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June 19, 2024

As Trump rises in the polls, we’re hearing more and more hysteria about his reelection equaling a far-right dictatorship, even though he already served a term during which there were no gulags for journalists or illegal alien concentration camps. In fact, until the pandemic hit, it was a time of peace, prosperity and border security, with policies that were mostly moderate, pro-business, small government, peace-through-strength Republican.

But in a couple of positive trends, we’re seeing more people defy the attempts at smearing and doxing. They're openly endorsing Trump, from black inner city communities to Silicon Valley. Concerns about being labeled (or libeled) as a “far-right extremist” for not toeing the looney left line are over and done with.

Instapundit has a great round-up of stories on how the left tries to mischaracterize all its opponents as dangerous, uninformed rightwing extremists, and how that’s no longer working, judging by the recent European Parliament elections. The media tried to paint common sense populist candidates as fascists and “the far right,” but voters across Europe are fed up with fantasyland “green” policies and open borders, and they kicked the leftist loons out of power. 

Media outlets that keep misrepresenting what’s actually happening should consider that if the people put high-handed politicians who oppress their constituents out of a job, the next on the unemployment line might be “journalists” who slander and lie about their customers.

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