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November 15, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. 




You know the mainstream media have completely squandered the public’s trust when even Andrew Sullivan is alarmed by the way they’ve not only gotten major stories completely wrong over and over again, but their false narratives always favor the Democrats and the left.

When called on their politically-motivated lies, they ignore the truth, quietly issue “corrections” that nobody sees, or worst of all, edit stories in their archives to erase their own "mistakes," as the Washington Post just did with Russiagate. And nobody pays a price. As Sullivan notes, Rachel Maddow pushed wild Russia collusion conspiracy theories for years, and instead of being fired and never allowed near any position of journalistic responsibility again, she just got promoted. “And the man who first published (the Russian 'dossier'), Ben Smith, was made the media columnist for the (New York Times.)”

Being at heart still a liberal, Sullivan has to bash Trump a little even in slamming the anti-Trump media (“We need facts and objectivity more than ever. Trump showed that.”) No, I’d argue that the media showed that, with their blatant bias and reflexive need to refute everything Trump said, including, “Good morning.” Yet Sullivan is forced to admit, “But Trump was right, in the end, about the dodgy dossier; he was right about the duped FBI’s original overreach; and the mass media — Rachel Maddow chief among them — were wrong.”

I would posit that he was also right about a whole lot of other things that the media branded as lies or insanity. Just one example: remember when turncoat aide Omarosa Manigault gave NBC secret recordings in 2018 of a meeting where Trump talked about Hillary’s campaign concocting the Russia smear and illegally funding it through a law firm? That story was spun as Trump being paranoid and unhinged. Now we know he was spot-on correct.

And from gas prices to border security to the Middle East to the growing threat of China, we’re now living the dire consequences of reversing his policies that we were assured were all based on falsehoods.

Again, as a good liberal, Sullivan is going through the same withdrawal pains as many Americans who are finally waking up to how badly they’ve been duped: “I still rely on the MSM for so much. I still read the NYT first thing in the morning. I don’t want to feel as if everything I read is basically tilted through wish-fulfillment, narrative-proving, and ideology. But with this kind of record, how can I not?”

Welcome to my world, Andrew. My staff and I also are forced to read that stuff every day, but we consider it our duty to sift through it and separate any tiny nuggets of truth from the giant pile of horse manure. It’s a lousy job, but somebody’s got to do it. If you’d like to join us here in the light, we’re happy to have you.

Related: It’s rumored that in a desperate attempt to drag CNN’s ratings out of the sub basement, after the merger with Warner Media is complete, many of the current on-air “talents” will be fired and – brace yourself, this is really radical – CNN will try being an actual 24-hour news channel!

I know: it’s a crazy idea, but it just might work!


You know last week, when it seemed that the polls couldn’t possibly get any worse for President Biden and Congressional Democrats? Well, that was last week…

FYI: This is an ABC News/Washington Post poll, so you know it’s not slanted toward the Republicans. It finds that Biden’s approval rating dropped three points to 41% and his disapproval rating is up two points to 53%. But that’s not even the worst news for the Democrats.

In the generic Congressional poll, voters preferred a Republican over a Democrat by a staggering 10 points, 51% to 41%. I don’t recall ever seeing a lead that high for Republicans, especially not in a mainstream media poll. But any Democrats reading this might want to grab the Tums and sit down for the next part. In the generic Congressional poll of eight battleground states (Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), voters prefer a Republican over a Democrat by 23 points: 58% to 35%.

And a new Des Moines Register poll in the first primary state, Iowa, found that if a rematch of the 2020 election were held today, Trump would beat Biden by 11 points. In 2020, he beat Biden in Iowa by eight points, so that’s actually better for Biden than I would’ve guessed. Still, it suggests that the relentless attempts by the media to cover for Biden’s failures and to vilify, silence and “unperson” Trump are not working.

This is the part where I remind you that polls this far out should be taken with a pillar of salt. Don’t get complacent. Work, volunteer, donate, campaign, drive people to the polls with you, in short, do everything you can to ensure that when the final vote comes in, it’s well beyond the margin of fraud and it makes current polls look like a severe understatement of GOP support.

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I also offer this word of cautious advice to Congressional Democrats: you might want to start updating your resumes so you can get a good-paying lobbyist job.


Scott Morefield at lists 10 absurd logical inconsistencies in OSHA’s vaccine mandate that should infuriate Americans and make the Supreme Court shoot it down like a clay pigeon. That is, if enough of the Justices feel like doing their jobs.


Excellent article by Mike Miller at about why the left is terrified of Virginia Lt. Gov-elect Winsome Sears. It’s because their power depends on keeping minorities as a permanent underclass voting bloc that believes they can’t survive without the Democrats’ help. And she blows that narrative away like it’s target practice.


Former Trump campaign official Steve Bannon surrendered to the FBI Monday on charges of criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to testify to Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th kangaroo panel because Trump has invoked executive privilege.

As a reminder of how rare charging someone criminally for that is, and how clearly politically-motivated this prosecution is, here’s a link showing what happened to Obama Attorney General Eric Holder after he was held in contempt of Congress over the Fast and Furious scandal:

(NOTE: Before you leave a complaint in the comments, it’s supposed to be like that.)


