March 18, 2019

The Washington State Senate passed a bill designed to prevent President Trump from being on the ballot in that state in 2020.  Since Trump declined to release his personal income tax forms (which is not required by federal law), the bill requires every candidate to have released five years’ worth of taxes to be on the ballot.  This is similar to bills being pushed by other blue states such as New Jersey and Illinois.

Although Washington’s Attorney General and Solicitor General claimed that the bill is “likely Constitutional” but would face a court challenge, Republican state Sen. Dale Righter said that it "clearly" is not Constitutional: “The Constitution lays out the qualifications to be a candidate for president. States aren’t allowed to add to those qualifications.”

Unfortunately, being told that a bill is clearly unconstitutional has seldom stopped Democrats from passing it.  Here’s my question, though: since these states are so solidly blue that they could actually pass a nakedly partisan bill like this, why are they worried about Trump being on the ballot?  Are they scared that the Democratic candidate will be such a far-left, socialist-sympathizing, open-borders-embracing, Green New Deal-hugging, tax-raising, economy-wrecking, job-destroying, America-hating nightmare that Trump could beat him/her/xir even in Washington State or Illinois?  Actually, that sounds like a fairly reasonable assumption.

On the other hand, I thought Democrats were all about “choice” and voters’ rights.  So they believe a woman’s “right to choose” extends even to killing her baby after it's born, but nobody in their state should have the right to vote for the incumbent President?  They think the right to vote is so sacred that it should even be given to illegal aliens and 16-year-old kids, but they’ll limit who you’re allowed to vote for to only the candidate of their party? 

Well, I guess if you want to turn America socialist, limiting the Presidential ballot to only one candidate is a standard part of the process.  I just figured they’d try to bring in the socialism first.




A new USA Today/Suffolk University Poll found that half of Americans now agree that the Mueller investigation of President Trump is a “witch hunt,” while the number who say they have a lot of trust in the investigation to be fair and accurate has dropped to an all-time low of 28 percent.  In a warning to over-caffeinated House Democrats, support for impeaching Trump has dropped 10 points since October to only 28 percent.

Naturally, this being USA Today, the article also notes the 52 percent who say they have little or no trust in the president's denials that his 2016 campaign colluded with Russia (but even that number is down seven points since December, and the percentage who have a lot of faith in Trump’s denials is up to a high of 30 percent.) And it focuses heavily on Trump’s tweets and “attacks” on the Mueller probe as the likely reasons for the drop in faith in Mueller’s investigation.

Considering that Trump has been attacking the fairness of the investigation and tweeting that it was a witch hunt from day one, isn’t it more likely that the recent big drop has been due to something else?  Like, maybe, all the revelations that the investigation was indeed ginned up from phony evidence by rabid political partisans who lied and leaked and did everything within their power and beyond it to overturn the results of the 2016 election?  Or the fact that all the indictments and convictions alluded to in the story relate to process crimes and business and tax infractions from years ago that had nothing to do with the 2016 election, the kind that you could probably levy against hundreds of people in Washington if you turned a prosecutor loose on them with a wide-open mandate and an unlimited budget to find a crime?

Or maybe Americans are just waking up to the realization that they’ve been fed a 24/7 diet of Russia collusion stories by a rabidly anti-Trump media for over two years, and the only evidence of any collusion with Russia that we’ve seen proves that Hillary’s campaign paid Russians for unverified sleaze on Trump.  That’s the story that mainstream media outlets really don’t want to focus on.  They'd rather focus on how their relentless anti-Trump coverage made people distrust Trump's denials.  Admitting their own part in advancing a false narrative would suggest that the drop in faith in Mueller’s investigation could go hand-in-hand with a drop in faith in the media to be honest, non-partisan purveyors of truth. 

If that’s what they’re afraid could be happening, they might as well stop worrying.  I have news for them: that ship sailed a long time ago.




Like a perpetual motion machine scheme on GoFundMe, “Beto” O’Rourke raked in $6.1 million in online contributions in the first day of his Presidential campaign.  That broke Bernie Sanders’ record of $5.9 million, proving that there’s even more money in promising to get money out of politics than there is in socialism.

