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January 11, 2023



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Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Isaiah 26:3


1. Questions about Penn Biden Center, where classified docs resided

By Mike Huckabee

While most in the media were busy yesterday trying to let President Biden off the hook for possessing classified documents after President Trump had had his HOME RAIDED over a similar issue, a few real journalists started asking the big questions, such as how and why classified material found its way to an unsecured office at the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy & Global Engagement in the first place.

First, what IS the Penn Biden Center (for etc. etc.)? Hunter Biden envisioned it as something like the Clinton Global Initiative, “without the money raise.” At least that’s what he wrote to a business associate in April 2016. (We know this thanks to an email on the infamous laptop he abandoned at a Delaware computer shop.) But the big money was going to have to come from somewhere. As John Solomon at JUST THE NEWS reports, “questions linger” about whether the millions in anonymous Chinese donations to the University of Pennsylvania found their way to this purported think tank.

The university has given a consistent --- as in, prepared --- response to JUST THE NEWS whenever asked about this: that “the University has never solicited any funds for the Penn Biden Center” and that no money from China has ever been given to it. However, the Center is operated out of the University’s general fund, accepting no direct donations, and federal records show that massive Chinese donations have gone to the University since the Center’s inception. Even if the bookkeeping is on the up-and-up, it's easy to see how the Center might indirectly benefit by many, many millions of dollars.

Read the story for details from Paul Kamenar, an attorney for the National Legal & Policy Center, on why undue Chinese influence is “a reasonable assumption.”

And notice that this timely story is from TWO YEARS AGO. People don’t pay attention until they do. It’s time to pay attention to this.

The WASHINGTON FREE BEACON also reported at that time that “Foreign contributions to the University of Pennsylvania tripled since the Penn Biden Center’s soft opening in March 2017, rising from $31 million in 2016 to over $100 million in 2019.” Wow, it appears to have been just as Hunter Biden said! And the largest foreign contributor was China. What was all that foreign money to the ‘University’ supposed to be for?

Tucker Carlson talked about their report Tuesday night, sparking them to tweet about it and link to their original story, which reported that Biden Secretary of State-to-be Anthony Blinken was then serving as director of the Penn Biden Center. Cozy. Fascinating reading in light of what’s going on now:

Carlson also pointed out something intriguing on the website for the Penn Biden Center, a subhead called “Addressing Threats to the Liberal International Order.” Whatever that “order” is, they say this:

Throughout his decades of public service, the Center’s namesake, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., has fought to secure American global leadership by defending and advancing a liberal international order...Today, this order is under threat. It is being challenged by authoritarians and extremists and strained by the pace, scope, and disruptive nature of global change. It is in our interest as Americans to defend the liberal international order, even as we work to improve it to better reflect the times in which we live and address the new challenges we face.”

So, what is the “Liberal International Order”? Whatever it is, we see that Russia is named as a threat to it, as well as “nationalist leaders who fuel fear and division at home.” (Ah, could they possibly mean MAGA Republicans?) But China is not mentioned.

“As far as the University of Pennsylvania goes, NEW YORK POST reporter Miranda Devine told him, “there’s a long, incestuous, symbiotic relationship with the Bidens. Joe Biden got his grandchildren in there. He got the children of friends in there. He treated it as his own little playpen.” One thing we didn’t know: when he stepped down as Vice President, the University paid him almost $1 million when he put his name on “that supposed think tank.” She speculated it was his name that attracted a lot of Chinese money to the school.

The POST reported the details on all that Chinese money and the suspicious timing of much of it. Ivy League schools in general seem to be on a quest to see who can rake in the most Chinese donations.

Tucker also related a previously unknown (to us) story about communications between a University of Pennsylvania professor and Hunter’s daughter Naomi: “I’m writing to you tonight to invite you to take part in a major conference in China at the end of March. I’ve been asked (due to my own personal quanxi) to help recruit a prominent young leader. They will fly you [to Beijing] business class and of course provide all your accommodations...I don’t think it would surprise you that they are interested in you thanks to your family name. I would not take offense to that. It is truly the Chinese way (and frankly, better you than that dolt Tiffany Trump). If you are interested...” etc. She was to expect an invitation from the head of the conference.

Who is this professor, and why is he the intermediary for such an arrangement? And why the gratuitous slap at Tiffany Trump, when it’s the Bidens who aren’t looking very good here? (By the way, emails show that when Naomi told dad Hunter about the offer, he advised her to “go for it” and even to ask for a second invitation for her boyfriend.)

