June 7, 2020


June 6, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee



Retired Army officer and blogger Donald Sensing poses some questions that are getting overlooked in the midst of all the protests, rioting and name-calling sparked by the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

Questions like, if this is because of “systematic racism,” why was the system so racist? Democrats are trying to blame President Trump and Republicans, but there are zero Republicans in power in Minneapolis and hardly any in-state offices. Indeed, Minneapolis is one of the most liberal cities in America and has been for nearly half a century. So why is their justice system allegedly so racist? Given the Democrats' promises and positions, and their decades of total control, shouldn’t it have the least racist system in America?

Another question definitely worth asking: Why did Officer Chauvin think that he could literally get away with murder, even in these hyper-sensitive times? The likely answer is not one that Democrats will want to hear, and it doesn’t involve Donald Trump.

Here’s a hint from

“…Urban police unions who block accountability for bad cops contribute to Dimocratic politicians running cities who haven’t elected Republicans in 50 years…yet somehow the cause of the problem is thrown at the feet of a President who’s only been in office 3-1/2 years?!?”


No, President Trump did NOT say that George Floyd was looking down and thinking it was a great day for America because of Friday’s positive jobs report. He said that hopefully, Floyd would think it was great for America that so many people were demanding equal justice under the law. That comment was dishonestly spliced into his announcement about the jobs report and used by a number of media outlets and OUTRAGED commentators to make him appear to be, in “journalist” S.E. Cupp’s furious words, “sick in the head and in the heart.”

What really makes you sick in the head and in the heart is a rampaging case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Bonus cluelessness points to Joe Biden for tweeting, “For the president to try to put any other words in the mouth of George Floyd I frankly think is despicable," as he was repeating words that were falsely put into the mouth of the President. Despicable, indeed.


If you’d like to comprehend just how insane it is for leftist city officials to be cutting and eliminating police during the current civil unrest, take a look at this disturbing list of damages after just a week of “mostly peaceful protests.” It includes injuries, killings (including black victims), massive property damage, and destruction of hundreds of businesses, many of them small businesses with black owners that served black neighborhoods.

These communities might want to tell the protesters what Oliver Hardy used to tell Stan Laurel: “Stop trying to HELP me!”


Say, remember way back last week, when Democratic Governors thought that people who defied orders to shelter at home should be arrested? Well, now that they’ve abruptly reversed course, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer should be thrilled to learn that the Michigan State Supreme Court just ruled unanimously against her and in favor of Karl Manke, the 77-year-old barber who had his license revoked for daring to cut hair again before he lost his business.

Politically, the Court is split 4-3 conservative/liberal, but 7 out of 7 judges agree that Whitmer abused her power. Isn’t it nice to find something that we can all come together in agreement on?


Attention, blue state Mayors and Governors who are responding to rioters and looters by letting them riot and loot…and who responded to the coronavirus by arresting people who tried to go to work: Take a look at Gov. Kristi Noem in South Dakota and learn how you got those two things exactly backward.


This is an excellent article from the Dallas Morning News by journalism professor Tracy Dahlby, about the unfunny state of humor in these politically divisive times.

He examines how the late-night comedy shows have become leftist political diatribes, with “jokes” that don’t even attempt to be funny anymore, they just attack those on the other side. Yes, there are conservatives who do that, too, but they aren’t the dominant voice in the culture, and you’ll get a thousand times more laughs from the Babylon Bee than from Samantha Bee.

Prof. Dahlby reports that some comics and comedy writers, both left and right, have had enough of the venomous spirit that’s so far from the “poke fun at both sides” attitude of a Johnny Carson or Jay Leno. As one comedy writer put it, these jokes are “cruel and lack punchlines…We seem to have forgotten that comedy can play an important role in deflecting from the stressors of life and bringing us together.”

If you want to see how much the smug, one-sided Comedy Central style of “The Daily Show” or John Oliver has infected all of late-night, watch an old episode of SNL’s “Weekend Update” with Dennis Miller or Norm MacDonald, then watch a recent episode. The older episodes featured quick set-up/punchline jokes on a variety of news stories, and most are still laugh-out-loud funny. Today, you get a sit-down liberal lecture, telling you what to think about some topic, with a few snarky metaphors or insults thrown in to let you know that it’s supposed to be a comedy.

