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November 16, 2022



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News floodgates open

After a week of sitting around waiting for news, the floodgates opened on Tuesday. Someday in the future, historians (if we have any real historians by then) may look back at November 15, 2022, as a key turning point that greatly impacted America’s future, and the world’s – whether for better or worse is not yet clear. Let me run down just a few of the momentous stories.

The splashiest news, of course, was former President Trump’s announcement that he is running for President again in 2022. More on that in a minute. But the most consequential at this moment might be that Decision Desk HQ projected that Republican Kevin Kiley won California’s 3rd Congressional District, clinching the 218th seat for the GOP and the House majority. As Trump happily put it in his speech, that means that Nancy Pelosi is fired.

It also means that while Biden and the Senate Democrats might be able to force some of his terrible appointments onto America, the radical left’s anti-American legislative agenda is (barring any crossover Republicans having a political death wish) dead, at least for the next two years. 

Later, GOP Rep. Mike Garcia won his race in California District 27 by 54-45%, bringing the Republican House majority up to 219. To show how the counting is being slow-walked to postpone the inevitable, Garcia won by 54-45% and declared victory the day after the election, but it still took this long for anyone else to call it.

There are still 13 outstanding races, and estimates are that the GOP majority could end up at 221 or higher. Bigger would be better, but a majority is a majority. The Republicans will be making committee appointments, launching investigations and handing out subpoenas (and Democrats had better comply or it's off to prison...THEIR rules!)  And no matter whether the margin is large or small, Pelosi is just as fired either way. So just thank God there’s finally someone in DC to apply the brakes. That’s truly a result worth celebrating.

Among the other news with potential monumental consequences for the future was a report that two stray Russian missiles crossed the Ukrainian border and exploded in Przewodów, Poland, killing two Polish citizens. Poland is a NATO nation, and this could potentially trigger a NATO counter attack on Russia.

Fortunately, that seems unlikely, as NATO leaders are trying to keep cooler heads than Putin. They no doubt remember how World War I started and are keen to avoid a sequel. For American public school students whose “history” classes consisted of being told that America invented slavery, I should explain that one radical who got in a lucky shot on the street killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, and that sparked a series of events that engulfed all of Europe. Nobody wants that kind of conflagration again, but Putin keeps playing with fire, so who knows what could happen?

While some are already rattling swords, other leaders are urging caution, since this story is still murky. Russia denies firing the missiles, and Ukraine’s defense minister doubts from their trajectory that they came from Russia.

There are claims that the Russian rockets might have been diverted by Ukrainian anti-missile weapons, or be a false flag operation. As this post at Gateway Pundit shows, some people are suggesting even more convoluted hidden conspiracy motives that extend to the collapse of that crypto currency billionaire Democrat donor.

Please note that I’m not endorsing these claims, I’m just pointing out that it would be a good idea to know exactly who did what and why before we rush into World War III over it.



And now, back to the initial story that could have a major impact on our future: Donald Trump’s plan to become the 21st Century's Grover Cleveland (again, for US public school history students: he was the only President to lose an election, then come back to defeat the incumbent and win a non-sequential term…so far. By the way, Cleveland’s return had populist support because the economic policies of the guy who’d beaten him, Benjamin Harrison, had made prices too high. Sound familiar?)

While I still believe it would have been better for Trump to hold his announcement until after the Georgia Senate run-off, I was heartened to see that if he's going to run again, he kicked it off in the way I wrote about here just a few days ago. It was an unusually “presidential” speech for Trump, with no attacks on fellow Republicans (he even urged everyone to turn out and vote for Herschel Walker) and an emphasis on his original winning platform of recognizing the problems of the working men and women of America due to Biden’s awful policies and how he planned to fix things. (At this point, it would be a relief to vote for someone who just knows what a man and a woman are, another topic Trump touched on when he vowed to bar men from women’s school sports.)

He reminded listeners of the tremendous successes he achieved that the media did their level best to hide and deny, but he didn’t dwell on the past (and thankfully, never brought up the 2020 election – I agree it was unfair, but it’s time to move past it.) Trump talked of a brighter future and how much greater things can be for America again once we get out of the ditch the leftists have driven us into. And he reminded listeners that he knew how to do that because he’d done it before.

Some critics missed the uninhibited, shoot-from-the-hip ad libs of Trump's rally speeches.

But this wasn’t a red meat rally. Overall, I thought the tone and content were spot-on. If he can just maintain that level of control for two years (admittedly, it will be tough), and cut through the incredibly biased media coverage to communicate directly with the people, he could be unbeatable.

I spoke about this last night with Rob Schmitt on Newsmax TV. You can read about that conversation and see the video here:

And here’s an article by another commentator who had the same reaction.

