October 3, 2020


October 3, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


For those who don’t follow sports, Jason Whitlock is a highly-regarded sportswriter with over 25 years’ experience, including ESPN, Fox Sports, AOL Sports, the Sporting News and other major outlets. He is also African-American. And he’s just taken a brave stand against the prevailing PC orthodoxy in professional sports with a must-read column at called “USA or NBA: That Is An Easy Choice For Me.”

The gist is that as a lifelong basketball fan, he “just can’t take it anymore.” He’s had enough of "the kneeling. Black Lives Matter splashed across the court. The finger-wagging, self-righteous commercials. The ‘Vote’ T-shirts. The silly slogans on the back of the jerseys.” And for the first time ever, he turned off game one of the NBA Finals when only one brave player defied the groupthink and stood during the National Anthem.

Whitlock describes how the NBA, with players like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, used to represent the best of America. But now, all the league, players and Nike care about is pleasing China and selling to the Chinese market. Whitlock writes:

“(LeBron) James, Nike and China have dragged the NBA into a racial propaganda war with the United States as the opposition. I feel like I’m being forced to choose between love of country and love of basketball. That’s not a hard choice for me. I choose America. I can survive without the NBA. The NBA apparently can’t survive without pleasing communist-run China.” And they’re doing it by treating people like Jacob Blake as if they were Medgar Evers or Rosa Parks and genuflecting before Black Lives Matter, “a Marxist, anti-religion organization.”

He writes, “Black Lives Matter and Antifa are burning down a country I love. I’m not going to support a group of pampered millionaires who support the anarchists destroying the country that made them rich.”

Those are just the highlights so please click through and read the entire thing. I’m sure he’ll get grief over it from the media and the league, so show your support in the comments. FYI: when I read it, there were already 69 comments, and every last one was in complete agreement.

Maybe that would explain the catastrophic ratings drop for the finals opener between the Miami Heat and the Lakers with LeBron James. Even with millions of Americans stuck at home on lockdown, viewership plummeted 45% from last year to just 7.41 million, the smallest audience for the NBA Finals since 1994.

As they say, "Get woke, go broke." Or to put it in terms Nike would understand: “Swoosh! There went all your fans and customers!”


The Piedmont Unified School District in California announced that students would have to undergo “anti-racism” training, including the controversial topics of “systemic racism” and “identity privilege,” after a noose-like rope was spotted dangling from a tree in front of a local home.

The “noose” turned out to be nothing more than a child’s rope swing, but if you think that meant the school realized it was just an overblown false alarm with zero racist intentions and canceled the brainwashing, then you don’t know how today’s schools work. By all means, teach children that lynchings were an awful and tragic page of America’s history. But that’s not what they’re doing. I won’t quote it here because it’s a stream of leftist gobbledygook, but click the link to read how the school administrators attempt to use racism from the past to justify pushing more racism in the present.


I’ve known for a while that the moderator of the next Presidential debate is a former intern for Joe Biden, but it’s nice to see that word is finally getting around. Although I don’t know whether “intern” is really worse than “lap dog,” so I’m not certain why anyone is surprised.

By the way, knowing Joe Biden’s pathological fear of getting COVID-19 (understandable; he is 77 years old), and that the debate is set for just two weeks from now, I wonder what the odds are that it will actually take place or if Biden’s handlers will see Trump’s having just left quarantine by that time as a viable excuse to cancel. If so, I refer you to my suggestion after debate #1: “Debate by Zoom conference.”


“They Don’t Hear Very Well, Do They?” The media continue to press President Trump to denounce white supremacist groups and claim he refuses to do it. I recently shared a video showing him doing that exact thing on seven different occasions. Now, someone has compiled a longer video showing him doing it on 17 different occasions. You can watch it at this link, along with some more examples the video left out, which brings the total number of public condemnations of white supremacists to over 20.

All of this is a straw man. There is no giant surge in the number of white supremacist hate groups, or the SPLC wouldn't have to keep slandering benign Christian conservative groups as "hate groups" to gin up donations. We also know that the ludicrous claim that the rioters destroying blue cities are rightwing extremists in disguise is a lie because if they really were rightwingers, instead of being immediately released to do it again, they'd actually be arrested, jailed and have the book thrown at them, like anyone in those cities who uses his Second Amendment rights to defend his life, property or family.