I wonder if any of those idealistic donors will be demanding their “Beto” Bucks back after they hear what Fox News’ Steve Hilton turned up about his real financial history.  That includes taking over $100,000 in donations from the defense industry between 2016 and 2018; plus, during the 2018 election cycle, taking the second-most donations from oil and gas industry executives in all of Congress.   There’s much more at the link.  This is a must-read/must-see.


House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is calling for a Congressional pay raise since salaries have been frozen since 2009 and "Americans ought to have our nation’s diversity of economic backgrounds better reflected in this House."  That's right: politicians should get more money because...diversity!  Allow him to try to make sense of that:

“The cost of rent, child care and other necessities has risen substantially in Washington and across the country in recent years, but members and staff pay and benefits have not kept pace with the private sector. If we want to attract a more diverse group of Americans to run for office and work on Capitol Hill, we need to make it possible for them to do so."

Put aside the fact that many of the wealthy politicians now in office weren’t so wealthy when they came to Washington, but somehow got that way while doing “public service” (Bernie Sanders even became a millionaire and the owner of three houses while he was a socialist public servant.)  Since he brought up "keeping pace with the private sector," let’s compare the salaries of Congress members to the private sector.

Representatives and Senators make $174,000 a year.  The Majority and Minority Leaders in both chambers make $193,400, and the House Speaker makes $223,500.  The median household income (not individual, but household) in America is $61,372. 

Considering the skills required of a Congress member compared to those required of people in the private sector, I don’t think they’re being underpaid.  In fact, I could name someone who probably deserved to be paid more as a bartender but is wildly overpaid as a Congress member. 

I have a feeling Hoyer’s plea for a raise will not be met with sympathy from his employers (we taxpayers.)  If you had an employee who went wildly over budget, couldn’t handle the most basic responsibilities of the job (such as securing the borders) and spent all day long fighting with and name-calling his colleagues and looking for his next promotion, would you give him a raise? 

Besides, we have to think about protecting these poor politicians’ souls. According to stats compiled by this site…

…anyone who earns above $130,000 is in the top five percent of wage earners in America.  Earn more than $250,000, and you’re a “one percenter.”  Nancy Pelosi is perilously close already, just from her Speaker’s salary (and with her vast personal wealth, surely she’s already in it.) 

Considering how eeeeeevil those rich one-percenters are, and how they’re the cause of all our problems and deserve to have their wealth confiscated and redistributed because of their arrogance and privilege, it would be downright mean to force our Congress members to become a part of that class they hate so much by giving them a pay raise.  In fact, if we really want them to represent the people the way they say they want to, how about cutting their pay to $61,372 a year and see how well they get by on it?  Of course, they won’t get the full $61,372 a year.  That’s before taxes. 

Another good reason for a Congressional pay cut: if Nancy Pelosi got $61,372 a year and still had to pay taxes, I’ll bet a $1,000 tax cut wouldn’t seem like “crumbs” to her anymore. 


Chalk up a legal victory for the good guys: government-run CityBus of Lafayette, Indiana, settled a lawsuit by the Tippecanoe County Right to Life group and agreed to run their ad that had been banned from buses.   

The ad showed three photos of a baby: the first two were ultrasounds from different stages of development in the womb, and the third was the newborn baby.  It was obvious they were all the same baby.  The captions on the photos read, “Me…Me again…Still me.”  The group said it simply conveyed “the scientific truth that unborn children are just as human as the rest of us.”

But the bus company rejected the ad on grounds that it rejects any politically-oriented ads, and if it accepted that ad, it might have to accept ads from other organizations, “like ones that wear hoods and burn crosses.”  (Talk about a leap!  If we show a baby in the womb, we’d also have to show loons in sheets.) The pro-life group's lawsuit noted that the bus company had previously accepted health-related PSAs and genuine politically-oriented ads such as voter registration drives.  So this was just an example of turning away the “wrong kind” of politically-oriented ad, which is a violation of the First Amendment.