Side note about the Washington Post headline in that link above: “Trump, who as President fomented an insurrection, says he is running again.” Wow, there’s some solid journalism! I just wrote yesterday about today’s reporters who would flunk Journalism 101, who don’t know the difference between an accusation by a partisan source and an established fact. I was promised a mountain of evidence that Trump deliberately fomented an insurrection by the January 6th kangaroo kommittee. That entire disgraceful chapter of Congress is about to be shoveled onto the ash heap of history, and I’m still waiting to see it.

And speaking of WaPo, while they were loudly tarring Trump with an unproven accusation, elsewhere in their fishwrap, they very quietly admitted that their previous accusation against him (that he took classified White House documents for nefarious reasons, like selling nuclear secrets) was, uh, not true. Oopsies!

Apparently, it isn't enough of a crisis along the border...

Many of you might remember fiercely liberal partisan Judge Emmet Sullivan, whom we wrote about at length for his Captain Ahab-like pursuit of Michael Flynn, whom he kept trying to personally prosecute long after everyone knew the case against him was dead. Well, Judge Sullivan has once again inserted his personal views into federal policy from the bench by voiding the Trump-era Title 42 COVID emergency order that allows the Border Patrol to quickly expel illegal migrants.

Sullivan found the directive “arbitrary and capricious in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act.” This was part of a case brought by the ACLU, which apparently now believes that free speech is not a civil right, but illegally entering the US is. The judge’s ruling sets the stage for another massive surge of illegal immigration, which freshly-reelected Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will counter by declaring an invasion of his state and invoking his power under the Invasion Clauses of the US and Texas Constitutions to take emergency actions.

These include sending the National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety officers to the border to arrest and expel illegal border crossers, building a border wall in multiple counties, declaring Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, deploying gun boats to secure the border and entering into agreements with other nations and US states to enhance border security. In short, he’ll be doing Joe Biden’s job for him.

I’m sure there will be much wailing and gnashing of capped teeth among the liberal talking heads, but first, I’d like them to explain why the pandemic is still such a crisis that Biden is extending his COVID emergency powers to April of 2023 and using it as an excuse to forgive student loan debt, but it’s not enough of an emergency to keep hordes of unvetted and unvaccinated people from streaming into the US from other nations.


Court papers show many FBI assets part of J6

The first order of business for House committees when they convene in January should be to address what has grown to be the elephant in the room. America needs the truth: What was the FBI’s role in the January 6 riot? Certainly, Congress will have a lot of issues, but this one won’t wait.

We reported recently that one FBI informant who’d been working inside Oath Keepers was not going to be called as a prosecution witness after all in the Stewart Rhodes “seditious conspiracy” trial but would instead likely be the defense. So, what does he know that is exculpatory? (Patience is required, as he was sidelined by a heart attack.)

Court papers also show the FBI had as many as eight informants inside the Proud Boys before and after January 6. Of particular interest would be the “before,” as any “confidential human source” (CHS) must have known if there was any “insurrection” being planned. And if the FBI knew that some attendees would be looking for a fight, why did this not result in enhanced security for the event? Security was almost nonexistent.

Court documents reveal that at least 23 FBI and ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) assets were embedded for months inside the Oath Keepers, sending intelligence back to those bureaus.

On Tuesday, FBI Director Chris Wray testified before the House Homeland Security Committee, and took his characteristic defensive stance, saying that any suggestion “that the FBI’s confidential human sources or FBI employees in some way instigated or orchestrated January 6th [is] categorically false.” But praise goes to Republican Rep. Clay Higgins of Louisiana for asking this very specific question: “Did you have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol on January the 6th, prior to the doors being opened?” Wray only said repeatedly that he “had to be very careful” about answering questions concerning confidential human sources.

I would say that, yes, he does have to be very careful --- careful to answer the questions truthfully. Congressional Republicans are getting weary of being lied to, and also sick of all the evasion they get, especially from Wray. They know the FBI made “dossier” source Igor Danchenko a CHS just to keep him under the radar and away from questioning, to hide what they were doing to present a compendium of slimy gossip as if it were British “Crown” intelligence. We're onto them; hiding behind their use of informants isn’t going to cut it anymore.

If Wray could've denied that they used MAGA-attired informants inside the Capitol, I think he'd have found a way to get that across. Of course, he really only needed one word: “No.”  And if the FBI did have assets dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol, waiting for the doors to be opened, Wray’s answer to that committee should have been, “Yes, sir, we did.”  So where does this leave us?

Julie Kelly, who literally wrote the book on January 6, appeared Tuesday night with Laura Ingraham to say that facts are emerging now because of the trial of Rhodes, president of Oath Keepers, and four other members. That trial has been going on since late September, and the DOJ has been forced to produce their evidence. They’re also in preparation for the Proud Boys trial, which starts in mid-December. (A thought: maybe they’ll be sorry they put these people on trial, just because of what comes out in discovery. Be careful what you wish for, FBI!)