JUST THE NEWS looked at the timeline for Trump’s classified-documents problem and Biden’s classified-documents problem and found something very interesting. On November 2, two weeks BEFORE Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a special counsel to investigate Trump’s possession of such documents, Biden’s attorneys had disclosed to government lawyers that they’d discovered “sensitive documents with classified markings” in Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center. So Garland knew about it --- six days BEFORE the midterm election. Of course, this is one more thing voters were never told about before an election.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said, “The Biden operation hid from the American people the discovery of classified records in VP Biden’s office just before November elections. Will there now be a raid on Biden’s home?”

I’m thinking right now that the greatest threat to “our democracy” is the fact that some of the most pertinent information voters want and deserve to know is strategically hidden from them until AFTER ELECTIONS. And this is being done to us by the very people who claim we’re the threat.

In fact, that’s one of the questions Solomon has: “Did the government delay notifying the public for political or other purposes, such as sparing Biden from criticism or to keep voters in the dark before Election Day?” We assume that question is rhetorical. Solomon also wonders whether the Chinese had access to the classified material kept at the Penn Biden Center. I don’t think it matters much that Biden’s attorneys were cooperative after the classified documents were found. If you think Chinese spies had NOT seen every scrap of paper in that office, which was essentially funded with Chinese money and within walking distance of Capitol Hill, you flunk this class.

Bonchie at REDSTATE explains clearly why those who are spinning so hard to say Trump endangered national security but Biden’s “little accident” is “no big deal” are making themselves look ridiculous.

Finally, Jesse Watters had an excellent opening segment about this story Tuesday night, making all the right points and asking all the right questions. Highly recommended...


RELATED: Attorney and Freedom Of Information Act expert Kevin Evans of Colorado, who is suing the ‘Justice’ Department to get records concerning the foreign business dealings of Hunter and James Biden, had his hearing on Monday. In a status report he gave the court, he said, Plaintiffs submit that there is a significant public interest in such records: e.g., concerns regarding national security, influence peddling, and whether such favors and gifts were provided in exchange for an illicit quid pro quo.”

Evans argued for “limited discovery,” including asking the DOJ to answer a list of specific questions. The DOJ wants to proceed to summary judgment without discovery --- no surprise there. Discovery is what they do not want. As of early Wednesday morning, no word yet from the judge.

Hunter Biden Documents Case: DOJ Says It’s ‘Not Trying to Hide the Ball’

Leave me a comment, I read them.

2. Sarah gets to work

By Mike Huckabee

This is a good article about my daughter Sarah’s inauguration speech as Governor of Arkansas, and how she immediately went to work, issuing a slate of important executive orders that are listed here.

By the way, it might not be the most consequential, but I love the fact that she banned the use of the concocted PC term “Latinx” from government communications. Nobody, particularly Latinos, likes that word, except maybe whoever the ignoramix was who invented it.



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3. A skull full of mush

By Mike Huckabee

One of the reasons why the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was such a towering figure is that he applied his razor sharp intellect to every decision. He looked at the facts, the law, and the Constitution; he knew that words had very specific meanings; and he never let himself be swayed by appeals to emotion, politics or prejudice.

We could desperately use more people like him in America’s law schools, particularly if this is an example of what passes for a university law professor these days: someone who tries to equate Justice Scalia with a KKK member because he expected a defendant to show that racial prejudice actually impacted the verdict in his case instead of just accepting his claim that it must have.

Remember the old TV series “The Paper Chase?” Each episode started with Professor Kingsfield telling students, “You come in here with a skull full of mush; you leave thinking like a lawyer.” I can’t help suspecting that this professor’s students have the opposite experience.


4. FAA Pileup

By Mike Huckabee

This morning, there was another major pileup of flight delays and cancellations (over 1200 at this writing) after the FAA suffered a serious computer outage. There’s supposedly no evidence that it was due to a cyber attack. More details at these links:

As much as I don’t like big government, it’s at times like this when I really do wish we had a Transportation Secretary.

On that subject, here’s Bonchie from with an explanation of what’s happening at the FAA and why the unparalleled incompetence and uselessness of Pete Buttigieg will not in any way stop the left from cheering for him to keep failing upward into the White House.

5. Biden praised for doing nothing

By Mike Huckabee

Just two days after posing for a photo op at a wall at the border in El Paso, President Biden met with the leaders of Canada and Mexico. Mexico’s President praised him for being the first US President in a long time who hasn’t built “even one meter of wall” on the border. How telling is that?

