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January 10, 2024

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2 Chronicles 7:14

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Where was Austin? Now we know…

We finally know why Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin disappeared from his job for a week: he had to undergo surgery for prostate cancer. That’s a serious medical condition, and putting aside the political firestorm over this, I want to offer him our sincere prayers for a complete recovery.

Meanwhile, this latest news has raised even more questions, like, “Who was in charge when he was under general anesthesia?” and “Why was urgent cancer surgery called ‘elective’?” and the ever-popular “Why wasn’t anyone at the White House informed?”

Here’s a round-up of the latest developments and questions, courtesy of

Related: Sen. Tommy Tuberville would like to remind us that Austin was the same person who lectured him for months about how he was harming “military readiness” by holding up promotions until the military stopped illegally funding abortions.


As if we needed another reason to distrust the media, a shocking new revelation has appeared that will likely be buried by the media.

Remember how some media outlets tried to excuse the behavior of their “journalists” in Gaza who seemed to be colluding with Hamas in the October 7th attack on Israel? They claimed they were just doing their jobs when they got swept up in the events, etc.?

Well, as Bonchie at reports, “According to Honest Reporting, a UK media watchdog, two ‘journalists,’ both of whom did freelance work for the AP and Reuters at the time, live-streamed themselves showing off pictures of the atrocities, with one even bragging that he had helped take Israelis hostage.” One of them also boasts about being there from the beginning and encourages Gazans to cross the border into Israel even as Hamas terrorists were slaughtering innocent Jews, calling it a once-in-a-lifetime event that won’t happen again. Let's hope Israel makes sure of that.

I would tell you what I think, but Bonchie already summed it up perfectly: “There are no journalists in Gaza. There are simply terrorist sympathizers who are allowed to cosplay as journalists.”

Biden’s busy Monday

President Biden had a busy Monday, between demonizing Trump and Republicans, eulogizing the late Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, pandering to black voters, dealing with pro-Palestinian protesters from his own party who have zero respect for others or their surroundings, and stabbing Israel in the back – sometimes, all at once. Nick Arama at has a good round-up…

Two details worthy of special notice: Arama points out that Biden tried to blame the racist shooting at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston on Trump even though it happened in 2015 when Trump wasn’t President, but Biden was Vice President.

Also, when these pro-Palestinian nutjobs tried to block the street entrance to Love Field Airport in Dallas where Biden was landing, the Dallas Police quickly removed them and arrested some of them. Take notes, other cities. And a word of advice to these protesters: Don’t try blocking any highways in Texas unless you want to find out how it feels to be an armadillo.

Court Victory News:

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals just knocked down the Biden Department of Energy’s efforts to force us to replace our washing machines and dishwashers with more expensive “green” appliances.

Eleven states sued over the regulations, and the court agreed with them that it was "unclear how or why DOE thinks it has any statutory authority to regulate 'water use' in dishwashers and washing machines," and even if they had the authority, their rule was "arbitrary and capricious" since their standards are causing Americans to use more energy and water as they have to wash things multiple times to get them clean.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, who led the lawsuit, said, "There is no fourth branch of government sanctioned in the United States Constitution. Federal bureaucrats can't just tell you what kind of appliances you have to use." Let’s hope this encourages more legal pushback on the other unconstitutional micro-management efforts by unelected bureaucrats, from taking away our gas stoves and heaters to trying to outlaw gas-powered cars.

Andrew Bailey is one of the true champions fighting against federal assaults on individual rights, including the case that exposed Deep State collusion with social media to silence conservative speech. My interview with him on last weekend’s episode of “Huckabee” on TBN is a must-see:

Howard Beale was right

UPDATE! I reported on the National Parks Service plan to remove a historic statue of Pennsylvania founder William Penn from a Philadelphia park and promote “inclusion” by replacing it with info about indigenous tribes (FYI: “inclusion” would mean ADDING info about the tribes, not erasing other aspects of history to make way for it.) That plan so infuriated locals that even the Democrat Governor protested. And guess what: the woke remake has been canceled. The statue of Penn will remain.

Or as the NPS put it, “The preliminary draft proposal, which was released prematurely and had not been subject to a complete internal agency review, is being retracted.” Riiiiight. Probable reality: “We’d hoped to sneak this past you before anyone noticed, but we got caught.”

Howard Beale was right: Letting these people know you’re mad as h*ll and you’re not going to take it anymore actually works.

California Republicans (if there are any left), mark your calendars:

The special election to replace Kevin McCarthy has been scheduled for a bit later than expected. It will take place on March 19th, not March 5th (the day of the general primaries.)

