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August 20, 2021

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Proverbs 3:6
  • Joe Biden: "The man who wasn't there"
  • Rhode Island Inspiration
  • Buyer's Remorse Has Started
  • COVID Numbers
  • America The Beautiful
  • Interesting Election Result
  • Salute To Iowa State Students


Mike Huckabee


6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3:6

Joe Biden: "The man who wasn't there"

By Mike Huckabee

Yesterday upon the stair
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away!

The Man Who Wasn’t There. The Invisible Man. Or maybe we should call him the Incredible Shrinking Man, as he seems to get smaller in stature every time we see him. On those increasingly rare occasions, he seems to be a diminished person, a shell of a human being. The light isn’t on, and nobody is home.

And now, as Bryan Preston reports at PJ MEDIA, his aides have “called a lid” on all appearances indefinitely.

The expression "putting a lid on it" is nothing new; his campaign employed it to take him out of the spotlight even before he was made President, so don't say we weren't warned. As his administration wears on, it’s becoming plain why they did that.

As Preston points out, Biden headed for the hills --- just an expression; it was Camp David --- right before Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and was silent during the fall of Kabul. His absence must have been planned to coincide with the chaos, because we now know that he anticipated chaos. He told George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday that he knew of no way for us to leave WITHOUT chaos.

Biden waited more than 24 hours after the fall of Kabul to make any public remarks. He came back to the White House on Monday to read a speech off the teleprompter and then left again, without taking any questions. Tuesday, unbelievably, was a silent day; then on Wednesday, he read off the teleprompter again to talk about vaccine booster shots and such. No questions taken then, either.

Preston expressed it well in another piece: Biden causes catastrophes and then walks away from them.

The interview with Stephanopoulos was dreadful, and I think the big take-away for most of us, Republicans and Democrats alike, is that if they ever thought Biden was the kindly, grandfatherly man he was made out to be during the campaign, that impression was shown to be false. Even in an interview conducted by a partisan ally who was arguably there to help him (as always), he just came off as a prickly old man.

The details of that interview are in Preston’s piece, but I have to say, the low point had to be when Biden was asked what he thought when seeing the images of Afghan men clinging to the U.S.military plane taking off from Kabul and, inevitably, plunging to their deaths. (We’ve all seen those images, so reminiscent of the ones from the Twin Towers on 9/11 as people jumped to their deaths to end their certain agony.) Biden tersely interrupted the question with “That was four days ago, five days ago.”

At that time it had been two days, but who’s counting? Come on, man! The important thing is that, to Biden, it was old news and shouldn’t have been brought up at all. Either Joe Biden is the most callous person in American politics today –- and that’s saying something –- or his mind truly is not working right. Either deliberately or helplessly, the man gets lost in an irrelevant detail.

So, which is it –- callousness or feeblemindedness? Perhaps it really is pure callousness, as Biden didn’t show compassion during the fall of Saigon, either. That was in 1975, when he was a young U.S. Senator, presumably in possession of whatever meager cognitive faculties nature had parceled out to hm. It was a similar nightmare scene, and he showed a similar lack of compassion. He didn’t want to help evacuate people then, either.

And this time, in the interview with Stephanopoulos, he never spoke about the tragedy of the lives lost, and certainly never linked it with the insane course of action he has taken. There was no sign of reflection or sympathy in his empty eyes. The horror of those tiny specks falling from high in the sky –- that’s on him, but he seems capable of 100 percent denial about that. That would explain how he avoids feeling any regret.

The only emotion he showed was irritation at being asked about it.

“No one’s being killed right now,” he said lightly, knocking on wood. I am not kidding.

The irony is enormous. One major reason Democrats had for opposing Trump was the perception of him not caring about people, especially “those” foreign people, those immigrants. Recall that at the 2016 Democratic Convention, their recurring and outrageously false claim was that “Donald Trump has never done anything good for anyone but himself his whole life.” They chose to believe their own phony-baloney, focus-group-tested lies about “selfish, uncaring” Trump and elected Biden, who benefited from his own phony-baloney focus-group-tested lies about being good ol’ Uncle Joe. Good ol’ Uncle Joe now shows a stunning lack of compassion for these desperate people who fought with us on the other side of the globe.

Even the estimated 15-16,000 Americans still in Afghanistan will be lucky to get out. They’re spread out, technically behind enemy lines, and while the British are reportedly focused on getting their people out, there’s no plan for evacuating Americans unless they can get to the airfield. This is unconscionable. According to the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan, “The United States Government cannot ensure safe passage to the Hamid Karzai International Airport.”

Sure enough, planes leaving Kabul are reportedly almost half empty. CNN footage shows the airport surrounded by hopped-up Taliban fighters. Nobody gets through check points around the airport without Taliban permission. It’s hard to imagine being in a situation more frightening.