I hate criticizing comedians because I love to laugh, and nobody appreciates good comedy more than I do. I wish there were more of it, because we really need it now (it doesn’t help that comedians are scared to death to tell a joke for fear they’ll offend some hothead on Twitter and ruin their careers.)

But there is one ray of hope, and ironically, we owe it to the coronavirus. As Prof. Dahlby notes, people stuck at home for long periods started to relieve stress by making their own funny videos. Nobody was in the mood for nasty, vicious "humor," so many of these are clever, wonderfully silly videos, parody songs, and sight gags, with warm, whimsical humor that harkens back to Laurel and Hardy. They’re going viral because people need to laugh, and they’re tired of comedians who think the only way to write a joke is to slash and burn somebody.

Let’s hope that even as the lockdowns end, the trend toward gentle, funny, non-venomous humor continues growing. I’m trying to do my bit with “In Case You Missed It” (so don’t miss it!) I wonder if some network would be able to lure Jay Leno away from his classic car collection and back to late night?


And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

Mark 10:27 (KJV)


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  • Chris Windsor

    06/09/2020 01:55 AM


    You are a Great American and thank you for your continued service to fellow man. You have some clout, so maybe you get a campaign slogan on the map for Trump.
    "Prosperity over Destruction - Trump 2020"

    Take care,

    Chris Windsor

  • Alfred A DEramo

    06/08/2020 12:15 PM

    Isn't it too bad that you think all Republicans who don't back Trump are evil. May be it's time for you to get your blanket, sippie cup and your binkie and go to bed! The last time I checked the constitution people have the right to make their own decision. Trump hasn't been crowned king (YET)!

  • Jerry Korba

    06/08/2020 10:36 AM

    In Portland Oregon the Administration took the Obama playbook on how to elemiate or shut down Isis. Nothing happened and look what that did for world peace, Obama's idea of peace are beheading, ruthless killing, he sent troops to clean it up (a photo op mostly) and told the troops to basically to stand down. It takes a real Man to stop terrorism you have to have above the neck (Brains) and a pair of stones that are not feeble. Obama didn't have either and Portland didn't and still doesn't have the DNA to stop terrorism. The head of the snake is still slithering across the United States time to chop its head off . If we can get Bin Laden and the rest of those cowards we can get the candy ass ANTFIA. Your correct Minneapolis is a city of candy ass citizens that just doesn't get it. It proved its soul on the National scene and what it is really, a cesspool of a city. Nothing to see in Minneapolis, good people beware, the city lost the little appeal it had the soul of the city is in decay. Northern Southern Western and Eastern Minnesota has a beautiful soul and safe places to visit dine and enjoy nature stay away from Minneapolis unless you have your security its a city without law, if you want trouble violence thats the trademark of Minneapolis. Nice, what the Left has done to what used to be the city of Lakes now the city of Terror! Love the Left's policies you better love destruction and ignorance that what Left.

  • Deborah martin

    06/08/2020 09:12 AM

    Please get ahold of president Trump's ear and ask him to please fix our school system. Maybe he needs to replace Devoss as it doesn't seem our schools have improved. Maybe someone from Hillsdale? My heart breaks for how our next generation is education. Please ask him to get rid of common core. Go with a curriculum being used in private schools. It's not right that public school children are missing out on the opportunity for a better life and a well paying job. It doesn't seem constitutional. Pls next time you have an opportunity to speak with the President. Ask him to overhaul our public schools.

  • Jerry Korba

    06/08/2020 08:10 AM

    People, Human beings, are not perfect so many defects that make Humans do what it does. People itself has to make the choices it does. Convicted Criminals get locked up and are controlled People will work to make a life that is easier to live the world is made for people to help each other people were given certain skills by a creator and the creator watches how you use the skills. The way it looks to me the creator has a foe that also has given Humans a skill and the game is played simply; played good verses evil. Evil likes the idea of everything given to them by people that work for things. The good build things to make life here easier evil steals or destroys these mechanisms that helps make life easier. The point evil wants to destroy the good by destroying a force that protects good. The US will protect Nations that can not defend itself if freedom is the nations goal. A good police force will protect communities that wants its freedom however the police force has rules that need to be followed in my community they do and I support the department I love freedom that is why I don't conceal and carry however I had to pick up a weapon to defend the countries freedom and I laid it down after My tour was over. I really didn't like caring a weapon 50 years ago but I did it looks as I may have to carry one again I still don't like it but I hate the alternative, loss of freedom, life, and property and the reason I had to carry a weapon in the first place Evil. To preserve Good, Evil needs to expire.And the game plays on Creator and Foe why don't the 2 of you make a truce.

