Many of you wrote to say you shared my disgust at the Democrats’ embarrassing attempt to take down Attorney General Bill Barr. But before I answer a few letters, I have to offer one quick update.

The way they treated the attorney general was shameful enough, but one Judiciary Committee member simply had to complain afterwards about HIS behavior. Here’s Pennsylvania Rep. Madeleine Dean: “He was disrespectful, spoke over [the] top of every one of us. In particular, he spoke over women. He was flanked by at least ten staffers –- not a person of color among them.”

Okay! We've pandered to women and people of color. Now, on to the letters...

From Linda:

Thanks for your continued excellent news, Governor! If I don't hear it from you, I don't trust it.

I think the Left sees that their end is near, and they are frantic in their targeting of Barr, Trump, and anyone who stands with them. They are trying anything and everything to take them down. But as Sen. Kennedy says, "The American people are not morons."

From the Gov:

You’re right about their fear of Barr; he’s too smart for them and knows too much. I’ll bet you could have smelled the fear in that room, and it wasn’t coming from him.

From Carlos:

As a Spinal Tap fan,"I know that Democrats "BREAK LIKE THE WIND.”

From the Gov:

And that’s the “Reader Comment Of The Day.”

From Tim:

Great article...Liberals are an embarrassment and are lawless with no dignity. No one is surprised by their behavior but everyone is very tired of seeing [it], and the coup continues in the streets at this point. The DOJ and GOP better do something about the censorship of conservatives on social media and the attack on voting with the mail-in election tampering and voter fraud.

From the Gov:

Agreed. I wish Barr showed more concern about mail-in ballots. Ballot integrity is CRITICAL this time –- every vote!

From Roberta:

I watched the hearing and was thoroughly disgusted with the way the Democratic representatives treated Mr. Barr. The Democratic Party is not the party that I grew up with...Surely the American people see through their lies and hopefully will reject any... Democrat candidate!

From the Gov:

I hope you’re right, and that traditionally independent voters will see it’s impossible now to vote for anyone with a “D” by his or her name. We’ve gotten a good look at what the party as a whole has become. Anything that strengthens the Democrat Party as it exists today is wrong for America.

From Karen:

Loved the reference to 1984 with the “two minutes of hate” comment. I am rereading 1984 after reading it the first time some 45 years ago. Orwell had no idea what a prophet he really was. Thank you for your common-sense approach to the news!

From the Gov:

Thanks, Karen. George Orwell imagined his bleak society of the future long before the digital age, GPS and video surveillance, which take “Big Brother” to a whole new level. But hate --- hate is timeless, like the quest for power. If the “democratic” socialists running the Democrat Party today could remake America, it would end up just like Animal Farm.

From Helen:

When Nadler said to the attorney general, "...You should be ashamed of yourself," it was too much for me. Nadler is the one who should be ashamed –- he should never show his face again. He should resign and go into hiding.

I wish there was a way to thank the attorney general and to let him know how much sympathy and sadness we have for him for going through that awful treatment.

From the Gov:

Nadler has no shame. And believe it or not, there are some who hate Trump so much, they applaud Nadler for abusing Barr. But I think Barr knows that lovers of the law are applauding HIM for his resilience. I also get the impression he’s determined to do the right thing, regardless, for its own sake. When Barr is in the room, Nadler and his Democrat colleagues are far outclassed. Not to mention outwitted --- that’s why they couldn’t risk letting him talk.

From Glenda:

Is there any way to censure the [House] Judiciary Committee for this proceeding? I have never seen anything like this before!

From the Gov:

They deserve that, but censure requires a vote on the House floor. Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t about to allow that, as she is no doubt pleased as punch with them. This is the woman who tore up the President’s State of the Union speech and has essentially called Republicans murderers.

From Laurie:

Nadler, you have met Antifa and they are you.

From the Gov:

Laurie, you’ve hit on something. It reminds me of the Greg Gutfeld tweet we featured in our own commentary. People like Nadler are using their positions of power to do to America figuratively what Antifa is doing literally; namely, burning it down. In that sense, because these elected leaders do have such power, they are even more dangerous than people with torches.

From Shannon:

...I pray that the American people can see through this and show their feelings at the polls in November. God bless the United States of America.

From the Gov:

Indeed. And I’ll leave the discussion on that hopeful note.

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  • Cecilia Villanueva

    08/04/2020 03:10 PM

    I listened To AG Barr And was upset That Those Democrat Morons Where So Rude And obnoxious! All Through His Hearing .. I Think That the Democrats have Plotted This Show For a long time ! AG Barr Should Never Give These Evil Sickos the Time of Day Ever again ! Mr. Barr You Have Done a Great Job So far & President Trump has Trust In You ! Thank You ??