Aside from dismissing it, the CDC has had very little to say about natural immunity gained from having already been infected with COVID-19. But last week, a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that they had no records of any recovered person infecting another person. Not to say that it can’t happen; they apparently just haven’t been bothering to compile any data on what is one of the most important public health questions in America.

Now, as Kyle Becker of Becker News reports, after declining for five months to update its figures for how many recovered Americans there are, “The CDC quietly acknowledged that a staggering 146.6 million people have been infected by the Sars-CoV-2 virus and have survived it.” That’s far more than earlier reported. Even that could be an underestimate: counting likely unreported cases, it could be as high as 187.6 million. If infection conveys immunity, you’d think that would be something our national health agency would want to know about.

Also, 124 million of those recovered people had “symptomatic illnesses,” but only one in four sought medical treatment. (That would include my two staff writers, who took only aspirin and vitamins.) There were 7.5 million hospitalizations, but that could be greatly inflated by counting routine hospital treatments that happened to include a positive COVID test.

The 921,000 “estimated total deaths” include “COVID-related deaths,” not necessary deaths caused by COVID. 94% of these deaths had serious underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, and the average age of a COVID-related death victim in 2020 was 77.

There are many more numbers at the link, but few of them bolster the government’s case for ignoring natural immunity or imposing draconian lockdowns or vaccine mandates, especially on children. It also has information on a longterm study of natural immunity that Johns Hopkins researcher Dr. Marty Makarey and his team are launching. He said it’s a study that the CDC and NIH should be doing “instead of torturing thousands of beagle puppies.”

It will be interesting to see if social media sites ban this story, considering all the numbers and charts in it are taken directly from the CDC’s own website.

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  • Floyd A Unger

    11/16/2021 04:29 PM

    Thank you

  • Jerry Korba

    11/16/2021 02:08 PM

    Big corporations that donate to biden will continue to lobby to rid the country of small business all the regulations and tax laws small business will not be able to absorb the cost, the higher wages will also drive small business out, the tax increase will not bother the large business it will pass the the large c increase of products onto the consumer so wage increase will last for awhile the small business disappears and the the employment office now will determine how much it will pay when so many people will be looking for work when small business is no longer around to hire; more people will have to look to government for help. bingo socialism high prices for goods only means more profit for the large corporations they win either way. Biden will kill America one way or another that is the goal. and people think F--- Joe Biden is a bad thing????????/Kick the bastard to the curb or_________ fill in your blank.

  • PAUL Schaber

    11/16/2021 12:42 PM

    This bill he had that big show at the White House for. The true cost has arrived and he trying like everything to look for an escape passaageway. But has found the door has been welded shut.

  • Jim Greer

    11/16/2021 11:44 AM

    Did l hear correctly, the prosecutor in the Rittenhouse case said “ you lose your right to self-defense if you’re the one that brought the gun”?? Hmmm, so I guess that means if you take the other guys gun away and shoot him with it that’s OK but you can’t use your own… l think l’m confused!

  • Ann Williams

    11/16/2021 10:51 AM

    Even after you said, "...It's supposed to be like that", I still had to think a minute before I realized that you meant that it's SUPPOSED to be blank! Right!

  • Stephen Russell

    11/16/2021 10:29 AM

    Hamatrack MI has become the first Muslim city in the US
    Whole city council is Muslim

  • Jerry Korba

    11/16/2021 10:18 AM

    It is wonderful news that people are finally realizing the MSM is an arm of the Communist empire money will displace the truth in reporting as Americans are starting to understand the evils of a communist take over is in the making. The shut down of churches last year and alcohol selling stores and and strip clubs remained opened are just a few clues to what is taking place these mandates for vaccines is unconstitutional l and nothing in the DOJ is being done to protect the Constitution from the president's overreach this is communism

  • Jerry

    11/16/2021 09:45 AM

    The White House and it occupants are so lousy it can’t introduce the lousy VP the president tells a former governor in Alaska that she can see Alaska from Alaska this nitwit Joe Biden is talking with leaders that want to destroy this country will not have to do anything Biden with the power of the United States government will do the dirty work countries have tried to do for decades America’ will be destroyed by its own government

  • Jerry

    11/16/2021 09:35 AM

    This country is with the most feeble leadership in its history. The congress is led by anti American value members the country has a communist msm the two party system has eroded the GOP is a farm system for the Democratic Party the Real American is being lied to by the Oval Office and is endorsed by cable outlets the only decent reports is not many watch it however some cable outlets replay the communist propaganda my thoughts are to let the communist talk to an Empty room it doesn’t need to be Re-broadcast to more people also ever time people refuel the vehicles remember Afghanistan and the weapons and people left behind criminal

  • Stephen Russell

    11/16/2021 09:04 AM

    Tired & Mad:

    Endless data to feed Forever pandemic ( virus, vaccines)
    No end of lockdowns & mask mandates
    No accord to Resolve issues even among GOP.
    Go along to get along
    Lives ruined day 1
    & Dems keep chugging along like we dont exisit