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November 11, 2022

As all the postmortems of the midterm elections roll in, one narrative that’s rising to the top is that many Republicans who were Trump supporters are now starting to see DeSantis as the Party’s future and Trump as an anchor. Blogger Don Surber sums up the case well that even though we Trump supporters know most of the accusations hurled against him were false, manufactured and libelous, they worked to made his name toxic with millions of voters, especially Independents who never be convinced to vote for Trump or anyone aligned with him.

Surber points out that while Trump-backed candidates in red states and districts did well, those in swing states polled well below other Republicans, suggesting that if Trump ran for President, he would not be able to carry those states, even if he won them before. The betting markets seem to agree, as DeSantis has leaped into the #1 spot as most likely President in 2024 (29.7% odds) with Trump falling to second (17.6%.) You’ll be relieved to know that AOC is at 0.6%.

Trump also hasn’t helped his own case by continuing to focus on the 2020 election (which I agree was unfair and a travesty and has yet to be really investigated, but it’s over) instead of the future, and by attacking other Republicans against whom he holds grudges. As great a President as some of us think he was, it takes a strong team to win the Presidency, and you don’t win by tackling your own teammates.

When I ran for President in 2016, Trump was my primary opponent. I refused to let debate moderators goad me into attacking him (and they tried.) I told them that every person on that stage would be a better President than anyone the Democrats nominated, and I think history bore me out.

After Trump won the nomination, I didn’t sit around sucking on sour grapes. I thought about how I could help restore American strength and values outside of the political realm. I also joined wholeheartedly in helping Trump’s campaign. When he became President, I continued to defend him against a barrage of false and unfair charges, although I did criticize him when I felt it was warranted.

Now, I fear, is one of those times. Maybe it’s possible for Trump to somehow overcome the huge resistance against him among Independents, but he’s not going to do that by alienating Republicans, too. As much as I would love to see Trump make a comeback in 2024, he needs to remember that making America great again -- returning power from Washington to the people, draining the Swamp, and restoring Constitutional rights, military strength and the rule of law -- is a popular movement, it’s not a cult of personality. It’s bigger than any one person. I know he loves America, and that’s why he gave up so much to run for President.

If he cares about Making America Great Again as much as I think he does, I hope he will reflect seriously on what’s the best way to accomplish that, if what he’s doing now is really helping, and whether he can make his greatest contribution by leading the parade or cheering it on from the sidelines.

Related: Trump’s former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany agrees that Trump should put any announcements about his 2024 plans on hold until after the Georgia Senate run-off. There’s no point in stirring up a lot of animosity and side issues that might impact an election as important as that. This would be a good way to show Republicans that he can prioritize the GOP winning the Senate over his own political plans.

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  • Michael Moody

    11/12/2022 01:33 PM

    Dear Mike: I am a law guy. I like to write law although I am not a lawyer. Ift is reported that CBS is planning a sitcom about DeSantis. I think that is an illegal campaign contribution and should be challenged in action before the FCC. I have written the governor with this idea and thought I would write you too. I wanted to see if there is something else that can be done to move this idea forward

  • Ann Bennett

    11/12/2022 07:41 AM

    Trump is now playing the role of King Saul. The women of Israel sang “Saul has killed his thousands, and David his ten thousands” which was praise of both men. Instead Saul went insanely jealous and threw a spear at David. His jealousy led him further and further away from godly leadership of Israel. Finally God had to tell Samuel that Saul was a lost cause. May President Trump take your advice and go on stage with all the big name Republicans and work for Hershel Walker’s election. The Deep State is getting bigger while we wait.

  • Peter Ramundo Jr

    11/11/2022 03:55 PM

    Mike. I voted for President Trump twice. Love his policies and passion. He was unfairly treated. But I do not like is rhetoric . His bashing or Ron Desantis and now Glenn Youngkin is ridiculous. And by doing so is losing support. It is time that he steps down but not away. Supporting our young party members. Not ripping them apart. We have to move on to win in 2024. And continue what Trump started.

  • Teresa Edwards

    11/11/2022 03:12 PM

    I have been a Trump supporter since 2016. I have occasionally been “put-off” by some of his arrogance and his less than kind comments of others; however, I just chose not to focus on that and would remember all the good he has done for our nation. I admit to being very upset with his negative and insulting comments directed at Governor DeSantis. I haven’t turned against him totally, but if he doesn’t rein in his anger and cruelty, this MAGA Conservative will not be supporting him in the future.

  • Joe Webb

    11/11/2022 01:37 PM

    We agree with you, Trump should step aside. He fails to show, however, in my opinion, that he cares about anything other than himself. His post election attacks, failure to take any blame for the lack of a GOP red wave, and bragging about himself, tell me it's all about Donald Trump, hardly a winning strategy for 2024. His base will likely shrink, not grow. We'll vote for him if he's the Republican candidate, but never if he has a primary opponent.

  • Bonnie Lloyd

    11/11/2022 01:18 PM

    As a life long Republican, and just one small voice out here in the wilderness--- I feel as many people do in our party. Donald Trump's time has passed. It is time to look forward--not back. Can someone--anyone--please convince him to step down and be a "king-maker" and not the King?? If he runs---we are doomed.


    11/11/2022 01:15 PM

    I agree 100%. He should never had gone after Gov. DeSantis. I live in Florida an Trump just turned off the large majority of voters. Move on! I sadly do not believe he can win in 2024 with his disparaging his fellow Republicans. He is making this all about HIM and it has turned many of us off. He must now lead but not run.