The idea that Trump's supporters are all racists and white supremacists is a feeble excuse the Democrats cooked up to explain why he beat them in 2016. It saved them having to do any serious self-reflection about why they were really rejected, like the fact that eight years of Obama had proven that their policies are a disaster, and that they had nominated the most arrogant, entitled, dishonest and unlikable candidate in history.

Incidentally, the one candidate in the 2020 Presidential race who actually has been endorsed by a genuine, prominent white supremacist (Richard Spencer) is Joe Biden.

His campaign denounced the endorsement, but Biden himself never has personally. So how come the media aren’t demanding that he denounce Spencer’s endorsement? Oh, right: they don’t really believe this is an issue. It’s just a way to smear Trump with the same false accusation. Over and over and over. I think Candace Owens described the diminishing effects of this tactic perfectly in one word: “Boring.”

Say, here’s a way to put a fresh spin on it and make it more interesting: how about if the media start demanding that the Democrats apologize for their long, long history of supporting white supremacists?



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  • Carol Hopper

    10/07/2020 11:35 AM

    I agree entirely. The USA means more to me. I have lived without NBA, NFL, MLB and especially nike since this started. God bless America. ???????

  • Carol Hopper

    10/06/2020 01:54 PM

    I agree entirely. The USA means more to me. I have lived without NBA, NFL, MLB and especially nike since this started. God bless America. ???????

  • Joe Thibodeau

    10/04/2020 07:08 AM

    How I LOVE Proverbs. It's difficult for me to not include verse 5 with verse 6.

    5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    6 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

  • Robin Gonsalves

    10/04/2020 04:55 AM

    Why are all these millionaire losers virtual signaling and not wearing masks and not standing six feet apart?
    Do we get to say they asked for it when they get the China wuhan flu?
    Listen to the science as Chuck Scummer, piglosi lap dog tells us about POTUS Trump!
    Should we celebrate them getting infected and wish them the very best that death has to offer them?
    Or do we just say that you can’t hide from the flu, even if it’s China’s flu and live life with out shutting down of country?

  • Julia Castillo

    10/03/2020 05:51 PM

    NBA, NFL, NHL... they can keep it all! No tickets, no t-shirts and no airtime at my house! These saps got rich off of the country they are now destroying! Ship them and Nike to the China they love!


    10/03/2020 05:40 PM


  • Sue Lott

    10/03/2020 05:36 PM

    Why are the moderators for the debates Democrats, haters of Trump, or friends of Biden? Who is picking these moderators? And why can’t there be a Republican moderator or at least on that is unbiased?

  • Paul Kern

    10/03/2020 05:27 PM

    It dawned on me after a year of increasing acrimony from the MSM and other leftist groups and false churches and religious organizations that America has become addicted to hatred and ad hominem attacks.
    No longer are there real discussions and debates between the 2 sides with the only exceptions being the true conservative web sites.
    Marx and all the other totalitarians would be smiling at this.
    Lenin's " useful fools" are out in force.
    I believe God is calling His people back to our first love.

  • Firewagon

    10/03/2020 04:42 PM

    “USA or NBA: That Is An Easy Choice For Me.” Can I say 'DITTO?' I have not watched the NBA since they started the 'Kneeling QB' exercise - I had already SHUT DOWN the NFL. I also change the channel anytime some network attempts to run any 'highlights' of some pro game!

    Regarding the "White Supremacist" 'strawman' directed at President Trump, he should refer ANY MORE of those ridiculous questions to the 'archives' of his replies! He should no longer give any credence to those questions by answering them. If the 'incompetent, "fake," media' needs help, refer them to a fifth-grader for assistance with Google.


