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September 2, 2023



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An explanation for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s latest brief “freeze-up”

Capitol physician Dr. Brian P. Monahan provided an explanation for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s latest brief “freeze-up” in front of reporters, his second in a month. Monahan said occasional lightheadedness is not uncommon when recovering from a concussion as McConnell is, and can also be caused by dehydration. He cleared McConnell to return to his regular schedule.

Discuss.  You know you want to.

Fake News Alert!

The Daily Mail reported that a $50 million super PAC called “Ron to the Rescue” closed and switched to Trump because of DeSantis’ badly-run campaign. But the DeSantis campaign called it a “scam PAC” that had been using his name and likeness without permission.

Rob Pyers, Research Director for the non-partisan California Target Book, reported that the PAC has actually raised less than $300 and has no money on hand. Also, its creators have been accused of scams before, including a bogus facemask supply deal with California.

Jobs update

The Labor Department reported Friday morning that the economy added 187,000 jobs in August. That’s within the range predicted by economists, which was a pretty wide berth: between 40,000 and 190,000 (that should give you an idea of how unpredictable things are.)  The unemployment rate jumped from 3.5 to 3.8%.

But I don’t know why I even bother to report these numbers because they seem to keep collapsing after a month, like rotting Jack-o-lanterns. Every month seems to bring an optimistic number along with a downward revision of the previous month’s optimistic number. We were told last month that 187,000 jobs were created in July, but that was revised downward to 157,000. Last month, June’s number of 185,000 was revised downward to 105,000.

Is this sort of thing due to bad data, or a deliberate attempt to create a false rosy picture, then quietly restore reality when nobody’s paying attention? There’s more on that suspicion, and a number of other economic numbers that keep mysteriously shrinking after they’re reported, here:

“Here’s what you voted for!”

Someone in top Democrat circles must really want to grease the stairs under President Biden (a cruel metaphor, I know.) Data was leaked to the Washington Post showing that a record-breaking 300,000 migrants crossed the U.S. border in August. And not only did WaPo actually report that, but they also pointed out that it was the second consecutive month in which border apprehensions rose more than 30 percent.

In a related story, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to order the city attorney to investigate Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to see if he’s violated any laws in sending some of the illegal immigrants Biden is letting stream into Texas on to blue cities like L.A. If so, they want to sue him and press criminal charges.

Only Democrats could play so fast, loose and partisan with the law as to think that it’s perfectly legal to let unvetted foreign nationals pour into the US illegally, but it’s a felony to offer them a free bus ride to L.A. Incidentally, In 2020, Los Angeles County voted for Biden over Trump by 80-18%, so they don’t have any room to complain about the results of Biden reversing Trump’s border security measures.

Also related: Some people said Joe Biden couldn’t do it, but as Barack Obama once said, never underestimate Joe’s ability to (BLEEP) things up. He's actually managed to fill up New York City beyond capacity with illegal aliens.

That’s right, even the Big Apple itself is out of room for all the illegal immigrants Joe has let in, but don’t worry, he has a solution: he’s going to start shipping them to New Jersey!  Well, that oughta make ‘em stop coming here!

Sorry, New Jersey, no offense, but that joke was just too easy to resist. Biden’s solution to his deliberately-created problem is not to seal the border and start expelling illegal entrants but to put them shuttle them off to other New York communities, as well as places in New Jersey, like the Atlantic City International Airport. From now, when I say I “live at the airport,” I’ll have to explain that I don’t mean that literally, like some people.

I’m sure Texans would feel a lot sorrier for them if New York hadn’t voted for Biden over Trump in 2020 by 23 points, and New Jersey voted for Biden by 14 points. Texas should put banners on their incoming buses of illegal aliens reading, “Here’s what you voted for!”

New website launched

The Defense Department announced that it is launching a website,, as a “one stop shop” to find all declassified reports on UFOs, or the latest official name, UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.)

Call me a skeptic, but I find the timing suspiciously convenient that just as we’re learning all these nefarious things the government has secretly been doing, suddenly they’re okay with a whistleblower publicly claiming there are all these secrets about space aliens for us to get worked up over, even though the whistleblower has never actually seen of them personally. Whistleblowers are meant to draw attention, but do you know what else they can do? Distract attention.

Good News For The Second Amendment

After nearly a decade in court, Washington, DC, has agreed to pay $5.1 million to settle a lawsuit over its arrests and jailings of legal gun owners for violating DC gun laws that were later struck down as blatantly unconstitutional.

Today’s “Life In A Blue City,” Part 1

Maybe San Francisco’s politicians will finally do something about crime now that’s so bad, it’s forcing vegan restaurants to close.

