June 27, 2019

A heartbreaking photo went viral of a father and his daughter from El Salvador who drowned in the Rio Grande trying to cross into the US. A lot of liberal politicians and media outlets are trying to exploit the tragedy by blaming their deaths on Republicans and claiming they were desperate to get around our strict immigration enforcement to escape violence and oppression at home.

The story is indeed a senseless, heartbreaking tragedy, but the rest is not true at all.

As the Daily Wire discovered, the two were not in danger at home, nor were they coldly rejected for asylum.  They wanted to come to the US to make more money than they did in their fast food jobs at home, and they risked the crossing because they got tired of waiting for approval and thought that lax enforcement would make it easier just to come in illegally and game the asylum system to stay.  They might still be alive if they had known that wouldn’t work or if they’d known there was a fortified wall they’d have to cross.

I’m not going to blame their deaths on the people responsible for those situations because they were ultimately the result of their own choices.  But anyone who really claims to care about the hardships faced by people who cross dangerous territory to try to enter America illegally really should take a moment to think about whether their positions and public statements are encouraging that. 



Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who is fast becoming a national treasure, took to the Internet to explain to Democrats what’s actually happening with minors detained at the border and why we need that $4.5 billion that President Trump requested and that the Democrats were against before they were for it and now seem to be against it again.  He explains it in a way that’s so simple – i.e., drawing cartoons on a tablet with a Sharpie – that even Congressional Democrats can understand it.


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Interesting, whether it means anything or not:  Blogger Lawrence Person tracks the Twitter follower counts of political figures.  We keep hearing how unpopular and easily beatable Trump is.  But Trump has 61.3 million Twitter followers (plus 26.1 million on his official @POTUS account, but there’s probably a lot of overlap.)  Take a look at how many followers all the Democratic candidates have compared to Trump.

Also note how many new followers they’ve added since Persons last updated the numbers.  Surprisingly, while Elizabeth Warren was #1 with 110,000 new followers, Joe Biden added only 20,000. Even Andrew Yang added 55,000!  And more bad news for “Beto”: he didn’t add any more at all.

Most interesting number: all those Democrats combined added a total of just under 424,000 new followers.  Over the same period, Trump added 700,000.  And he already had far more followers than all of the Democrats put together.

Then again, be honest: who wouldn’t rather read Trump’s tweets than Joe Biden’s and Kirsten Gillibrand’s? 



 And the narratives continue to crumble:  Remember how it was supposed to be President Trump who was crude, vulgar and disrespectful and liberals who were offended by that kind of behavior?  Read this story and tell me who sounds like the adult and who sounds like the obnoxious brat.



Speaking of upending narratives about how rude the Trumps are and how civilized their leftist critics are: not only did a female server at a Chicago restaurant spit at the President’s son Eric when he was dining there, but while she’s on leave for behavior that should get her fired and arrested, a friend set up a GoFundMe account to support her that quickly raised over $4000.

Two points: if you have nothing better to do with your money than support waitresses who can’t control their spit, then you not only have no business lecturing the rest of us on civility, but I hope you unwittingly dine in whatever restaurant that person ends up working at next. 

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  • Anita Mule

    06/30/2019 09:25 PM

    I love your idea of including time needed to read the articles. It helps decide when to read them. I have been doing this with forwarded videos for a long time. Great minds, etc. Keep up the good work. p.s. best wishes to Sarah!