There’s a lot more about this summit at the link if you’re interested, but here’s the problem in a nutshell: Biden dismantled our border security and has allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter the US, many bringing with them crime, human trafficking, disease and deadly drugs such as fentanyl. (NOTE: Of course, they’re not ALL criminals, other than breaking our immigration laws. It’s ridiculous even to have to say that, but you know that will be the left’s response, since it’s the only one they have.) Rather than do his constitutional duty to enforce our immigration laws, Biden is blaming the problem on Republicans for not agreeing to “comprehensive immigration reform,” which means solving out-of-control illegal immigration by making all illegal immigrants legal. It’s the same tactic the left has used to claim crime is down in blue cities: you just stop arresting criminals, and voila! Police crime reports plummet!  

If anyone would like to dispute that, feel free. But first, you have to explain why the President of Mexico is openly praising Biden for being the first US President to do nothing at all about keeping illegal immigrants out of America.

6. Updates On President Biden’s Classified Documents Problem

By Mike Huckabee

Biden finally responded to the news that there were mishandled classified documents from his VP tenure in the office of a Biden-associated think tank in DC. But if you thought he was going to provide an actual explanation for how they got there, then you don’t know Joe.

Also, according to CNN (surprisingly), we now know that some of those documents include intelligence memos and briefings dealing with the UK, Iran and (wait for it)…Ukraine.

I’d suggest that we should investigate Joe’s (and Hunter’s) dealings with Ukraine, but I don’t want anyone impeaching me.

Finally, while Biden accused Trump of being “irresponsible” in the handling of documents (even though Trump’s documents were under lock and key with armed guards at his home while Biden’s were reportedly in an unguarded think tank closet), the next question is: Was there anyone in this Administration who wasn’t within easy reach of those unsecured classified documents? )




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  • William J Douglas

    01/12/2023 11:21 AM

    Here have been countless incidents where Trump is investigated. They find nothing but the investigation affects elections, thus achieving its purposes. Even when the lies are exposed, there is no action taken. With control of DOJ I expect the same with the Biden document issue. We have seen this movie before.

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    01/12/2023 01:34 AM

    So glad your daughter is now the Governor of Arkansas!

  • Pat Green

    01/11/2023 05:21 PM

    Just a thought. I can't imagine a Joe Biden think tank.

  • Jerry

    01/11/2023 03:55 PM

    Go to work Sarah and make another state born again America. I could wish for a a DeSantis as our Governor I am hope fully U will be the next DeSantis rebuilding states one at time now the country can hope for 2 at a time. A new slogan America reborn we have to stop killing America with democrats on a killing spree. Killing free speech killing the fossil fuel sector, killing faith in our God, killing the American Population with biden's cartels deadly drugs, rapes and just plain murder. How many terrorist has biden allowed into the country time is going to tell all who and how many lives will be destroyed by biden's terrorist. Tic ToK when will biden unleash his gang of terriorists? They are in the planning stage and the FBI is busy with what? Not one or two terrorist has been arrested although the country now houses 1000"s of them.


    01/11/2023 03:04 PM

    The next question: How do we know nothing was removed from the Biden classified documents before they were "found" or between finding and reporting?

  • Anne Turner

    01/11/2023 01:52 PM

    Sarah looks beautiful. He’s proud and son is awed.

    So how can you say Pete’s not qualified? He has the overriding qualification. I suspect my liberal friends may know some of these things but they will simply shrug them off as misinformation or hatefulness or who cares. The overriding consideration is Trump EVIL. Nothing else really matters. Christians who believe in the Commandments are haters. You have to get down to the fundamentals. Another goodie is “ they all do it”. It’s kind of like drug addiction or alcoholism, hitting bottom has to come before working way out. We are working on hitting bottom but aren’t there yet. Don’t even mention to Libs that there might be some issues with Covid vaccines.

    Yes Covid is an awful disease but I would like some refinements of the statistics. Deduct those that died in nursing homes in New York, deduct this that died of other causes but had Covid, deduct those that had terminal diseases. Count how many who had at least two shots and got Covid. Count how many who had side effects of a serious nature. Yes, I took the first two shots. i was 80:when it started so I would have been foolish not to do so, but I question about small children when we have no idea about long term effects.

  • James Edward Bagby

    01/11/2023 01:21 PM

    Congratulations to Sarah. She will be a great Gov. just like her father,only a lot better looking.