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February 8, 2023

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“Not This (BLEEP) Again!”

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  • Arthur Clark

    06/30/2023 09:33 AM

    this is a speach well written and honest. because the person delivering the speach truely believes ever word....thank you for standing firm for what is right and representing americans faithfully.

  • Judy Westrate-Klus

    02/19/2023 10:49 PM

    An uplifting, encouraging, and beautifully delivered rebuttal. Thank you, Sarah, and all involved. The message gives me greater hope for the country I love so much.

  • Susie Wallace

    02/19/2023 09:40 PM

    Sarah, thank you for being truthful yet bringing hope. Thank you for reminding us what we stand for and need to continue the fight for to ensure our future. I thank my God for you.

  • Michael Z.Buxton

    02/19/2023 07:50 PM

    BIDEN is In the pockets of His Handlers, Heck He can’t even get a teleprompter Right. And When He goes off Script, HE’s Almost unintelligible. He’s taking us down the rabbit hole. Time to Change that… We had Probably the Best President in 150 Years in Trump, and Even against a barrage of Constant Liberal interference, He stayed the Course and Had US on the Way to becoming again the America we could be. If Trump was in there Now, Putin wouldn’t be pulling this Crap against Ukraine, China wouldn’t be acting out, And North Korea wouldn’t be testing the world’s patience, And Iran would Not BE so Brazen..He had our finances regaining their value, He had Companies NOT leaving America.. The stock market was thriving.. and We had regained Respect on the World stage. ALL of this was because Trump was not a Politician, But a Patriot.

  • Valerie Lee Kilbourne

    02/19/2023 06:40 PM

    With women as smart and feeling and intelligent to know the greatness of America sends me to the Moon. Sarah is the epitome of Women in Service to our Country, not Politics. She speaks like I expect women in the Bible that spoke truth, love, and freedom for all. I appreciate the work she has stepped up to and will do her best to make America great again. It's due to a family life that should be admired.

  • William A Bowman

    02/19/2023 05:20 PM

    Best Republican rebuttal ever! God bless you Sarah and God bless your beautiful family. ??

  • Bob Corso

    02/18/2023 04:42 PM

    Wonderful Sarah. Hoping that one day you will be President! God Bless you all. OX

  • Patricia Vozza

    02/14/2023 12:51 PM

    This is so great! Sara has long been a favorite of mine, and she does not disappoint! I’m so thankful for her standing up for our country. Arkansas is so fortunate to have her at the helm. May God truly bless her and the family that raised her right!!

  • Jean Oathout

    02/13/2023 03:33 PM

    She's a Presidental canadate, in my opinion! We need such a person in the White House!

  • Barbie

    02/13/2023 03:56 AM

    Sanders for president