The bus company has changed its policy to accept only commercial business ads from now on, but until then, the pro-life ad is running.  There’s more info at the link, where you can also see the terrific ad.

Along with rising opposition to abortion that’s been sparked by Democrats discarding their vague “right to choose” verbiage and openly promoting infanticide, this ad and the attempt to suppress it prove that abortion is one of those issues that, the closer you examine it and more you learn about it, the worse it seems. 



 It’s great to see some Democrats join Republicans in standing up for the sanctity of life in a vote to defeat the repeal of an anti-abortion law in New Mexico.  It was mostly a stand on principle, since the law has been unenforceable since Roe v. Wade. The question is, will they also uphold their principles when it’s time to vote on a pro-life bill that actually means something?



From resident “Huckabee” pop culture historian, Pat Reeder ( ):

One of my sad duties is to report when we lose veterans of that Golden Age when talent was actually a requirement for a career in show business.  Today, we offer our condolences to the families and fans of two men who contributed a great deal to 20th century entertainment that we still enjoy today, even if you don’t know their names.

First, Richard Erdman died Saturday at an assisted living facility in West Hills, California, at 93.  Unlike some character actors whose names become somewhat familiar, Erdman was one of those guys virtually nobody could name, but whenever you saw him, you said, “Oh, it’s that guy!”  Whether a director needed an exasperated floorwalker or a neurotic ad man or an annoyed juror, Erdman was the go-to actor for both dramas and comedies.  He appeared in dozens of movies and countless TV shows, from “The Twilight Zone” and “Perry Mason” to “Cheers” and “Felicity,” all the way up to “Community.”  Obscure trivia: he was set to play a star-making role in “The Best Years of Our Lives” but Warner Brothers wouldn’t loan him out.  The role went instead to real-life veteran and amputee Harold Russell, who had never acted before.  Russell won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Click the link for more about Richard Erdman and a photo that will make you say, “Oh, THAT guy!”

Saturday was a national day of mourning for anyone who ever played an electric guitar (or tried to), as word came that Dick Dale (real name: Richard Anthony Monsour) had died at 81.  Causes were undisclosed but he had been in ill health for several years despite continuing to tour.  He had bookings listed on his website all the way through November. 

Dick Dale and the Dale Tones were seminal influences on early ‘60s Southern California rock, and Dale was hailed as “The King of Surf Rock Guitar.”  His radically unusual style combined percussive fingering influenced by Gene Krupa’s drumming and native dance rhythms, Middle Eastern scales, a unique left-handed way of playing in which he often reached over the neck instead of under it, rapid-fire staccato picking, very heavy gauge strings that could be bent without breaking, and tons of reverb.  His playing influenced everyone from the Ventures to Jimi Hendrix to Stevie Ray Vaughn.  His song “Let’s Go Trippin’” is considered the first surf rock record, and his classics of the genre included “Pipeline” and “Misirlou,” which sparked a new wave of surf bands after Quentin Tarantino used it in “Pulp Fiction.”  It also led to his music becoming ubiquitous in movies and TV shows set anywhere near a beach.

Here is an obituary with more information on Dick Dale, plus the original “Misirlou”…

Here he is doing “Pipeline” with Stevie Ray Vaughn from the 1987 movie, “Back to the Beach”…


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  • Linda Hebert

    03/19/2019 07:53 PM

    You took the words right out of my mouth Governor! "Cut the salaries of every member in congress" and administer "job competency" exams. I'm for term limits all the way!

  • Krystyna Orlean

    03/19/2019 04:31 PM

    We don't like dishonest Ms Brazile to be employee in the FOX. We, with our friends, will never watch her !
    She gave Clinton questions ahead of debate with our President which shows her corrupted personality. She is Trojan Horse there, because in that age people don't change.

