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January 23, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • "Huckabee" Preview
  • Democrats Press Ahead On Impeachment
  • Reactions To Biden's Keystone Pipeline Decision
  • Delay
  • More Biden Problems With Reality
  • Bible Verse Of The Day


Mike Huckabee

"Huckabee" Preview

By Mike Huckabee

After a week like this, I know you could use a new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN, and we have a great one for you tonight. I’ll discuss the latest DC developments with an endangered species: rational, Constitution-respecting Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard. We’ll get some thoughts on the coming Senate impeachment farce from Rudy Giuliani. Author and viral video star Carlos Whitaker will talk about his inspiring new book. Actor/country star John Schneider will give us a sneak peek at his great new movie inspired by his love of one of my all-time favorites, “Smokey and the Bandit.” And we’ll have music, and a very special salute to a heroic US military veteran, from country star Tim Atwood.

We get eastbound and down, starting tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST, on TBN. To find out how you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, and extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests, all at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.


Democrats Press Ahead On Impeachment

By Mike Huckabee

To the surprise of nobody, Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer seems determined to press ahead with a trial on the unprecedented, most likely unconstitutional impeachment of former President Trump.

He’s insisting that you can impeach someone who’s no longer in office, even though impeachment exists as an action to remove someone from office. It’s possible that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts might refuse even to preside over it, if he cares about the Constitution (sadly, that’s an open question.) Here are some more details on the confusing issues that are only now being debated because in all of American history, this is the first time Congress has ever pulled anything this stupid, at least in the impeachment field.

Sen. Mitch McConnell is pressing to delay any trial to February, to give Trump’s people a fair chance to mount a defense, something they didn’t get to do during the rushed House vote, which is another reason why this is totally bogus (another is that he was impeached for allegedly inciting the Capitol riot with a speech that a federal investigation has already proven took place after the rioters had already started planning their assault.) Schumer will likely oppose that, since trying to impeach a President who’s been gone for five weeks might look five times dumber than trying to impeach one who’s been gone for one week.

Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas tried (probably futilely) to inject some common sense into the Senate proceedings by pointing out, “We won’t be doing any confirmations, we won’t be doing any COVID-19 relief, we won’t be doing anything else other than impeaching a person who’s not even President.” Unfortunately, we live in a time when trying to inject common sense into the Senate is like trying to give a vaccination shot to a Pet Rock.

Reactions To Biden's Keystone Pipeline Decision

By Mike Huckabee

Multiple union leaders are joining Canadian officials in expressing their anger over President Biden’s executive order killing the Keystone Pipeline project (along with thousands of union jobs) and reneging on an expensive agreement with Canada, just to appease some radical green activists and “undo Trump’s legacy.”

Never having run a business (or done anything other than warm a government seat for 47 years), Biden doesn’t understand that when a new boss comes in, he doesn’t arbitrarily cancel every project his predecessor set in motion, especially not those that represent a major investment and a number of binding outside contracts.

Unfortunately, he’s also surrounded himself with other people whose experience is entirely in politics, which explains the clueless response to the anger by his Transportation Secretary pick, Pete Buttigieg (whose experience includes being mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and nothing involving transportation or oil.) In a stunning "learn to code" moment, Buttigieg brushed off concerns about all the lost union jobs, assuring the newly unemployed pipeline workers that with Biden’s coming climate initiatives, they can just find “different” jobs.

This Administration is only four days old, and I’m already seeing a lot of people who need to find different jobs.


By Mike Huckabee

Speaking of the mindless reversal of all Trump policies, even those nobody wants reversed: Biden put a delay of up to 60 days on an HHS directive that was to have taken effect Friday, requiring community health centers to charge low-income patients the acquisition price for insulin and EpiPens. Question for Biden voters: did you support him because you wanted higher medical bills?

This is part of a general freeze/review on all Trump policies, apparently to insure they aren’t evil or something. Although why anyone would think a measure to help provide low-cost insulin to poor diabetes patients should be put on hold is beyond me. That’s taking mindless partisanship to the level of psychotic partisanship.


More Biden Problems With Reality

By Mike Huckabee

This article explains why President Biden’s reversal of Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban” is empty leftist virtue-signaling that will make America, like Europe, more vulnerable to deadly terrorist attacks. That’s because (as we’ve been explaining here for four years) it was never a “Muslim ban” at all; it was a ban on travel from a handful of nations, some of them majority Muslim, that harbor terrorist activity.




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Comments 1-25 of 37

  • Joan Anton

    01/25/2021 12:21 PM

    I just saw Sarah’s announcement that she’s running for Gov!
    She is amazing, love her!