  • Brenda Vanderford

    08/03/2020 03:45 AM

    I would love it if someone would invite Bill Barr on their program and give him a chance to answer the questions that he was so rudely not given the chance to answer. I think Mike Huckabee is the perfect one to do that.

  • Mickey Taylor

    08/02/2020 06:02 PM

    It is that the Dem is full hate Att Barr the fine job

  • Sharron Bedard

    08/02/2020 04:38 PM

    I believe the hate being spewed today by the DemocRATS is comparable to the hate the Germans must have had for the Jewish people in the 40’s. It’s a hate unimaginable to loyal Americans today.


    08/02/2020 02:19 PM


  • Doris Wix

    08/02/2020 02:14 PM

    It was hard to watch the hearing with Nadler presiding. And then see the rude & unprofessional manner of the Democrats in questioning A. G. Barr.
    Hopefully Americans are more clearly seeing the Lefts
    outrageous behavior as a sign that they do not need to be in power or authority of our country.

  • Norma Self

    08/02/2020 01:39 PM

    Bless Mr Barr.......

  • Pamela Blythe

    08/02/2020 01:27 PM

    We need an American oversight committee of the Congress. They have broken the Law more than any other place in the government and when you call to ask about WHO oversees them ...they say The People so let's form a "People Committee" to keep them (Congress) inline!


    08/01/2020 09:22 PM

    Hi Mike,
    I don't know if you have seen the video by a news reporter in Texas who interviewed a Texas doctor (Dr. Richard Bartlett) that was put on you tube. He has been treating people with covid since April and has 100% recovery. He is using a treatment that has been approved and used for 20 is used on premature babies (I guess to strengthen their lungs. If you could get this info to Laura Ingraham so she could invite him on her show I would appreciate it. he says Fauci is going to do a trial on it, but it will not do well if he waits until people are so ill and in the hospital. He has even treated a lady with 2 types of cancer and she made it. Thank you, Ann Ortino. I forgot to give you the link to the video. it


    08/01/2020 09:18 PM

    Hi Mike,
    I don't know if you have seen the video by a news reporter in Texas who interviewed a Texas doctor (Dr. Richard Bartlett) that was put on you tube. He has been treating people with covid since April and has 100% recovery. He is using a treatment that has been approved and used for 20 is used on premature babies (I guess to strengthen their lungs. If you could get this info to Laura Ingraham so she could invite him on her show I would appreciate it. he says Fauci is going to do a trial on it, but it will not do well if he waits until people are so ill and in the hospital. He has even treated a lady with 2 types of cancer and she made it. Thank you, Ann Ortino

  • Elizabeth Collins

    07/31/2020 08:04 PM

    I watched the whole thing.
    Had a tough time sitting and watching how they treated him!!! I wonder if we had a full moon rising!!!! Beth

  • John H

    07/31/2020 07:31 PM

    Is there any way that I could buy the State of the Union speech that Nancy Pelosi tore up?

  • jean ellis

    07/31/2020 02:37 PM

    I love you Governor but I have to tell you that I disagree with the 9-9-9 plan and in my opinion, that may well be the main reason you and Herman Cain lost the primary way back then. First off, it's never a good idea to talk about taxes on you campaign, at all. Secondly, I live in Texas, where food and medicines are tax exempt. I pay 8% now on clothing, furniture, cars or any other "non essential" item, about 6.5 back then, so why would I ever want to increase my taxes? I would not.

  • Wanda Magdalen

    07/31/2020 01:05 PM

    Mike, all great comments and answers from you! My husband and I were astonished, angry and saddened to believe that the Democrats would treat AG Barr that way! I find it really difficult sometimes to carry out my Christian behavior the way God wants me too! Unbelievable what we’re witnessing that’s going on in the United States today! God truly is our only answer! We all need to be praying that the November election will put the Republicans back in charge and they will have the spine to stand up against the Democrats once and for all!
    Thank you Mike for all you do! We love your show and continue speaking for those of us that don’t have a voice in this mess until November! God Bless you and your family! ??????

  • Jim Smith

    07/31/2020 12:06 PM

    Governor, I am perplexed as to why the Democratic Mayors of these large cities (e.g., New York, Chicago, etc.,) cannot be sued or taken to court and held accountable for violating the civil rights of their constituents, I.e., the people who elected them to office. It seems to me that if they were held accountable, financially, a lot of this looting in the cities would stop. If the cops can be held accountable for their actions, why can’t the Mayors be held accountable as well?What are your thoughts on this and can this legally be done? By the way, keep up the good work. I read your columns every day and also watch you on tv. Well don!