    We don't like when FOX punished Justice Janine Pirro to cancel her last Saturday show. She was one of the best in FOX news ! And what it was her crime ? Because she said her honest opinion about aggressive Muslim's Congresswoman in United States Congress ?
    We don't like it when immigrants came to US from another countries (like we did 37 years ago from socialist country !) and instead of assimilate with us, work hard first and learn about this society and be appreciated that this country gave her a chance for better life - they demand us to change to their way. How rude behavior is that ? Even Pelosi was speechless and nobody in Congress knows how to punish such aggressive behavior of her and Occasio Cortez which is another example of arrogant rude young socialist.
    So Congress doesn't have any rules and discipline procedure there ?
    And free speech now is for socialists, enemies of our President and muslims?
    Definitively all of the above makes Soros very happy which show him that his pouring millions here to destroy our country work well.
    If these immigrants don't like our system, they can always go back to their original countries.
    How such people got elected to our Congress ? It is very scary fact.
    We cannot believe it what we are witnessing now in our politic world !

    Plus we don't like our 12 traitors in our Congress. Looks like these people don't care about country just about own personal ambitions like McCain and following lobbyists requests . SAD !
    God Bless our President and God Bless America to stay strong against so much opposition even in own party where some Senators always voted against our President. Why they don't change party then ?

    We hope that our President will be with our Country for the next 6 years and socialist's desperation to change our country will not work AGAIN.
    We hope that Justice will be the same for everybody again and the whole previous corrupted administration will be finally prosecuted.

    Thank you Mr Huckabee for all your hard work and we adore you and Sarah very much !
    God Bless you to your Family too !

  • Tommie Houser

    03/19/2019 03:18 PM

    Liars,Leakers,Collusion With Russia and YES ;EVEN Killers.
    1- LIE”, if u like your doctor u can keep your doctor, “you will keep 2k a year for yourself !
    2-Leaker, Dishonorable FBI Comey spoke on how and why he “leaked to a Friend”
    3-Proven , & Factual that HRC and Compaign PAID for Dossier to Destroy TRUMP,
    And The History of Democrats LIES is lengthy as exemplified by decades ago;
    From The Kennedy crash over the Bridge And his Female companion’s death
    At that Bridge ; To Dishonorable Bill Clinton’ s, “I didn’t have sex with that WOMAN,”
    To after NAFTA destroyed Liveilyhoods ! Jobs, careers and Bill Clinton’s proclaiming that the INTERNET,” would save us ! “, here in my County ! Obama Proclaimed that the NEW GPD was going to be ONE PERCENT and THEN when TRUMP takes it to
    4%, OBUMMER declares that he did it !
    4- To killers of unborn and born ; to Fast And Furious , To Benghazi, To Sanctuary Cities And the Deathes resulting from Democrats putting Illegals above American Citizens just to obtain power and create a NEW Democrat Voting Base. Yes , if you trust Democrats remember this ! Remember THE Libyan Ambassador,
    Which The the most powerful Nation on earth , left alone to BE BURNED ALIVE.
    Demacrats LIED to THae American PEOPLE, and it was blamed on a VIDEO .
    HRC and Obama allowed one of their own ,to be Killed ! SO ,anyone trusting
    them is Simply to trusting, and it is Factual that when the time comes and your number is up , NO problem. You will be eliminated !
    America is already a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY and That, I for one hope that there
    is a special place at GUITO for those that must be tried for Treason against
    America and for their failure to follow THEIR Sworn Duties of THEIR Office ; including the ; Worst President in History, OBAMA , HRC , Comey , Holder,
    Sally Yates , L.Lynch And The “Corrupt Political Members of FBI and JUSTICE
    Machine”, while they are irrogrant to they crimes , unaccountable to their crimes and stupid enough to complain about Trumps TONE ! Really Amazing Given They
    Actually Kill People And Even Babies ! May GOD HELP SAVE Trump and Americans !

  • Jo Gonzalez

    03/19/2019 02:13 PM

    Re: Pay Raise for Congressmen, if I lied, cheated, took bribes, and almost never showed up for work, yet expected numerous expensive Perks, free Insurance and a Pension, would I deserve a Pay Raise??? Since when do we reward people for doing nothing, except for the most part, harm??? To pay the Swamp at all seems ridiculous. They go in Poor, and miraculously leave Millionaires, it is truly the world's greatest "Get Rich" scheme! As for losing the good ones, yes, many Americans who actually contributed, are passing. Sad to lose people who did so much for our Country, seems for the most part "A Thing of the Past".