  • Dale Hardy

    06/08/2020 06:41 AM

    I am looking for the impossible from God. I am praying that the Third Great Awakening occurs soon. Will you pray for this with me.

  • Laura Gordon

    06/08/2020 12:55 AM

    I would really like to share a story with you about my son and how he was treated by a young AA boy who is getting lots of attention from a recent song he posted.

  • James E Lyons

    06/07/2020 09:57 PM

    Does Mike Huckabee have a trip to Israel planned for 2021?

  • Nancy M Hutchins

    06/07/2020 08:27 PM

    I am utterly sick of our side talking about the "media elites" Hollywood elites", etc.
    They are anything BUT elites and using the term reinforces the image that they are.

  • Richard Valentine

    06/07/2020 08:06 PM

    Which amendment protects the press from sedition? The provable outright lies that the so called free press is publishing is not just lies and spin. The press is freely publishing articles that encourage and in many cases demand sedition and treason. How is this possible, that we have a press that has no checks and balances, that acts as both the fifth estate and fifth column of those who seek to destroy the Constitution and this nation. Did we embed to seeds of our own destruction into the Constitution, not the 2nd amendment but the 1st by ensuring the press had a free pass to side with seditionists and enemies of American that are no longer hiding?

  • Robin Rebhan

    06/07/2020 06:39 PM

    There is a big difference between defending a cop and enabling a bad cop. Good cops need to come forward, and step up. This whole mess could have been prevented by another cop making an intervention in the incident. Preventive intervention can be as simple as saying to your partner " We really need to take a break", coffee, look at new sport cars , look at the new bass boat that just came in, whatever works just to take it down a notch.
    In law enforcement today it is a high stress work environment! Everyday all day and some days non-stop!
    A friend of mine had a great idea for his department. A small gym in the station, treadmill, weight bench, few dumb bells and a punching bag. Where the guys could go in with shift commander's ok, and just do a 10-15 minute stress relief coffee or lunch break, stay in shape too. It was turned down by the mayor of course...but still a great idea.

  • Mike Spears

    06/07/2020 06:36 PM

    Gov Huckabee: With regard to the death of George Floyd and the ensuing riots and also the recent Drew Brees "respect the flag" controversy: To me, there are two very separate issues that seem to be mixed into one issue, blurring the lines between them; One issue is respect for the Flag and National Anthem, and the other is treatment of our citizens who happen to be black. My question is: Why are the two issues being mixed and blurred? (By the NFL/their players and the Left). It seems to me that if the issue of TREATMENT OF OUR BLACK CITIZENS is taken up and presented as it's own single issue, that this initiative would get a whole lot more support and attention. I, for one, am disturbed that too many of our black citizens are poor and many live in crime ridden neighborhoods, and I believe that most people I know would support an initiative to help them. The Lord knows that over the past 50 or 60 years, that an untold amount of money has been thrown at this problem, with substandard results. My "answer" to my own question is this: I believe the LEFT is intentionally mixing and blurring the two issues in an attempt to de-legitimize the whole concept of the United States as a Nation, rather than trying to help our black citizens. If the NFL and their players would separate out the two issues, I believe they would get a whole lot more support and avoid the attack on our country.

  • Sam Sayger

    06/07/2020 04:13 PM

    Thanks tons for putting your "comments" in the "browser" -- it makes it tons easier to read. God bless you and all who help you put this together - so good to read "sane" commentary of Truth and not filth described as "commentary"!!

