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April 1, 2022

It seems odd, doesn’t it, that after so much denial by the establishment media, the politicians, and even the intel bureaucracy about Hunter Biden’s laptop, we’re suddenly deluged with stories about it? Why is this happening now? ((Of course, the bigger question is, “Why didn’t it happen before the election?” but we know the answer to that.) Robert Spencer at PJ Media has some thoughts about what’s going on.

“From the headlines we’re seeing these days,” he quips, “it’s as if Steve Bannon has taken over all the major media outlets.” I wouldn’t go that far, but his point is made. Spencer’s hypothesis is that President Biden has been performing so abysmally –- especially in Poland, where he was downright dangerous –- that he may be seen as having outlived his usefulness to whoever is “running him.” This scandal could be the way to bring his dreadful presidency to a close, while giving at least the veneer of equal justice for all.

J. D. Rucker thinks this will likely happen, and he apparently has a lot of company. His speculation is that President Biden might willingly step down “in exchange for covering up his son’s (and his) crimes.” He believes the intel community –- the “three-letter agencies” –- are concerned enough about the danger Biden poses that they’re telling some accomplices in the media to pile on, while they decide how much indictable stuff to release publicly to get the job done. The baggage needs to stay with the Bidens, they believe, so the Democrat “brand” is protected for other candidates. (I would counter that the Democrat “brand” is pretty unappealing right now as it is.)

Again, this is speculation, just a scenario that seems increasingly plausible. We’ll move on...

Having finally been vindicated after the blatant censorship of its original Hunter Biden laptop story, The New York Post is having a field day. It’s been one revelation after another, showing why voters should’ve had this very real story before they cast their ballots.

On Thursday, they reported on the demand from the 14 Republicans on the House Oversight Committee, led by Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, that all documents relating to Hunter’s business dealings be turned over. That includes ALL communications with Hunter that took place during Barack Obama’s two terms as President, when Joe Biden was Vice President.

Letters went to Dana Remus, counsel to President Biden, and David Ferriero, head archivist at the National Archives and Records Administration. The letters said, “If the Russian government is attempting to influence American policy in Ukraine by exploiting Hunter Biden’s connection with his father –- the President of the United States –- the American people deserve to know it.”

Right now, with Republicans in the minority, there’s really nothing they can do if (when!) the White House and National Archives don’t comply. That changes if (when!) the GOP re-takes Congress in November. They plan to cut to the chase by subpoenaing Hunter Biden. First question for Hunter: Who is “the big guy”?

Former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski said early on that “the big guy” definitely was Joe Biden, but the left did its best to make sure that if you did happen to hear that, you never heard it again.

Legal experts who talked to the Post said that if Hunter were subpoenaed, the process would be “a grinding one” and that even if they got him before Congress, he’d likely plead the Fifth. Even so, Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York said “the subpoenas will rain down if they do not turn over documents and answers to questions.” She told the NY Post that “it should concern every American that they did this for the Biden family’s financial gain, which came at the expense of our national security.”

According to House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, they plan to investigate not only Hunter’s businesses but also the origins of COVID, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the “Justice” Department’s investigations into parents protesting Critical Race Theory. We can safely predict that Democrats will slam the GOP for “endless investigations”; never mind that they’ve spent years investigating phony scandals invented by Hillary’s campaign or otherwise concocted. Once we’re able to investigate the all-too-real ones, they’ll move to slam on the brakes.

The NY Post Editorial Board also wrote about the laptop scandal on Thursday, in an editorial called “The Week In Whoppers: Biden’s baloney, the WaPo’s shameless flip-flop and more.” The really fun part is their take-down of the Washington Post, which had labeled the NY Post’s October 2020 laptop stories “fake” and called them “laughably weak” but now admits they’re true. Who’s laughing now?

Here’s the NY Post story about WaPo making that admission. WaPo had a copy of the hard drive for nine long months, so they must have done a veeeeeeeery thorough forensic examination. All any thinking person needed was Tony Bobulinski’s interview to realize it was real.

By the way, it’s not just the media spinning madly to try to distance President Biden from Hunter (at least for now). reports that Democrat leaders are still insisting the laptop is “Russian disinformation.” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland says, “I think it’s as bogus as it was before.” (Note: it wasn’t bogus before; they just said it was.) Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline agrees, apparently not realizing that the NY Post’s laptop story was never, as he put it early on, “collapsing in on itself.” Are these people lying to themselves or to you? I think mostly to you.

Miranda Devine, who broke the laptop story, has a new piece detailing how the media tip-toed around it and “underplayed Joe Biden’s role.” She notes that CNN White House correspondent John Harwood said, “There is zero evidence that Vice President Biden, or President Biden, has done anything wrong in connection with what Hunter Biden has done.”

Similarly, WaPo said it “did not find evidence that Joe Biden personally benefited from or knew details about the transactions with [Chinese energy company] CEFC, which took place after he had left the vice presidency and before he announced his intentions to run for the White House in 2020.” But in order to say this, they have to leave out some key facts; for example, they don’t mention the deal involving SinoHoldings, set up for a joint venture between CEFC and Hunter and his partners. This is the one that was to give “the big guy” 10 percent of the spoils. (Of course, WaPo can turn on a dime and implicate the President if that’s determined to be the plan.)

Devine’s piece is highly recommended reading for anyone wanting to be more aware of how propaganda is crafted. Sorry that for this and other stories, you have to scroll through some creepy pictures of Hunter.

Speaking of media propaganda, Michael Goodwin has a NY Post column about the “apologist” press trying and failing to shore up Biden. It’ll cheer you up, and there are no Hunter Biden pictures.

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  • Jai jacobs

    04/05/2022 02:21 AM

    Great article about horrible people comitting horrible crimes and outright TREASON.
    Please look into the correct title for Obama and other Ptesidents. I believe his correct title is "Former" President Obama. If he was defeated or left office in disgrace, he would be addressed as Ex President Obama. Only currently serving and deceased presidents are addressed as President. And thankfully Ibama is no longer serving.
    Please continue to publish the truth.