“The DOJ has tried to conceal the information about confidential human sources from the defense team since last year,” Kelly said. “They produced over 500 pages, heavily redacted pages related to the number and activities of FBI informants embedded in that group, and so now Christopher Wray is on the hot seat again.”

She also noted that this was going on at the same time FBI informants concocted the Whitmer kidnapping plot, which involved “dozens of supervising agents, undercover agents, informants.” They were “trying to make it look like white supremacist domestic terrorists, like those Christopher Wray was talking about today, loyal to Donald Trump, tried to kidnap and kill Gretchen Whitmer, one of Donald Trump’s biggest political foes, right before the 2020 election.”

The FBI also had the same supervisory agent, Steve D’Antuono, assigned to the Whitmer case, the January 6 investigation AND the Mar-A-Lago raid. He was heading the Washington DC field office but happens to be retiring this month just as congressional Republicans are about to assume the majority. That also puts him out of reach of any future internal investigation. Here’s an excellent report…

It’s become increasingly clear since the riot happened that it so completely formed the basis for the entire Democrat Party strategy from that day forward that they actually NEED it. They all campaigned on it. (“Democracy is on the ballot!”) They continue to use J6 as an excuse to violate the rights of conservatives, label them domestic terrorists, weaponize the legal system against them, and inhibit them from speaking out. I’ve said almost since the day of the protest that if it hadn’t gone wrong, the Democrats would’ve had to make it go wrong, so they could blame it on Trump and his supporters.

If it took FBI assets dressed as MAGA Republicans to help plan a protest, whip up the crowd, move barricades and get folks deep into the halls of the Capitol building, that wouldn’t be much different from what the CIA has done to stir up protests against foreign regimes. Or maybe their role was limited to finding out what these right-wing groups were planning, though leaders kept security practically nonexistent. Either way, they’d get what they wanted: one “insurrection,” comin’ up!

To consider these scenarios and demand answers from the FBI is not to engage in “conspiracy theory,” though from the beginning that label has been used to shut questioners down. REVOLVER NEWS has done amazing reporting on this; they’re dismissed as “fringe.” But as is the case so often, what was slammed and even censored as “disinformation” is looking truer every day. When I see the term “baseless allegation,” to me that’s a tip-off that there's probably tons of base.

We like what Kyle Becker tweeted about this: “So, to recap, the intel community knew extremists planned to attack on J6, FBI had embeds with their plans, Trump wanted more security, Pelosi did nothing to up it, D.C. mayor fought it, CP opened doors for them & Trump supporters got framed as ‘insurrectionists.’ Any questions?”

Pelosi attack: NBC reporter suspended for committing journalism

Since the attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with a hammer to the head inside their San Francisco home a few weeks ago, I’ve looked for facts in the case without speculating about what elements the local law enforcement and media might be covering up. But after the first flurry of coverage, the story almost went away.

Now, though, we’ve learned that Emmy Award-winning NBC News national correspondent Miguel Almaguer, who offered details on November 4 about the 82-year-old Paul Pelosi answering the door after officers' “knock and announce,” not immediately telling police he was in danger, and retreating several feet back into the house before being hit on the head with a hammer has been suspended for not meeting “NBC News reporting standards” (NBC News has reporting standards?). This was announced on November 14 and was “pending an internal investigation,” NBC said. His original story had been quickly wiped from all NBC platforms, and he’s been off the radar, no tweets or TV appearances, for almost two weeks. So we thought it was time to take another look.

Since NBC News is staffed with news writers who presumably know how to include facts within a story --- go with me on this --- one would think their messaging on why they suspended their reporter would be more direct. What reporting standards were violated? Was the story not adequately sourced? Have some of the details been shown to be inaccurate? Please, NBC, tell us what was wrong with Almaguer’s reporting. We’d look at the bodycam footage and figure it out for ourselves, but law enforcement, oddly, isn’t releasing any of that. And when asked about him, NBC News spokesperson Stephen Labaton said, “We don’t comment on personnel matters.”

If my digs at the journalistic "talents" at NBC News seem untoward, let me remind you that those esteemed journalists, especially at MSNBC, repeatedly slammed the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation.” This lie was so egregious, there’s no reason to believe anything they say now. That goes for the FBI as well, which I’ll also get into today, elsewhere in the newsletter.

As you know, San Francisco “activist nudist” David DePape was there in the house and was witnessed by police as he attacked Pelosi with the hammer. (No need for the word “allegedly” here.) A ‘Justice’ Department indictment states that police officers opened the door to the home. But the San Francisco DA and local law enforcement say the Pelosi himself opened the door. As reported by Will Cain, subbing for Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night, according to an NBC News affiliate in Bay Area, law enforcement officers who saw bodycam footage say that the D.A. is correct: Paul Pelosi himself opened the door. The DOJ is constructing a different narrative for some reason.

