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February 23, 2023



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“Utter disbelief” at jury foreperson’s remarks in Trump GA case

“I watched this foreperson’s televised interviews in utter disbelief and...actual disgust,” FOX NEWS legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said to Sean Hannity Wednesday hight. This is the “special purpose” grand jury looking into alleged 2020 election interference by President Trump in Georgia. “I mean,” he continued, “this is a woman who acted like a vapid, immature high school teenager, smiling and gushing and laughing and joking about a very serious legal proceeding. At one point, she’s fantasizing...[he paraphrases] ‘Cool! It’ll be awesome, if only I could swear in Donald Trump as a witness.’ I know ten-year-olds with more maturity.”

Ten-year-olds know eight-year-olds with more maturity. If you haven’t yet seen the videos of Emily Kohrs’ TV appearances, take a look at just these clips from Hannity’s show, and see if Jarrett is exaggerating in any way.

I think Jarrett is being kind. She pulls faces that very much recall the spooky-eyed, demonically grinning ones Peter Strzok made while testifying before Congress, captured in still photos forever.

My staff writers, hailing from a background in comedy, would love to have seen a few big ol’ Three Stooges pies connecting with her self-satisfied face and would have personally launched the pies. She obviously enjoys being on camera; wouldn’t it be delightful fun to immortalize her foolishly-grinning mug that way? She deserves it, considering that what goes on behind closed doors in a grand jury room can utterly destroy people’s lives.

Jarrett said he’d spoken to a grand jury witness who said Kohrs behaved in similar bizarre fashion during testimony. “I am sure the Fulton County district attorney is absolutely livid...she violated grand jury rules of secrecy...her oath to maintain confidentiality. But the damage is done here.”

This woman has been interviewed (so far) by THE NEW YORK TIMES, AP, CNN, MSNBC and NBC NEWS. The defense, Jarrett said, would certainly make a motion to dismiss any indictments arising out of this, based on grand jury impropriety. Judging from the videos themselves and what Jarrett told Sean Hannity, those who are saying she stayed within the law and grand jury guidelines are either lying or engaging in wishful thinking. What she said during repeated TV appearances “went well beyond the publicly released information in the redacted introduction and conclusion,” Jarrett noted. And it’s true --- she giddily announced right on the air, before any indictments had been handed down, that there would be at least a dozen, including well-known people, and she certainly intimated (with an inappropriate excess of joy) that President Trump would be one of them. She could hardly wait!

With a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin, she talked about their deliberations, saying Trump had been mentioned “a lot.” She spoke of Lindsay Graham’s demeanor when he came in to testify, and Rudy Giuliani’s as well. These are just a few examples.

As Sean Hannity said on his show, the Georgia Grand Jury Handbook instructs jurors to “keep deliberations of the grand jury secret unless called up to give evidence thereof in some court of law in this state.” It prohibits them from discussing cases with their fellow grand jurors “or anyone else outside the jury room.” Well, so much for that. Why is it that the left thinks rules are only for their adversaries, never for them?

“She could find herself in legal jeopardy,” Jarrett said, “for breaching her sworn duty.” I would add that if she doesn’t, that just shows the legal system is in more of a mess than we even knew. On the other hand, if she hadn’t gone to the media, we likely would never have known how unserious a person she was.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t simply one member of the grand jury, which would’ve been bad enough --- this was the FOREPERSON. She was selected presumably because she struck others as the sanest person in the room. She should be the most reasonable, conscientious, objective, the best leader, the best communicator, someone with at least some gravitas. If this is the person they chose, what does that say about the rest of the sorry lot?

(Related side issue: Some Internet sleuth dug up her old Pinterest page and found that she seems to have an obsession with way-out topics such as healing herbs, crystal power, paganism, Wicca and witchcraft. All things considered, you’d think she wouldn’t be so giddy about being part of a witch hunt.)

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz --- not a Trump fan, either, but free to speak about the case because he is NOT a grand juror --- brought up an important point; namely, that in the phone call at issue, it’s alleged that Trump said “FIND, FIND” (the 11,000) votes, not “invent” them. “’Find’ means something that’s lost, something that’s THERE,” he said. “And there’s no basis whatsoever for indicting somebody for saying that they should find votes that haven’t yet been tabulated. That’s the big issue. And we wonder whether the grand jury heard that interpretation.”