  • Fran Robertson

    03/19/2019 12:25 PM

    Rev Huckabee, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Evening Edition, I read every article. I love the humor! And love the way that things are presented. Was so happy to see the resend this morning, as I missed see it last night. You are a slice of blue sky in my life, you and Sarah, too. God bless you!

  • Lynne Schrom

    03/19/2019 11:58 AM

    I think it's time to acknowledge that abortion is a moral issue, not just a political one. Politics has allowed it to be something that once does not need to really think about. Not a Right/Left non thinker.

  • Marcie Nicholson

    03/19/2019 11:45 AM

    Mike thanks for your daily real news. My daughter asked me “why doesn’t someone starting asking these rich
    candidates who want socialism if they want to give wealth away and live like us”. She is talking track housing,drive afford Focus and live paycheck to paycheck. No one seems to really push the issue of what it would mean to live socialism. Someone who has a platform needs to point out what it would be like HERE not in Venezuela. What the cost to the Americans. People. Jobs, housing,life styles that I think would have more impact. As you pointed out the real difference in the average taxpayers income and the people in government telling us how to live. It’s a joke when they talk about taxing the rich

  • David Whetsell

    03/19/2019 11:32 AM

    Please add USA.Life like you have facebook, twitter, E-mail ....etc
    Move your Facebook page to USA.Life“. USA.Life social network is the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty. Get your free account today at https://USA.Life”

  • Sherry Merritt

    03/19/2019 11:25 AM

    If we form Elizabeth Warren's congressional committee to discuss reparations for descendants of African-American slaves, then we need the same for other groups. My husband is Irish ...remember "Irish need not apply"? Denial of financial opportunity. One of my great-grandmothers was Algonquin, an Indian tribe moved from their homes. What about reparations for us?

  • Margot Plummer

    03/19/2019 11:25 AM

    "Colorado Will Allocate Their Electoral College Delegates Based On National Popular Vote Winner"

    Hello Governor!
    Is there any way we Conservative Coloradans can undo this power grab? Our new gay governor is still really, really mad that Trump won.


    Thank you,
    Margot Plummer
    Golden, Colorado

    PS Jared Polis introduced free online greeting cards in the late '90s. His family owned Blue Mountain in Boulder, a greeting card company that his family sold for $780 million when it was the best time to get out. The buyer, I'm sure, regretted his purchase.

  • Edward Vanover

    03/19/2019 11:17 AM

    Why NOT let Washington vote to leave Trump off the ballot? Then we could leave Washington's Congressional members out of Congress and ignore their Electoral votes. After all, fair's fair.

  • Dr. Glenn W. Briggs

    03/19/2019 11:11 AM

    Well Mike, let's see here on Warren. Easy to sum up, actually; she sought an unfair - and illegal - advantage in university admittance, which ran over into an electoral office campaign, so she now seeks yet another advantage through changing the nation's electoral system to her benefit? Golly-gee-whiz, what a shocker. This woman is practically a sociopath!

  • Christine Hankins

    03/19/2019 10:52 AM

    1. For the senator in Washington: How will your voters react to not having a presidential candidate on the ballot? Do you KNOW any socialists who will HONESTLY divulge their TRUE financial RECORDS?
    2. Our Volunteer (not accepting a salary) President is getting more done than the 435 high-paid employees in Congress who mostly spend our money trying to thwart what the Volunteer is doing. We should fire most of them!

  • Janis Tobin

    03/19/2019 10:35 AM

    No raise for lawmakers until a balanced budget us passed and signed. The budget must include money for border security.