  • Philip Barney

    06/28/2019 06:43 PM

    What about parental responsibility for bringing children into an illegal and potentially dangerous situation? They should be prosecuted for child abuse

  • Elaine Liming

    06/28/2019 06:23 PM

    I enjoyed this summary. You reminded me of a day when I changed my religion lesson for the day to the Topic of Civility----Was Jesus in scripture practicing Civility? I was teaching at a Catholic school and had read a newspaper article on the lack of civility in our culture today. Thus the idea was planted in me to talk about this with my Sophomore religion class studying scripture. I began with the word itself---they were clueless---made them look up the word---after agreeing on a definition they could handle the discussion began---didn't end until the following class the next day. However another teacher in our school, English Dept. Brother Aquinas talked about civility in his class that day. The next day my students accused me of working with Brother Aquinas on the lesson on Civility. Being Sophomores they acted true to their age development and didn't like getting the news about what civility was all about. After they calmed down, I told them that Brother and I didn't collaborate but somehow read the same newspaper article on civility and decided to teach on the subject. I ended my lesson for the day my explaining that as a religion teacher, I pray before I lesson plan, and ask the Lord to guide me in teaching you what he thinks will help you to have a good life. I reminded them religion is a way of life and a commitment to live as Jesus would want us to live with each other. My last comment was; I guess the Holy Spirit really wanted you to learn about civility, Brother and I just followed his guidance.

  • Granny Anne

    06/28/2019 11:50 AM

    I agree with you. The man and daughter who died at the border believed the Dems that they could enter illegally, scam our system and get rich. The Dems and the cowardly Republicans who support these lies and want to hurt our President are the one responsible for their deaths. Now the rest of their family will grieve and suffer without their help.

  • Cynthia D Pandolfo

    06/28/2019 10:50 AM

    Thank you!

  • Stephen Russell

    06/28/2019 09:26 AM

    Trumps Twitter followers: 87M combined with Twitter & POTUS accounts.
    87M vs the Dems following to date

  • Richard Geldhof

    06/28/2019 09:23 AM

    re: The father and daughter who drowned; greed and lack of a good moral compass resulted in this tragedy. Humans are responsible for their own life choices. Life is made up of good or bad choices. When endangering their lives and those of others they made bad choices to go around the rules of law and greed for money is the root of all evil intent. Greed, lust for money and impatience was a bad choice for irresponsible behavior.

    Those most responsible are those politicians who don't work for the good of America, but rather themselves and corrupt entities like the Clinton cartel. They try to thwart President Trump's abilities to get things done, because of their hatred for him and the Republican party. Liberals and democrats don't understand rule of laws they helped create and they continually try to twist laws to suit themselves. They are outlaws - the same as those governing sanctuary cities. It is time to crack down on rebellion state and local governments who support renegade societies.

    Instead of united we stand united we ever so crumble. Time for all those who hate Trump to put away the rage why he is President and Clinton failed. She was already doomed to failure by her own negligence. America is supposed to be the land of freedom, liberty and justice for all and our laws govern choices to agree or disagree. Can't make America Great Again or better than the democrats left it if justice is continually thrown out the window, because you don't agree with written laws previously passed. They supported a renegade swamp president trying to derail Trump before he got in office. Dampen those tears and act like responsible adults and get to work cry babies. They do nothing, but complain. The illegal coup attempted by Obama and Clinton failed against Trump.

  • Jerry Korba

    06/28/2019 08:17 AM

    Winners Losers on the Dems moments of fame no winners Yang 1000 a month catch phrase to get free health care free eduction 1000 dollars will get the federal Government 20000 more of the tax payers income and guess what Illegals already get free health care go to an emergency room and you will see non citizens getting free services the doctors just don't turn them away they get treatment. Lets get back into the time machine and get back to the past segregation busing good god y'all 50 years ago really do ya think border security might be an issue forget about people coming for work remember the terrorists do ya think they may be coming how about the holes in our highways the chunks of bridges falling off people peeing and popping on the streets of our once beautiful cities just saying those issues are a bit more urgent than a trip back to 60s and 70s LOSERS!!!!!!!!!

  • Gordon and Dolores Miltenberger

    06/28/2019 05:19 AM

    What a dope- her actions show she is still in the playpen, this was rude, crude and extremely unattractive, she should be ostracized.

