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November 9, 2023

I shudder to think how much we might know about the January 6th Capitol riot if we’d had a legitimate January 6th investigating committee instead of a one-sided kangaroo committee that existed for the sole purpose of smearing Trump. We’re coming up on three years since it happened, and we’re still getting new information that contradicts what we’ve been told. There may be even more if Speaker Johnson goes through with releasing all the security footage, which should have been released years ago.

For instance, here are two stories that came in just this week:

Time-stamped video from inside the Capitol building on J6 shows that David Lazarus, a Capitol Hill police officer who testified that he witnessed a "very antagonistic" interaction with four Oath Keepers, couldn't possibly have been around to see it, at least if the testimony of another officer, Harry Dunn, is correct.  Lazarus apparently didn't get to that location until after those four guys had left that area and were exiting the building.  So why did he testify that he saw it?

No video from that day was shown to jurors in the Oath Keepers' trial, so the possibility that testimony against them was provably false could be grounds for appeal or reversal.  Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk, chairman of the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight, released the video to the public after Blaze News investigative reporter Steve Baker looked at it and saw the problem.


Investigative reporter Julie Kelly also has a detailed report on a J6 mystery: How does a judge she has dubbed “the Forrest Gump of J6," U.S. Circuit Court Judge Cornelia Pillard, keep turning up on all the most politically-charged three-judge panels connected with J6?  Since these are supposed to be randomly-assigned, what are the odds?  Kelly is skeptical to say the least.

Pillard, an extremist who once compared pro-life activists to the Ku Klux Klan, was appointed by Obama in 2013, and he really wanted her. So much so that it was her confirmation that led to Dems exercising the "nuclear option" and using a simple majority vote to halt the filibuster and vote her in.

Kelly also shows links between Pillard and Fatima Goss Graves of the $100 million National Women's Law Center.  They're the ones trying so desperately to get Clarence Thomas off the bench.

You just have to read about the close political and professional ties of these two women.  And guess who Goss Graves is married to?  Matthew Graves, the U.S. Attorney for DC who is in charge of prosecuting all the J6 defendants! Wow, the coincidences just keep piling up like poker chips.

This is a serious injustice. With her conflicts of interest, Pillard should have recused herself from all these cases, yet she was assigned to all of them, which in itself is so unlikely as to be highly suspicious. Again, if only there had been a real investigation of January 6th. Maybe someday, we’ll actually get one out of Congress.

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