February 18, 2019

If you wonder why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might seem like a mental giant to the majority of her constituents, consider the kind of “education” many of them likely received. Here’s a look from one disgusted veteran language teacher (she has a PhD in French Literature) at the corruption within the New York City public school system that “pretends to educate” students. She offers an incredible inside story of her experiences teaching in several schools within the district, some rougher than others but all failing to educate.

To cover up their own incompetence, writer Mary Hudson says, authorities blame poverty, “racism,” lack of funding (!) and even the teachers when it’s really the fraudulent system that fails the students. Nothing is demanded of these kids (there's the real racism); they are not expected to pay attention, learn anything or even behave decently. They don’t even seem to know why they’re in school; to them, it’s just to socialize and, often, to terrorize. The teacher has absolutely no power in the classroom, and the kids know it. “Why do precious few adults admit the truth out loud?” she asks. “Because in America the taboo against questioning the current orthodoxy on race is too strong and the price is too high. What is failing our most vulnerable populations is the lack of political will to acknowledge and solve the real problems.”

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We hear a lot about toxic masculinity these days; this teacher’s observation relative to that issue is that “the girls could be meaner than the boys. The latter did not engage at all. They simply ignored me.”


Another perplexing question: “Why should millions of perfectly normal adolescents, not all of them ghettoized, resist being educated?” She says, “The reason is that they know deep down that due to the color of their skin, less is expected of them. This they deeply resent. How could they not resent being seen as less capable? It makes perfect psychological sense. Being very young, however, they cannot articulate their resentment, or understand the reasons for it, especially since the adults in charge hide the truth. So they take out their rage on the only ones they can: themselves and their teachers.”


Surely to be dismissed as racist –- by leftist politicians and, sadly, by many educators –- this essay is just the opposite: recognizing the potential in these students but seeing how “the soft bigotry of low expectations” (to quote President George W. Bush) is destroying it.


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It’s hard to understand how any teacher can put up with the horrendous abuse described in this essay and continue for years, surely knowing at some point that his or her efforts to educate, influence or inspire anyone in this kind of classroom are almost certainly in vain. Apparently, some of the educators themselves (especially the younger ones) are so PC in their own viewpoint that they don’t try to change even the most self-defeating student culture. Somehow, that would be wrong.


This situation isn’t new. Dr. Hudson’s initiation into teaching in NYC, at Washington Irving High School, was a shocker, and it happened right after the start of the school year in 2001. She says she had a few days’ “honeymoon’ period, during which the students “weren’t particularly engaged” but at least were respectful. But when, on September 11, news was brought to her classroom that airplanes had blasted into the Twin Towers and that one of them had already fallen, the students erupted into applause, whooping and high-fives, with “some getting out of their seats to do a sort of victory dance.”


Her experience seems to have gone downhill from there.


When, in 2010, Dr. Hudson had finally had enough --- one too many students threatened to hurt her, in this case “cut her” --- she realized she was fighting a losing battle to educate them even a little and just broke. She had to quit. She says that when one fellow teacher expressed astonishment that she would “abandon” her students, she asked her colleague, “What does it matter? They didn’t learn anything, anyway. The school will hand out passing grades no matter what I did.”


Well, Dr. Hudson may not have been able to make much of a difference for the students in her classroom, but perhaps she is making a difference now, by letting us know the state of education in a corrupt and chronically failing urban district. Sunshine is the best disinfectant; if anything at all will help, it is this.



Happy Presidents Day!  And yes, it’s a day that honors everyone who has ever held the office, so suck it up, Never Trumpers.





Our prayers today are with the victims of a shooting Friday at the Henry Platt manufacturing company in Aurora, Illinois, and their families.  It left five victims dead and five police officers in stable condition.  The shooter had worked for the company for 15 years and was being terminated that day when he pulled out a gun and began firing.;-gunman-also-dead/5141841/


Once again, this appears to be a case where multiple gun laws that could have prevented the deaths were broken or not enforced.  The shooter obtained the gun despite having a prior felony assault conviction in Mississippi that should have blocked him from obtaining a gun, as well as six more recent arrests in Illinois.  The shooting, like virtually every other mass shooting, also took place in a designated “gun-free zone.” Nevertheless, I’m sure it will be argued that the solution to preventing future such attacks will lie in passing more laws.


