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July 1, 2021

The latest conservative to be silenced by a Big Tech company is Andy Ngo, one of a dying breed of actual investigative journalists. Ngo has repeatedly put his own life at risk to report on the violent radical group Antifa, which has made him the target of death threats, physical assaults, and censorship and slander by left-friendly media outlets.

Now, Ngo has received word from the audio hosting site Soundcloud that his podcast, “Things You Should Ngo,” has been permanently removed for violating their terms of service. This was baffling to him, considering they (A.) didn’t explain what he’d done wrong, and (B.) he hadn’t posted a new podcast to Soundcloud in over a year.

Ngo, who at least is still on Twitter, tweeted, "Big Tech is not nonpartisan nor neutral. Being permanently suspended from Soundcloud without knowing why or even having an opportunity to appeal is how it is now."

And this is why I have my own website ( and built an email list to reach you directly with this newsletter.

And did you know that I have a regular podcast? I regularly post new episodes of “The People’s Podcast with Mike Huckabee,” featuring commentary and interviews with top newsmakers. And Soundcloud can’t censor me because I’m on Quake Media, along with exclusive podcasts by other great hosts like Laura Ingraham, Gretchen Carlson and Andrew Gillum for as little as $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year.

It’s at

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