Sean Hannity showed video from Kabul, outside the airport, on his TV show Thursday night.

Oliver North also appeared on Hannity’s show with some unfortunate news for any Afghan who made the ill-fated choice to help us. Now that the U.S. Embassy is abandoned, the Taliban have obtained detailed lists of every Afghan who ever worked for America, plus identifying information and where they live. Here’s the must-see video.

Biden was the Invisible Man again on Thursday, with nothing on his schedule in the way of press briefings or public remarks. The plan apparently was for him to head for his home state of Delaware and hide out. Can you imagine the response if this were President Trump? But, of course, it wouldn’t be Trump, because it’s impossible to imagine him being in this situation. He would have found the best way, logistically and militarily, to wind down in Afghanistan, not the backwards way. And he’s not known for “putting a lid” on his schedule, either.

Vice President Kamala Harris knows how to disappear, too, though no one will miss her. There’s no leadership at all. As Biden becomes The Invisible Man, Kamala stars in The Lady Vanishes.

Rhode Island Inspiration

By Mike Huckabee

You might remember the story I told you, about Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas, who tried to exercise her right to find out what kind of race and gender propaganda her daughter was being taught in kindergarten. When the school tried to block her, she filed Freedom of Information Act requests. Then the teachers’ union sued her and sought a restraining order against her for trying to obtain what should be public information. Her response to them was, “Game on.” Well, here’s the latest on that game, and it’s not looking good for the teachers’ union.

Her attorneys from the Goldwater Institute filed a reply to the lawsuit that eviscerates the union. It calls the suit an extraordinary and unprecedented attempt to stop citizens from obtaining public information, “brought by a party without standing, (that) disregards the entire statutory scheme under the APRA, and is an affront to parents’ rights to open and transparent government under state law.” It also demands that the court dismiss the suit and require the union to pay not only their legal fees and costs but also “compensatory and punitive damages” to the mom for violating the state’s anti-SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) law. That bars using legal threats to try to intimidate people into not exercising their rights.

If you’re a parent who’s trying to get your local school board to come clean on what it’s teaching, and you’re receiving resistance, insults and intimidation, let Nicole Solas be your inspiration.

Buyer's Remorse Has Started

By Mike Huckabee

It’s official: the honeymoon is over and the buyer’s remorse period has started. The latest Rasmussen Survey found that if the 2020 election were held again today, Trump would win. Even after months of the media demonizing him and his supporters, Trump would get more support from a number of groups, including blacks and women. We were told in 2020 that Biden got more votes than any candidate ever and was the most popular candidate in US history (and if you found that hard to swallow, you’re a conspiracy theorist and an insurrectionist.)

Well, the new poll shows that today, he would get only 37% of the vote, and frankly, I’m stunned that it’s that much. I guess some people really like open borders, runaway spending, rising inflation, high gas prices, racial divisiveness, out of control crime and humiliating military defeats. 43% say they’d vote for Trump and the rest for an unnamed third candidate.

Other findings: 9% of Democrats regret their 2020 vote, as do 12% of moderates, 14% of black voters, and 11% of 18-39-year-olds. 13% of Democrats say they would vote for Trump today. Also, while 55% of Americans thought the country was on the right track in March, that’s now plummeted to only 31%.

Obviously Related: The University of Michigan consumer sentiment index dropped from 81.2 in July to 70.2, the lowest level of consumer optimism since 2011.

It’s being blamed on the surge in Delta variant cases, but notice that consumer confidence never fell that low even during the height of the pandemic when cases and deaths were far higher. Hmm, I wonder what changed between then and now to make consumers less confident in the future of the economy?...

COVID Numbers

By Mike Huckabee

If you listen to the media hysteria, you’d think that the Delta variant of COVID is the deadliest disease since the Black Plague, and we’ll soon require people coming around with carts and calling, “Bring out your dead!” Governments are using this as grounds to impose ever-greater restrictions and mandates. But here are some facts to give a little perspective.

Yes, Delta is more contagious than the original disease, but it’s not killing more people. Vaccinated people can get it, but in most cases, infected vaccinated people have mild or no symptoms. Even all the hateful wishes of leftist Twitter trolls couldn’t harm Sen. Lindsay Graham or Texas Gov. Greg Abbott when they got COVID because they’d been vaccinated, and they didn’t get sick.

The media are whipping up panic by trumpeting rising case numbers. But notice that they’re not focusing on the death numbers. They’re just implying that rising cases means we’re in for a tidal wave of deaths. Maybe they think it wouldn’t be as newsworthy if they told you the real numbers. But here they are:

As of Monday, the average number of cases in the US was 406 per million, and the number of deaths was 2.13 per million. Of course, every death is tragic, but that’s a death rate of 0.66%, which is the lowest fatality rate since the pandemic began. It’s not exactly good news, but it’s a trend in the right direction. Touting it might convince more people to get vaccinated and lower the death rate even more. But panic and hysteria drive clicks more than positive real numbers.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Redwood National Park, visit its website here.

