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April 25, 2022

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  • Democrats are making a classic error
  • Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ wacky, downright goofy idea
  • Suicidal act
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Proverbs 16:9

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Democrats are making a classic error

Democrats are making a classic error

I believe in the adage, “Never interrupt your opponent when he’s destroying himself.” Fortunately, I know that the Democrats would never listen to my advice anyway. So I feel safe in saying that they’re making a classic error that I’ve often warned my readers against: reading too much into the results of elections in other countries. In this case, it’s this weekend’s reelection of French President Emmanuel Macron over rightwing challenger Marine LePen.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain (who has the unenviable nickname of “Biden’s Brain”) put out a tweet pointing out that Macron had a 36% approval rating and still won, implying that Biden could be reelected despite his dismal approval rating (or that Democrats might do better than expected in the midterms.) For anyone with a real brain, all that did was confirm that they are well aware of how low Biden’s approval rating is.

At the link, Nick Arama of points out some of the glaring differences between France’s political landscape and America’s. And I’ll add a few more:

Marine LePen is the daughter of Jean-Marie LePen, former president of the National Front, so she carried the weight of two generations’ worth of European media condemnation of her family as the second coming of Hitler. In America, we’re used to the media painting every Republican as the second coming of Hitler, so we’ve learned to ignore it. Le Pen also had really bad timing, being a critic of NATO who wanted to repair ties with Russia. Yet even with all of LePen’s baggage, Macron’s margin of victory fell from 66% in their last matchup to 58%.

Also, the French had drifted so far to the left that unlike Americans, they’d knowingly elected a socialist President (which they quickly regretted.) Also, Macron was not 82 when running for reelection, as Biden would be in 2024.

Here’s another huge difference: Macron acknowledged that he didn’t owe his reelection to support for him or leftist policies (pre-election polls showed a whopping 25% of voters were still undecided.) Macron admitted that the undecideds didn’t vote for him, they voted against Le Pen. So he vowed to take a more moderate path and be the President of all citizens.

Here in the US, Biden and Congressional Democrats have made it clear that they view even the tiniest of vote margins and the narrowest of majorities to be mandates for radical transformation of America. And Biden is not letting his cratering approval rating convince him to reverse any of his unpopular and destructive policies; instead, he’s doubling down on them.

But if his advisers want to tell him to use France as his guide and think that a 35% approval rating is no big deal so keep on keepin’ on, then who am I to stop them? Although I have a feeling that by 2024, it might be closer to 5 percent.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ wacky, downright goofy idea

One hilarious sideshow of Florida’s smackdown of Disney Corps’ attempts to dictate state laws is the way Democrat Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is trying to take advantage to promote Colorado as the leftwing, “progressive” alternative to red states like Florida. This is pretty funny when you consider that one big reason why people fleeing California are going all the way to Texas is because they believe leftist California expats have already ruined Colorado.

It gets funnier when you hear Polis’ suggestion that Disney move its Florida theme parks to Colorado (he also invited Twitter to move there, apparently not realizing they already have a headquarters in Boulder.) So, does he think Disney should pack up their entire Florida holdings of four theme parks, two water parks, 40 hotels, golf courses, camping grounds, shopping centers, etc., into U-Hauls or build them anew in a state where the weather would only allow them to be open four months out of the year? Even if they could relocate, there are only three states with the year-round sunshine and travel infrastructure (airports, cruise ship ports, etc.) to accommodate them, and those are Florida, California (which already has Disneyland) and Texas. Sure, move to Texas because Florida has too many Republicans!

But here’s the funniest part of all: Polis is actually trying to convince the world that Disney and other companies should move to “progressive” Colorado because its politicians don’t meddle in the affairs of companies. Oh, really?! Tell that to the owner of Masterpiece Cakes, who’s been repeatedly hounded, sued and prosecuted for declining to make same-sex wedding cakes that violate his religious beliefs.

This link rounds up some Twitter posts from Coloradans who also point out the hypocrisy, coming from a Governor who’s driven oil, gas, mining and other companies out of the state because he personally doesn’t like them.

Finally, I love this quote from former Republican Colorado Rep. Bob Beauprez, who sees Polis’ comments as “shallow” posturing designed to make him sound moderate because he’s up for reelection. Beauprez said, "If Disney did come here and want to stake a claim for a 40-square-mile piece of ground, [Colorado] would put so many restrictions on them and be concerned about contamination of the environment by the lights and noise and other pollutions, they'd quickly drive Disney back to the friendly confines of Florida. It's just wacky, the longer you think about it."

I’d say it’s beyond wacky. It’s downright Goofy.


The body of Texas National Guardsman Bishop Evans has been found. Evans drowned while heroically trying to save two illegal migrants who were crossing the Rio Grande River. Gov. Gregg Abbott asked everyone to join him in praying for Evans’ family.

Suicidal act

Wynn Bruce, 50, of Boulder, Colorado, died of his wounds Sunday after setting himself on fire outside the Supreme Court on Earth Day. Bruce was a Buddhist and climate activist whose social media posts suggested that he had been planning to do this.

A Zen Buddhist priest and friend of Bruce’s tweeted, “This act is not suicide. This is a deeply fearless act of compassion to bring attention to climate crisis. We are piecing together info but he had been planning it for at least one year…I am so moved.”

Personally, I am moved to outrage, both at the tragic waste of life and the shockingly cavalier attitude of this so-called “friend.” That’s not an act of protest, it’s a suicidal act born out of mental instability, the kind that allows a person to become so obsessed with some “cause” that it becomes more important than life itself. If she actually knew he was planning this a year in advance, then she should’ve gotten him to a counselor or alerted mental health authorities. This is something to mourn and be vigilant to ensure it never happens again. It’s not something to celebrate as some kind of heroic act of “compassion” that might inspire other mentally unstable people to copy it.

His self-immolation didn’t do one thing to help the climate. It just senselessly ended a human life -- while, ironically, creating more greenhouse gases than any other form of suicide he might've chosen.

Welcome sign

This may be a welcome sign that corporations are fed up with alienating customers by bowing to the demands of a loud but tiny “woke” minority. ExxonMobil Corp. has updated its flag policy and will no longer allow “external position flags” such the BLM and LGBTQ Rainbow flags, to be flown outside its offices. The company said it will allow a flag for a group of LGBTQ employees that doesn’t include the Exxon corporate logo to be flown during Gay Pride Month.

Naturally, the activists are howling in outrage, and Exxon Mobil reflexively issued a statement about their commitment to diversity and inclusion in hiring (you know the drill.) But they said the corporation has a need to maintain “neutrality” on outside political and social issues.

Let’s hope this is the first tremor in a coming earthquake. The woke far-left has used the amplifier of social media to convince corporations that they represent far more people than they really do, and their threat of Twitter mobs calling companies racist or homophobic has misled many a CEO into chasing political activism instead of the best interests of the shareholders. Some of them are now seeing the results in their tanking stock prices.

Besides, does ExxonMobil really think that if it flies BLM and rainbow flags that the left won’t target it for annihilation? It's an OIL company!

Tweet of the Day

After CNN employee Ellie Smith tweeted that people should be kind and not say snarky things about CNN+ imploding because “hundreds of journalists and technicians who worked their tails off just had the rug pulled out from under them,” South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem offered the perfect response:

“Now you know how the Keystone XL Pipeline workers feel.”

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