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March 22, 2024

New York Attorney General Letitia “Mad Dog” James is continuing to press her one-woman jihad against Donald Trump, arguing that he shouldn’t be allowed to appeal the outrageous verdict against him unless he posts a $464 million bond. This despite expert testimony that it is virtually impossible for any private company to obtain a bond higher than $100 million. She insists that those experts shouldn't be believed because they’re associated with Trump, whereas she’s a true expert on real estate bond procedures because…someone help me on this.

Seems like the fact that it’s an impossibility even to get such a bond is ironclad proof that it’s an excessive fine as banned by the 8th Amendment.

It’s not clear what Trump is going to do. According to the New York Post, there are certain things he could do, but refuses. One is to ask for help from wealthy friends and supporters. One source close to him told the Post, “He’s not an ‘I’m passing the hat’ man — he doesn’t want pity or for anyone to feel sorry for him. He will do what he has to do. He has plenty of wealthy friends who would help him if asked, but he’s not asking, as far as I’m aware.” He could also file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but that would come with too many complications in an election year.

Another surprising idea is that he’s reportedly considering letting James go through with her threat to seize Trump Tower. This case was so obviously flawed, the prosecution so political and selective, and the punishment so blatantly unconstitutional that he’s pretty sure it will be overturned or at least the fine greatly reduced on appeal. When that happens, he might not be able to get his buildings back, but he can demand the return of his bond money. And if it’s not overturned it will be a disaster for New York’s economy, spooking investors into pulling out of the city to protect their assets from leftist prosecutors who abuse their powers, like James.

One insider told the Post that New York City’s “real estate market is already a disaster, with office buildings worth a fraction of what they were once worth, and there are metastasizing effects when a large part of the city’s budget is from real estate.” James could find herself responsible for putting the city on the hook to return hundreds of millions to Trump in the middle of a financial meltdown that her own pursuit of him created, with the tax base decimated by collapsed real estate values due to businesses and investors fleeing.

If so, then James will find herself in the position of the proverbial dog that was obsessed with chasing cars until it finally caught one and it ran over her.

Related: I don’t know what Trump plans to do next, but we can be fairly certain he is NOT in “panic mode,” because CNN claims he is. He must be because they’re claiming “The walls are closing in” for about the 10,000th time since 2018.

For the record, Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said of the CNN report, “These baseless innuendos are pure bull(BLEEP) and fake news.” I suspect the walls will close in at CNN before they do on Trump, or at the very least, the furniture will be repossessed.

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