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October 3, 2022



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Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

Active-duty members of the US Army allege punishment and pressure for seeking vaccine exemptions

Fox News Digital reports that active-duty members of the US Army say they are being pressured and punished for seeking religious exemptions to President Biden’s vaccine mandate. They say they are being targeted with blocked travel, promotion delays and involuntary terminations as part of a “technique of coercion” designed to make them either resign or give up their religious beliefs. I should add, this shortsighted policy comes in a time when threats to America and the free world are rising, and recruitment is way down.

There are more details at the link about this outrageous and unconstitutional coercion, all in the name of a useless vaccine mandate that was instituted on the grounds that it was needed to stop the spread of COVID to others, which we now know the vaccine doesn’t do.

After you read that report, check out this story, which illustrates the unfairness of the policy and the obliviousness of those enforcing it in sharp, personal terms.

Friday, President Biden called Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician Second Class Zach Loesch and Lt. Commander Christopher Hooper to thank them for their heroic service in rescuing victims of Hurricane Ian. Read the story and you’ll see that they deserved the recognition and thanks for their risky helicopter missions to save the lives of Floridians trapped by rising waters.

Loesch is such a professional that he humbly accepted Biden’s thanks and praise, and didn’t bring up the fact that he won’t be able to heroically save many more lives because Biden’s wrongheaded vaccine mandate is forcing him to leave the Coast Guard within the next 30-60 days. He applied for a religious exemption and was twice denied. He said, “If I had asked any of the people I saved yesterday if they wanted to come with me even though I am unvaccinated, every single one of them would have said, ‘Yes.’”

Loesch told Breitbart News that he loves his job, “I’m really good at it” and “I feel like this is the job that I was born to do.” Since he’s too respectful to say this about his Commander-in-Chief, I will: Those are things that President Biden can never say.


Durham investigation: infuriatingly inadequate

Last week, we scratched our heads along with legal analyst Margot Cleveland over why Special Counsel John Durham would cling to the narrative that the FBI was duped by liars such as Michael Sussmann and Igor Danchenko, when doing so was hurting his own prosecution. The FBI gave every indication of knowing what “dossier” source Danchenko and their DNC attorney friend Sussmann were up to and played along with their mutually beneficial lies. They even put Danchenko on the payroll as a confidential human source AFTER it was known the “dossier” was only unverified rubbish funded by Hillary’s campaign.

In case you didn’t see Cleveland’s piece, here it is…

Durham’s “walking indictments” might tell the tale to those of us who care to read between the lines, and his final report might be scathing, but essentially no one in our corrupt intel bureaucracy is being held accountable. After all this time, and as the Danchenko trial looms in just a few more weeks, we can only wonder: WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE?

From the start, we gave Durham the benefit of the doubt, especially when the Sussmann indictment laid out the connection to Hillary For America. At last, an “official” connection had been made. But this nipping around the edges isn’t nearly enough to satisfy those of us fed up with the double standard of ‘justice’ in Washington DC.

Count Pete McArdle, writng in AMERICAN THINKER, as one of the deeply unsatisfied. Let’s take a look at what perhaps is the most pessimistic commentary ever about Durham’s effort, or lack of effort. It’s called, appropriately, “Thanks For Nothing, John Durham.”

McArdle never did think Durham’s investigation would amount to anything. “As Durham’s investigative ‘work’ finally wraps up,” he writes, “it’s embarrassingly obvious he’s just another swamp creature with a nice suit, a bad goatee, and no spine.”

In what was just about the worst insult anyone could give, he calls Durham “the Mitt Romney of special investigators: a Democrat wolf in RINO clothing.”

Durham has been “about as aggressive as a Prince Edward Island oyster in a foul mood,” he says. “If he’s been tireless, it’s been strictly in service to his Deep State masters. And when all the major players involved in the attempted coups against President Trump walk with their pensions, licenses and CNN jobs firmly in hand --- and they will --- you can throw ‘fair’ right out the window.”

Exhibit A: Kevin Clinesmith, who did something that in a real justice system (one without quotation marks around the word “justice”) would be a very, very bad thing. I would think that falsifying evidence against an innocent person would be about the most serious thing anyone in law enforcement could do. But apparently now, it’s not that big a deal –- at least if it’s part of the effort to railroad Trump and/or his associates –- and can be pleaded down to a probation-only slap on the wrist. And Clinesmith even got his law license back, after lying to a federal court.

