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February 1, 2021

Mark Twain supposedly said, “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it.” Maybe someone forgot to tell Joe Biden that. This week, his rolled out his climate change initiative and brought in the King of Commoners, John Kerry, to be his climate Czar. It’s like a re-run of the Obama years when we had a roomful of Czars. Back then, the high-paid Czars talked about stuff, but never did anything. President Biden says climate change is the greatest threat to our health. I sure thought it was Covid, so I hope Biden doesn’t want to shut down the economy and make us wear Hazmat suits to protect against the eroding ozone layers!


When John Kerry took the podium to announce the White House plan to fix the climate, it was less than a week from the disastrous executive order that President Biden signed to shut down the Keystone Pipeline which immediately killed thousands of high paying American jobs and really ticked off Canada who was our partner in the pipeline. These are truly high-paying jobs north of $130,000. But China sure loved the job-killing announcement! And so did Russia. Russia gets to sell their oil to the market we’re making more expensive after 4 years of energy independence. And China is laughing knowing they will keep on buying their energy and continue being the world’s biggest polluter while the United States surrenders its energy policy to the Europeans. Here’s a little inconvenient truth—when President Trump pulled us out of the Paris Climate accords because he didn’t want America to be told what to do by European elitists, we actually reduced our own carbon footprint more than any other country. So without the Paris Accords, we’ve exceed the goals we’re supposed to do. But John Kerry still owns and flies in a private jet that puts out 40x the carbon footprint than if he flew commercial. John Kerry is the ultimate elitist snob who wants to set rules for you, but has no intention of living by them himself. He told the workers who are losing jobs paying over $130,000 a year to go out and get a job building solar panels for about $40,000 a year. Maybe they can get a job cleaning John Kerry’s private jet!

I’m trying to be polite, but for those of you who couldn’t bring yourself to vote for President Trump because you didn’t like the tone of his Tweets, you do understand that Joe Biden is killing jobs and changing abortion policies so that now you are funding abortions in foreign countries as a result of another of his executive orders? And just 2 months ago, he said by-passing the legislative process and doing executive orders was like the actions of a dictator yet he has legislated more executive orders in 10 days that Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton, Obama, and Trump did combined. And in one executive order, he decreed that biological boys must be able to participate as girls in athletics virtually destroying the progress made under Title 9 to give women’s sports support. In a real stroke of irony, that has the feminists up in arms since they have fought for years to be treated with respect only to have President Biden tell them that there is no such thing as gender. I guess that messes up the history-making notion of Kamala Harris being the first woman VP….because we’re not supposed to see her as a woman or a man—just a person. You are whatever you imagine yourself to be and “identify” to be. So if you’re teenage girl is required to shower after PE class with a teenage boy because he’s imagining himself to be a girl, don’t complain if you thought Joe Biden was a mainstream moderate. And if you pay $6 a gallon for gas, lose your 6 figure job in the energy sector, be told to accept that illegal immigrants will be given free health care, education, and voting rights, and share a shower with someone of the opposite sex because they decided to be something different, please don’t tell me you didn’t like Donald Trump’s tweets. I’m not nearly as offended by Donald Trump’s abrasive personality as I am by Joe Biden’s America Last policies.

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  • Virginia-Kay Massara

    02/01/2021 09:00 PM

    Amen and Thank you.

  • Sam Brooks

    02/01/2021 01:48 PM

    I repeat with you Mike, “...I’m not nearly as offended by Donald Trumps abrasive personality as I am by Joe Biden’s America last policies.”