Meanwhile, a Huck’s Hero salute to all the first responders who risked their lives to stop the shooter, and to this local restaurant for stepping up to help.





Deepest condolences and prayers today for the family of pollster Pat Caddell, who died Saturday at 68 after suffering a stroke.  Caddell first came to notice as a Democratic pollster who helped Jimmy Carter get elected, but in recent years, he’d become a Fox News contributor and advised some Trump supporters.


Caddell was also a guest on my TBN TV show.  He was a good man, a throwback to the time when people put facts and the good of America over the good of their party, and when people of differing political views showed respect for each other and engaged in actual debates to find solutions and common ground.  Sadly, there seems to be little place for that in politics these days, but Pat Caddell set an excellent example for anyone who would like to return to a more sane and respectful style of politics.




When the alleged attack in Chicago on gay, black actor Jussie Smollett of the TV show “Empire” was first reported, I strongly condemned such attacks, as did President Trump.  I pointed out that there were some questionable details of his account, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Even as the media used the story to batter Trump and his supporters for creating this “atmosphere” of hate, violence and bigotry, I held my tongue and pen.  I even kept quiet as each new detail that emerged made Smollett’s story seem ever more fantastic:


Two racist Trump supporters just happened to be in an upscale neighborhood of one of the most liberal cities in America, a place that one skeptical resident described as being “half black and half gay,” yelling "This is MAGA country"…they just happened to be wondering around at 2 a.m. on one of the coldest nights in history…they just happened to recognize an obscure actor from a TV show with an almost entirely black audience…they just happened to know enough about him to know he is gay and has been rabidly anti-Trump for years before Trump even ran for President…they just happened to be carrying a bottle of bleach and a rope…they just happened to attack him in one of the few places anywhere around that had no surveillance cameras…Smollett just happened to be able to fight them off in less than a minute without dropping his Subway sandwich…and he just happened to still be wearing the rope around his neck when the cops came to talk to him.  That’s a lot of unlikely stuff to have “just happened.”

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Well, it now seems safe to report that it likely didn’t just happen, it was carefully planned…and not by the “attackers.”  Although (disclaimer!) this has yet to be officially confirmed, media source say the police tracked down two brothers from Nigeria, one of whom worked as an extra on “Empire,” and both of whom are also strongly anti-Trump. It’s suspected that they rehearsed and staged the attack, and that they were paid $3500 before leaving for Nigeria right after the attack and were promised $500 more on their return.  The sources say Smollett paid for the rope, which came from a Chicago area hardware store. Police found ropes, bleach, masks and a red hat in their apartment.  They are reportedly cooperating with police, who want to re-interview Smollett. 


For his part, Smollett denies he orchestrated a fake attack and says he’s “angered and devastated” by the claims.  He’s hired the same attorney who defended Michael Cohen, and his lawyer says he’s been victimized a second time by this story.  But if he did file a hoax report, and wasted the time and manpower of the police in a city with a huge caseload of real murders to deal with, he could face a stiff fine and up to three years in jail.


Since he’s still denying it, I won’t pass judgement on whether his highly unlikely story is actually true or false until the police issue their findings. I only wish that same standard had been upheld by our esteemed media, political and show business figures, who have spent the past two weeks trumpeting this story as absolute proof that Trump supporters are violent, racist thugs and this shows us “what’s wrong with America in 2019.”


Well, they’re sort of right about that last part.  It’s the same thing that was wrong when self-righteous liberals used social media and mass media to falsely attack a group of innocent Catholic school kids as violent bigots with zero evidence, just because they happened to be wearing MAGA caps.  That fell apart just a couple of weeks ago, and the leftist Twitter mobs obviously learned absolutely nothing from it.


(Well, Sen. Cory Booker is now “withholding judgment,” which would have been more impressive if he’d done it when this story first surfaced.)’


Before the Smollett attack has even been officially ruled a hoax, some on the left are already deleting their angry tweets about violent, racist Trump supporters, while others are trying to blame it somehow on Trump (he “created the climate” where racist lynchings are possible, even if they didn’t really happen) or scolding Republicans for “gloating” by pointing out the holes in the story and the hysterical credulousness of the left.  I’m sure there will be few if any apologies for their rush to judgement.