We will see

I don’t cover a lot of the January 6th stories here because it’s hard to separate truth from propaganda and legitimate areas of inquiry from conspiracy theories. But when a member of the House Homeland Security and House Oversight and Reform Committees says that investigators believe there were “well over 200” FBI “assets” embedded on January 6th, some dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol and waving real Trump supporters in, and that he expects this will lead to criminal referrals but only once there’s a President who will “clean house,” then it might be worth listening to him…

Speaking of that, the FBI’s claim that it’s going after even more people on January 6th charges, for such heinous felonies as walking on the grass outside the Capitol, is not going over well with the general public. Particularly considering all the actual violent criminals, terrorists, drug gangsters, violent Antifa rioters and Hamas-supporting radicals that they keep ignoring.

A bad habit that needs fixing

I already wrote about the underlying red flags that undermine the roses and sunshine that the media and the White House are giving us about reported jobs numbers. But this is yet another Bidenomics warning signal that hasn’t been mentioned yet: the government’s habit of releasing better-than-expected jobs numbers, then later quietly “correcting” them downward. Here’s a report on how, during the first 11 months of 2023, the BLS overestimated the number of jobs created by 439,000.

Unfit for office

Not that it will get past the Senate, but good for House Republicans who plan to introduce articles of impeachment against our MIA Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, for “high crimes and misdemeanors” that have “jeopardized the lives of the American people.” And there's not just one incident; they have a smorgasbord of reasons why he’s unfit for office.

How to respond

It’s always fun to watch a member of the regime media try to force a Republican to repeat a leftist talking point (“Deny that you’re an ‘election denier’ and confirm that Joe Biden was really elected President”), and instead, the Republican forces her to admit that she actually has no actual knowledge of what she’s talking about and is just repeating DNC talking points.

FYI, I would have also accepted this response: “I’ll say that if you’ll admit the 2016 election was legitimate and Trump was really elected President.”

Food Recall Alert!

From my writers Pat and Laura, who have 12 rescued shelter parrots: The FDA has issued a recall of a widely-distributed parrot seed diet sold at Walmart and other major stores. It's 3-D Pet Products' Premium Parrot Food sold in a clear plastic canister. There's a danger of salmonella that can harm both parrots and humans. Check this link for more info, and Pat and Laura urge you to feed your parrots a better diet than this anyway.

A new EV wrinkle to Biden’s plans for the future

I’ve long reported on the many drawbacks of electric vehicles that Biden is trying to hide as his Administration tries to force us all into them. Fortunately, consumers are catching on fast, and EV sales are tanking. Car makers are panicking over their losses while surveys show many people who bought an EV say they’ll never do that again and plan to go back to ICE cars.

But in case you need more reason to doubt Biden’s dictate that “EVs are the future,” here’s a new wrinkle: EVs are much heavier than gas-powered cars because the batteries account for anywhere from 1,000 to nearly 3,000 pounds, depending on the vehicle. That’s caused a 2011 study by UC economics professor Michael Anderson to resurface. It found that heavier cars make collisions far more dangerous. Being hit by a car that weighs 1,000 pounds more than your own increases your odds of being killed by 47 percent!

When Obama said to never underestimate Biden’s ability to BLEEP things up, I didn’t know that it would someday also mean that he’d become the worst car designer since Homer Simpson.

Not so crazy

You’ve probably heard the rumor that Democrats are letting millions of illegal aliens enter the US because they want to count them as part of the population to keep more Congressional districts and cement themselves into power. This is, according to them and the media, a crazy, wild-eyed, unsubstantiated, rightwing conspiracy theory, so I would never, ever repeat it here.

But here’s a video of New York Democrat Rep. Yvette Clarke basically admitting it…

Bookmark Alert!

Global Christian Relief has created a much-needed, first-of-its-kind database to record threats to religious freedom and violence against Christians worldwide.

Georgia DA Fani Willis’ corruption involves the White House

On Tuesday, I appeared on NEWSMAX to say that Fulton County, Georgia, DA Fani Willis should be disbarred and all the charges against Trump dropped in his election interference case.

At that time, news had broken that a co-defendant in the case, Michael Roman, alleges that Willis should be disqualified from the case because she had been having an improper relationship with a (married) special prosecutor, private attorney Nathan Wade, whom she had named to assist in securing the Georgia grand jury indictment against Trump.  According to the motion, she did this despite having attorneys in her office who were perfectly capable of prosecuting the case.  Wade, on the other hand, had never prosecuted a felony RICO case before. He seems to have been hired for...other reasons.

As reported in NEWSMAX, “The motion argues that Willis’ failure to disclose her alleged relationship with the special prosecutor while paying him for his work on the Trump case with funds he allegedly used to go on extravagant vacations with the DA could amount to honest services fraud, as well as ‘a predicate act which could result in a RICO charge against both the district attorney and the special prosecutor.’”

So, how ironic would it be if, after working to make this huge, ludicrous RICO case against Trump and an array of his associates, Willis herself got charged with a legitimate RICO violation?  They just keep accusing Trump of the things they’re doing themselves.  Here’s what I had to say about it yesterday…

Huckabee: Fani Willis scandal huge in Trump Georgia case - Read Mike's News Analysis - Mike Huckabee

But as it turns out, the grift and marital hanky-panky were just the tip of the iceberg that is about to wham into Willis’ whole operation and likely sink it.  What they’ve been doing is much, much worse.  Can someone this corrupt be disbarred twice?

