May 4, 2020


May 4, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee




Whether it’s about the Chinese coronavirus, the Russia hoax or anything else in the news, there’s so much “information” floating around in the media that it’s almost impossible to know what’s true. Yet, trust me, there are millions of people plugged into THE NEW YORK TIMES, the WASHINGTON POST, CNN, late-night “comedy” shows and Facebook memes who believe they are extremely well-informed, always right, and much smarter than you. It doesn’t even do any good to talk to them.

Check out Scott Adams for an analysis of how the mind works to reject facts that don’t support one’s narrative. We all do this to some extent, as it’s human nature, but some do it a LOT more than others; it’s called “confirmation bias.”

To a large extent I blame the reporters, who should show enough intellectual curiosity and humility to look for ways to disprove their own opinions and their own “facts” before they unleash them on the public. My theory is that they’re afraid to look, afraid of being proven wrong, like the atheist who subconsciously is terrified to expose himself to religion and perhaps be compelled to change his mind, or, conversely, the believer who is terrified to expose himself to anything outside the walls of his church. Political ideology and/or party identification can be just as powerful a self-imposed limitation.

It’s extremely anxiety-producing to be proven wrong. For if you’re wrong about one thing, who knows what else you’re wrong about? For example, if you live in an imaginary world where Trump is always wrong, and everybody you know and respect believes Trump is always wrong, it will knock you sideways to have to admit he was right about even one tiny thing. So when it does turn out Trump was right about something, the apology is never made and the mistake never acknowledged, let alone corrected. The misinformation lives on in the Internet, forever, co-existing with the truth.

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Last night, President Trump answered questions from the public in a townhall on Fox News. You can watch it online here.

If you’d like a quicker recap, here is a written account of the townhall.

And here are a few highlights: Trump said he fears the US death toll from the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus could reach 80 to 100,000, a rise from his previous estimate of 60,000, but still far below the initial prediction of 2.2 million that was cited as a reason to shut down the economy. He also predicted that a vaccine would be available sooner than predicted, possibly by the end of the year, and said of the virus, “It’s going to pass.” He generally backed the efforts of Governors to reopen their own states on the timetables they see fit. He also predicted that the US would no longer be reliant on China for its antibiotics without two years.

Trump said China misled the world, that he believes they made a horrible mistake and didn’t want to admit it; and that the World Health Organization is “China-centric,” they do whatever China wants, and have been “a disaster” and “missed every single call.”

And when asked why he can’t be more diplomatic with the media, he said he appreciates the sentiment, but he believes he’s treated worse by the media than any President in history. He said he stands up there to take questions, but instead of getting normal questions, he gets hit with “the most horrible, horrendous, biased questions” from a media that exhibits “anger and hatred,” and that 95 percent of them are hostile and “might as well be in the Democratic Party.”

Since Sunday was the UN’s “World Press Freedom Day,” media outlets compared Trump’s description of the press to a Twitter thread by Joe Biden (or more likely one of his campaign staffers) criticizing Trump for attacking “the independence of journalists,” and swearing that in a Biden White House, there would be mutual respect and “no bullying of the media from the press room podium or by tweet.”

Of course, that’s an easy promise to make when you know that the media will never treat you with the open disdain, hostility and disrespect that they show for Trump. It’s especially hilarious that he praised the “independence of journalists.” How independent are journalists who do nothing but regurgitate DNC talking points? We have many fine independent journalists, like Sara Carter and John Solomon, who were derided by the journalistic clique for years because they dared to question the accepted media narratives on issues like “Russian collusion” or the framing of Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn. Now we’re learning that they were right all along, and the self-styled “independent journalists” were nothing but house organs of the Democratic Party, about as objective as the Phillip Morris company newsletter.

I’m sure Joe Biden would not show hostility to the press because after all, how likely are they to show hostility to him? He was credibly accused of sexual assault, and they didn’t even bring up the subject. He was captured on video bragging about using US aid to extort the government of Ukraine and they covered for him. And when was the last time you saw a serious investigation of Hunter and Joe Biden’s ties to China in the mainstream press? Seems like that would be a timely and newsworthy subject right about now.

I have no doubt Biden would be very nice to the press (he might even give them a back rub.) After all, why be mean to people who are doing your PR work for you for free?

If you’d like a reminder of why the only people who love and respect our current news media are the Democrats they support, Victor Davis Hanson has compiled an excellent look back at some journalistic lowlights of the past few years.


Leave it to the Christian satire site, the Babylon Bee, to sum up perfectly the “Let them eat cake in their hermetically-sealed bubbles” attitude of some political leaders:

Still, as darkly funny as the Bee story is, can any satirist possibly outdo the reality of California Gov. Gavin Newsom issuing a list of things that he’s beneficently willing to allow people to do, a list that actually includes yoga, throwing a baseball or softball, gardening (but not in groups!) and watching the sunrise or sunset.