Recall that about a month ago, a judge tossed out Carter Page’s $75 million lawsuit. In some of the most outrageous hair-splitting ever seen, U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich, a Trump appointee, would not allow Page to sue anyone he couldn’t prove ACTUALLY COMMITTED THE ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE. Sure, she said, they might have indirectly helped facilitate the setting up of the surveillance with their false claim to the FISA court that he was a Russian agent, but Page can’t prove they personally set up the recording devices themselves, or gathered or listened to the falsely obtained communications.

Apparently, their involvement was at the application stage, not the surveillance stage. In the judge’s words: “This plain-text understanding --- that Congress allowed suit against only those who conducted unauthorized surveillance, and not those who at the application stage misled the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] to approve that surveillance --- may seem odd. But it is not so ‘absurd when considered in the particularly statutory context,’ as the Court must.”

But it is absurd, laughably so. But the ones laughing are the swamp monsters who targeted Page and are now off the hook. Because of this, yes, ABSURD interpretation of the law, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Kevin Clinesmith and others involved are untouchable, at least by Page, because he can’t prove they were the ones to do the actual eavesdropping or the physical drafting of the applications.

More hairsplitting from Judge Friedrich: “Some of the defendants...allegedly approved, encouraged, and facilitated Page’s investigation and the warrant applications. Absent from the complaint is any claim that these four defendants participated in drafting or substantially reviewing the faulty applications themselves, let alone that they performed the FISA surveillance and acquired Page’s communications.”

But in breaking news, Carter Page appeared with Maria Bartiromo on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES to discuss a new motion he’s just filed, “to alter or amend the judgment” to dismiss his case. This filing incorporates what we’ve learned about the FBI actually paying Igor Danchenko when they knew he’d given them fake information. Page thinks this new revelation of fraud provides a solid basis for reopening his case and getting to the truth.

Page was never charged with any wrongdoing but was falsely accused of being a Russian agent and his life was completely upended. He was spied on for years. He had to hide out to protect himself from death threats. No telling what his legal fees were. In fact, it seems as though all the lawfare of the past several years, aside from being designed to take down Trump, has been largely a make-work plan for lawyers. This going-through-the-motions (pun intended) continues seemingly forever and nothing is accomplished, much like digging holes and filling them up again. What do big-deal DC attorneys get now, about $500 an hour?

Anyway, I wonder if the obstacle Page’s lawsuit faces is one of the things that set McArdle off. He runs through the names of all the usual suspects –- the ones Page was suing, along with others such as current FBI Director Christopher Wray –- noting they’re “sitting down to a nice dinner right about now, not a care in the world. Even though they tried mightily to take down a sitting, duly-elected President.” They’ve got lucrative media contracts, speaking gigs and hefty bank accounts.

The RINOs don’t escape McArdle’s wrath, either. “They’re good at writing threatening letters demanding information they know they’ll never get, and little else.”

“It appears that all the injustices perpetrated against President Trump for nigh unto seven years now will be swept under the rug,” he writes. “No one will be punished, there will be no justice, and the swamp creatures will laugh long and hard at the special counsel’s long, drawn out and thoroughly useless ‘investigation.’”

I’ve said it before: the one way we’re going to set our ‘justice’ system right is by electing people who will go in there like Jesus with the moneychangers. Endless investigations and lawsuits might give us a closer look at the swamp, but they won’t help us drain it.

AINSWORTH: answering reader question on 25th Amendment

by Laura Ainsworth, Huckabee staff writer/researcher
From reader Julianne (on Substack):

After seeing President Biden call out for a member of Congress everyone knew had recently been killed in a car accident, I was alarmed. What happens at the point when Biden’s cognitive issues can’t be denied any longer? The thought of President Kamala sends cold chills.

From Laura:

For you and me both, for many reasons. Just the fact that she could say “North Korea” when she meant “South Korea” is terrifying.

I’m not a doctor –- and for the sake of discussion will assume you’re not as well –- but even if we were, we couldn’t provide an official diagnosis for the President without examining and testing him. That said, if the White House HAD good cognitive tests on him, they’d surely trumpet them. So the concern is, shall we say, “top of mind.” Yes, it’s worse now. Biden now sees dead people. Okay, that’s a reference to THE SIXTH SENSE, but it’s also a lead-in to talk about the 25th Amendment.

We don’t bring that up lightly, because we’re not like Democrats who wanted to invoke it (or anything else they could come up with) on Trump, just to get rid of a President they didn’t like. Considering Trump ACED his cognitive test, the current situation is very different. Democrats just make stuff up about Trump; concerns about the befuddled Biden are REAL.