  • Eleanor Allert

    06/27/2019 11:54 PM

    It's a very sad state of affairs in our country because of those who are "willingly ignorant" and utterly unreasonable, but the Lord told us to expect these things. However, those in high office often join hands with oppressors such as Saudi Arabia, facilitating the persecution and elimination of Christians and others in the Middle East and Africa. We are accountable when we trust in men rather than God, and we will stand before Him!

  • Thomas Joseph Hussman

    06/27/2019 11:35 PM

    I believe most people want to know and obey the rules. El Salvadorans are no different. Unfortunately the leftish and the right in America, for many years, have skirted the immigration problem. Both political parties have staged speeches to appeal to the electorate without ever doing the hard work required. This political failure has resulted in a great deal of confusion for people who may have otherwise sought legal entry, but because of the confusion, have made poor decisions as is evidenced by the case described here. If a fraction of the energy being put forth by all concerned was used to construct homes and create jobs, the entire situation would be different. Several old politicians who have been in office way too long are involved in the confusion. It appears selfish stubborn minds are at work, with little or no willingness to make the tough decisions. The new president in El Salvador made an interesting comment when he spoke at the Heritage Foundation - He said El Salvador did not want aid packages of cash, rather, El Salvador desires to do business with the USA. This idea sounds pretty good to me. If we placed our efforts, and prayers, toward creating goods and services in the lands to the south, perhaps the immigration troubles will melt away. Let's get to work behind our leaders and make it happen.


    06/27/2019 10:55 PM

    I am a Trump supporter, I am on Facebook only. Please count me and my husband Rick too.
    Thank you

  • william fuhrer

    06/27/2019 10:43 PM

    Democrats using Mullar as SMOKE SCREEN ....stopping the media from media from concentrating on the President Obama and Hillary Clinton shenanegans

  • Bobbie Bowling

    06/27/2019 10:38 PM

    As I "try" to watch the democrat debates, I feel sick that one of these people could be the next President of the United States. What has happened to our nation? How can they have these views?

  • Elaine K Ludowese

    06/27/2019 10:22 PM

    This was sent to me - you most likely have already read this.
    It is so worth reading, even if it makes one weep.

  • Mary Curran

    06/27/2019 10:06 PM

    You’re so right. Rep. Crenshaw is a national treasure. He’s got a very promising future.

  • Joseph K Weydemann

    06/27/2019 09:53 PM

    The Republicans or the President caused this. Yes it is horrible 2 lives lost. What makes it worse is the Demonrats who are using those 2 deaths to gain points with Americans. I hope all Americans could read this. THE DEMOCRATS USING DEATH TO BUILD THEMSELVES UP. I would like to stop every Dem and ask the names of 2 dead people? Think about that people I would say maybe 10% know right now. By the end of the next week Dems will lose interest.

  • albert behrens

    06/27/2019 09:50 PM

    Many of your readers might want to read my new book: This Picture Doesn't Hang Straight. Am Agent for the author: Adrian Vogt. Described as a thriller, it drives home the point that the Word of God is all important and socialism/communism does not work for the majority of nations.

  • Dennis Gullickson

    06/27/2019 09:32 PM

    Love your comments. Will miss Sarah but pray she will stay in touch and enter the arena again in the future.

  • Dr. Jim Wiest

    06/27/2019 09:26 PM

    Great summary as always Governor! In regards to the expectorating waitress it makes you wonder how much saliva has been introduced as a "secret sauce" on the patrons food when she was angry with them.

  • Anita Mae Barker

    06/27/2019 09:22 PM

    Agreed. Have a good day, Mike.

  • Darlene F. Donston

    06/27/2019 09:16 PM

    Have you read Dr. Dobson's letter he wrote when he went down to the Border? A friend of mine in Illinois posted it on Facebook. Very good!


    06/27/2019 09:09 PM


    JUNE 30TH
    1-605-468-8016, CODE 399430#

  • john C hashagen

    06/27/2019 04:15 PM

    You are right on and Trump 2020.