  • Robin Rebhan

    01/24/2021 05:41 PM

    "More Biden Problems With Reality". There are 53 Muslim countries in the world. The ones who have been banned from travel to the USA, do not have normal diplomatic relations withe USA. They do not have a data base of those who should and should not be allowed to the USA. In most cases Home Land Security doesn't have access via internet to any data base from the banned countries that would be of any help. In all those countries American citizens would not be welcome and most likely would be in extreme danger. And they all have individuals and organized groups that would be not only a high risk to the safety and well being of America, but are dedicated to the destruction of America. ( I speak Arabic and have many friends who are Muslims ).

  • Carmine Fea

    01/24/2021 06:52 AM

    Governor Huckabee:

    Everyone should know this:

    Impeachment and the permanent, essential character of impeachment were born by the American Constitution. Throw out and disregard the Constitution and a permanent, essential character of impeachment, removal of the office holder of president, and you do not, and can not have impeachment. Congress persons, lawyers, justices, or judges who throw out and disregard the Constitution and a permanent, essential character of impeachment, removal of the office holder of president, clearly are intellectually inferior; and in leadership positions pose a danger to country and people.

  • Mary C. Blood

    01/24/2021 02:27 AM

    Gov. Huckabee,
    I look forward every day to your Daily Verse. Every time I click on the email, I anticipate a nice little pick-me-up. However, could you PLEASE use only the King James Version? KJV is what I learned at my mother's knee, so that is what I read. It rings more authentic than other versions. Thank you!

  • Jeanne Petropoulos

    01/23/2021 08:00 PM

    Is this man thinking??? Unless he has spent four years planning his strategy it would seem prudent to spend some time learning about these programs before making rash decisions about what he wants to do with them. He should build on the framework that is working. In the end, he just looks like an idiot or doddering old fool! Dems must love that since he can be manipulated very easily.

  • Sue Clarke

    01/23/2021 07:10 PM

    Mike, are Democrats really this stupid? It amazes me, and millions of others, that these people who are supposed to be educated don’t know jack. I think they are just trying to incite violence. If civil war is what they want they are certainly headed in the right direction and there are plenty of patriots ready to fight for their country. Keep up the good work! God bless you and your family.

  • Thomas D Eckel

    01/23/2021 06:59 PM

    I wonder, does the chief executive wear a diaper? An inquiring mind wants to know.

  • Catherine Hass

    01/23/2021 06:58 PM

    About the “Delay” section of the newsletter... as a nurse I was completely dumbfounded as to why a president would stop/pause an action to allow people needing life saving medications to get them cheaper. I did a little Googling and found this article. Apparently Biden got a lot of money from Eli Lilly in his campaign. They are the largest producer of insulin in the US. Makes more sense now but it makes my stomach turn.

  • Thomas D Eckel

    01/23/2021 06:55 PM

    I think about all of the students who won't be going to college because mom and dad aren't saving money for college. Student loans? Ya, right. No thanks. Been there, done that.

  • Edmund Wilson

    01/23/2021 06:44 PM

    As always Governor I enjoy your reporting and especially your commentary.
    If “OBiden” continues his mindless “neglectative” orders America will need more people like you Governor to stand up and say NO!!
    God bless you and yours.
    God bless America!!

  • Linda Alexander

    01/23/2021 06:34 PM

    We're truly at the mercy of God as a nation right now. I have never felt so disenfranchised as an American as I do under Biden. He doesn't know what he's doing.

  • Jesus C Sucgang Jr

    01/23/2021 06:26 PM

    The USAP,

    The United States of American Party

    For Donald J Trump

    U zap ALL TRAITORS in America

    The USAP for Donald J Trump

    The Party for ALL Americans and ALL Patriots


    Tainted Products from Communist China

    will keep in touch with the people

    from President Trump Administration

    in the US grocery stores


    even perhaps restaurants WHO used made in Communist China food products


    Communist China is arming their ICBM with Ai

    Communist China has SOLVE the KILL CHAIN without the use of SATELLITE

    For they will MANIPULATE Satellites of other Countries
    with the USE of Ai in app downloaded in cell phone

    One of the MANY Communist China LONG TERM WAR TACTIC,


    Communist men and women marry locals of value (intelligent and influential) of any race or country to change the whole country LIKE a Snake swallow it's PREY FROM HEAD start

    See Geography

    Philippines the Lion

    Palawan Island SNOUT

    Manila and Luzon FOREHEAD

    Panay Island the EYE


    Taiwan will be taken by force to complete the 2nd eye of the Dragon

    Two (2) face dragon

    1. about to swallow North Korea

    2. about to swallow the Lion


    China's dependency on fossil fuel will not end

    Which is why Communist China is taking Islands and countries in debt trap for their global plan of DOMINANCE!