Former senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller sounded the alarm:

Of course, I’m speculating on political strategy and certainly am not privy to the discussions of Democrats, who would immediately kick me out of the room for my “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirt. But before exercising the 25th Amendment to remove President Biden from office, Democrats would surely pull Kamala Harris out of the VP spot. How could they not? They know they blew it when casting this particular understudy. Her stunning personal unpopularity and abysmal performance makes "promoting" her to the top job almost unfathomable. It would horrify even most Democrats.

Here's something from REASON almost a year ago, when rumors started that Kamala might “step down”...

I'll summarize.  The 25th Amendment provides:

"Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress."

This has happened before, when Gerald Ford was nominated to replace Spiro T. Agnew, Richard Nixon’s original Vice President who had to resign after being investigated for taking kickbacks from contractors and pleading no contest to one count of tax evasion. (Surprise, his resignation had nothing to do with the Watergate scandal.)

Anyway, since the vote can't happen UNTIL there's a vacancy, Kamala couldn't vote for herself to break a tie, as she'd already be gone baby gone.  But if House and Senate votes are counted all together in one big vote, there probably wouldn't be a tie, because Congress is majority-Democrat and they'd just get what they want.  I think a joint session, with everybody contributing to one big vote, is likely the way it would work, not a separate vote in the Senate and a different one in the House.  But it's a gray area.  That is discussed here...

If House and Senate do have to confirm separately --- surely that would be a question for the Supreme Court --- and there's an unresolvable tie in the 50-50 Senate, then the seat remains vacant unless House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is moved into it through the rules of succession.  (The VP seat has been left vacant before, and it occurs to me that this would for all practical purposes be like filling it with Pete Buttigieg.)

Of course, even if House and Senate are required to confirm in separate votes, the Senate might not end up in a tie, because if Dems vote as a solid bloc, they need just ONE REPUBLICAN SENATOR to break ranks.  (Can you say "Mitt Romney"?  Recall that Romney was the one 'GOP' senator who voted to convict Trump after BOTH impeachments.)

The Kamala resignation and new VP vote would need to happen before the next House and Senate are seated in January, assuming the House (and –- cross your fingers –- Senate) goes Republican. And doesn’t their session end before the Christmas holidays? So if this is the plan, there’s some urgency. Actually, the fact that Biden is thinking dead people are still alive might help them get their show on the road.

I would add that the new candidate for VP can be anyone who meets the qualifications for President.  That would include a celebrated former First Lady who might keep the Obama machine in power for years to come.

She’s boosting her media presence and has large venues booked. I’m talking venues that hold from 2,000 to 7,000 people...

They’re rolling out her new book this fall with a six-city promotional tour organized by Live Nation…

So, here’s one scenario: Michelle is sworn in as VP, and Biden later resigns for “health reasons” or is removed by Congress as prescribed by the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.  Michelle Obama becomes the next President of the United States. And she didn’t even have to campaign, which is the one thing she said she never wanted to do!

Yes, I’m sticking with the prediction I made right here, four years too early, that she will be the vehicle for keeping the Obama machine in place. I thought she’d be the nominee in 2020, but obviously it wasn’t the time. Similarly, I was four years too early in 2016, thinking Joe Biden would be the nominee. It wasn’t his time, either, but that was only because FBI Director James Comey gave his infamous July 5, 2016, press conference exonerating Hillary for her rotten unethical (I'd say criminal) behavior and saving her rotten, lying campaign. Who knew then what a fetid swamp the FBI would turn out to be?

Watch the chess pieces gradually being moved around the board to set it up for the Third Term of Obama. Look at what happens after the election.  Hope I’m wrong (again), but my hunch is that this is the plan. Let's would hope GOP strategists –- if there are any, haha –- are keeping this possibility in mind.

Critical Race Theory is making a comeback under a new name

If any parents need even more reasons to turn out and vote in November to turn out the people who are turning America’s schools into indoctrination camps, I have 468 million of them. The Biden Administration’s proposed federal budget for 2023 calls for spending $468 million on a pet project of their masters in the teachers’ unions called “community schools.” According to the Coalition for Community Schools (which includes the American Federation of Teachers union), "community schools" are focused on embedding "culturally relevant" pedagogy and "restorative justice" practices within its structure.

If all that sounds like a lot of new fuzzy euphemisms for “Critical Race Theory” and replacing our common American culture with divisive ethnic identities and grievance politics, then you’ve been paying attention. As I’ve pointed out many times before, if leftist policies are so objectively correct, wildly popular and unquestionably successful, how come they have to keep constantly coming up with new names for them to keep from being tarred and feathered?