All of this is a smokescreen to avoid dealing with what’s really wrong in America in 2019 – actually, since 2016.  Absolutely convinced that they are right about everything and that they have some divine claim on the Presidency, those on the left were devastated when the voters said otherwise. 


A wise and mature party would have looked at this unexpected rejection as a signal to reflect on why so many people thought their policies don’t work and why their candidate was so unliked that people were willing to take a chance on a wild card like Trump.  Instead, they lashed out with blind rage at the voters for not giving them the power they crave like a heroin fix. 


For two years, they’ve blamed everything for their loss except themselves.  They’re torn the nation apart trying to tar Trump voters as what Hillary dismissively called them: racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic deplorables.  In fact, worse than that: white supremacists!  No, even worse: Nazis!  When you have that attitude, it’s easy to fall for lies that fit your preconceived notions, no matter how implausible they may be.


All this to avoid taking a long look in the mirror and asking, “What did I do wrong?” 


I lived through a time when America really was torn by racism and violent attacks on black people by white supremacists, and there was no need to create hoaxes.  I have no wish to return to that ugly time.  Liberals are fond of accusing others of wanting to “turn back the clock to the days of Jim Crow, the KKK and segregation.”  No Republican I know wants to go back to the era of those racist Democrat creations.  I wish today’s liberals would quit trying to revive the concept of politically-inspired violence, both for real and as political theater to slander their opponents.





Politics 101: Never introduce a radical new concept that you don’t want your opponents to use against you.  For instance, if you’re going to declare some places to be “sanctuary counties” for criminal illegal immigrants where immigration laws don’t apply, don’t be surprised when a more conservative county comes up with the idea of declaring itself to be a “Second Amendment sanctuary” where gun control laws don’t apply against people protecting themselves from criminals. 


The only problem is that it should be unnecessary because the entire USA is already a “Second Amendment sanctuary.”  That’s why the right to keep and bear arms is in the Second Amendment.




So if someone who is new to politics inadvertently violates an obscure ethics rule, will it be brushed under the rug and forgiven as an unintentional faux pas, or will there be loud demands for endless investigations, federal charges and impeachment?  Here, I’ll answer that for you: we’re talking about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, not anyone connected to President Trump.





Some who are challenging President Trump’s power to use an emergency declaration to shift funds and build a wall are citing law Prof. Jonathan Turley’s winning argument against Obama having the power to order the Treasury to pay health insurance companies under Obamacare.  But this is a very different situation, one that Trump is likely to win.  That’s not my layman’s opinion, that’s according to…law Professor Jonathan Turley.





The whole “Green New Deal”/“Democratic” socialism/free-everything-for-everybody fad personified by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who has become famous for the same reason as Nigerian email scams: promising free stuff on the Internet) has many Democrats rushing to jump on the bandwagon.  But while they are following their Party’s lemming-like charge off the leftward cliff, some Democrats are sounding alarms and trying to bring those drunk on socialist false promises back to their senses.


One is Steven Rattner, a former Obama adviser-turned-New York Times writer.  Friday, he tweeted that AOC’s celebration of driving away Amazon and its 25,000 new jobs from New York was the “most economically ignorant” statement he’d ever read.  He followed it up with a New York Times op-ed called “Your Grandchildren Are Already in Debt,” reminding those who are pushing “free” health care, college, income and other goodies that we’re already in more debt than all the wealth of the “super rich” can cover, and contrary to their beliefs, piling on more debt does matter – in fact, it can have catastrophic consequences.


It’s amazing that anyone should have to tell people who hold Congressional office such basic facts about economics.  But then, it’s even more amazing that in the space of just two years, the Democratic Party has charged so far to the left, embracing insane ideas that have proven to be formulas for disaster for over a century.  As Gard Gindler puts in a piece at American Thinker, “It seems that in January 2019, someone pressed a switch and turned off the brains of the Democrats.”  His advice for President Trump: take a cue from Napoleon and when your opponents are self-destructing, stand back and let them.