Interesting Election Result

By Mike Huckabee

Don’t get cocky or complacent, but the Republicans just flipped the first legislative seat of 2021, and in a deep blue state and district. In a special election for a state Senate seat in Connecticut, Republican Ryan Fazio defeated liberal Democrat Alex Gevanter 50.1-47.6%. That looks close, but it’s a district that Biden won by over 25% in 2020. The state government of Connecticut is still heavily Democrat, but maybe this is a sign that the blinders are finally dropping from the voters’ eyes.

Salute To Iowa State Students

By Mike Huckabee

A salute to the Iowa State University students who had the courage to publicly call out the school for its student orientation materials that they call an attempt to shove indoctrination and propaganda down the throats of new students. More student protesters like this, please!

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Comments 1-10 of 33

  • Gary Stilwell

    08/21/2021 05:56 PM

    covid numbers:
    Folks who have gotten the "so called vaccine" exhibit lowered or no symptoms when they finally contract the virus--all those folks have pretty much the ok from the cdc to circulate as they wish --no mask, no distance.
    Contrary to what most think, masks were NEVER intended to protect an individuals from "Getting" the virus--they were recommended to stop infected folks from transmitting it to others--the science was good in that it described the in-effectiveness of masks to prevent one from contracting the virus--people now think they can don a mask and have some protection from catching the virus--NOT TRUE-NEVER WAS---
    Now we have the "Vaxed" folks running around-thinking(wrongly) that they are somehow immune to getting this-no masks--AND no outward severe symptoms---you want the definition of "super-spreaders"?? this is it--who is infecting who here???????

  • Kathleen Doucette

    08/21/2021 06:31 AM

    “President” Biden is the wooden cuckoo bird in a cuckoo clock: He comes out at designated times, clucks out some cuckoo remarks, then immediately goes back into his cuckoo clock and slams the door shut behind him. (I would rather have President Trump back with some of his “mean” tweets than have to listen to this cuckoo’s cuckoo nonsense. God help us!)

  • RobertG

    08/20/2021 10:29 PM

    Ashle Babbitt?
    Who, what, where, how and why?
    I'm looking forward to being called for jury duty.

  • Birney D Dayton

    08/20/2021 10:07 PM

    If the embassy in Kabul left the bank records behind as Ollie North has reported, then either protocols have changed drastically or someone screwed up badly. Historically, embassies in "delicate" places like Kabul were equipped with the ability to permanently destroy all records in about 30 seconds if necessary. In the days of paper records that meant a block of Thermite on top of every filing cabinet. 30 seconds after setting it off, the location of the filing cabinet would be a foot deep hole in a concrete floor (Thermite gets VERY hot). If computer drives don't have a similar destruct mechanism in today's world, someone is not doing their job.

  • Judy McGlothlin

    08/20/2021 05:38 PM

    Kamala is no lady so therefore she couldn't star in "The Lady Vanishes".


    08/20/2021 05:00 PM

    Joe Biden has Alzheimer's Disease, but no one has said it publicly (that I've heard, anyway) or put it in print. I'm living with a man who has it, so it is vividly apparent to me. It is so sad that he is being used the way he is, and has been. I can't abide him, but I feel sorry for him. Those who would still vote for him are the 100% Trump haters who can't get past their hatred to even see what they're still supporting. I pray God will soon help us get out of the situation we're in and get us back on track to Making America Great Again".

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/20/2021 02:10 PM

    Thank you. How in the world ?? did we ever allow the crooks in America ???? put their own puppets in office as President and across our nation.

  • John T Stewart

    08/20/2021 01:35 PM

    Remember the movie "Being There" with Peter Sellers...we never thought this was more than a comedic film...and now is it really true?

  • LaDonna Ryan

    08/20/2021 01:31 PM

    Dear sir I heard that a report from a Doctor in Israel reported those who came into the hospital with covid that had shots are showing blood clots. My friend got her shots and wore a mask but got covid in the hospital with pneumonia as well as covid. She is getting shots in her stomach she said for blood clots she has no clue why. I think the report coming out says why could you check this report out would like to know thanks. Love your site as well.

  • Jerry

    08/20/2021 01:30 PM

    Biden is being told to pound sand by international nations no one will help this buffoon knowing what ever he engages in turns into a disaster or makes any issues worse Biden is so stupid if a house is on fire he would spray gas on it to try and put the fire out no confidence in Biden the buffoon