The good news: in order to inject this poison into America’s school system, Biden's budget would have to be passed by the 2023 Congress, and if enough angry parents turn out to vote, that will never happen.


 Chinese policy enforced on US soil?!?

China may think it has the right to take over Taiwan and the South China Sea, but what are they doing trying to enforce their repressive communist policies on American soil?

The New York Post reports that China has opened 110 “overseas police service stations” around the world, including in Toronto and New York City, to “monitor” its citizens living abroad. According to a report by the human rights group Safeguard Defenders, “These operations eschew official bilateral police and judicial cooperation and violate the international rule of law, and may violate the territorial integrity in third countries involved in setting up a parallel policing mechanism using illegal methods.”  

I hardly expect this Administration to act like John Wayne and tell China, “You have no jurisdiction here! Now, get out!” But they could at least show as much spine as Glinda, the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz,” and say, “You have no power here! Now, begone, before someone drops a house on you!”


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  • Jerry

    10/04/2022 10:07 AM

    How can a citizen of the United States consider a vote for a Democrat? The poison allowed to come into the country thru the open border should be enough to tell the public the Democrat is complicit in the killing of young Americans. Lost of life to this poison isn't enough how about the inflation this country is dealing with today with no end in sight only to get worse; if that isn't enough our energy supply is being withheld from the population and our reserves are at the bottom of the storage tanks if that not enough costs for heating your homes and business are going to continue to rise those are a few facts about Democrats policy today and they will continue to worsen so Americans if you are Americans what do you have to lose you have lost so much up to today another vote for a democrat will only worsen you life as an American your loss as American will be that of a Socialist that is what you got to lose. Say hello to your future Socialist child if you vote democrat in November

  • Robert Miller

    10/03/2022 10:35 PM

    It is not unusual for Democrats (Biden) to see dead people at election time if they think they can count them as a vote.

  • David Berry

    10/03/2022 07:51 PM

    Sir, you said "I would think that falsifying evidence against an innocent person would be about the most serious thing anyone in law enforcement could do."
    According to the10 Commandments this IS the worst kind of lying - being a false witness.
    The only consolation is that they will pay for doing that.

  • Robin Rebhan

    10/03/2022 06:29 PM

    The democrats are destroying our country just to get power, their own way and get re-elected.

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    10/03/2022 06:10 PM

    What I remember Michelle O. saying was that she never wanted to live in the White House, because it was a house that slaves built. I am praying that no matter what the "plan " is , it will not happen. I wouldn't mind seeing Michelle O. and Hillary duke it out, but I am hoping someone not in the "Swamp" has a couple of plans up their sleeve too.

  • Paul Kern

    10/03/2022 04:59 PM

    I only read enough to to confirm what I told close friends. The federal government has no legitimate basis. It is a lackey for globalists and the CCP. This includes all of of Congress and the alphabet agencies. It is setting up to justify a violent takeover of and attacking God's people. It's only real opponent. The Church needs to wake up intercede and plead God's help if the Republic is to stand. Trump put too many Deep staters in office. A good businessman but not a politician

  • Patricia G Woolard

    10/03/2022 04:19 PM

    To whom is in charge of the newsletter emails, the one I just opened, today, October 3, 2022 @ 3:51 PM (21 minutes ago) had two naughty embedded advertisements. They were both the same with a young suggestive woman saying "This is what men use...... See More here (a click here link)" I will not get more graphic. Yes, I did use my ad blocker on each instance but my problem is how did this happen. It makes me question whether newsletters being sent to email addresses are now compromised.

  • JC Holland

    10/03/2022 02:37 PM

    Governor, Durham is and always has been a paid under the table stooge for the socialist democrats. Duh.

  • JC Holland

    10/03/2022 02:28 PM

    Military leaders forcing members to resign over the vaccine ARE NOT OBLIVIOUS. This is planned to force all conservative members out. Gee what will that leave?

  • Jerry

    10/03/2022 02:15 PM

    Anyone connected or under scrutiny in the federal government is compromised or scared to do what is in the best interest of America. Don’t hold your breath waiting on Durham investigators results they are just buying time and waiting for people to forget about the atrocities leftists have committed. I am outraged as the Oval Office is allowed to govern these are people that are so evil and so stupid and criminal this shows everyone in this country that the destruction of the us is on its way. Nothing is positive at this point in the present United States and if a democrat is elected this November kiss this country’s ass bye bye as the the msm laughes and waves bye bye suckers