It’s tempting, but more is at stake than party advantage.  If people who still have command of their faculties don’t keep speaking up to point out the cruel absurdities of far-left dogma, then enough people might start to believe it to elect even more of these people into government.  I want Americans to realize that socialism and all its false promises are a dangerous dead end simply by studying history and thinking logically.  I don’t want Americans to have to learn the hard way, like Venezuelans did.  So I will continue to point out the insanity of the left’s arguments in hopes of saving them from themselves. 


And for those who think I should shut up and let them self-destruct, even if it means taking America with them, I say: Don’t worry, there is zero chance they’ll come to their senses and listen to me.




You know you’re getting old if you can remember a time when even Democrats observed the unspoken rule that you don’t go abroad and badmouth America on foreign soil.  I know Joe Biden is old enough to remember that time, but he obviously doesn’t remember that rule.





Painful lesson for Hollywood, if they care: A blogger on capitalism developed a new way to compare box office receipts for movies, by ranking them as a percentage of US GDP, which accounts for inflation, population growth and other factors.  When all that is put on a level playing field, the top three biggest money-makers of all time are, in order, “Gone With The Wind,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” and “Star Wars.”


He also notes that thanks to producer Kathleen Kennedy filling the recent “Star Wars” sequels with feminist and social justice warrior political messages, the value of the franchise has dropped by 95%, costing Disney shareholders $3.7 billion. 


If you want to read the full story and check his math, here’s the link (warning: some rude language and images here):


And just for fun, a reader intrigued by his formula used it to rank the real top-grossing 1001 movies of all time:





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  • Amelia Little

    02/22/2019 04:58 PM

    I'm guessing another school system (I think in FL) has gone the way of the school system Dr. Hudson taught in. This teacher was fired for giving students zero for not turning in work. We've gone from getting away from A, B, C, D, F grades because they hurt the feelings and psyche of those making D's and F's. When I was in school in the late 50's and the 60's--your grade reflected your effort. Period. Those who got the best grades (many were termed what would be nerds today) were those who studied, participated, turned in assignments. All of us knew--you want the grade, you work for it. All of knew that some are better athletes than others--some made the team, some didn't. I don't really think the kids I knew were ever adversely affected by these things. I'm sure some somewhere must have had their psyches punched--the ones who turned out to be the developers of common core, inventors of participation trophies, etc that have ruined many kids, even those who are now in their 30's.

  • Francesca Coppola

    02/20/2019 11:51 AM

    Canadians pay a high price for Free Health Care

  • Rafael A Salaz

    02/19/2019 12:05 PM

    The Democrats do not have any good Candidates for President. they are eathier to dumb , dumb and old, or have a chip on their shoulder . I have no confidence in a Democrat President these year. The Republicans have Trump, he is the best we have ever had. The Republicans need to all stay together for this one. Or they will be sucking their thumb for a long time .

  • Robert McCrindle

    02/19/2019 10:50 AM

    Get rid of teachers and professors. How? When a student goes to class they sit down in front of a computer with the day's lesson. They study the lesson, take a test, go back over the material that got wrong, take another test, and when they get at least ninety percent right, they go on to the next lesson, and so on. They learn at their own pace, and without the personal political bias views of teachers.

  • Donald Stewart

    02/19/2019 10:41 AM

    With the recent mass murders, more calls are being made for "Gun Control".

    I observe that most of these murders are caused by mentally disturbed people. Why not more calls for mental health then gun control?

  • Leo Mora

    02/19/2019 09:02 AM

    "The big problem confronting the Attorney General is this, and people may not want to get into this discussion, as we have a political party - the democratic party - turning harder and harder left, which in itself is a major national security risk."
    - Terry Turchie, former deputy assistant director of FBI counterterrorism (*From Laura Ingraham and The Angle, Feb. 18, 2019)

    Go back and listen to the video again (36.49-37:07) and see if the quote cited above doesn't get you thinking about the implications of what today's evolving Democratic party - a socialistic-influenced political entity - is becoming - "a major national security risk." Mr. Turchie's insight should sound the alarm for every concerned and critical-thinking American to stand up and resist a determined *political coup from further running amuck that wants only to dismantle and replace America's foundational moorings as rooted in a Constitutional Republic (*Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren et al.) If a serious DOJ investigation into these matters were to happen in American politics today, then Attorney General William Barr need not to look any further and begin his work here before the pestilence of socialism besets the essence of what it means to live as free Americans!