By now, you probably know that Willis is accused of using tax money to take exotic trips to the Caribbean, Florida and Napa Valley and even go on two cruises together with Wade.  According to Roman’s motion, “Since being appointed as special prosecutor, the special prosecutor has been paid an estimated almost $1,000,000.00 in legal fees...The district attorney’s yearly salary, including state and county supplements, is $198,266.66.”

A big question is how specifically Willis herself is benefitting financially from the money being paid to her very “special” special prosecutor.

President Trump, in DC on Tuesday for an important hearing on presidential immunity, responded to the news, saying the Georgia case is now “totally compromised.”

Alina Habba appeared on HANNITY Tuesday night to say that if the allegations against Willis are true, “that is so disturbing on so many levels.”  Taxpayer dollars in Georgia are being used to subsidize Willis’ boyfriend, “who is now teamed up with her to persecute and prosecute Trump.”

“...When I thought we couldn’t get any lower, when I thought we really couldn’t attack him any more, with literally no self-respect and dignity, we have this.  We have a woman who’s now bringing in somebody who’s her boyfriend, paying him quadruple, ten times what she’s making...and [they] vacation on taxpayer dollars, and then in their spare time talking about going after Trump.”

“If this is true,” Habbas said, “if she really was using taxpayer dollars to funnel [to] vacations, and then go after Trump, completely disregarding ethics...[committing] selective prosecution, going after someone as a target and then teaming up with your friends, the only RICO I see is the RICO with the DAs and AGs that is happening.  The conspiracy is not a conspiracy at all.  We have Soros-backed, and other funders that we’ve seen that are backing these individuals, and they are coordinating, they are profiting, and they are becoming famous politically; their agenda is all the same:  Get Trump.  That is the only RICO case I see here.”  

“...Donald Trump has done nothing wrong, and they have intentionally done this in order to interfere with an election because they can’t beat him in the polls.”

If something about the romantic angle sounds familiar, perhaps you’re reminded of the FBI’s Peter Strzok and paramour Lisa Page getting all steamy at the thought of taking down Trump during the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation, pushing the Russia Hoax “insurance policy.”  For people who hate Trump, this effort is apparently a powerful aphrodisiac.

I digress.

Anyway, Athena Thorne at PJ MEDIA wrote about the story broken by the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION.  Fulton County records show that DA Willis approved payments of $654,000 in legal fees to alleged boyfriend Wade since January 2022, and he did receive the money.

It gets shadier.  Willis hired Wade to help her “get Trump” on November 1, 2021.  On November 2, he filed for divorce.  Apparently, their affair had predated his hiring and has continued throughout their work on the case.

"The district attorney and the special prosecutor…suffer from irreparable conflicts of interest, and have violated their oaths of office under the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct and should be disqualified from prosecuting this matter," declares the court filing.

But in THE MOST corrupt part of this --- yes, it gets worse --- the motion alleges improper coordination between the DA’s office and Biden’ s White House.  We can be sure of this because the “special” special prosecutor, who apparently is not the brightest bulb in the box, filed for reimbursement and documented a meeting with the White House counsel (!!!) about the case.

Willis hasn’t denied the allegations in this motion but through a spokesperson said she would address the situation “through appropriate court findings.”  So, she suddenly cares about being “appropriate”?

Victoria Taft, also at PJ MEDIA, has dug deeper on the issue of Willis’ team conspiring with the White House to prosecute Trump and says that “White House fingerprints couldn’t be more clear when one starts connecting these dots.”

Biden has denied that the White House is involved in this in any way, but that denial has to be right up there with the one about never speaking to Hunter’s business associates or knowing anything about the family business.  Any denial from Biden now, about anything, is laughable.  So now we have a President of the United States conspiring with his own “Justice” Department and regional law enforcement to take down the one political opponent whom polls show would beat him handily this coming November.  As one pundit posted on X, “Banana republic if you can keep it.”

Constitutional law expert Mike Davis, founder of the Article III Project, cites “clear, obvious coordination” between Biden’s White House and the DOJ to bring charges against Trump.  He’s called for immediate hearings of the House Judiciary Committee to look into the connections between Biden’s White House and all four of the cases, under three prosecutors, that have been brought against Trump, not just Willis’ case.  He appears to have evidence on White House coordination with Alvin Bragg’s New York “fraud” case as well.

According to Davis, Wade sent a bill for one White House counsel meeting and also for two other meetings at the White House --- one of these BEFORE the RICO indictment of Trump was sought.

Be sure to read Taft’s piece, as this is where you’ll see the documentation of Wade’s activities.  Can it get any lower than this?  Stay tuned.

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