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August 8, 2022

I’m going to say something that will surprise you; shock you; it will likely result in an audible gasp from our audience here in the Huckabee theater!  Here it is:  I salute Nancy Pelosi!  Yes—I do.   For making a stop in Taiwan during what would have otherwise been a meaningless government junket for her and some Congressional cronies to fly around the world at taxpayer expense and pick up some bargains while pretending to be on an important trip to study world conditions.

Yep—catch your breath and realize that I am actually giving props to Pelosi; kudos to the Congresswoman; salute to the speaker!  Now, don’t get used to it.  I’ll be back to my sarcastic and snarly self soon, but it genuinely mattered that Pelosi didn’t back down and cancel her stop in Taiwan as a result of the blustering bullying of the Chinese communist party who threatened to shoot her plane down if she tried to land in Taipei.  Of course they didn’t shoot down her plane.

I’ve been to Taiwan more than a dozen times.  I love the country and its people.  I love their embrace of freedom and their commitment to an elected government and to the benefits of free enterprise.  Hey, I learned to use chopsticks there.  In my first trip when I was a mere Lt. Governor, I was treated to a wonderful luncheon with a group of political, government, and business leaders in Taiwan.  The only utensils before me were chopsticks.  And I was hungry.  Like being thrown into the water and forced to swim, my hungry self completely mastered the use of chopsticks in short order.  To this day, I wouldn’t think of eating Chinese food with a knife and fork! 

I was there most recently just before the pandemic shut the world down.  I’ve met with the last 4 of its Presidents.  It’s a vibrant, exciting little island where innovation and technology rule.  Frankly, I can’t wait to go back.  But my reasons for offering my rare praise for Pelosi tonight is because China has bullied the world into submission.  Major US corporations cower in their corner offices and say nothing about the human rights abuses of the communists in mainland China.  They love the money they are making from doing business with the Chinese communists and look the other way at child slave labor, the sick and twisted oppression of free speech so strict it would make Facebook and Twitter blush, and a brutal treatment of Christians.  And big celebrity athletes and entertainers like LeBron James smugly speak of how awful America is and fail to say a word about the millions they make in China by using slave labor to make their shoes and other junk.  Whether it’s Walmart or Disney or Woke-a-Cola, it really is all about the Benjamins.

While President Biden was sending mixed messages and all but urging Speaker Pelosi to not set foot in Taiwan, Pelosi understood that once it became public that she even MIGHT go, and the Chinese government started having the tantrums of a two-year old, she absolutely HAD to go for otherwise, it would make America look even weaker than Biden made us look in the exit from Afghanistan. 

So when I saw her plane touch down at the Taipei airport and saw the welcome she received from the good and freedom—loving citizens of Taiwan, I was for a moment very proud of her and of the United States for standing with a faithful friend and ally and not caving into the petty cash-driven demands of the bullies in the so-called People’s Republic of China. 

Now, I’m sure when Nancy gets home, she’ll be right back to tearing up Donald Trump speeches on TV, making incoherent speeches, promoting abortion, rallying her partisan pets to raise taxes, and keeping the likes of her pet Republican Liz Cheney on a short leash.  And I’ll be right back to calling her out for insider stock trading involving her husband, ignoring President Biden and his son Hunter’s unseemly connections to business with the Chinese communists, and her still pretending that the January 6 riots in DC were worse than 9-11. 

But for now, I raise my glass of iced tea, tip my hat, and offer a deep bow from the waist to Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being a brave American Eagle and not a frightened chicken in the face of threats from one of the most corrupt and evil empires on the face of the planet!

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  • Steve Rhinehardt

    08/13/2022 05:34 AM

    Before you give too much credit to Pelosi for her trip, I must say I believe there to be an ulterior motive. She and her husband make millions dealing with the CCP. In such, she is compromised and is essentially an agent of China. I believe her trip was coordinated with the CCP in order to give them additional reason to invade Taiwan. Time will tell.

  • Jacqueline Fullen

    08/12/2022 03:07 PM

    Please don’t get all warm and fuzzy on Pelosi, Mike. One decent action does not erase all her evil. Yes, people can change, but not this committed socialist elite. I’m willing to bet she had some ulterior motive tucked away. No- that’s our problem: we go all melty when an evil person does one decent thing.

  • Barbara Weller

    08/12/2022 11:23 AM

    Fancy Nancy went to Taiwan, Korea, etc. to secure her family's investments there. It likely had nothing to do with patriotism. Why did she take her son (and hide him). Paul Jr. is following in Hunter Biden's footprints. There was nothing patriotic about Nancy's visit. I'm surprised that you fell for the "con."

  • Corrie Watkins

    08/11/2022 07:13 PM

    You should have a chat with Amir Tsarfati. The Taiwanese officials asked ms P You You should have a chat with Amir Tsarfati, who has great insight into the back story! The Taiwan officials asked Ms P NOT to come after China made all those threats. They immediately cut off Taiwans export of fruit and fish, which is critical to Taiwan’s economy!!! Taiwan knows America won’t come to their aid should China attack them- and China knows this too! All because Ms P wanted her “historic” photo op. China is the winner here

  • arlene haynes

    08/11/2022 01:33 PM

    I agree with you about Nancy Pelosi not backing down with the trip to Taiwan; however, my gut tells me there were some underlying reasons more than just standing up to China's threats. Why was her son along since he does business in Asia? I do not trust Mrs. Pelosi or her family. The Bidens , Pelosis, Schumers and many of the Democrat congressional parties are in my opinion crooked and seem to get by with many antiAmerican acts, they do not follow the law. Donald Trump was right, it is a "swamp" and it is "deplorable" to quote Hillary's definition of conservatives!

  • Don Lynch

    08/10/2022 09:14 AM

    Polosi and the other Democrats are all communist. Polosi has destroyed America. She deserves a firing squad.

  • Don Lynch

    08/10/2022 09:10 AM

    I lost all respect for Democrats while in Vietnam. Now, they are full blown communists. Their goal , to destroy America. God bless Trump.

  • Regina Costa

    08/10/2022 08:07 AM

    I also praised Speaker Pelosi for thumbing her nose at the CCP and Biden who did not want her to go. Sent her a tweet saying so. Good for her trip, but she still sucks as a politician.

  • Marilyn gust

    08/10/2022 07:18 AM

    I think the President and Congress should lead by example and use electric vehicles for a year before pushing it down our throats.

  • Susan C. Holden

    08/09/2022 11:06 PM

    Make no mistake, I am sure that Nancy Pelosi had some self serving reason for going there. I hope she felt a little guilty when the people there gave her such a warm welcome. I agree that good came out of it, but I so not think for a minute that she did it for our country.