone suggests Durham was letting the five-year statute of limitations run out on the crimes he was finding.

When you have 30 minutes, you absolutely must watch Alan Dershowitz’ analysis of the Durham Report and the media’s failure to report it honestly.  He says this report is “very, very significant.”

If you’re wondering how people on the left can possibly rationalize doing what they have done, even condone cheating in an election, Greg Gutfeld offered a particularly insightful comment (which echoes what Alan Dershowitz observed) on THE FIVE:  “If you have people saying that the country will not survive Trump, then your moral duty is to cheat, right?  And you ‘should’ cheat.  Like if somebody you believe is telling everybody Trump is a modern-day Hitler, it is your duty to do whatever is possible to stop him.  In fact, if you actually play by the rules, you’re a traitor, right?”

It’s very important to note that this helps explain why they did what they did but does not excuse it in any way.  These people CREATED the Hitler-style bogeyman they despised, to give themselves the green light for anything they wanted to do.  As Gutfeld put it, “they created a devil that was so big and so vast that it made all actions permissible…So you can bury stories, you can create hoaxes, you can fund smears, it can go anywhere, because this person must be stopped.  It’s Hitler!  An existential threat.  And so what happens is now we’re left, and none of it is true?  And so we had a half-decade hoax that infected and undermined every institution because we are made to believe this person is evil.”

This is also the reason to continue to suspect election fraud in 2024.  The GOP candidate will be either President Trump or someone Democrats paint as Trump’s proxy, and that gives them all the excuse they need to interfere in every way they can.  It’s their duty!

Jesse Watters had a stellar must-see monologue on his Tuesday show, leading into an outstanding interview with retired FBI agent and attorney Stuart Kaplan.  Listening to him, you know that new “policies and procedures” will not keep this from happening again, as there were already policies in place that simply were ignored.  “There are strict rules,” he said, “with respect to, under the attorney general guidelines, that agents or the U..S. Attorneys Office should ever make any sort of decisions that may impact an election.  And, obviously, that attempt was there.”

Durham’s report makes official what we’ve known for a long time:  that all roads lead back to Hillary.  We can say the Alfa Bank hoax, for example, apparently was her brainchild, or that of someone on her campaign, likely Jake Sullivan (currently President Biden’s national security adviser) and went forward with her blessing and participation.  And there’s the ridiculous “dossier” paid for by her campaign --- wow, did they get mileage out of that.  Victoria Taft at PJ MEDIA makes the case that Hillary must pay for the damage she has caused --- if not with jail time, then monetarily.  Much of the damage can be itemized, and Taft takes a stab at it, although I might say the harm to Trump personally through the years of having that cloud over his head might be incalculable.  “This was a whole-of-government attack on Donald Trump that cost more than $38,000,000 of other people’s money,” she writes, “and cost him millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees.”

Recall that a judge threw out Trump’s massive lawsuit against many of the people who have been involved in the hoax.  But Taft is talking about a focused lawsuit directed just at Crooked Hillary.

“If no one will pay in prison,” she says, “then I propose a penalty for Hillary Clinton [out of] her millions in shakedown dollars from her Clinton Foundation, which was under investigation by the FBI and DOJ --- an investigation subsequently shut down because the 7th Floor didn’t want to upset Madam President.”

Here’s a golden quote from Ben Domenech from THE SPECTATOR on Tuesday’s “FOX News Special Report”:  “This report documents repeatedly the norms, the rules, the regulations that they broke in order to make this case happen on a partisan basis.  It is such an irony of the Trump era of politics that all the people who...used him as a threat to norms and rules and expectations for our government are the same people who violate all those things in order to try to bring him down.”

Finally, if you don’t have time to read the full 306-page report, JUST THE NEWS has put together a handy summary with ten important take-aways.

And superb legal analyst Margot Cleveland at THE FEDERALIST offers her take-aways as well, explaining why this is news even though by now we already knew most of it.  She says that “we should celebrate that a public record of the extensive misconduct has finally been made.”



TOMORROW:  We’ll have a detailed update on the order from the DOJ to remove the entire team of investigators from the Hunter Biden case.  Also, we’re finding a few things things we DIDN’T already know that are in the Durham Report. 