It might seem like a small detail, so then, why change it? And now, people who are simply asking questions about this are dismissed as conspiracy theorists. We’ve been lied to so much that, at this point, we’ve lost all patience. I’m tired of seeing people being attacked just for asking questions and wanting straight answers.

The administration wants us to believe that Depape’s violence against Pelosi is another example of right-wing January 6-style violent extremism, when Depape really doesn’t fit that profile. And the events that took place that night might be suggestive of a very different scenario. We don’t know what that might be and won’t draw any conclusion, other than that it DOESN’T involve a red-hatted MAGA Republican who cheered on January 6.

Former CIA officer Buck Sexton, appearing with Will Cain, said that we’re being shown once again what the rules of journalism are: “Liars get Pulitzers, and truth-tellers get fired.” This isn’t about journalism, it’s about activism. That took precedence over finding answers to questions that would occur to any thinking person, such as why security was so lax at the home of the Speaker of the House.

FOX NEWS has more details.  We continue to wish Mr. Pelosi well.


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  • John Waltman

    11/17/2022 12:41 PM

    Your articles and most all on Substack appear to be being censored by Apple. All I see now is Safari can not open. "Service worker Context closed". It's isn't the first time Apple has taken it upon themselves to decide what their laptop users can read, but it is now near 100% starting this week. I do not know how to get around this invasion of privacy. Have any ideas? I had to go back in my emails a ways to find one that would open.

  • David Kottwitz

    11/17/2022 10:28 AM

    Suggestion - After the Republicans are installed in Jan 2023, why shouldn't they impeach Biden and Harris for crimes against this country? There's certainly enough questions about Biden's ties with China, and an obvious disregard towards her job of border "security".

  • Jerry

    11/17/2022 08:17 AM

    This population I am only guessing About 5/8 of the people that votes do not know of the invasion on our Southern border or that our children while in schools are being targeted to hate America and are under attack to teach and divide the children from their parents while in this administrations run schools . I would not be aware of the sex change promotion of children being indoctrinated if not have been advised. Most people today do not know about the atrocities the Biden administration is doing most of the people are unaware as to why inflation is on us and will be for years to come. Most people don't know why crime is unpunished or why gasoline is so expensive. Most people don't know that Biden along with Al Gore and John Kerry Bill Gates have made climate change a money maker for them while the shucks of this country pay for it they just don't understand. So go along smucks wear your masks while driving alone in your car vaccinate your young children with the covid shot take natural amunity and throw it out the window while a few Administration people continue to get rich along with the huge drug companies here and abroad get rich people wonder why why they may freeze or starve this winter along the frost line of America they just don't know as the mid term indicated. Thats is how we get a biden a fetterman a harris and a democratic party its the MSM and the Dems will never change that the dems are dancing on the ceiling with the mid term turn out they have dodged the bullet unlike many people in democratic run cities not so furnace to get away from the bullet and knife that kills the decent and people with resources are fleeing the democratic run cities and states leaving behind the people that just don't know why the misery level keeps rising. Misery has no borders until people put up a wall and that wall is an election of our Constitution 10 commandments law and order and Capitalism with the tear down of our monuments our education system and the GOD of our country we have Misery.

  • Paul Schaber

    11/16/2022 06:11 PM

    What I want to see comes 3 January 2023, will Nancy be at the Capital to turn over the gavel or will she already be the Ambassador to Italy to avoid embarrasement or will one of seconds like Clyburn or House Democrat leader be tasked with it.

  • Carmine Fea

    11/16/2022 04:25 PM

    Gov. Huckabee: Over 69 million people were paid social security benefits in 2020 and Rick Scott and his republican followers lost many republican votes from that large group in the midterm election when they said republicans were going to change social security to save it. Rick Scott is a fool, the republicans will not win in 2024 with that message, remember Romney and Ryan created a lot of harmful backlash and lost their election with that message. So glad Rick Scott will not be Senate minority leader. Trump won in 2016 partially because he said he would not touch social security. We need to hear Trump say that again if he wants to win in 2024. Trump must distance himself from Scott, Scott made republicans losers with his old, party damaging social security comment. Scott lied when he excused the damage he did with his social security comments by saying the democrats voted to do away with social security. I never heard of such a thing. .

  • stephen russell

    11/16/2022 03:58 PM

    Election Reforms:

    o Same day counting balllots
    o computers count ballots
    o Indie source digest data for distrib
    o Observers at Count rooms
    o No late ballots
    o Timelines for voting
    o Or underdog gets more Votes
    o Transparent election process

  • Sharon Faulkner

    11/16/2022 11:36 AM

    Thanks for the excellent coverage. I am excited and rooting for Trump 2024.