December 14, 2020

As a Texan, I am Texas-proud of my state’s attempt to set things right in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, where reports of unconstitutional and otherwise highly questionable casting and counting of ballots in the 2020 presidential election will forever linger. And I’m grateful to all the states that joined us.

The Democrat steamroller just keeps rolling along, with the courts so far staying out of it and Monday marking the day for the Electoral College to vote. No matter how much evidence of malfeasance is collected –- in the form of at least a thousand sworn eyewitness and expert affidavits, compelling video out of Georgia and some other counting locations, and wild statistical impossibilities –- the courts won’t look at it, the news won’t report on it (except to say falsely that it’s “debunked”) and social media, our new Big Brother, won’t allow mention of it.

I refuse to be gaslighted and am encouraged to see that many millions share my skepticism regarding this outcome. Joe Biden got millions more votes than Barack Obama did in 2008, when Obama was creating a sensation in his campaign to become the first black president? Really? Even when Donald Trump got more votes this time than when he first won four years ago? Even when Trump dramatically increased his share among black and Latino voters? Even when radical Democrats scared the dickens out of moderates with their talk of defunding the police, weakening the Second Amendment, throwing open the borders, packing the Supreme Court and locking the whole country down again for months? Even when Biden sat in his basement wearing two masks, barely able to read from a teleprompter, while Trump was campaigning like a force of nature, drawing many cheering thousands at every campaign stop?

No way. Or, in Biden vernacular, "Come on, man!"

Growing up in Texas, I always wondered about the meaning of our song “The Eyes Of Texas.” The tune, of course, is the familiar one from “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad.” The lyrics are as follows:

"The eyes of Texas are upon you, all the live-long day

The eyes of Texas are upon you --- you cannot get away

Do not think you can escape them, from night till early in the morn

They eyes of Texas are upon you, till Gabriel blows his horn!"

Yes, I'm aware that if you think too much about this, it sounds oddly paranoid, though right now I’m reminded of that old saying, “You’re not paranoid if it’s really happening.”

In other words, Georgia, the eyes of Texas really are upon you as you start early voting for the Senate run-offs. You had better straighten up and vote right! That means NO dead people voting, NO non-resident voting, NO double-voting, NO voting machine hanky-panky, NO fresh-off-the-copier ballots without any fold marks, NO unmanned dropboxes, NO breaks in the chain of custody, NO ballots mysteriously turning up in dribs and drabs after counting is supposed to be done, NO ballots found discarded in trash bins and ditches, NO poll watchers prevented from observing the process at any point, and NO vote counts inexplicably “flipping” from Republican to Democrat. Did I cover everything that could possibly go wrong?

Admittedly, Texas is known for at least one fraudulent election that changed the course of history, that of Lyndon Johnson’s senatorial primary win in 1948, which set him on his trajectory to the White House. So we still have some making up to do! I’ll let the folks at the Ron Paul Institute tell you about the infamous “Box 13.”

When I researched the history of the song “The Eyes of Texas," what I found surprised me, as it supposedly has a “problematic” past having to do with (what else?) racism. It apparently debuted at a minstrel show in 1903, and perhaps it was even performed in blackface, though we don’t know. I guarantee you, no one in my generation who grew up singing this song was remotely aware of this or has any racist motive whatsoever in singing it today. The concern seems to have only recently cropped up. Here’s what TEXAS MONTHLY had to say about it in June of this year.

So today, I’m giving “The Eyes Of Texas” a brand new meaning that has NOTHING to do with race. It means that Texas cares about the Constitution and the law and will be watching the rest of the nation and calling you out when you show a lack of respect for those sacred institutions. Most of us Texans have had up to here, and when I say “here,” I am holding my hand up as high as it will go. And those of you who think Texas is turning “blue” or even “bluish-purple” can just forget it. (We’re not going to let you cheat your way into it, either. Not in Texas, not if every Republican of legal voting age has to become a poll watcher.)

What has happened to voting, anyway? I can remember as a little girl, maybe in the third or fourth grade, going with my parents to my school --- Wm. B. Travis Elementary; remember the Alamo! --- and watching people vote in the auditorium. Everyone voted on Election Day. The atmosphere was...I don’t know how else to put it...REVERENT. Everyone was quiet, and as I recall they came in dressed nicely, signifying this as a special occasion, kind of like going to church. We lived in a smallish Texas town and still had those old-style machines that pulled closed with a curtain, like a confessional, for complete privacy. Your vote was between you and God.

I was in awe. Voting really did seem to me like a sacrament.

In my own experience voting, people have behaved well enough, but it hasn’t had that feeling of sacredness that I remember from my childhood. Certainly in the videos I saw this year from some counting locations, the importance of any individual ballot seemed nil. Republican poll watchers were ejected to applause and jeers as windows were obscured with cardboard pizza boxes. In particular, the video from Georgia’s State Farm Arena –- well, I’m sorry, but no one can convince me that this behavior was innocent. Ballots suddenly appearing by the thousands from underneath skirted tables when everyone else was gone? Give me a break.

Can Georgia Democrats get away with such behavior with the rest of the country paying close attention? Hundreds of millions of dollars are pouring in from leftist billionaires and organizations, like the one that paid for those unmanned dropboxes in Wisconsin. Stacey Abrams says she has registered over a million new voters in Georgia, specifically to vote by mail. Republicans, you have to secure the process, and you MUST VOTE as if your state and your nation depended on it, because they do.

Remember, Georgia, the eyes of Texas are upon you. Make sure it’s free and fair.