Today’s “Life In A Blue City,” Part 2

In the Oakland, California, suburb of Emoryville, Democratic city councilman Kalimah Priforce rode his bike to a local mall to talk to shop owners about the rampant theft plaguing the city. While he was talking about it, someone stole his wallet and keys from his bike bag.

That’s actually not bad. In most blue cities, they would’ve stolen his bike and whatever it was chained to.


The next election should hinge on priorities: which Party do the voters think has its priorities straight? For instance:

Republicans think we should put the needs of Americans first. President Biden wants to send $95 million to help Americans who were victims of the worst wildfire in a century in Maui. That’s one-tenth of one percent of what he’s given to Ukraine so far.

While China is engaged in an unprecedented military build-up for the express purpose of defeating the US, our current woke Pentagon leaders are focusing on things like lowering standards, diversity, equity and promoting tolerance for drag queens and transgender soldiers. Stephen Green of PJ Media has some sobering thoughts about how that’s going to end, and it wasn’t what he originally set out to write, but the more he researched it, the more obvious – and frightening – it became.

A Daily Wire investigation has uncovered emails showing that while the Biden Administration was tragically bungling the withdrawal from Afghanistan that cost the lives of 13 heroic Marines and who knows how many of our Afghan allies, top Pentagon officials were prioritizing getting the Secretary of Defense to sign a climate change initiative.

Republicans are being warned that if they don’t abandon abortion as an issue, they will lose big because so many women will vote on that issue alone. Is it really impossible to make a convincing case that with all these disasters happening all around us…and with the open border, drug deaths, homelessness, inflation, interest rates, most Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, and crime so out of control that people are afraid to leave their homes…that if you think the only issue that matters is protecting late term abortions, then maybe you should rethink your priorities?

Not Guilty

Former President Trump waived arraignment and filed a “not guilty” plea in the (Editor’s note: “ridiculous”) RICO charges against him in Georgia.

Trump also released a new video, telling Americans who he thinks is behind all these indictments. This is not a video that will leave you asking, “I wonder what he really thinks of them?...”

Finally, the judge in the Georgia trial ruled that it can be televised and live streamed. That would likely make it the only Trump trial that is televised, unless it’s moved to federal court. Well, you can’t have a show trial without a show, can you? This may be another one of those ill-advised liberal dreams like the Trump mugshot that leftists have dreamed about for years, only to have it blow up in their faces when Americans see what garbage this is. And did they forget, Trump is much better than his enemies on TV?

“Strike Force Five”

To raise money for their striking writers and staffs (and I suspect to remind Americans who no longer care that they still exist), five late night “comedy” show hosts are teaming up to do a low-rent podcast called “Strike Force Five.” I don’t advise you to watch the promo since it only demonstrates how desperately they need writers (not their regular writers, but good ones.) The “humor” involves Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon being cutesy with Stephen Colbert over which one he means when he says, “Jimmy,” and it ends with John Oliver calling fans the “F-word.” Seth Meyers is also present.

You can tell how much viewers miss “entertainment” like this from the fact that despite having national publicity and all five hosts, at this writing, the podcast has less than 8100 followers on Twitter. Obviously, they need to tell a lot more Trump jokes.

More good news for fans to reality

I told you the good news that Americans are finally waking up and pushing back against the unrealistic crusade to force everyone to drive electric cars, and automakers like Ford are reading the tea leaves and transitioning to hybrids. Well, here’s more good news for fans of reality: before the entire surface of the Earth is covered with spinning wind turbines that kill every bird in the sky, people are starting to realize that that, too, is an unrealistic, unscientific pipe dream. Their generating power is way overestimated, as is the lifespan of the equipment, not to mention the many other problems they’re having, from rust to beached whales.

Consequently, wind power companies are seeing big drops in value, as nations like Denmark are finally starting to tune out the scowling children and get serious about building new nuclear plants that can provide sufficient, reliable energy, whether the wind is blowing or not.

Related: Our favorite YouTube auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer has previously railed about the stupidity of wind turbines, and he has a new video up I think you’ll get a kick out of. It opens with him gutting useless electric pickups and ends with a rant on the “stupid” green idea of making highways out of recycled plastic (they fall apart and leach plastic into the water supply.) In between, he answers some car repair questions, and I think you’ll get a laugh out of how he illustrates his reader’s “idiot” mechanic.


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    Here is my thoughts on age requirements for our country's leaders. I think a way better thing is not age requirements but mental test at a regular period of time for all federal government including federal. Aoc. McCollum and Biden.
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