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January 21, 2024

Let’s establish at the outset that our purpose here is not to further any so-called “conspiracy theory.”  That’s not what we do by simply asking questions about a bizarre incident that still has few answers.  After the “Justice” Department has spent three years abusing the constitutional rights of thousands of rally participants to ensnare them in their J6 net, one would think they’d have revealed the identity of the pipe bomber, locked him up and thrown away the key.  Why they haven’t done this is mystifying.

We’re duty-bound to keep asking questions --- and so far, we have a perfect record of being proven right in our skepticism of official narratives.  But, in the words of REVOLVER NEWS, “That the regime has invested so much in the ‘insurrection’ story of January 6th helps explain its commensurate hostility to anyone who challenges that narrative.”  (Of course, that’s one reason we’re exclusively on Substack now!)  Any reporting that might dare to point towards government involvement is immediately dismissed as conspiracy theory.  One FBI agent-turned-whistleblower, Marcus Allen, who shared --- without even endorsing --- a REVOLVER story with his colleagues ended up having his security clearance revoked and his loyalty to the United States questioned.  Here’s that story:

Today, newly-released Capitol Hill surveillance video examined by REVOLVER NEWS --- where they actually have real journalists trying to get the real story of the J6 pipe bomber --- shows more odd and downright inexplicable behavior surrounding the discovery of the pipe bomb at the entrance to the DNC, where Vice President Kamala Harris happened to be spending time that day.  REVOLVER’s latest story gets deep into the weeds on this new video, which was finally released thanks in part to the efforts of Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, but we encourage you to take the time to review their whole report.  We’ve summarized the most important points here.

The biggest new take-away --- and the strangest part of the story --- is that from what we see on this video, there’s no sense of urgency whatsoever when the “man with the backpack” walks over to Metro Police and Secret Service cars to tell them about the pipe bomb he has noticed by a bench near the entrance to the DNC.  Until now, the “official” narrative has been that when officers were informed of this, about 15 minutes after the other bomb had been discovered at the RNC, there was an urgent scramble to find this possibly explosive device, but, curiously, that’s not what happened at all.

They were so nonchalant, they even let children walk right past the area.  Wouldn’t they have blocked it off if they were concerned there might be a live explosive device near the sidewalk?

By the way, the man in the backpack, who has never been publicly identified by investigators but simply referred to as a “passerby,” has been confirmed by THE BLAZE’s Steve Baker to be a plainclothes officer working for the Capitol Police.  Coincidentally (or not), multiple sources have told REVOLVER NEWS that the first responder to the RNC pipe bomb was a Capitol Hill security officer who had previously worked for the Capitol Police.  What are the odds?

Baker’s story elaborates on the law enforcement officers’ stunning lack of concern after being told about the pipe bomb, saying the video shows that they took a couple more minutes and “finished their lunch” before attending to the situation.   Not that they would’ve gotten any sense of urgency from the man in the backpack.  This unhurried individual had sauntered up to the driver’s side of the Metro PD patrol van, conversed, then casually walked around to the passenger side and chatted a few more seconds. Then he’d sauntered over to the adjacent black Secret Service SUV (there to protect Kamala Harris) and spoken to the driver, and then ambled off the same way he came.

Tell me, would you behave as cavalierly as the man in the backpack if you’d just spotted a pipe bomb?  And if you were in one of those two cars and cared at all about doing your job --- or even just surviving yourself --- wouldn’t you immediately jump out of your car and get everyone the (bleep) away if you thought a bomb could go off at any moment?

After the man walks away, the video camera pans to the park benches and zooms in to where the pipe bomb had been found, so apparently some communication was made to whoever was manning that camera.  But then, things get even stranger, as several Secret Service agents come into frame, standing casually very close to the pipe bomb.  A lively group of children cross the street and walk directly in front of the benches where this WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION is still sitting.  As REVOLVER NEWS reports, “The Secret Service agents don’t think to warn these children at all, but instead themselves walk right by the bench as well, without a care in the world!  You have to see it to believe it.”

After the children pass by with no warning given, the Secret Service officers stand around for about a minute longer until a Capitol Police officer walks up close to the pipe bomb and takes a picture of it.  He then gives a thumbs-up sign to the Metro and Secret Service agents a little way down the sidewalk.  About the only way to explain this bizarre behavior is to say they all knew the bomb was inert and wouldn’t go off, but how would they possibly know that?  And if they did know that, why did they call in a bomb-safe robot to “defuse” it just a few minutes later?  It makes no sense.

And what do we say, class, when something makes no sense?  It means there’s a piece of information we don’t have.

The timing of the discoveries of the two pipe bombs was weird as well.  From REVOLVER:  “...If the discovery of the DNC pipe bomb was not related to some special urgency to look for an explosive device at the DNC in the immediate aftermath of the first [so-called] ‘RNC’ pipe bomb [NOTE:  it was closer to the nextdoor Capitol Hill Club] being reported, we are faced with a nearly impossible coincidence. This would require us to accept not only that the DNC pipe bomb somehow lay out in the open for over 17 hours undiscovered (by motorists, pedestrians, the DNC security guard, and Secret Service), but that the man in the backpack just happened to discover the DNC bomb (that had been laying undiscovered for 17 hours) barely 15 minutes after the first pipe bomb was reported. This is a very strange and remarkable coincidence indeed, and it underscores the critical need to identify and question the man in the backpack to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the DNC pipe bomb.”

The detailed REVOLVER piece also goes back over the finding of the “RNC” pipe bomb and the unlikelihood that the events surrounding the discovery of both bombs would fall together as they did.  It also examines officials’ bewildering year-long lie about Kamala being at the Capitol building when she was really at the DNC office, supposedly with her life at risk.  Worth the time.

Also, Darren Beattie at REVOLVER NEWS has just done an interview with Tucker Carlson, and in the first 20 minutes that you can see without a subscription, he discusses the strange new video and talks us through the craziness we see.

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  • JeffK

    01/22/2024 09:11 AM

    Also the RNC “pipe bomb” sleuth works in “narrative” steering intelligence. Very fishy.

  • Joel Long

    01/21/2024 02:48 PM

    And I believe there is also surveillance video of one of the two sites, with footage of critical time frame has not been released. Methinks someone planted some small bank explosives that were meant to scare, but not cause extensive damage. And then all fingers would be pointed to 'unknown MAGA extremists'.
    They cannot contain the lie forever, or, can they??

  • David Smith

    01/21/2024 01:17 PM

    Now talk about how the dominion voting machine got hacked right in front of the judge in federal court on 1/19/24 in Georgia. We already know what happened, the election was stolen and WW3 has already started.