    10/03/2020 03:31 PM

    I recently received an email from an American, Christian missionary named Rev. Mike Keyes, Sr. He is the founder and director of Mike Keyes Ministries International which is primarily located in the Philippines but has outreach around the world.
    He comes to our church about once a year as an Evangelist and concentrates his message on support of his overseas mission.
    In his latest communication he had this message that I thought was extremely pertinent for the time we are in and should be available to all fellow citizens who refer to themselves as Christians. The words would be of no benefit for non-believers but if all people who believe in God could see this, and respond, I believe our country stands a very good chance of surviving this damaging attack by the radical left.
    This is from Rev. Mike Keyes.
    If you are an American citizen, pay attention! Millions of Believers don’t vote in our national elections, and that must change now. The upcoming presidential election on November 3rd is the most critical in our lifetime, and many Christians don’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation. Either they’ll choose to stay home and not vote, or they’re going to vote for the wrong candidate. Remember, there are only 2 viable candidates, so only one will win. At stake is our very way-of-life, the protection of our Constitution and Bill of Rights as written, and most importantly, the protection of our freedoms to share Jesus and obey the Great Commission of Mark 16:15-18. There are forces in play doing all they can to censor, silence and eliminate the Christian voice, and the only way this can be negated in the secular arena is in the voting booth. Jesus said if you love Him, you will keep His commandments (John 14:15). The Great Commission is not a suggestion or a recommendation. It’s a command. We have been commanded to go into all the world and share Jesus with people. Therefore, we have a God-mandated obligation to exercise our right to vote, and stand for the freedoms in this country that give us the ability to continue to evangelize and among many other things, protect innocent life from conception. Without debate, as far as nations go, America has historically been God’s greatest tool for world-wide evangelism, and whoever is President is the key to keeping that fact a fact. Remember, just like how God selected David, He looks at a person’s heart, and sees things we can’t (1 Samuel 16:7-12). Aside from Jesus, God has always worked with imperfect people, because no one is without sin. All men are flawed to one degree or another, you and I included. So, I will give you some simple guidelines to follow when (not if) you want to make your voice be heard. 1) PRAY! Intercede for the election. Pray that every Christian will understand what we’re talking about, and vote accordingly. Remember, we’re first and foremost Christians, not Republicans or Democrats, so our vote is motivated by spiritual realities and responsibilities. 2) VOTE! Not voting IS voting – you’re taking away a vote for the person who is best aligned to protect the eternal principles of Biblical righteousness. 3) DON’T WASTE YOUR VOTE. There are only 2 political parties in America. Voting for some independent because you don’t “like” either of the two candidates is foolishness. It’s the same as not voting at all. It’s a wasted vote. 4) VOTE POLICIES NOT PERSONALITIES. Vote for the political platform each candidate’s party stands for. Both candidates have a checkered past, but you must look beyond all of that. We’re not voting for personalities, but policies. Which political party most closely aligns itself with God, the things of God, the commandments of God, and the righteous standards clearly laid out in scripture? 5) EXAMINE EACH CANDIDATE’S POLITICAL HISTORY. After being elected to public office, which one has performed more in line with the interests of the kingdom of God while in a position of political authority? One has been in that position for almost 50 years, the other only 3.5 years. Using your Bible as the standard for your choice, ask God to show you which candidate best agrees with HIS standards, not anyone else’s. 6) VOTE FEARLESSLY. Listen to God, no one else. Forget about your family’s ‘history” when voting. Don’t bow to any “pressure” applied to influence your choice. Be an independent individual who understands someday you’ll stand before God to answer for the choices you’ve made in life, including the choice you made when voting for our next President. You won’t stand before your family, your relatives, your friends, your co-workers or fellow students on judgment day. You will stand before God – alone. With that in mind, make your choice wisely this November 3rd.
    7) PRAY FOR NATIONAL REPENTANCE. The political and social landscape has worsened dramatically since our last presidential election four years ago. Like never before, Christians are hated and being censored at every turn. Read Psalms 37 and 64 as examples of what lies ahead. Judgment is coming, but it can be delayed. One candidate has proven by his words and actions to be an ally of the Christian faith since 2016. The other one hasn’t. Second Chronicles 7:14 says it all. Only the church has the ability to impose a stay of execution upon our country. The life we live, both in this world and before God, is the key to saving this country from itself, and from the ungodly. We must do what we can in the voting booth, and then in our prayer closets. Pray for spiritual revival. Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit across this land in ways and breadth never seen before. Pray for our national spiritual revival, according to Titus 2:11-14. We can do our part socially by voting righteously, but spiritually, we can do even more! We can go into the spiritual realm, and do battle there in the name of Jesus. No one else can do that! Either way, it’s up to us!
    That’s it!
    It would be wonderful if all of those who believe in the God of the Universe, could receive this additional information from Rev. Keyes to enhance even further, “THE CAUSE”!
    I believe that this battle we are in, at this time, is so important, that all effort, whatever it takes to defeat the radical left, is worth it. All stops should be pulled out!
    I was wondering if there is some way you could make this available to your viewers that are undecided or still on-the-fence about who they will vote for or are not completely energized about the importance of their vote.
    Just a thought. I know you are very busy and have limitations but this message struck me as very well said and of unique inspiration. I found myself thinking that I wished all Christians could have access to it.
    Thanks and all blessings on you and yours,
    Dave Trueblood, email [email protected]
    Yelm, WA.