From Nick W on Scott Adams’ Locals platform:  “If we can prosecute people for unknowingly trespassing at the capital, maybe we can prosecute the FBI for ‘unknowingly’ interfering in the election.”



Real Insurrection

Video Link: Here’s my appearance yesterday with Stuart Varney on Fox Business News, talking about the real insurrection (spoiler alert: it wasn’t Republicans) and Gov. DeSantis’ accusation that the GOP has a “culture of losing.”



The never-ending quest to make atheists even less popular

In its never-ending quest to make atheists even less popular, the Freedom from Religion Foundation is threatening to sue East Hartford, Connecticut, if they don’t end the police chaplain program. It involves local volunteer pastors who provide emotional, moral and spiritual support to officers who have to deal with exposure to daily risks of life and seeing some of the most horrible things a person can see while protecting the public from them. They want it replaced with “secular support services.”

Todd Starnes has the story, plus this perfect response: “I’m fairly certain that when a police officer is running into the danger zone, he’s not asking a secular humanist with a man bun for divine protection.”

And now, our “Get Woke, Go Broke” News Roundup!

The backlash against Bud Light for embracing transgender “influencer” and irritant Dylan Mulvaney seems to be impervious to the company’s efforts to reverse it. The first week of May marked the fifth straight week of declining sales, down 23.6%, even more than the 23.4% drop in the last week of April.

Sports Illustrated long ago began turning its annual swimsuit issue into a promotion for wokeness and transgenderism, but they’ve looked at the sales trajectory for Bud Light, gotten jealous and said, “Hold muh light beer!”

As usual, the Babylon Bee had the perfect response to that story:

Miller Lite must have thought they’d dodged a bullet when the anti-woke backlash hit Bud Light and bypassed their own previous “woke” ad. But it wasn’t a bullet, it was a boomerang, and now it’s come back to bean them. The ad from March celebrated Women’s History Month by having feminist comedian Ilana Glazer rant profanely against sexist, “objectifying” beer ads showing women in bikinis. You can see and read more about it here:

It was reminiscent of the remarkably destructive ad Gillette put out scolding men for their non-PC shortcomings. What college marketing professor is teaching students that insulting your core customer base is a winning sales strategy? In response to the Miller Lite ad, PublicSq. CEO Michael Seifert asked, “Is it too much to ask to just brew beer instead of meeting your ESG requirements?" And conservative columnist David Marcus tweeted, "So women in bikinis selling beer is a problem but Dylan Mulvaney in a bubble bath wearing pearls is just fine. Men really do make the best women."

It's no secret that Levi Straus, despite its all-American blue jeans image, has long used its power and money to push far-left causes. So of course, they’re expanding their “gender fluid” and “gender neutral” clothing lines.  

Finally, Archie Comics already flushed its reputation for wholesome, non-controversial entertainment for kids down the social justice toilet quite a while back, so I guess it’s no surprise that the jugheads in charge there are now leaping onto the bandwagon of pushing transgenderism on children. How bad must their sales be if they think this will improve them?


Coming soon

There are some major Supreme Court decisions to be announced soon. Athena Thorne at PJ Media has a rundown of what to be looking for and why these cases are so important for clawing back our freedom from the leftists who’ve been grabbing more and more of it in recent years.

Join Me: The Israel Experience


Senator Rubio releases COVID-19 Origins Report

There are so many truth bombs suddenly falling all at once, it’s almost like a blitzkrieg, leveling years’ worth of carefully-crafted leftist facades. No sooner did the Durham Report confirm that Trump was right about being framed and the real insurrectionists were on the left and hiding in DC federal agencies, but on Wednesday morning, the statues of the false idol Fauci were blown to smithereens with the release of Sen. Marco Rubio’s 328-page report on his office's investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

I’m sure many in the media will try to dismiss it, just as they did the Durham Report. They’ll claim that it doesn’t absolutely, positively, 100% prove that the virus came out of the Wuhan virology lab, so it can be safely ignored. But short of a revolution in China, we’re never going to know the full story because the CCP is never going to cooperate with any real investigation.