  • Priscilla Khweis

    02/19/2019 07:57 AM

    the stench from the "SWAMP" is overpowering !I pray I live long enough to see it DRAINED and these corruptibles taken to task !We have to take our country back from the destroyer before its too late ! And those on the right,lovers of our country,and those we sent to work for us in government need to get their heads out of the sand ,get off their b---s and DO THEIR JOBS--if not they can be replaced next time ! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    02/19/2019 06:47 AM

    Everyone knew, when they heard the Smollett case, that he had staged it! 2 am and cold, why would he even be out....And he kept adding to the story...Make him PAY for the hours devoted to his "case" and thow him in jail where he will be appreciated.

  • Rebecca Holstine

    02/19/2019 01:38 AM

    I am sad to hear of Pat Caddel's death. He was a gentleman and when he was on television, I always wanted to listen. Because I knew what he had to say was worth hearing. He used facts and party talking points never entered into what he was saying. He will be missed by many.

  • Jasper W.McClellan

    02/19/2019 12:42 AM

    Please consider eliminating the terms, "leftist" "liberals" "progressives" etc and just call them what they are: Democrats!!!
    Democrats is the only one of these terms you will ever see on a voting ballot. Enough said!!!!!!1

  • Alan P Gross

    02/18/2019 11:16 PM

    Change has to start at the bottom. Parents need to train-up their children how to behave or suffer the consequences. Our school need to be changed. the teachers need to teach the children and hold them responsible to learn. They are the future leaders of this country.

  • Don Crumbley

    02/18/2019 08:16 PM

    Governor: Keep it going! Y'our on a roll. Best Huckabee Daily that I have read in quite a while.

  • Jack Willis

    02/18/2019 07:56 PM

    Sorry Virginia, there IS NO Santa Claus and just like there is no Santa, there is no "fair and balanced"; "honest and fair"; "true and honest" or any of those that you want to put together, news reporting among the media that depend on headlines to propel them to no. 1 in the ratings and there never will be and that includes PBN. I care about what I see on the news but I also know that most of it is fabricated and I'm not stupid enough to think that what they profess to be "real" truly is. I love the coverage of the fires, the mass shootings, the floodings, etc, etc. because they do try to get them right except for who is to blame(Trump of course).

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    02/18/2019 07:33 PM

    Governor Mike,

    Re the Smollet "attack", when i first heard it, my only thoought was "that must be the two bravest (or dumbest) white guys in America, to go into South Chicago at 2 am, wearing Trump hats". Over 50 years ago I worked at the old Fifth Army headquartes in south Chicago, and we did not go out in broad daylight except in pairs or larger groups. I suspect it is worse 50 years later, and the idea two white guys would be anywhere near the area late at night was the first tip this was a hoax.

  • Dennis Merrell

    02/18/2019 07:27 PM

    I can’t imagine a company who would call in an employee with the possibility of termininating the employment and not have armed security or a police officer present. Terminated employees should be escorted from the premises. That way the terminated person can’t hurt themselves or anyone else. The Aurora company and other companies should look at its policy with terminations.

  • Thomas Wenndt

    02/18/2019 07:25 PM

    On your "You Know You're Getting Old If ..." comment about American leaders and dignitaries not bad-mouthing America on foreign soil, I'm wondering what's new about that? Maybe I'm not old enough, but the first person I remember doing that was Bill Clinton, who would save his most disparaging comments about our country for times when he was overseas. It was taken to a much darker low by Barack Obama, who never missed a single opportunity to do something to impugn America when he was out of the country. His obvious hatred and disdain for the country he was supposed to be leading was beyond disgraceful. Which, by the way, was no small part of what made our (now former) U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley, seem like a revolutionary. All she did was support and defend America, both back and explain the American way, and not put up with any penny-ante operators who wanted to force-show their superiority by hiding behind sham U.N. councils. But expecting that out of any and all Democrats today shouldn't surprise anybody.

