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April 16, 2021

The NCAA just took the side of trans rights over women’s rights, announcing that they “unequivocally” support transgender athletes, meaning letting biological males who “identify” as females compete in women’s sports. The NCAA went on to brand states that ban this as practicing “discrimination” and said they will take that into account when determining where NCAA championships are held.

So now, the NCAA has joined Major League Baseball in declaring that it has the power to determine what laws a state is allowed to pass or it will take its ball and go elsewhere. Since the NCAA has just publicly declared itself to be a leftwing political activist group rather than an neutral organization overseeing fair collegiate athletic competitions, then it’s time to treat them accordingly under the laws and form a new organization to take their place.

By the way, if you want to see how ludicrous their claim to be following “evolving science on this issue” is, click to that story and take a look at the photos of some of the “trans” athletes next to the girls half their size who are now expected to compete against them.

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  • Joanne C.Walczak

    04/18/2021 04:07 PM

    This is the worst decision to allow a man(always a man) to play in a woman/female sport. Indeed America will not last very much longer.Remember Rome,our country is being burned also.

  • Fred Dobbins

    04/17/2021 05:44 PM

    I am through with sports. NFL, NBA, MLB, Now NCAA. I do not and will not watch and they can just slide off into oblivion. This country is a disaster, getting worse by the minute, and the people with the power just don't care. One day it will catch up with them. End Times getting closer by the day.

  • Bob Pierce

    04/16/2021 02:24 PM

    Just waiting for the first 7 foot tall guy who says he's a girl play women's Division 1 basketball, average 50 points and 50 rebounds per game....NCAA will say "Nothing to see here" the lawsuits pile up!!!

  • Angelo Privetera

    04/16/2021 12:42 PM

    Perhaps we need some guidance on how to create an organization competitive with the NCAA. They have monopoly control of all college athletics.

    Would it be best to inform your alumni association that you will no longer contribute of endow any of their foundations or activities until they did something to make the change,or is there a better way?