  • Paul Kern

    01/23/2021 06:20 PM

    None of this surprises me. The nation is now a Marxist colony of Red China.
    The attack on sick and elderly has only just begun
    Biden and his groupies are starting to dismantle any good Trump did.
    The best I heard is the Trump should just ignore the impeachment circus.
    The MAGA voters are going to either primary the RINOs or start a new party
    I hope it doesn't turn into a second civil war but my hopes are low.
    If the left does more dismantling of America there are 75 million who will say enough is enough.
    My dad had some ripe words when a man has had enough. Down South the saying was " he has a red ass!"
    Not polite but very descriptive.
    What is your take Mike?

  • Donna L Cornell

    01/23/2021 06:11 PM

    There is a video going around on Facebook that shows Biden signing 'fake Executive Orders' with Harris to his right and Fauci to his left (really them) and the 'booklets' are BLANK!
    Have you seen this? What on earth!

  • Judy Radley

    01/23/2021 06:01 PM

    When I read your newsletter about Rep. Greene, I think was her name, introducing Impeachment against Biden, wouldn't that just play into the hands of Pelosi to get rid of him so VP Harris can take over? Haven't heard much about that, but of course the media will never cover that story, so wouldn't it be natural for Pelosi et al, to do it behind closed and hidden doors so as not to have the media uncover there newest coup to get rid of their top puppet, Biden, no matter how many times he does their bidding, they will still get rid of him because he is an old rich, white Male, and they see him as threatening as the other old white rich Male, President Trump, in their eyes, because he is a He and not a She, and is not an image they want their unhinged party to look like, ex. old, rich, white man, who is wishy-washy and not enough of a powerful looking minority person, especially not a female looking puppet. However, I often wonder if Pelosi's plan is not what she makes her evil minions think it is, but instead, to impeach Biden, and Harris too, just so she can rule over everything. That to me makes more sense regarding how power hungry, just for the power to rule everyone, and has nothing to do with America, just all about her, to be the top female to rule over everyone else, like a queen bee is.

    But also I wonder if they, the truly unhinged dems., haven't put into the equation Biden's wife, now the First Lady, and how she will do everything in her power to mess with Pelosi's plans to undo her husband Joe's position... I think Jill Biden is a worse enemy to have than Pelosi now. She seems determine to elevate herself above all else, even her own husband, like Eleanor Roosevelt, and more recently, Hillary Clinton. I think Jill Biden will be the new 'commander in chieftess' over all else, and I bet she is looking toward 2024 with baited breath, like Hillary was in previous years. I mean when she gets upset already, when people don't refer to her as Dr. Biden, that has to tell you something, if nothing else, she will never go down quietly. One more thing, I'm not sure, but it's my own theory, maybe my own hopefulness that the Dems. will be so engrossed in their own internal struggles now, that nothing they said they will do, other than lip service, will happen, because they will all be living within a hostile work environment, as when Biden said that in part of his inaug. speech, why would he even bring it up unless it was already happening ? So if this is the reality of what is happening, we the Conservative Trump supporters, need to work quickly and diligently to cement a totally successful plan, that will not allow the dems. to usurp it, to replace the House and Senate with Conservative Representatives and Senators in 2022, and rid the govt. of those in power right now. Now that the cheaters have won, we need to plan on exposing the cheats and replacing them with legitimate elections in 2022. That can also be a predictor for 2024. (Unless, scary to say it, the socialists in control change everything so that there will never be any elections for anything any longer?) We need to put in place checks and balances, like PHOTO ID PROOF and handwritten, NON-TECHNOLOGICAL, ballots on paper, and no felons, or illegals, or underage, or dead, people to be allowed to vote in any and all future elections, if we can still have them.

    If we fail in 2022, we will also fail in 2024 and all the future years where Dems, Socialists, Communists, Dictatorships, will control everything, and we will never again have voices in our govt. and the Republic Government will be extinct. So let the Dems. continue their infighting for who will be more powerful within their own camps, as that always happens with those who are all ginned up on power-hungry antics, they all want to be THE queen bee and THE king of the hill, because the only thing that matters to them is powerful control and how to get it at any and all costs, just to be the most powerful villain.