  • Candace handyside

    07/31/2020 09:52 AM

    The Democrats are the root of all evil we see and hear today. I’ve never been or had a reason to be fearful of America’s future. However, today, I worry everyday, certainly not the Covid-19, but these so called social justice platforms that have done nothing but create more divide thanks to the Obama administration where it all got started. I fear a civil war is on the horizon. There’s no ifs or buts. It’s coming for sure. The only hope I have to hold on to is the knowledge of knowing that there are plenty of America’s great militias out there who are more than prepared to take these Marxist terrorist organizations down in the hardest degree. They may not be saying much right now, but the silent majority will be heard with a deafening volume and these evil organizations will come to the bitter and just end they so deserve.

  • Harold Kallal

    07/31/2020 09:12 AM

    sometimes bullies only understand other bullies. The next time Barr is in front of the committee, he should bring with him a bunch of bricks and frozen water bottles. When Nadler or anyone says a stupid comment, he can hurl a few in their direction in peaceful protest as defined by democrats and the media.

  • Li Yu Chang

    07/31/2020 08:09 AM

    This would say it all, a campaign poster that read:

    "If you (heart)

    Hope to see lots of these signs everywhere.

  • Anna Proctor

    07/31/2020 07:08 AM

    I was horrified by this so called 'hearing' aka Biden promo add this week. I ask myself, "Since when is it ever, ever, ever OK to treat any human this way? Is this type of behavior what we want our kids to reflect?" The democratic reps were soooo disrespectful. Is it these monsters that are suppose to be what people of the Democratic party look up to? If this is how they behave, I want nothing to do with them. Evil, evil, evil. I was in tears for Mr. Barr and all the verbal abuse he took for truth that day.

  • Cherle Humphrey

    07/31/2020 12:47 AM

    The Democrats are showing their true colors. I hope the American people will wake up before they completely destroy our country.
    I do wish AG Barr would start issuing some indictments now. The country really needs to see what these “leaders “ have been doing.
    I also wish there was a way to let President Trump know that we do not need to delay the election. Extend the days to vote but don’t delay it.
    Thanks for being here for us with the real news. My husband and I basically get our news from you and OANN. Please continue to do so.

  • Larry Hazard

    07/31/2020 12:31 AM

    I'am so sorry to hear of Herman Cains passing. He was a great patriot and I liked his gospel singing. Mike Huckabee i'am a member of the 1040 club for the passage of the fair tax bill.We need that bill passed asap as nobody understands 72 thousand pages. Gods Blessings.Larry Hazard.

  • Rick Gooden

    07/30/2020 11:10 PM

    I believe the liberal nut-jobs did not read the place card sitting in front of Mr. Barr which read "HONORABLE" William Barr and that he is.Not many men today could voluntarily sit there and be abused as he was from a bunch of disgraceful,dispickable,liberal morons who are nothing more than simple traitors to this country !!!
    God bless Mr. Barr,President Trump and all those who stand with them and "GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."To all who vote in this election you need only remember one simple thing,if by means of cheating(mail in voting)which is the only way sleepy,lost in his own mind Joe Biden could ever win
    if we loose President Donald J. Trump in November,we loose AMERICA as we have always known and loved it,ask yourself can we afford this loss,because there's no going back afterwards !!!

  • Joan Jacobson

    07/30/2020 10:35 PM

    I haven't taken a flu vaccine yet for the same reason I would not take the vaccine for the Covoid-19.
    Companies manufacturing the vaccine have been using fetal tissue in developing the vaccine. I don't trust the drug companies. In addition, I am 82 years YOUNG and HAVE NOT HAD THE FLU, nor any symptoms of Covoid -19. I BELIEVE WE HAVE TO MANY AMERICANS THAT ARE NOT HEALTHY. (not including seniors in Nursing Homes) and believe we are not being told the truth about this VIRUS crisis. I also REFUSE TO WEAR A MASK and dislike being treated as if I am a criminal because I won't wear one. When I'm sick I STAY HOME. To conquer this virus NEED EVERYONE TO BUILD UP THEIR OWN IMMUNITY, can't wait for the vaccine and masks are a false sense of security!

  • Dusty Burton

    07/30/2020 10:33 PM

    Unless it’s effectiveness was proven my opinion would be that it would be similar to the flu vaccine, only partially effective, a guess as to what strain of the virus was going to be active this year with the potential that I would become more ill from the vaccine than from the disease!!

  • larry rippere

    07/30/2020 10:04 PM

    I particularly appreciated Barr's response to the Jenny who asked why he wasn't protecting the Michigan governor's mansion. Said he: We protect federal property. The State of Michigan has responsibility for state property. Oh!