But Sen. Rubio says the report is the result of nearly 18 months of investigation that, despite attempts at censorship, uncovered “evidence that was either previously unknown or otherwise ignored by the U.S. government" and is based on “vast troves of previously undisclosed documents and fresh analysis of previously known but inadequately scrutinized information.” He calls it a “groundbreaking look at what was happening in China during the years and months leading up to the known outbreak of the pandemic.” And it makes the strongest case yet that “some type of lab accident is responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic.”

I won’t try to sum up the entire 328-page report (I suspect you know the bottom line findings already), but I will direct you to this excellent article and summary of it by Rebecca Downs, which includes a video Sen. Rubio made summarizing the findings himself.


How Team Biden handles border security

Sure, we can believe DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas when he swears, “The border is not open!” But it might as well be when even the portions of it that have a fence and are guarded by soldiers also have a gate – and the soldiers are under orders from the federal government to open that gate and let illegal entrants come right in and get on a bus to who-knows-where. That sounds like a wild rumor, but fortunately, Fox News border reporter Bill Melugin has a source who provided him with security camera video of the entire process.

That link also includes footage of President Biden spending his weekend bicycling around Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (where I assume there are not waves of illegal immigrants coming ashore), and telling reporters that he has no plans to visit the border to gaze upon his works and despair, because that would “just be disruptive.”

Heaven forbid that Joe Biden do anything that might disrupt border security!


Election results

Believe it or not, some primary elections were already held yesterday, in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. has live results and commentary on the races.

Kentucky is particularly interesting. Democrat Gov. Andy Bashear was narrowly elected last time. He’s a rare popular Democrat Governor in a red state, but Republican registration has been growing and now outnumbers Democrats. The Republican primary winner was Trump-endorsed State Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who won handily despite him being black and Biden assuring us repeatedly that Trump-supporting Republicans are white supremacists. As this article shows, some people are interpreting the GOP race as a proxy battle of whose endorsement carries the most weight, which I think is rather silly, but pundits gotta pundit.


Manchin blocks Biden nominee

Sen. Joe Manchin pulled a surprise and blocked the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s consideration of a Biden Department of Energy nominee he’d previously supported. The reason: he suspects the Biden people’s targeting of gas stoves is really part of a broader plan to attack all fossil fuels. Wow, this really is the week for people to start realizing things that have been obvious to all of us for ages.



Democrat privilege and arrogance were on full display...this Marine's response was excellent

If you want a perfect illustration of why so many Americans are disgusted with arrogant DC elitists urinating on their boots and telling them it’s a rainstorm, then look no further than New York Rep. Dan Goldman. Goldman just took office this year after a trust fund baby’s life as heir to the leftwing Levi Strauss company fortune. He attended Sidwell Friends school, went on to Yale and Stanford, was the Democrats’ lead counsel in the first bogus impeachment of Donald Trump, and has an estimated personal worth of $253 million, none of which was earned serving his country in the military.

On the other hand, Julio Rosas is a Marine veteran and senior reporter for who’s made it his mission to report on the violent leftist group Antifa. He’s repeatedly risked life and limb by attending their violent protests to report on them firsthand. He even once was injured by a rubber bullet during a clash between police and Antifa radicals.

Tuesday, Rosas testified to a House Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing, refuting the Democrats’ and the Biden FBI’s claims that Antifa is a “myth,” “an idea,” or a benign college protest group, and not an organized, violent terrorist group. Rosas said that Antifa is “very much a real movement within the United States,” one whose violent protests have caused $2 billion in damages and untold human injuries. He said, “Today’s criminals have no fear, because why would they?” (As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, these people tend to be overgrown children whose helicopter parents and liberal colleges ensured that they’ve never faced consequences for their rotten behavior, and blue state/city politicians have continued indulging their commie revolutionary cosplay.)

And that’s when Goldman opened his mouth and let the unearned arrogance flow, saying:

“You’re trying to gaslight us up here, as if Antifa—which Mr. Rosas is apparently the expert now in organized terrorist activity, has overruled the FBI director who says, there’s a headline that says ‘Antifa is an ideology not an organization.’ No, no, no. Let’s not listen to the FBI director. Let’s listen to—sorry, what’s your title? Senior writer at Townhall, who is going to tell us that the FBI director is wrong.”