    Meanwhile, what really matters is what we, Conservatives, can do to bring back the control to the people and not the govt. Get rid of the RINO's, as they are Republicans in Name Only, and are not the Conservative Republicans. Two years is not much time, so we have to work hard to come together as Conservatives to undo the craziness that has been wrongfully cast upon us and to make it right again, to bring back and not let go what President Trump has started for us to continue with. While the Dems. have their own, albeit short lived sense of false security, We The People will come along and take them by surprise to the fact that no way will they continue to try and put us through their cheating any more in the future. Yes, a sort of renewal for our Constitutional rights, but a quiet one and one that they won't see coming, because they are all caught up in their own 'virtual reality' and infighting to see who has the 'one-up' on the others. We will be the steady as you go party, and will appear more non-threatening because we are non-threatening because we have truth on our side, and goodness for all those who live for virtue and truth. Not corruption and lies. If a liberal chides me because they 'won' (they cheated) over Trump, I will just smile and agree with them, and that alone will stop them in their tracks because they will be expecting a confrontation from me, as a Trump Supporter, but I will NOT give them the satisfaction to start a fight with them. I will just smile, nod my head, and keep my mouth closed. Knowing in my mind what I really think, that they are foolish idiots to believe in falsehoods, they can not and will not ever alter my thoughts and truths. As I am in control of my own thoughts and feelings, they cannot provoke me into making me go into the gutter with them. It isn't worth it. My strength is a quiet strength that they will never be able to take away from me. I also have many friends and family who also feel the same way I do, but we aren't the kind to bring attention to ourselves, we talk in private of how unbelievable people are in not seeing the true goodness that President Trump has done for this country. He did it for We The People, and not for his own accolades, although he did have to remind those who couldn't see the obvious that happened, because the media was so propaganda-ish against him, he had to speak up for himself and those who support him. Who wouldn't defend themselves when lies were said about them? I would defend myself as so would anyone else who gets slandered by lies....

  • James Tomko

    01/23/2021 05:29 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for your insight.
    I look forward to reading your news letters.

  • John Landis

    01/23/2021 05:18 PM

    The Delay
    Well Sir, if it's your plan to, " cancel ", someone out; you have to cancel what they did out first.
    You know, you can say this is our great Democratic plan. Don't be confused, it may look, feel, and smell like what's his names plan; but it's a much better plan, ah, because it's a democratic plan!

  • Firewagon

    01/23/2021 05:00 PM

    It has now been shown that God is no longer in control of America. How so, you might ask, as was the opening question in many of the late great Dr. Walter Williams' commentaries? The last I checked and have been told for as long as I have been on this planet, God has nothing to do with authoring 'chaos!' If America is not chaotic, and becoming more so by the day, as they say, "There Ain't A Cow In Texas!"

    I now have a comparison to that 'doomsday clock,' you know, the one that runs moveable hands from a few minutes to midnight to a few seconds depending on nuclear conditions around the globe. After hearing our geriatric 'new' "Leader of The (not so) FREE World" repeat out loud the instructions he heard from some hearing device rather than 'act,' I envision a 100 years clock. That is China's long term timetable for becoming the 'new' World Power, 100 years, or was! With the Biden inauguration, that 100 years culminates about the year 2035 or even earlier!!

    What was it that Biden enunciated vice acting on to reset that timetable? While approaching the Marines guarding the entrance, his earpiece instructed him to "Salute The Marines," and he merely restated those instructions, "Salute The Marines" without saluting!! Making the point that the president or president-elect has no requirement to salute at any time is NOT the issue here. Not to demean or make slight of anybody's mental condition, because it is far too scary and sad to be comical or made into some political exercise!

    China already floats a larger Navy than America and has more people 'underarms.' Will Biden continue to press American manufacturing to return here? What about just the "pill" makers, since China can 'kill off' at least half of America by not sending the needed meds required to prevent Americans from dying? 'Russia, Russia, Russia?' Somebody better start thinking, 'China, China, China!' I further doubt America will become much better prepared 'after' our vaunted (not) leaders invoke that 25th Amendment.

  • Stephen Russell

    01/23/2021 04:40 PM

    Impeachment 2 for Revenge only
    Killing Keystone kills Union support for Dems day 1 OK
    Reap what U sow Dems, RINOs & Never Trumpers.
    Kill Impeachment 2 goes no place

  • Robert Foster

    01/23/2021 04:15 PM

    Huckabee equals fantastic


    01/23/2021 04:00 PM

    To quote Forrest Gump "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" ... Question is just how stupid will the Democrats go?????

  • Jeanne Katz

    01/23/2021 03:38 PM

    Than you for all you do!

  • Scott Simmons

    01/23/2021 03:32 PM

    I than God for men like you, who are willing to speak the truth! God bless you !!!!

  • Floyd Unger

    01/23/2021 02:40 PM

    Thank you and Sheesh!


    01/23/2021 02:19 PM