  • Joan Dormer-Deaner``

    02/18/2019 07:16 PM

    Keep 'em coming, Gov.. I love and agree 100% NOOOOO make that 1 million.

  • Melanie Bruno

    02/18/2019 07:11 PM

    Regarding the comment about Presidents' Day: I resent one of them being given the honor due to the fact of his never having been president at all, because he is and was at the time a foreign national.

  • Anne Turner

    02/18/2019 07:05 PM

    Joe Biden must have decided to go on an apology tour for America repeating what his boss did when he was in office. His campaign slogon: Treasonous Joe in 2020

    Amazon offers plans to build HQ2 in NYC. Bringing 25,000+ new jobs.
    AOC screams no,no,no.
    Amazon pulls offer from NYC.
    AOC claims victory for her constituents.
    The look on her constituents faces, priceless!

    The inner city schools have been inundated with immigrants. Most do not speak English. Teachers classroom sizes have doubled and trippled. Teachers are expected to teach these kids English as well as teach their regular studies. This situation has caused US born students behind in their studies because teachers spend more time with the immigrant students.
    Students who want to learn can't and students who don't want to learn cause disruption in the classroom.
    Parents of most of these students are wellfare recipients, drug addicts or in prison. They can barely take care of themselves and don't seem to care about their children's education.
    When the parents have this laxidazical attitude it reflects in the children. The children don't stand a chance in learning not alone have an understanding of how important an education is for their futures.
    The liberals and Democrats claim they care but in reality have no plans to make changes in education as they prefer to dumb down future generations so they can control the masses with their more government policies and taking away our freedoms.
    Unfortunately future generations whose families have lived off the government give away programs only want more and will continue to vote for these Democrat Socialists.

  • Nelda White

    02/18/2019 06:53 PM

    If socialism is so great, why aren't the caravans from south and middle america headed for Venezuela. It is a true socialist country and you would think it would be inundated with immigrants crossing their border to get the freebees. Instead they choose country that is capitalist. Makes you wonder about the truth of socialism.

  • Fiorella Weaver

    02/18/2019 06:36 PM

    Unless we outlaw the globalist-driven Common Core or equivalent, and expect the students to participate in their own education, or elect to dig ditches and do construction work as an alternative, teachers' hands will always be tied and students will continue to be indoctrinated. Can anybody explain to me why the schools keep testing at an alarming rate when the students haven't learned anything?

  • Jerry Korba

    02/18/2019 06:22 PM

    Thank you Mike for bringing Dr. Hudson experiences to print as you know I have been questioning our Educational System why people can follow Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris Cory Booker Joe Biden Omar; schools in these districts are one door away from being a penitentiary. In the case of Omar the students learn more about the Muslim Brotherhood than they do American history. Don't think Ive gone off the deep end listen to this woman Omar what do you think she knows about American History. I can't hear any lessons from her. The rest of these Jokers mentioned above just push socialism what do you think they been reading. How about Joe Biden a graduate of the academy of Obama he is out bashing America in a Foreign Country real Intelligence this buffoon has. I get a little riled up when I am exposed to lunatic behavior. It is what it is. the rate of ignorance is growing is it too late to stop it we better. The Media exposes it 24 hours a day!!!!!!!

  • Carolyn Thorne

    02/18/2019 06:22 PM

    Hi Mike,

    Really enjoy your evening edition of your news. Also make it a point each week to watch your show on Saturdays. seems most every week the broadcast is difficult to watch. The picture is broken & jumbled, the volume is low, & sometimes no sound at all. Some days there is rain & wind which could affect everything but the shows before yours & following yours have no such problems. Know you can do nothing about this but it sure is frustrating. I get the Atlanta TBN station & just have cable reception. Thanks for all you do...??

  • james randolph

    02/18/2019 02:32 PM

    Hey Mike -
    Regarding "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett ...
    IF he is indicted, DUE PROCESS demands his presumption of innocence, UNTIL proven guilty (convicted).
    BUT ..........
    Upon the day of his conviction for hate crime hoax, false crime report, conspiracy, incitement to riot ...
    The RNC should buy and run commercials showing ALL the DNC Presidential nominees sound bites on Day 1 of the event.
    Then remind voters that our Constitutional rights could (God forbid) end up in one of these hands...