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June 28, 2022



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You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you.

2 Chronicles 20:17 NIV

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Biden KNEW of Hunter's shady Chinese business

The U.K. DAILY MAIL reports that a voicemail from future President Joe Biden to son Hunter Biden proves without a doubt that Joe was lying when he said he never discussed Hunter’s foreign business dealings with him.

The voicemail was from a password-protected backup of Hunter’s iPhone XS, retrieved from a copy of the hard drive from his abandoned laptop.

On December 12, 2018, the elder Biden called Hunter after reading a NEW YORK TIMES article about Hunter’s multi-million-dollar dealings with CCP oil giant CEFC. The NYT story had reported that CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming had been arrested in China and his top officer Patrick Ho had been convicted in the United States over bribing African officials to help Iran evade oil sanctions. The NYT had also reported that when Ho had been arrested, he’d called Joe’s brother Jim, who told the NYT he thought the call had been meant for Hunter.

After seeing the story online in the TIMES, Joe called Hunter and left this message: “Hey, pal. It’s Dad. It’s 8:15 on Wednesday night. If you get a chance, just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you. I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the TIMES, was good. I think you’re clear. And, anyway, if you get a chance, give me a call. I love you.”


The DAILY MAIL has all the details. As they report, this voicemail is is “the latest in an overwhelming body of evidence suggesting that he lied about not talking foreign business with his son.”

As Josh Boswell, senior reporter at the DAILY MAIL, told FOX News’ Jesse Watters Monday evening, “It’s almost more important what wasn’t said, right? It wasn’t a phone call from Joe Biden to his son saying, ‘What the hell are you doing? I’m reading about deals with corrupted criminal Chinese businessmen! What’s going on?’ It’s ‘You’re in the clear.’ He clearly knew what was going on.”

When he asked the White House to comment on this, they declined.

Jerry Dunleavy and Andrew Kerr, reporting on this for the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, offer a timeline, saying that this exchange took place about five months before Joe Biden started his presidential campaign. Biden later famously said, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

Also, Joe made this call to Hunter five days after wiring $75,000 to Hunter’s account to help him pay for his monthly $37,000 alimony (editorial note: !!!) and his daughters’ rent, tuition, healthcare and other expenses. Between November 2018 and March 2019, Hunter also spent over $30,000 on escorts, many of whom were linked to “.ru” Russian email addresses. This was a period in which his dad committed to wiring him a total of $100,000 to help him with his bills. Thus, Hunter’s dad, as the EXAMINER reports, “unwittingly helped finance Hunter’s trysts with Russia-linked escorts.”

Actually, if Biden knew about his son’s proclivities, it’s hard to know for sure if this was done “unwittingly” or not. On the other hand, there’s no evidence on the laptop that he knew he was paying for that. And maybe he was as clueless then about that as he is now about...oh, I don't know, why we have inflation?

Hunter’s response to this story was to shoot the messenger, saying to the EXAMINER, “What’s wrong with you?”

Perhaps Hunter should take a few moments to ponder how the press would have exploded if this same story had involved, say, Donald Trump, Jr., instead of himself.

Legal expert Andrew C. McCarthy was sympathetic to Joe Biden as a father who loved his son, but at the same time recognized that he was “shoveling prodigious sums of money” to Hunter “when the neon lights were flashing that Hunter was compromised and using the money to become even more compromised --- and with Russia, of all places. Joe Biden is a textbook example of why applicants with family members who maintain shady ties with foreign actors, particularly those connected to authoritarian anti-American regimes with highly capable intelligence services, get rejected when applying for a security clearance.”

McCarthy also put this in context, noting the irony that Democrats put our country through two years of anxiety on the fabricated claim that Trump was an agent of the Kremlin. Then, when real information came out about the Bidens in the form of Hunter’s laptop, they dismissed that as “Russian disinformation” and suppressed it in the weeks before the 2020 election.

If you’d like to keep up with the Hunter Biden developments, the WASHINGTON EXAMINER has a page specifically for updates.

Miranda Devine, author of LAPTOP FROM HELL and reporter on all things “Hunter” at the NEW YORK POST, appeared Monday night on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss the latest. She agreed that this “puts the lie” to Joe Biden’s repeated claim that he didn’t know anything about Hunter’s foreign business affairs.

Biden was “intimately involved,” she said. “...This is, at least, evidence of some sort of guilty knowledge,” referring to the huge family business scheme that the TIMES had been sniffing around. We’re not sure why the Bidens were so anxious about the TIMES finding out about this, when it was the POST doing the real reporting.

No rules for the Jan. 6 committee and 'Justice' Dept.

The January 6 committee is on an unlawful search-and-destroy mission.

This blatantly political committee, deliberately running afoul of the rules under which it was formed, exists not to find out what went wrong at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, but to wield power over Trump supporters and crush them. Attorney General Merrick Garland and his ‘Justice’ Department are openly helping them do it. One of the latest to fall victim is former Trump attorney John Eastman, who, last Wednesday, had his phone confiscated by the FBI –- on the spot, before he had even been shown a warrant.