Just to be clear, since I don’t want those of you in California to risk arrest: are you allowed to watch both the sunrise and sunset, or do you have to pick one?


Some states have already started reopening their economies, while others (mostly with Democratic Governors) are not only keeping the lockdowns in place but continuing to extend them. For instance, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who is defying a rising tide of insurrection, extended that state’s lockdown until May 31. And Oregon Gov. Kate Brown extended her emergency declaration through July 6! I’d be curious to see if anyone still lives in these states by then. (Reminder: when you move to a red state, don’t vote for the same kind of blue-state politicians who forced you to flee to a red state.)

For reference, Oregon has had 109 COVID-19 deaths out of a population of 4.2 million and ranks around #40 in number of cases by state.

Here are just a few of the many, many stories that suggest Americans have had enough of being told to stay home without a paycheck (until they’re evicted, at least) by politicians and media elites who are still getting their paychecks:

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Psalm 133:1 (KJV)


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  • Denise A Wright

    05/07/2020 05:35 PM

    Hello to you Governor Huckabee.
    My husband and I do so appreciate what you do day by day to keep us informed of the REAL News! I look forward to reading my newsletters with a smile on my face.
    Just wanted to let you and your faithful readers know that within the last 24 hours, Facebook, and YouTube are rapidly blocking, taking down, vaporizing (?) videos that are speaking the truth on what's really going on with the COVID-19 crisis. The video "Plandemic" Dr. Judy Mikovits being interviewed telling us about Dr. Fauci and his staff and how he has stifled in the past scientists who have discovered better ways to deal with deadly viruses and bacteria. From what I understand she was fired by Fauci and sent to jail.
    Another important video that is being banned by "big brother" is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai asking for Fauci to be fired and Dr. Birx as well for giving the President and the public unacceptable and wrong information for stirring up more fear in America. This video is especially vital since he speaks out on WHAT we can do to protect ourselves from ANY virus or bacteria through the knowledge of nutrition.
    It is a sad day when liberal and anti-God entities are stopping these people speak out against the lies in regards to COVID-19.
    Thanks for listening. God bless you and your entire family.
    We love you and what you do for us! Denise and Bob Wright

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/05/2020 02:17 PM

    Thank you

  • Arturo DeVitalis

    05/05/2020 08:13 AM

    Joel 2 in scripture is about the the soon return of Christ and encourages the blowing of trumpets; and the last name Trump and Pence when put together sounds very similar.

  • Derrick Hachtel

    05/04/2020 08:24 PM

    In your story on reopening the economy, you wrote:

    (Reminder: when you move to a red state, don’t vote for the same kind of blue-state politicians who forced you to flee to a red state.)

    Unfortunately, they aren't "fleeing" to red states...they are "infiltrating" them, to spread their liberalism.

  • Peggy Stephens

    05/04/2020 04:56 PM

    I’m not familiar with North Carolina’s laws, but if the tattoo artist is imprisoned for 6 months, will his family be eligible for government financial assistance?

  • Dolly Palacios

    05/04/2020 04:21 PM

    I attended the Liberate Oregon Rally May 2nd at the Capitol in Salem. The media was very present, as expected. The reporting on the evening news stated hundreds of people attended, rather than the couple of thousand who truly did. Five or six hospital staff stood quietly with their signs in support of not opening the state. Guess who was interviewed to represent the rally on the evening news? Will we ever see truth again Govenor Hukabee?

  • sandra duvall

    05/04/2020 02:11 PM

    found the study on chloroqunone...journal of virology..type virology journal chloroquinone
    article from 2005 studied SARS cororna effectiveness of chloroquinone
    so it was effective in their tests....years ago...

  • Don

    05/04/2020 02:03 PM

    the town hall was about as meaningless and boring as the corona virus task force presentations by the DOCTORS.. tired of hearing Pres Trump tell about all the ventilators and testing... the technocrats want small businesses to go bankrupt QUICKLY BUT SAFELY...we now have governors and mayors acting like kings and queens to continue to ruin some lives.. shocking that schools and churches are shuttered but poultry processing plants in north Alabama can send 15 passenger vans to small cities in north al to pick up workers, carry to the plant, then return them that evening... feel sure they are observing SOCIAL DISTANCING in the van for travel time up to an hour one way to the plant

  • Kay L Martin;

    05/04/2020 12:42 PM

    Mike... I'm not INTO paid comics....YOU REALLY help me smile/laugh even at myself. Thanks Bro.