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January 29, 2021

The “fact-checkers” who challenged every word out of President Trump’s mouth are feeling almost as unemployed as pipeline workers now that Joe Biden is in office. Some, like the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, have as much as admitted they won’t even be monitoring Biden because if anyone has a reputation for always telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, it’s Joe “Plagiarist” Biden.

They’re so desperate for something to nitpick that Kessler tried nit-picking a fight with Sen. Ted Cruz, challenging his claim that Biden’s killing of the Keystone Pipeline will kill 11,000 union jobs. Kessler gave him “Two Pinocchios,” and tut-tutted that AC-shully, those jobs were only temporary jobs. Cruz fired back, “ALL construction jobs are temporary. Presidents still shouldn’t destroy them.’’

I guess at WaPo, they believe that some construction workers finish building a project, then just keep on building it for all eternity.

But as Brad Slager at points out at this link, Kessler contradicted himself, since in a previous “fact-check” years ago, he claimed the number of jobs Keystone would create was being overstated, and it would only create about 16,000 jobs. Now, he seems to be claiming that the jobs he said would be created aren’t real jobs at all.

How many times do I have to keep saying this? We need fact-checkers for our “fact-checkers.”


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  • Stuart Chisholm

    03/03/2021 09:24 AM

    These days, there is practically no such thing as a "permanent job". There is full-time employment or part-time employment until one is laid off or fired (for any reason or no reason in my contract). Rarely does anyone keep a full-time job until retirement.
    In any case, the Biden administration is killing our America, one cut at a time.

  • John Zimmer

    01/30/2021 08:39 PM

    To me, so-called Fact-Checker's are a form of Cancel-Culture and allows social media to hide behind their leftist views; the inability of the reader to identify confront their accusers is downright dangerous, and if platforms like Facebook use Fact-Checker's they should be required to identify them.

  • Denise Hawley

    01/30/2021 08:54 AM

    Please keep us lowly, ignorant people educated on the workings of the political workings run afoul. Praying for you and our government


    01/29/2021 05:06 PM

    It well known fact the liberal media has such low hiring standards that they employ any idiot that comes along ..... A business composed of fools, is run by fools that produces nothing but foolish FALSE facts, and read by the most ignorant fools ever to breathe air!

  • Din Turnblade

    01/29/2021 12:20 PM

    Still waiting for updates on known, reported flaws in fact checks on Hunter Biden. Still waiting on cross checks from CSPAN on Los Biden's known truthful ways.