“I’d like to see the warrant,” he said repeatedly, hands over his head in obedience. “I’d like to see the warrant before you take my property.” They pulled his phone out of his pocket anyway. He noted to the person recording, “I want you to see that they took my property before providing me with a warrant.

“I’d like to read the warrant,” he continued after they finally showed it, though the FBI already had his phone.

Eastman appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Monday evening show, explaining that the warrant gave him no specifics about what he’s alleged to have done –- “no indication of any crime that this is connected to.” It said they could confiscate his phone, “and all the information contained in the phone.”

It said the allegation was “in an attached affidavit,” but the affidavit was NOT attached to the warrant. “The Fourth Amendment’s very clear here,” he said. “When they search and seize your property, they have to give a particular description of the things to be seized.” If the affidavit wasn’t attached, they didn’t fulfill that requirement.

“The courts have been very clear about that,” he said. “So this warrant is invalid on its face.”

But what he thought was even more important is this: With modern Smartphones, the ‘Justice’ Department now has full access to all his most private information –- financial records, etc. –- and those of his “nearly 100” legal clients. This is privileged information. Eastman likened this to what used to be called a “general warrant” when British kings would issue them, “to rummage through someone’s belongings to see if they could find evidence of some crime.”

So Eastman is another victim of Pelosi’s fishing expedition. “The very reason we have the Fourth Amendment is to prevent that kind of abuse,” he said, “and yet that’s what they’re doing.”

“As an attorney, I have ethical obligations,” he said, “to do everything I can to protect the privileged communications with my clients. So we will be filing a motion --- it’s called a Rule 41 motion --- to retrieve my phone, to retrieve any information they’ve taken off of that phone, that they have illegally seized from me.”

He said they’re forcing those who “don’t bow the knee to the Biden administration to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees trying to protect our constitutional rights and those of our clients.”

(NOTE: Eastman has a GiveSendGo account set up for help with the cost of this legal fight.)

As if this weren’t bad enough, over the weekend, the committee once again showed its propensity for lying. Margot Cleveland reports in THE FEDERALIST that they blatantly lied to the public about former DOJ attorney Ken Klukowski to tie him into a plan to encourage the Georgia legislature to convene a special session to look into election irregularities and perhaps, based on its findings, select an alternate slate of electors. Liz Cheney, in particular, painted him in a suspicious light.

Klukowski has released a public statement of his own that says, “The January 6 Committee falsely accused me on Thursday of being a go-between in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election. That accusation is false both in its broad outlines and its details. Since the Committee first contacted me, I have cooperated without hesitation, provided it with hundreds of documents, and sat for many hours of recorded depositions. The information produced from those efforts fully contradicts the Committee’s statements regarding my actions, yet the Committee has chosen to keep such information to itself rather than share it with the public.”

Cleveland has full details and says the evidence backs Klukowski up. And a key person she spoke with to ascertain this, Andrew Kloster, the White House official who coordinated senior DOJ appointments, offered Cleveland this insight: “The January 6 investigation is all about attacking mid-level and senior staff like Ken, so we don’t have a farm team in 2024, no matter who the President is. This isn’t about truth, but about making it impossible for conservatives to successfully enter and leave government.”

In fact, Klukowski told Cleveland he disagreed with John Eastman about what the Vice President was empowered to do regarding the election. He believed December 14 had been the deadline for appointing electors. He also never advised Vice President Pence or any member of his staff.

“I was concerned the committee might make cynical assumptions during its investigation of January 6, Klukowski told Cleveland, “but I was stunned that the committee would make claims about me for which it had a mountain of evidence establishing, for certain, those statements were false.”

He doesn’t have a transcript of his testimony to the committee, so he’s calling on them to release it. When Cleveland contacted Liz Cheney’s office to see about this, and also to ask if she disputed what Klukowski had said about the committee fraudulently implicating him in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election, she received no reply.

She strongly advises Republican leaders to demand all transcripts of all depositions, because if they lied about Klukowski, it’s probable that they lied about other witnesses, too.

Another writer at THE FEDERALIST who gets what’s going on at the Department of ‘Justice’ is Beth Whitehead, who has an overview of the legal double standard at the DOJ. Just look at who gets raided...and who doesn’t.


Two Tragedies

Please pray for victims of two terrible transportation-related tragedies that both occurred Monday. In Mendon, Missouri, an Amtrak train hit a dump truck that was in its path at a crossing, derailing the train. Three people were killed, including the truck driver, and dozens were injured. The NTSB is investigating.

And in a horrific story, authorities in San Antonio found an abandoned 18-wheeler with up to 100 illegal migrants trapped inside in the sweltering Texas heat. Forty-six were dead. A furious Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted, “These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequence of his refusal to enforce the law.”

I don’t want to make such a tragic story into something political, but Gov. Abbott is right. This Administration and its supporters in the media mischaracterize any objections to open borders as racism or hatred of immigrants. It has nothing to do with either. 