  • stephen mitchell

    10/03/2020 03:28 PM

    My sentiments , exactly . I played a lot of different sports in my life , but basketball is my favorite . I don't watch any " professional " sports anymore . I cannot relate or sympathize with someone making millions of dollars playing a game , that I would play for free . Let them all go to China and see how that works out for them !

  • Colonel Douglas CLEMENTS

    10/03/2020 02:54 PM


  • Deborah Gaulter

    10/03/2020 02:06 PM

    USA! I wish they would just leave! They don’t have to live here. Or at least do something more productive if they want change. Promoting violence, rioting, disrespect for others isn’t productive at all. I will not watch NBA, NFL etc or support them, if thy cannot support our country and respect the lives of everyone!

  • James Evart

    10/03/2020 01:54 PM

    I think the corruption of the FBI in the Russian investigation of the Trump candidacy a is a primary concern now, as we cannot trust Biden as he was part of the hoax. If Biden will commit to a special counsel to investigate his involvement in the FBI and his role in the 3 year investigation to nowhere, and how Hunter Biden without the VP’s influence leveraged jobs in Ukraine and China that made him a millionaire he has my vote. Otherwise I am voting down the line for the other racist genocidal, xenophobic, homophobic, and misogynistic party.

    A good friend of ~40 years wrote this to me the other day and I agreed completely with, "Me too!". He also sent me along the following link:

    which I also totally agree with, given the viciousness of the media against our President.
    In fact, one of the many and main reasons that ONLY President Trump will do is how our corrupt establishment from the FBI, CIA, Justice, etc. treats him with their outright lies, spin and derision!

    The next time a media hack asks for a skin-head denunciation of white-supremacy, I would have the above link ready to play for them, turn it on the screens and walk out of the "news" briefing and leave the bastards ("reporters") to bathe in their own bating.

  • Vaslav Nijinsky

    10/03/2020 01:34 PM

    Our reaction if Dementia Joe contracts Wuhan CCP virus: No comment, with reservations.

  • Jerry Korba

    10/03/2020 01:13 PM

    Jason gets it I picked up on the Nike experiment a while back then the CCP got involved and went public after influence a few years prior too today. A big fan of BB for a long time the pro game lost it luster years ago for me wasn't sure if they are even playing now I just don't care. Its a kind of a shame because I have officiated the BB games as a HS Referee 6 play in the NBA and my grandsons played with 3 of the NBA players today while in HS and are good kids. I will watch them on tv. Just do not want politics spoiling a sporting event I always wanted the athletes to show their talents by playing the game and believe me they have talent that is going to be unwatched by the millions unless the league pulls its head out of their anal canal and just play.