  • Linda Dixon

    06/07/2020 03:36 PM

    Governor you've been right all along regarding the blue states. I live in one, and they continuously insight hatred of our president and our values. This is being taught in our public school system along with the colleges. We must, as conservatives, show up in droves to the ballot box in November. That's not only for our president, but blue state governors and mayors up for re-election as well. We need intelligent thinking conservatives in all of positions of governing.
    God bless you and your family, and no more Lego accidents!

  • Jimmy John Huckleberry

    06/07/2020 03:03 PM

    Just a note to express my distaste for you, your daughter and all the other parasitic, religious bigots that use religion for 1 reason only, grift a living. Fuck you, fuck trump! Following the Nov. 3rd election, it may be time to hide, platform gone, Baby Hitler gone, people listening gone.......

  • L.B.

    06/07/2020 02:52 PM

    Since BLM has amassed considerable funds in the form of donations (reported to be into the millions of dollars) and since the BLM “peaceful protests” resulted in tragic losses as outlined in the disturbing list of damages to innocent, law abiding Americans (injuries, killings, massive property damage, destruction of businesses both large and small), wouldn’t it be logical and correct at this point for legal action, a civil suit, to be brought against BLM for damages, perhaps class action, in an effort to restore and repair material loss and try to make whole those who were injured in all of this. Loss of life and criminal action should be handled by the justice system, but since that is unlikely, at least a civil action against the very organization whose neglectful planning allowed disastrous harm to be carried out in the name of BLM, the organization should be held responsible and forced to make amends.

  • Donalie Beltran

    06/07/2020 02:01 PM

    Thank you for telling the truth. I am always so horrified by the number of people who actually believe the garbage they hear! Not only believe it, but pass it on as the only version out there, so it has to be the truth. I am so ashamed of these Americans.

    I know that God is blessing you for being HIS journalist. Thank you again.

    PS - Please tell President Trump that we know he is not perfect, but we love him anyway! TRUMP 2020!!!

  • Janet Pingston

    06/07/2020 01:29 PM

    I think there are four categories protesting the very sad death of George.
    1. the idealistic college student who for very good reasons - but are now caught up in the moment.
    2. the Antifa - narcissistic radical that believes the world exists only for them- bullies
    3. the minority - who have commenable thoughts on how to fix the issue, but have turned people away from listening by their anger and frustration.
    4. the illegals ??? - a group no media is talking about. instead grouping the count number with minorities most people migrant to the unite states to seek a better life for themselves and family. most people also migrant to the united states to get away from the violence of smash and grab- of drugs - behavior unchecked in their homelands,
    5. how many arrested that lead to deaths - both Caucasian and minority - have been on drugs ?

  • Janet Underwood

    06/07/2020 01:00 PM

    Will you be covering Trump's Call for Unity video that was taken down by Twitter? Also, why am I receiving your newsletter from my subscription that do not allow comments?

  • Floyd A Unger

    06/07/2020 12:16 PM

    Excellent again. Thank you. And...oh yeah..... I like “Jay Leno’s Garage”.

  • Al Gagne

    06/07/2020 12:15 PM

    Here's an interesting view from Rome.

  • Grover A Hobbs Jr

    06/07/2020 12:04 PM

    I guess all the Judges and Lawyers have no job in the cities doing away with police Ha Ha I bet!

  • Charles Nicholson

    06/07/2020 11:42 AM

    Would't it be GREAT for a Will Rogers clone to come on the Washington scene today !

  • Carole White

    06/07/2020 11:25 AM

    The Democrats have been so detrimental to our country and the media is part of this party. We get nothing but lies and exaggerations from both. The Republicans however when it is time to stand up and fearlessly scream in protest and support our President just seem to not be able to open their mouth and frankly it has made so bitter with them. Our whole decision has come down to what is the the worst of the two parties and it doesn't make me feel safe with either one!!!!

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    06/07/2020 11:16 AM

    At the risk of offending some one, I suggest folks watch Candice Owen's recent video regarding George Floyd and his lifelong run in with the law. I'll let her relay the facts. While we all agree that these bad cops should be sentenced to prison, if I want to avoid contact with the police (good or bad), I won't hold up people at gun point, won't do illegal drugs, and certainly won't attempt to pass counterfeit money....while on drugs, regardless of my skin color.