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January 12, 2023



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And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:7

1. Gas stoves

By Mike Huckabee

I wrote yesterday about the sudden, seemingly coordinated attack on gas stoves by so many prominent Democrats, quoting warnings about their dangers to health that are junk science promoted by a politically-biased environmentalist group. I’m not sure if Eric Swalwell came out against gas, but that would certainly be the height of hypocrisy.

There were so many Democrats tweeting virtually identical anti-gas verbiage that it was clear the word went out from somewhere that this was the crusade du jour (it even included the requisite “gas stoves are racist” angle,) Whoever chose it apparently didn’t realize what a hot button it was for Americans who will give up their gas stoves when you pry their skillets from their cold, dead hands. But as I also noted yesterday, even as they back away from the gas stove ban, that was just a cover for their desire to get rid of all natural gas, which continues on.

Example: Here’s the woman New Yorkers inexplicably elected as their Governor, pushing to ban gas from all new buildings.

Those of you in blue states with cold winters might want to consider that when Democrat rule and cold weather combine to leave you without electricity during a blizzard, your gas stove might be the only source of heat in your house. And they want to take it away.

Before this gets too grim, a little humor: AOC, who had never said a word about gas until yesterday, suddenly started sending out condescending tweets about people who have long ignored the (bogus) crisis of gas stoves causing brain damage. That gave her critics a perfect opening to remind people that we know from her own social media photos that she has a gas stove. Say, maybe there’s something to that claim after all…


2. Kari Lake leads opponents in hypothetical 2024 Arizona Senate poll

Even if Kari Lake is not successful in her court battle to overturn the Arizona gubernatorial election, a new survey by Blueprint Polling shows that at this point, if she wanted to run for Senate in 2024, she has a four-point lead over likely Democrat opponent Rep. Ruben Gallego and a 22-point lead over incumbent (now Independent) Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

This might be something I bring up with her when she’s my guest this weekend on “Huckabee” on TBN, so don’t miss it!


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3. Update

By Mike Huckabee

The family of Lynette Hardaway (“Diamond” of the pro-Trump duo “Diamond & Silk”) are furious at reports that she died due to COVID. The cause of her untimely death has not been revealed, and early reports, including the one we received as breaking news, said she had recently been hospitalized with COVID. But her family says that was “fake news,” and they are threatening to sue Twitter users who are repeating it as justification for cruelly mocking her death unless those tweets are deleted.

I have a story that quotes some of those Twitter attacks, and I’m sure the twits who posted them hope I’ll link to it in outrage to give them attention. That’s not happening. If you ever find yourself so poisoned by politics that you would mock and celebrate someone’s death just because you disagree with their political views, then the only attention you need is psychiatric attention. Or better yet, lock yourself away from decent people and pray, read the Bible and reflect on what you’ve become until you’re ready to rejoin the human race.

4. Republicans pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

By Mike Huckabee

The new GOP House passed the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act on Wednesday. It requires that babies born alive during “botched” abortions (abortionists define a “botched” procedure as one where the patient survives) to be taken to the nearest hospital for emergency medical care, the same right that every other living human being enjoys. 

Even though it has little chance of passing the Democrat Senate or being signed by “devout Catholic” President Joe Biden, this is still an important vote because it makes a public stand drawing attention to how radical the Democratic Party’s anti-life stance has become. Only a few years ago, the idea of denying medical care to a struggling infant was universally seen as what it is: murder.

The line has now been moved so far that not only are Democrats pushing for abortion up through the ninth month of pregnancy, they’re passionately arguing for denying medical care to babies that are already born and outside of the mother’s body, and outrageously claiming they’re protecting a “woman’s right to choose.” To choose what? To let her baby that’s across the room die from medical neglect?

Among the ridiculous and overheated responses, devout Catholic Nancy Pelosi called requiring medical care for post-birth babies part of “an extreme anti-choice agenda.” Chuck Schumer tried to blame the bill on “MAGA Republicans,” as if only Trump supporters in red caps are aware that it’s wrong to let babies die from lack of medical attention.

And while it’s really hard to choose in this case, I’m giving Jerry Nadler the prize for both the most horrifying comment and the stupidest.