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    03/19/2019 10:22 AM

    I'm sitting watching TV (Fox News), and smiling at all the democrats who want to end the electoral college. I'll guess they have neve heard of the "law of unintended consequences" (in the army we called it Murphy's law - "if anything can go off-plan, it will"). I wonder if they have counted up all the states where the democrat candidate is guaranteed to win, and people who would vote for a republican have given ip and stay home. Oh, there are some states si solidly red democrats may stay home, but they are the Dakotas, Missisippi, Nebraska and Wyoming. The states so solidly blue republicans stay home - led by California - are more numerous and more populous. If voters realize their vote counts, many of these non-voters will turn out, and might give the republican a bigger popular vote total than we havee seen in years. I'm not going to ward Liz and Beto - you only learn these lessons by experiecing them.

  • William Hall

    03/19/2019 10:22 AM

    I am so glad you stand behind President Trump! I for the first time put a sticker supporting a President on my Cars, Trump 2020. Although I am scared were I travel sometimes because of all the hatred the main stream media and Democrats bashing Trump supporters!! Freedoms are being lost!!

    I believe that President Trump is a whistleblower shaking up DC. That is why he called it the swamp!!

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    03/19/2019 10:21 AM

    If States were to succeed in keeping President Trump off of the ballot it would keep us from exercising our right to vote for the candidate of our choosing, unless of course we the people did a massive write-in campaign. It's mind boggling what the left might come up with next. I never dreamed they were so scared of one man that only wants the best for the American people.

  • Cheryl M Andersen

    03/19/2019 10:00 AM

    In regard to pay raises for Congress, I have been saying for a while now, with today's technology, why do any of them need large offices and staff. They can stay right in their home location and use technology to connect to the capital. We could call the program Vote from Home!!! Just about everything could be done remotely. Think of the money it would save us, the taxpayers! Also, when they voted, since they would be in their home locations, they would be immediately available to their constituency and their feedback!!! Love it!!!

  • Jery Korba

    03/19/2019 09:44 AM

    Thank you, Mike. Most of your readers at one time or another have commented on the collusion case, the useless Congress and Senate, Pelosi and Schumer, Waters, as a waste of time and resources. Its not sour grapes it is just the truth plain and simple. Both side of the isle are guilty of that. Disgusting as it is we the taxpayer are so lucky to pay for all the abuse they cause I often wonder what I would do if I were a Congress person or Senator. All I would need to know is how to be as unrealistic as I can be and make it sound like there is no other way to go or how do I take special Interest money form outside the country and make it look good to the American public. How does China create so much business we could ask Diane Feinstein and her driver or the Russian Uranium One deal Hilary Clinton may shed some light on that. The amount of money generated is staggering to most of the American public. Lets face it I said it before big money will breed corruption at almost every level.The only antidote is law enforcement and we know how that goes. So the beat goes on and on. I do hope the elected people enjoy my Social Security and Pension taxed income and by the way thanks for the 277 dollar increase on my property maybe I can get some help from outside the country to offset my tax raise. I did get a 2.8 % raise on my SS however my medicare went up and so did my supplemental Health Insurance. Special Interest can YOU help me I can't vote for your needs will you help me anyway!!!!!!!


    03/19/2019 09:35 AM

    Wow you were on point today. The Constitution is what we follow and the dems just hate that. No we do not want Congress to have a raise they absolutely do not deserve it for their refusal to enforce or take action on existing laws & their delay and disruption of actions of Congress, and NO abortion rights do not exceed the rights of every American, and No limiting the Presidential ballot to only one candidate is a standard part of the process of Socialism and that is not here yet. I look forward to reading you each day, great work.

  • Ann Williams

    03/19/2019 09:00 AM

    I think that Steny Hoyer and the rest of Congressional members that have served more than two terms should go back home, get a job and earn a living like the rest of us middle-class deplorables do! Maybe then they would be back in touch with reality.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    03/19/2019 08:28 AM

    Thank you for being a bright star for those of us who love America and are Christians.

  • David Stroud

    03/19/2019 08:19 AM

    The Washingstate Senate does not have the right to refuse any candidate from being on the ticket!!! Tell them other states wont allow any Leftist Democrat from being on other tickets if they insist on violating the constitution!!