I will point out that FBI Director Christopher Wrap (A.) is hardly a name I would invoke if I were talking about honesty or competence, and (B.) has spent no more time on the scene at Antifa riots than Goldman has. Yet they both assume they know more than some mere Townhall reporter who was actually there.

Goldman didn’t have the guts to hang around for Rosas’ response, but it was great. It’s too long to quote here, but click on this link to and read it all. He gave the “absolutely disgusting” Goldman a lecture on the real costs to real people of the violent mobs he’s defending from behind the safe, upholstered walls of his sheltered life.

Elon Musk gives an interview worth seeing

Elon Musk gave an interview to CNBC Tuesday that was interesting not only for what he had to say but for the incredibly revealing reactions to it by interviewer David Faber. If you ever wonder why so many Americans have tuned out the liberal media outlets and have no trust in anything they say, then mark how Faber not only feigns ignorance of the Hunter Biden laptop being real, but also seems dumbfounded at the idea of Musk saying what he truly thinks when someone might disagree with it.


The most qualified?

I don’t know what’s the most concerning...That 89-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein was away from work for so long battling shingles or the fact that now that she's back at work, she doesn’t seem to remember that she was ever away from work.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Senator and stroke victim John Fetterman raised more concerns when his questioning at a Senate Banking Committee hearing into the SVB collapse was described as “borderline incoherent.”

There are only 100 Senatorial positions available. Are these really the 100 most qualified people in all of America for those jobs?

The real threat in America...

While President Biden and his Administration keep repeating the nonsense that “white supremacists” are the biggest terrorist threat to America, they’ve created a new statistic to make it sound plausible. As Reuters dutifully parroted, “White supremacists (were) behind over 80% of extremism-related murders in 2022.”  

Wow, that sounds really bad! Maybe we were wrong. Maybe armies of white supremacists are marching across America, killing everyone in their paths!

Oh, wait: I forgot that old saying about there being three kinds of lies: Lies, d*mned lies and statistics.” Turns out this is the third.

As Derek Hunter of reports, they don’t trumpet the fact that the total number of “extremist-related murders” in 2022 was 25. Of those, 21 were tied to white supremacists. That’s 21 out of 9,941 murders of black people, or 0.21%. If you’re black in America, you’re more likely to be killed by lightning while watching a “Friends” marathon than by a white supremacist.

By those statistics, it’s obvious that the biggest threat to black people in America is leftwing DA’s who keep letting violent criminals back out into their neighborhoods. but Biden's not about to condemn those.

I’ve been wondering for a long time when this was going to happen

Disney is finally being sued by its stockholders.

Surprisingly, this is not about the corporation’s failure to do its fiduciary duty by squandering investors’ money on “woke” movies and TV shows with a “not-so-secret gay agenda” that tank at the box office and drive away longtime customers. This lawsuit accuses Disney, former CEO Bob Chapek and two other former executives of making false or misleading statements about the costs and potential profits and subscriber growth of the Disney+ streaming service. It came after Disney’s stock price took another hit following their quarterly report of a “monumental” $1.47 billion operating loss for streaming.

This is a class action lawsuit, not a criminal case, but its allegations of violating security laws may draw more action from the SEC. Disney should have stuck to what it did best. Now, it’s up to its mouse ears in legal battles and is fast becoming the most lawyered-up place on Earth.




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  • JC Holland

    05/17/2023 03:49 PM

    Governor thanks for all you do bringing the truth to us. How about you and your staff taking a look at how Woke Hallmark has become. They are a favorite of family oriented women with their movies.
    The past several years they have snuck numerous gay characters into them. Now they are simply throwing it directly into their shows. Check out their new series Ride.
    Seems they are joining Disney in their direction.

  • Paul Kern

    05/17/2023 01:26 PM

    I saw the video of US troops opening the walls and escorting the illegals to busses.
    The Durham report good evidence that the Deep State has total control. I wait and pray for God to raise up real men and women to stand against the evil taking over. People who lead from the front and not hid in brothels or sex trafficking or smuggling. People who truly know and love God and the country He gave us.

  • stephen russell

    05/17/2023 12:53 PM

    Durham Report:
    Have to use to prosecute those guilty