Nadler actually said this, and I swear I’m not making this up:

“The problem with this bill is it endangers some infants in saying that infant must immediately be brought to the hospital. Where depending on the circumstances that may be the right thing to do for the health and survival of that infant. Or it may not. That is the problem with this bill. It directs and mandates a certain medical care which may not be appropriate which may endanger the life of the infant.

On what planet could it ever be a greater danger to the life of any newborn infant to take it to the hospital than to leave it bleeding unattended on the table of an abortionist who just tried to kill it? Bear in mind, Democrats are also pushing to “expand women’s health care” by allowing non-doctors to perform abortions and fighting any efforts to ensure that abortion facilities meet the basic safety and hygiene standards of a medical clinic.

I sometimes wonder if the people mouthing this rhetoric even believe it themselves, or if they’ve just trained themselves to turn off their ears while their jaws are flapping so they can still live with themselves afterward.


Side note: Nancy Pelosi did say at least one thing that I heartily agree with. In a tweet after the vote, she slammed Republicans for not joining with Democrats to “condemn all political violence,” and declared, “Democrats believe everyone deserves the freedom to access reproductive health services – without fear of violence, intimidation or harassment.

I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that the Democrats are finally condemning the political violence of Antifa, BLM and other radical leftists, including the radical pro-abortion groups that firebombed pro-life pregnancy centers and threatened their staffs. I’m sure Biden’s DOJ will now get right on with identifying and arresting these violent radical thugs so that people who want to access pro-life reproductive health services can once again do so without fear of violence, intimidation or harassment.

5. NCAA: Female athletes rally against transgender competitors

By Mike Huckabee

The NCAA is holding its convention in San Antonio, and this morning, a coalition of female athletes and groups supporting them will stage a rally and present a petition with thousands of signatures, demanding that the NCAA stop letting males who “identify” as females compete against actual females.

Penny Nance, President and CEO of Concerned Women of America, said that “young female athletes have lost their trophies, their scholarships, and their opportunities to advance in their sports because of the NCAA’s pathetic policies.” As Jazz Shaw of notes at the link, there are gay and lesbian groups supporting this effort, proving that even those who support “trans rights” oppose the obvious unfairness of letting biological males take over girls’ sports.

And here’s bad news for those who make the ludicrous argument that “trans” athletes who went through puberty as males have no physical advantage over females.  We’ve seen how mediocre male athletes switched to competing as females and suddenly started grabbing all the trophies and breaking all records. But what about the opposite: a biological female turned “trans” male competing against males? Well, we now know how that would turn out.

Last year, a female swimmer at Yale achieved all-American status. This year, that swimmer is “trans” male Iszak Hennig. At a November meet against 82 biological males, Hennig came in 79th. Writing in the New York Times (naturally), Hennig said that his besting of three out of 82 CIS males proves there is “so much more to a great athlete than hormones or height.” No offense, but does coming in 79th out of 83 really make you a “great athlete?”

But Hennig also insists that winning isn’t the important thing: “I’m trying to connect with my teammates in new ways, to cheer loudly, to focus more on the excitement of the sport.” As Greg Gutfeld commented, “You mean, being a cheerleader?”



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  • Jerry

    01/12/2023 09:08 PM

    One of the last worries biden has while still breathing is how fast he can eat his ice cream cone no speed is to slow a brain freeze is not possible for joe as the 67 % of the people know that is not a possibility for old joe to have his brain frozen as most of it has already dissolved trying to be honest brain damage due to
    dishonesty he lasted longer than expected that why the DEMS elected him to damage everything he got involved with. and not many disagree with that.

  • Jerry

    01/12/2023 08:19 PM

    When the president hires people that fit a box such as a homosexual or a a person of color or a man or woman on just those requirements alone you get a biden administration that is incompetent lazy a bunch of freeloaders corrupt racist and just plain ignorant. Oh they are living a life better than most no doubt about that but at what cost to-the organization. The United States are the losers with this type of government transportation is in ruins the security of the country is in ruins the economy is can not keep going like it is our energy sector is hamstrung by the president another word omitted honesty not to uttered or used while in DC otherwise if one loves cesspools one will love DC