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  • Susan Wilson

    04/10/2021 05:11 PM

    When just the first state steps forward, the strong and faithful will prime their state to follow. You, we and all Americans build and encourage your state from grass roots to present the goals to those in the courts up to the supreme, who once were the light of the world have no choice but to stand for America and Gods country of freedom. Work and speak out and pray that those in HONEST elections and appointments stand with the generations to protect all that is sacred to the ONCE strongest safest country in the world... God help us.

  • Ann Bruce Pineda

    04/09/2021 04:03 PM

    I just saw Laura Ainsworth's December article about election irregularities but agre wholeheartedly. Would you believe that a woman fro Guatemala, supposedly head of her caucus; supposedly representing CA-35 (When you live in a glass house, you don't throw stones, but she did.) accusing & threatening the President of El Salvador, which she may have confused with Ecuador. This is the closest to Fascism & imperialism as I have see in El Salvador since I came in 1973. Ned Price also said, "We hope President Bukele restores a strong separation of powers..." just as Biden is thinking about expanding the only branch of the U.S. government not controlled by Democrats???? The previous president of El Salvador spent more time in Cuba than in El Salvador. Is that why Norma Torres is so mad? Because she is also a socialist or communist? Or is she mad because Presient Bukele got along so well with President Trump? Or because in fair and free elections President Bukele's followers recently won more than a simple majority in the Congress and in the municipalities? He doesn't control the courts; nor is he censoring or firing all those who don't agree with him, as far as I know. I don't meddle in local politics because I'm just a resident not a citizen of El Salvador; but Norma Torres was an embarassment to me as a U.S. citizen.

  • Joshua cox

    12/15/2020 12:17 PM

    I want to move to texas after reading that but I live in alabama and I think most of us feel the same way

  • Lauretta Smith

    12/15/2020 12:08 PM

    Yes..... Do not doubt the power of God and His empowerment of Texas to fight the good fight !

  • william p appelt

    12/14/2020 08:34 PM

    Stacy is talking like she is untouchable. Should be first in line for arrest, voter fraud. Not racist either, anyone can be suspected... she is boasting and counting!!!!

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    12/14/2020 04:55 PM

    I hate to say it, but the die is cast. The courts are stacked against us. The dumbocrats with there very vocal mouth pieces, the MSM are hard at work defaming us and our beloved PRESIDENT, DONALD J TRUMP. I cannot and will not believe Ol Bejing joe won. What recourse do we have?? The SCOTUS is afraid to get involved, I think those boys in the black SUVs paid them a visit. Everywhere we turn we hit a road block. Submission to the new order is not in me. Defiance on any level and the dumbocrats will bring out their brown shirts, ANTIFA, BLM and any other other assorted unpatriotic groups. The dumbocrats will spend the next four years exacting their revenge on us for 2016. Be ready for the constitution to be thrown in the trash, the dumbocrats will win all elections here after, open boarders, no law enforcement, welfare for everybody who wants it and a single payer health care system. And this is just the start

  • Andrea M. Stovall

    12/14/2020 04:22 PM

    At this point, I am thinking of calling Governor Kemp and the Secretary of State and ask if I even need to bother voting or have they already made their deal for the Senate seats as well. I am so disappointed that they only gave a wink and a nod at the obvious vote tampering that went on in Georgia. I mean they could have saved Ossoff and Warnock (or whoever is paying for all those ads) a boatload of money. Sad and disappointed only begins to describe how I am feeling at this point.

  • Mark Turner

    12/14/2020 03:18 PM

    This whole election makes no sense. How can a guy that hunkers down at home win an election. How can Biden win with crowds of 100? Bullshit!

  • Anne Turner

    12/14/2020 02:57 PM

    There is no doubt in my mind that Biden will be sworn in in January. I am not one for vengeance but it is time that conservative writers and hosts keep the questions alive. It will not be too late to continue the investigations. I suspect the as the Hunter Biden investigations proceed it will become apparent that Dad benefited. At that point Nancy will call on Biden and suggest that he resign for reasons of health. If not they will be forced to exercise the 25th amendment prior to the 2022 election. It is now the .dems turn to be call illegitimate. I hope that the conservatives take the high to and do not use such comparisons as were used against Trump. Perhaps comparing Biden to various Dons or Godfathers in the criminal world would be justified but not wise. However, GOP don’t let all of this disappear. If Georgia doesn’t come through, we re lost. Talk about a dictatorship. Harris, here we come.

  • Cynthia L Simmons

    12/14/2020 02:36 PM

    I live in GA, and I will vote. My husband will also.

    However, I worry that this election will be stolen like the general election. No one has reassured me at all that voting will be safe. Once you allow evil people to get by with cheating, the game is over.

  • Cheryl Andrews

    12/14/2020 12:43 PM

    My husband and I have really enjoyed your newsletters. You have kept us very well informed. And I have been forwarding your newsletters to many of my friends and relatives.
    Be assured, as proud Georgians and Americans, my husband and I will be voting in the run-off election --and praying! God help us!
    Thanks for all you do for us.

    In God we trust,
    Frank and Cheryl Andrews

  • Paul Potter

    12/14/2020 12:41 PM

    The Georgia election is already in the DEMOCRATIC fix. You're naive to think that if they fix a federal election they haven't already fixed the Georgia election. Freedom is over the Democrats have taken over and we now have a socialist communists country run by a few political elites. We have no more free elections after the Presidential fiasco. We are doomed and like the Romans of old will be lost to history as a country that gave in to the radical left.

  • Jeffrey thomas

    12/14/2020 12:15 PM

    You go girl !
    If only these leftist states had 1/10 the brains Texas has!