“Grand juries by their nature are kangaroo courts,” Dershowitz said. “No cross-examination, no confrontation, no ability to have defense attorney there, and then, on top of that, leaking the material to try to bias the jury pool.” He agreed with Jarrett that this whole proceeding should be thrown out completely. If prosecutors are set on pursuing this, it’s “back to Square One.”

“...These recommendations by these rogue grand juries who have no real responsibility and have a foreperson like that should be ignored,” he added. Also, the media covering this “should’ve explained how meaningless this is.” But the possibility of getting Trump was too important to them. You know they were every bit as gleeful at the prospect as she was --- just marginally better at covering that.

In a must-read analysis of the case itself, legal expert Margot Cleveland says that the real story revealed here is “that the grand jury recommended bogus charges based on the Fulton County district attorney’s misrepresentation of evidence.”

Read her piece and see how much detail Kohrs offered THE NEW YORK TIMES. More importantly, her description of Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger tells Cleveland that Fulton County’s Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis misrepresented the substance of that conversation to the grand jury.

Even the quote Dershowitz referred to on Hannity’s show, about Trump requesting that “the Secretary ‘find’ 11,780 votes’ in the President’s favor” did not happen, according to the call transcript. “...I’ve been forced to detail time and time again because the corrupt media continue to lie about the conversation, the transcript of the call established that Trump did not request [this]. Period. It never happened.”

Talk about misinformation. Virtually everyone who follows news and feels well-informed wrongly believes Trump told the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” him the votes. This grand jury certainly thinks so. Even, apparently, Alan Dershowitz thinks so; he just interprets that request in a more benign way.

There were other mischaracterizations by the DA as well. And with grand juries, it’s garbage-in, garbage-out. As Cleveland says, the grand jury “only knew the facts Willis decided to share with the group. The jurors, who came from all walks of life --- including the 30-year-old unemployed forewoman --- also needed to reply on the DA’s office to decipher the meaning of any criminal statutes.”

In light of the nonsense Cleveland can see was fed to the jurors, she says “the grand jury’s view ‘that perjury may have been committed by one or more witnesses testifying before it’ is meaningless.” It doesn’t even matter that the grand jury recommends charges. “Those conclusions flowed from the case Willis presented to the Fulton County jurors --- a case built on deceptions about a phone call.”

Finally, in an update from REDSTATE, defense attorneys are indeed already preparing to quash any indictments, based on the grand jury forewoman’s “media tour.”

Our deepest condolences and prayers for John and his family

It’s with a very heavy heart that I have to report that Alicia Allain, the wife of my friend, actor/producer/musician John Schneider, has died at 53. John revealed the news on social media, writing:

“My beautiful Smile is pain free, living in her new body alongside Jesus. Please respect our privacy during this time of grief. Please do not ask any questions.”

“If you have any pictures of us and our obvious love and adoration for each other, please post them below. Lastly, hug those you love tight and let them know how you feel. We always did.”

John has been on my show many times and is one of the most multi-talented people in the business. And he’s just a down to earth, great guy. We most recently worked together on a fun project called “Guitar for Christmas” and recorded an original song we both played on that raised funds to put musical instruments in the hands of kids and veterans. John was magnificent in his role in the project. He gives 110% of himself to everything he does. I reached out to him privately when I heard the news to offer my condolences and prayers. I’m heartbroken for him. He loved Alicia and she was a huge part of his career and life. Pray for him during the indescribable grief.

There’s more at the link, but I will respect John’s privacy and simply say that everyone here extends our deepest condolences and prayers for John and his family, and I’m sure you will join me in sending yours as well.

Another welcome sign that people have had enough of wokeness

Dutch and French publishers reacted to news that Puffin Books plans to bowdlerize Roald Dahl’s classic children’s books to remove anything that makes “sensitivity readers” uncomfortable by declaring that Dahl's books lose their power when you change the language, and they have never changed his writings before “and have no plans to do so today.”

So I guess if you want your kids to experience “Matilda,” “James and the Giant Peach” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” the way the author intended, you’ll either have to buy an older edition or else teach them to speak Dutch or French.


NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has made a shocking discovery about the formation of galaxies in the early universe that upends what astronomers thought they knew. Just another much-needed reminder that there is no such thing as “settled science.”