  • Anne Turner

    10/03/2020 12:48 PM

    Please convey this to Mr. Whitlock: THANK YOU. He is like
    Rosa Parks. I lived in Montgomery, Alabama for a couple of years, 1958-1960. I rode city buses to school. I knoe the courage it took for Ms. parks to do what she did. She took a tremendous risk, as has Mr. Whitlock. Why can’t people of color see the racism of the left. Yes, they pity these “victims” but they don’t show respect. Respectful people would convey a sense that people of color are very capable of deciding what they want and need. The governments job is to not put up roadblocks. Why not actually ask the inner city population, what they want and ask what help they need and in what form. I’ll bet it’s not cutting the number of police in their residential area so that they have less protection. Ask the parents, grandparents, etc., what they think will improve their schools. Encourage them to participate. Maybe it’s proving quality child care, recreational opportunities, better public transit, toughness on landlords to do repairs and rid apartments of vermin. etc. The important think is to believe that people are just as capable as anyone else and don’t need to think of themselves as victims. Really enforce the laws that protect them. Don’t rely on the famous who think they are emulating MLK . They are not. It is to their advantage to keep the folks on the plantation.

  • Floyd A Unger

    10/03/2020 12:36 PM

    As a retired banker who did business with a couple of NBA players (I also used to play basketball) and a former season ticket holder of the Seattle SONICS I no longer watch the NBA. Several reasons.....the game has degenerated into a one on one look at me demonstration, the terrible politics and more. Nope I didn’t watch the first game of the finals and I won’t be watching the last one.

  • Deb Carlson

    10/03/2020 12:26 PM

    Totally agree with Jason Whitlock!!!!!

  • Bob Byrns

    10/03/2020 12:18 PM

    Comments on Jason Whitlock's article require subscribing to his service, so only those who have subscribed can comment. That is why all the comments are positive. That is too bad, since I wanted to give him a Bravo! but it is not worth paying his subscription fee just to say that.

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    10/03/2020 12:13 PM

    Governor, Thank you for including the article by Jason Whitlock. I read the complete article and completely agree with his statements. I, like him, can do without the NBA and choice the USA every day. I watched the Stanley Cup Playoffs because they were not indicating any political views. I have reduced to next to nothing watching the NFL because of the inclusion of political slanted statement on the field and helmets. The same holds true for the Baseball season. When will these idiots figure out that we as Americans watch sports as a relief from all the stuff going on during our days. Get back to playing the sport the good Lord gave you the talent for and keep your social/political view out of the sport. Thanks for your truthful an wonderful articles. I look forward to reading them twice a day.

  • Helen Sustachek

    10/03/2020 12:13 PM

    I don't want another debate. I don't want President Trump to have to go through all that unfair treatment and lies again. He would do better to hold rallies. There the people know how to give him support. He gets none in debates.

  • Richard Choate

    10/03/2020 12:09 PM

    Agree completely with your NBA remarks. They and NFL have lost me as a viewer.

  • Mike Carey

    10/03/2020 11:58 AM

    Kudos to Jason Whitlock for standing up for America and against NBA (aka PRC) racism and anti-America rhetoric. Like nasty Omar said. With NBA and NFL " it's all about the Benjamins."
    Unlike traitorous and racist Blacks calling Jason an Uncle Tom, I'm proud of him showing that hard work and perseverance provides equal opportunities for ALL AMERICANS, there for the taking. There are just too many Black successs stories in this great country (see nba nfl et al millionaires) to justify the leftist hate propaganda encouraged by the Media and China. After 60 years as a rabid NFL fan and season ticket holder, I have yet to watch an NFL game this year. I too choose America.

  • Renee Kendrick

    10/03/2020 11:53 AM

    Saw online that Twitter is taking a stand against people wishing for the President to die. Finally, social media is doing something right!!!

    Liberals don't want to believe President Trump has the virus. Wow! They are a bunch of numb skulls! The attention has been turned away from them! Boohoohoo! Just don't think President Trump would have went to the hospital if he didn't have COVID19! Duh!

    Now that the President is going through this ordeal, he will be able to relate to the people in this nation who survived this virus. He will be able to reach them now, unlike Biden! Maybe that's what the DIMS realize, if they are that smart!

    As for the NBA, let them move to China and play there since they are so gungho over that country! Glad the guy stood against them.

    The less NBA and BLM articles you share, the better! Everyone you print just gives them more attention. By now, we are aware of the underlying evil of BLM!!! We are sick of the rich athletes and their "stand"!