Biden’s lax border policies are deadly on a number of levels. They’ve allowed in murderous gang members, convicted criminals, deadly drugs like fentanyl, and people on terrorist watch lists. And they’ve incentivized activities that are dangerous if not deadly for migrants, including dangerous journeys over treacherous terrain where women are often raped and beaten, human trafficking of women and children, and human smuggling by coyotes with zero regard for human life, as we saw in San Antonio.

Opposing these policies doesn’t mean that you hate anyone. It means you recognize that we have laws relating to border security, and they exist for a reason. They don’t just protect Americans, they protect would-be illegal immigrants from the deadly exploitation that explodes whenever opportunity arises. If this Administration actually cared about the lives of migrants, it would stop providing that opportunity.


Energy prices: No help

Everyone in the Biden White House keeps assuring us that President Biden is “doing everything he can do” to lower gas prices…well, everything except reversing his policies that caused them to skyrocket. But if the people around him in Washington won’t tell him the truth, he reportedly got a big dose of it at the G7 Summit in Germany.

Environmental reporter Michael Shellenberger reports that Biden had been counting on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to produce more oil to make up for the loss of Russian oil and to lower US gas prices. But French President Emmanual Macron was reportedly overheard at the G7 telling him that the UAE is at maximum capacity and the Saudis can’t produce much more. So the ball is in our court to produce more oil and prevent a world energy crisis.

Responsible leaders would already have been instituting a plan to pump more American oil, but the Biden White House is mostly pumping out blame and excuses. Biden and his supporters accuse the oil companies of not pumping more oil because it would bring down prices. The oil companies say Biden is doing everything in his power to end oil drilling. It’s hard to know who to believe.

Or it would be, if one of them weren’t on video telling us exactly what he’s doing.

In a possibly related story, the Biden Administration has been quietly sending top officials to Venezuela, ostensibly to negotiate the release of four Citgo executives who’ve been held hostage for four years by the Maduro regime. That may be a noble cause, but suspicions are high that their real goal is to normalize relations enough to get Venezuela to export some oil to the US.

There are a few problems with that, such as the fact that we have sanctions on Venezuela because we consider Maduro to be an illegitimate President who stole the election (careful!), and Russia owns a controlling interest in Venezuela’s state oil company, so any oil we get from them would enrich Putin. But if we’re going to save the Earth from climate change, we have to get our oil from somewhere other than by pumping it ourselves. That is the argument, isn’t it?

NY's rightwing, extremist judges...

The Supreme Court of New York, one of our most liberal blue states, overturned a New York City law allowing resident non-US citizens to vote in local elections. The judge said it violated state law and the state constitution, which requires voters to be US citizens over 18. The New York City Council passed it 33-14, but it was so out-there that even then-Mayor Bill DeBlasio doubted it would survive legal challenges.

While Democrats are screaming about destroying or packing the Supreme Court because it’s gone “extremist” by following the Constitution on abortion, what are they going to say about the Supreme Court of one of our bluest states also prioritizing the state constitution over liberal fever dreams? Are New York judges rightwing extremists, too?  

Of course, when your party wants to let men declare themselves to be women, demands that drag queens be allowed to teach five-year-olds about gay sex, and has 49 of its 50 senators on record as voting for abortion up to the moment of birth, and it calls Republicans extremists for opposing all that and judges extremists for following the Constitution, its real problem seems to be that it has no idea what the word “extremist” means.



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  • Jerry

    06/28/2022 04:37 PM

    Will the Hollow Headed biden figure out the war on oil has to stop and the restrictions on oil production have to to be lifted. Every one on the planet knows it has to done the war time President on oil and nuclear power is the present type of energy the country and world needs today and for the next 25 years; dumb dumb joey work on other energy sources in a couple of years get some prototypes first other than solar and wind they take up space and are very costly to maintain before you continue joey go back to trumps policies you know the smart one then check yourself in for a new brain the one you have is the opposite of right.

  • Jerry

    06/28/2022 04:07 PM

    Does anyone believe that biden is the leader of the Mexican Cartel? All action points to the Oval Office Occupant while the big Guy is out of the country poison is coming across the border enough to murder the entire US population. Carcasses are found in semi trailers dead as corpses don't speak rumors are biden didn't think they paid enough money I wonder if Hunter needs a a new ring of prostitutes drugs sex death corruption revenge are the staples the biden's lifestyle revolves around. Did The nation really" "elect""this morally corroded deadbeat?

  • stephen russell

    06/28/2022 04:05 PM

    46 dead illegals:
    Are ALL on Biden day 1
    Blame the Dems for this
    Reagen laid seeds with 1986 amnesty order

  • Carol MacMillan Godsey

    06/28/2022 02:44 PM

    Re "Two Tragedies", the 46 illegals who died in that truck would all be alive today if they had come to the US through lawful immigration portals. More blood on your hands, Joe Biden.

  • Jerry

    06/28/2022 02:12 PM

    It doesn’t matter what language one speaks while in the presence with biden the two international symbols are shown and verbally understood let’s go Brandon and absolutely stupid are the common denominator of most of the countries on the planet. The people bound to Biden by corruption insane behaviors and low moral fiber distain every fiber of this miserable human being biden is a cancer that does. Not have a cure this type of person has been around since the beginning of time