March 4, 2021

Here’s some hopeful evidence that not even having the House, the White House and a 50-50 Senate can get the Democrats everything they want: last night, Neera Tanden withdrew her nomination as President Biden’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget. She becomes his first pick to fail to make it past Senate confirmation.

It would be great to be able to say this shows that the Senate won’t accept someone who has no qualifications for a particular job on purely partisan grounds, but that wasn’t the reason for her being unable to muster enough support. Tanden was a vicious partisan with a long record of sending nasty, juvenile Tweets about both Republicans and Democrats who displeased her. Since she was part of Hillary Clinton’s camp, that included Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose vote she needed for confirmation, and she definitely wasn't getting it.

It’s ironic that her downfall came because of two things that her own side has weaponized: canceling people because of their old social media posts, and claiming that sending “mean tweets” is reason enough to keep someone out of office.

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  • Cecilia Sotomayor

    03/04/2021 05:56 PM

    This is good news. How many others are we preventing so far?