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August 6, 2021

Roger Simon has an excellent column at the Epoch Times. Unfortunately, it’s a premium article, but if you’re not a subscriber, I can give you the gist in one sentence: If you want to save America from a bleak, socialist, racially-divided future, don’t dream of running for Congress or the White House; run for your local school board.

This is where the left has put all its chips: on taking over education and misleading younger generations into hating their own nation and culture, and trading their rights and freedoms for false promises of state-supplied security. They’re like termites destroying our foundation, and if you want to halt the damage and repair it before it’s too late, then get these poisonous ideas out of our schools by running for your local school board. Stop thinking of those elections as the unimportant little races nobody cares about and start viewing them as the front line in saving America for our children and our children’s children.

(My writer Pat Reeder adds an amen to that. He says his late dad was elected to his school board, and that’s when much-needed changes that had been blocked for years finally started happening. And yes, that included some much-needed firings.)

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