Not shocking

Try not to be too shocked when I tell you that California’s projected $22.5 billion budget deficit is going to come in about $7 billion higher. The state allegedly had a $102 billion surplus last year, but they spent in on things like expanding entitlement programs and trying to change the climate, rather than things they should have spent it on, like policing, tax relief, fire prevention, and finding ways to provide the population with power and water, like, every day.

The larger deficit is caused by a drop in corporate tax revenue, partly due to the economy and partly due to so many corporations getting the heck out of California. Analysts say this news is a blow to Californians hoping the state will give them millions in slavery reparations, and also to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s presidential aspirations, for which we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Like a pedestrian in L.A., maybe we can all dodge a bullet.

Newsom likes to throw shade on Florida, so the article also notes how Florida is doing. It has a budget surplus so large that Gov. DeSantis plans to spend $4 billion expediting 20 major interstate and roadway projects, to finish them up to 10 years ahead of schedule. They’ll need the highways to be in good shape to handle all the U-Hauls from California.



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  • Robin Rebhan

    02/24/2023 02:38 PM

    RE "“Utter disbelief at jury foreperson’s remarks in Trump GA case". As Mike pointed out. In a Grand Jury it is only the prosecution is presenting the case and evidence against the accused. For example; A witness who positively identified the accused is not cross examined only to find out his observation was made from 200 feet down the street in a rain storm and has poor eye-sight and his original statement to police conflicts with his testimony in a Grand Jury. Often what is allowed in a Grand would not even be allowed in a court room by a judge. Why would a prosecutor do this? His record in getting indictments makes him look good to the voting public. Hey it's not his fault that " those crafty defense lawyers got the accused off the hook!".
    In my opinion the whole Grand Jury system needs to be overhauled to help avoid innocent people from having to go through this system without any defense or challenge or review to testimony and evidence. And pretty much all constitutional rights are thrown out the door. And sad to say many people cannot afford a good lawyer to fight a wrongful prosecution.
    And by the way I have been outside court rooms where jurors were discussing the case despite warnings from the Judge not to discuss the case. I guess it's human nature not to keep quiet!

  • Jerry

    02/24/2023 09:17 AM

    Erik Adams the Mayor of the largest city in American is declining in almost every way economically civil society has reached a level where pagan rule is the norm, people that walk the streets are without a clue what is happening to them as the drug world is in full bloom. People with economic resources are leaving leaving behind lower income residents to pay for high city budget demands while paying for less police protection safety in Adams leadership in NYC is continuing to decline and will continue as the IQ of the mayor will never figure out a solution to the city's problems. The present and the future of NYC will look like the scene in the movie Planet of the Apes ends where NYC is in ruins, Democrats living in the past with no concept of success in the future. Bleak existence today ruins for tomorrow that is the way a Democrat rolls.

  • Jerry

    02/24/2023 07:43 AM

    Having Democrats making decisions for housing illegals are making a great deal for hotel owners in nyc the democrats that vote for democrats must have unlimited cash resources to pay the tax for the city. I wonder how the small businesses around these hotels are surviving without people with spending cash. I believe Home Depot will be selling plywood to board up the small businesses that will be going out of business how does nyc draw tax revenue from businesses that close down, democrats education does not make for common sense unless failure is the goal and the Democrats are a success when it comes to failure democrats universities and the colleges it supports are not the mark of excellence it is a very lucrative business beautiful campuses huge money for administration our congress is full of college and university educated members care to dispute the fact our congress members are intelligent just look at the condition of the country today look at your democratic run communities does one see success in these cities only if choosing failure as a success

  • Anne Turner

    02/23/2023 09:00 PM

    It looks like this foreperson would be an ideal Biden appointee. These are the people chosen to make huge decisions. God help us! Please!


    02/23/2023 08:59 PM

    How could she be a "jury of his own peers?" Somebody please answer this simple question? Anyone?

  • Linda DeVoll

    02/23/2023 08:12 PM

    My very deetest condolences to John and his family on the loss of his wife and true love.
    God needed another soldier in his war against the darkness, Alicia will be a great warrior in God's army. ??

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    02/23/2023 07:58 PM

    It was interesting to be in line at Wetumpka AL post office, I met a man who had moved from CA to AL. I was mailing a package to brother in law in CA and he told me he had just moved from CA to Wetumpka. I asked why and all the reasons you mention. The taxes, politicians, immigrants and not safe.