August 23, 2018

I suspected that the media would prioritize the anti-Trump legal news over the murder of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts, who was killed by an illegal immigrant who had gamed the system to remain in America for years.  But frankly, even I have been stunned at the callous disregard for this young woman’s senseless death as shown by the opponents of immigration law enforcement over the past 48 hours.

As one commentator pointed out, liberal political and media figures bawled and raged over ICE “tearing children from their parents’ arms” to put them in holding centers for a few weeks after their parents tried to enter the US illegally.  But when an illegal alien who never should have been in the US at all tears an innocent American like Mollie Tibbetts from her parents’ arms forever, they dismiss her death as mere collateral damage to the greater cause of open borders and abolishing ICE. 

I like to think that Juan Williams, the liberal voice on Fox News’ “The Five,” just misspoke when he accused Republicans of exploiting Ms Tibbetts’ murder by saying it was just “one girl.”  So the lost of one innocent life isn't reason enough to be outraged?  Does anyone on the left even remember the name Kate Steinle?  I knew that would be their reprehensible response, which is why, when I reported this story yesterday, I followed it with links to multiple accounts of killings, armed robberies and rapes by illegal immigrants. 

To be clear: I’m not in any way suggesting that all illegal immigrants are violent criminals (or as the media usually misquotes conservatives, that "all immigrants are violent criminals." But if we can prevent even one violent crime against an innocent American simply by enforcing immigration laws that are already on the books, so that the people who do commit these heinous crimes would not be here to commit them, then why aren’t we doing it?  We can’t predict when an American citizen will commit a crime, but we can prevent crimes by those who have no legal right to be here by preventing them from being here.  That's the basic duty of the federal government: to secure the borders and protect the general welfare of the American people.

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Liberals sneer that it’s “only one girl.”  Okay, then, give me a number. How many innocent Americans have to killed, raped, robbed or beaten before we reach the magic number that makes it worthwhile for the left to agree that we should have done more to monitor who was allowed to be in this country.  Twenty? Fifty? Two hundred?  A million?

While we’re tallying up that list of victims, don’t forget the name Dominic Durden.  He was killed by a drunken illegal immigrant who was driving an unlicensed truck the wrong way on the highway and was still in the US, despite having two felonies and two DUIs on his record.   After permanently ripping Dominic from the arms of his mother, he was sentenced to 35 days in jail. 

At the link, you can read what Dominic’s grieving mother had to say about Mollie Tibbetts.  Her question is the same as mine:  “Just how many more will it take?”


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  • jack macdonald

    08/27/2018 12:29 PM

    When are we going to conclude that Liberals are not believers in laws, in civility, in fairness or most civilized comportment. They are lawless, noncaring, abortion supporting, MS-13 caring, hypocritical anti Christian, Republican hating, creeps. They actually believe in voting in clowns like Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders, Durbin, Waters, DeBlasio, R Emanuel, J Brown, Barb Lee, Al Franken, Booker, Clintons, Biden, and others, too numerous to mention. That makes me believe that voters don't take the time to be informed and our system is badly broken. jm

  • Donna Root

    08/24/2018 09:46 AM

    Gov. I cannot begin to express my grief for Mollys family or my utter outrage of the response on the left. I do know God forbid if it was Elizabeth Warrens family or Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi's family you can bank on the fact that something would be done immediatly. We lived in Az for 15 years and saw first hand the onslaught of illegal immagrants and the treatment they received from our government. Are American Citizens to take a back seat to illegals? Why is it acceptable to the left that Mollie is now gone forever and Kate Stenle and hundreds of others? They are gone because someone that had no right to be here and was breaking the law took it upon themselves to end their lives. I cannot stand the media coverage of any of this! I am sick of all the pure unadulterated hate that is present in our country now and the people that perpetuate it usually the left. When are they going to wake up? When is the disension in our country going to end? Everyday my husband watchs the news and I cant stomach it anymore. When President Obama was in office I did not like him or vote for him but never ever would I have attacked him or his family and neither did the media. For whatever reason(Hillary not elected I'm guessing) the democratic party has basically lost their minds. We have to come together and find a way to end the hate thats as thick as tar in our country. Attacking President Trump or inciting acts of violence toward Trump supporters is unacceptable. Now is the time for our country to come together to find a way to keep people from breaking our laws and killing our citizens! If it was an American citizen in Mexico illegally and committing murder against one of their citizens you can bet that justice would be swift and unpleasant. Why than is this lawbreaking illegal getting treated as if he has the same rights as an American citizen? He has a private lawyer to. Whos footing the bill for that? As one of the other readers said how many need to die before something is done? 10,000 20,000 is there a magic number? To me the first person that was taken by an illegal should have been the magic number!

  • Felicia M Tollette

    08/23/2018 03:00 PM

    There was no coverage of this story in the LA Times of 8/22/18. Today's 8/23/18 LA Times mentions it on page 8 with the headline, "Iowa slaying gets political - Trump seizes on immigrant's arrest. Attorney says suspect is in the U.S. legally" Unfathomable that they think anyone takes their spin and distortions seriously.