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October 12, 2022



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Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Colossians 4:2

A self-inflicted wound

If you have a history of falsely claiming to be of Native American heritage, and using that to your professional advantage, maybe don’t go tweeting about Indigenous Peoples’ Day if you don’t want other Twitter users to go on the warpath against you.

Dan Bongino’s nominee for Dumbest “Fact-Check” of the year

There’s a lot of competition, but this is Dan Bongino’s nominee for Dumbest “Fact-Check” of the year, via PolitiFact’s Yacob Reyes.

Bonus points: the record Reyes broke was his own, for another ridiculous “fact check” earlier this year. Read them both at the link above and prepare to have your understanding of the concept of “false” upended.

Related and hilarious: The Babylon Bee satire site on how might “fact-check” Biden’s quote, “Two words: Made in America,” and rank it “mostly true.”

Destroyed by wokeness

I’m sorry to have to pass this news along, but apparently, we have to add 4-H to the list of great American traditions that are being destroyed by leftism and wokeness.

Another bad idea

Wait, you mean trying to change mass entertainment to appeal to a tiny fraction of the population is a bad idea?

First, that gay romcom “Bros” tanked at the box office, and now comes word that DC Comics is axing their much-ballyhooed gay Superman series.

The series focused on Superman and Lois' gay teenage son, Jon Kent, who instead of fighting for truth, justice and the American way is a leftwing activist for such PC causes as gay rights, climate change and illegal immigrant rights when he's not sucking face with his boyfriend. Brandon Morse at PJ Media reports that the writer claimed the series got a “fantastic” response from readers, if by “fantastic” you mean “horrified.” Comics readers don’t mind muscle men in capes and leotards, but this took it too far. The public reaction was its Kryptonite.

Superman is normally one of the biggest-selling comic book lines, but the debut of gay Superman Jr. sold a paltry 68,000 copies. By issue three, sales were down to 34,000. DC stopped releasing sales numbers, so we can only imagine how few people were buying this dreck by the time it was killed after 18 issues. As Morse puts it, “woke Superman is now broke Superman.”

You’d think they’d learn from this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already planning a movie of it so they can lose another $200 million.

NYU: Where Idiots Reign

I seriously doubt that any of my readers are contemplating sending their kids to New York University. But just in case, maybe this will dissuade you: NYU recently fired a top organic chemistry professor because his students complained that his class was too hard (he replied that they weren’t coming to class, weren’t watching the videos and couldn’t answer the questions, but I guess they didn’t see why that should lower their grades)…but they did keep on staff for years a professor who was convicted of possessing child pornography.

The school claims they weren’t aware of the conviction, and that professor has been suspended pending a review. They have to make sure he’s not grading too stringently.


Biden’s FBI is targeting Christians

Because this should be the biggest story in America, I’m linking to an update on the outrageous FBI raids (with guns drawn in front of children) of peaceful pro-life activists over a year-old protest. This story includes video of the arrest of pro-life activist Paul Vaughn, plus an interview in which he describes to the Daily Signal what went down in detail. You’d think they were arresting the head of a drug cartel and not the father of 11 who prays outside abortion clinics.

This article has quotes from Vaughn’s attorney from the Thomas More Society, who calls the raid “yet another attempt on the part of the Biden Department of Justice to frighten and intimidate Christians and committed pro-life advocates.” He said they plan to prove in court that the evidence will show Vaughn did not violate the FACE Act (and even if he had, does that justify a guns-drawn arrest raid with children present?)

Here’s an editorial from the Washington Examiner on the shocking politicization of the FBI by Biden’s “Justice” Department in an attempt to harass anyone who opposes the abortion lobby that owns this Administration.

And just for the record: A Wisconsin pro-life pregnancy center that was firebombed by pro-abortion radicals who also sprayed threatening graffiti on the walls reports that it has heard nothing, "zero," from the FBI since last May. There have been no guns-drawn raids, and no arrests of any kind, despite the fact that the known radical pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge took credit for the attack and vowed that more were to come.

Inflation and high prices at the food store

The Labor Department reported Wednesday morning that the annual rate of wholesale inflation in September was 8.5%. That’s down slightly from August’s 8.7%, but it’s still higher than the 8.3% economists predicted.

That link has more details, including the news that food prices rose 1.2% in September, spurred by a whopping 15.7% jump in the cost of fresh and dry vegetables. It’s being taken as a sign that the painful interest rate hikes by the Fed may have sunk the stock market, but they still aren’t doing much to bring down inflation.

Tomorrow, they’ll release the Consumer Price Index data for September, the inflation rate on prices paid directly by consumers. You might want to brace yourself for that one. Maybe take a tranquilizer, if you can afford one.


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  • Robin Rebhan

    10/14/2022 07:03 PM

    RE: " Biden’s FBI is targeting Christians ". Apparently Christians are now the new " Jewish Problem " from 1938 - 1945 Germany. Who would ever have thought this could possibly happen in America!?

  • Jerry

    10/13/2022 09:47 AM

    I put the blame on this "President" Joe biden for most of the ills today my country is experiencing today and will be experiencing while it holds the office. I must stop for a few seconds and grieve with him about being a Gold Star Father as Joe let us now his son was killed in Iraq fighting for my country as many veterans do have a heavy heart when it comes to losing a military person. I had thought Joe's son had died from cancer as joe was thinking about running for President. The reason was for not running was of the family taking care of sick family member not the horrific sudden news your son was killed on the battlefield. For that i give Joe time for respect for his loss in either case losing his son to Cancer or killed by an enemy while serving in our military. Joe have someone confirm your sons cause of death so you can deal with the loss thru a bit of honesty be careful about honesty it can can make you a real Human Being.

  • Jerry

    10/13/2022 08:19 AM

    As the international community thumbs it nose at the president of the United States is disrespectful to begin with it is also saying you are to stupid to do business with you are destroying your country we want nothing to do with you. Biden is a cancer no one wants to be associated with even the countries that hate us will not touch this foolish disaster Joe Biden biden has the opposite effect of the Midas touch everything he engages turns to a toxic waste. Joe Biden is a senior wasteland