November 8, 2017

As information drips out of the investigation into the cold-blooded slaughter at a small-town Texas church, we’re getting a more detailed look at the sickness and hatefulness of this shooter. It seems clearer with each drip that this was the LAST person who should have had a firearm, even under existing law.

New information from police reports shows that Devin Kelley escaped from a New Mexico mental facility in 2012 and was arrested by El Paso police while attempting to board a bus and leave the state. This was at the time when he was facing charges of domestic abuse against his wife and little stepson. According to a stunning report by an ABC affiliate, he also brought guns onto Holloman Air Force Base with the purpose of carrying out death threats he had made on his military chain of command.

Proper procedure for the Air Force was to notify the FBI of his criminal record, and apparently they failed to carry that out. Under current law, someone with Kelley’s record would NOT be allowed to purchase a gun --- in fact, this very sick person should be the poster boy for those who legally can’t buy firearms. So please, let’s leave the talk of new gun laws that would only restrict the law-abiding (like those sitting in church pews) from defending themselves, and focus instead on what needs to happen to enforce existing law.



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  • Emma Charlene Williams

    11/11/2017 09:43 AM

    The devil walks this earth looking for whom he can destroy says our Holy Bible. American has allowed those controlled by the devil to run this country. Christians have sat back and done nothing , myself included. We took God out of schools, our morals, in my opinion, are like they must have been in Sodom and Gomorrah because of this, nothing is unacceptable. I could go on and on but you know all this. God has stood by this nation because we were a Christian nation. We need to do as it say in Chronicles "seek God, confess our sins, and ask him to heal our land. We need to put God first. Pray in all situations. Express our belief in Jesus Christ. Carry the Gospel to those who are lost. Only God can clean up this mess.

  • Margaret Kost

    11/10/2017 11:45 PM

    We have become a nation that no longer strives to follow through. Good is the enemy of best. Let's be more attentive to the details of the process, especially those procedures already existing and not let them fall through the cracks. People's lives lost were the result. We were taught better than that and need to continue to be consistent to follow good existing procedures.

  • Lou Sully

    11/10/2017 08:18 PM

    Mike you are wright on. The military's lack of advisement was the one who allowed this to happen. Where are the checks and balances??

  • Larry Lile

    11/10/2017 05:07 PM

    Back in the 60s ignorent people drove GOD out of most schools,so now we have the second generation of GOD LESS people who are self centered and the nation is reaping
    the consiquinces of that act

    Our founders stated that our Constitution was for a moral people

    God gave us 10 simple rules to live by, ain't it a shame that those simple truths are not taught to the people anymore

  • Sheila Jarman

    11/09/2017 12:42 PM

    There is no doubt in my mind that mistakes were made and everyone is trying to put spilled back into the milk jug and it isn't going to happen. There are a lot of "If Only's" here and it won't bring back the lives lost. This dirt bag killed 26 people for what? Because he was mad at his in laws and wanted to exact some revenge? He obviously had some mental issues or he wouldn't have escaped from a mental institution but at what point do we draw the line once he was put out of the Military and stop holding the Air Force responsible for his mental health ( I did post mistakes were made did I not) and realize the Military is not a baby sitter to these people. At what point do we not look at the parents and say you bare you some responsibility in this too because I am sure they knew a whole lot more than the public does. When do all of these Politicians ( if you can call them that) stop hollering "GUN CONTROL" since this was clearly not a gun control issue but a mental health issue. No he should not have been able to possess weapons ( again mistakes were made) but how many convicted felons are walking the streets strapped with a gun? OK so you just throw them in jail once again and it nothing more than a revolving door policy for them, there is no reforming of these people. Do I have the answer no I don't but I am hoping smarter folks than me will get this figured out quickly. I am a gun owner with a CCWP who attends a church that has a Security team in place and at a certain time the doors are locked until church is over. Do I ever want to have to pull my weapon and use it but I will if it means saving the lives of innocent people from some deranged nut case.Maybe the Pastors of these churches need to meet with their congregation and come up with a plan to protect themselves. Whatever the answer is, we need to stop showing this dirt bags picture and stop using his name because nobody cares anymore. I don't think he and the Las Vegas shooter and all the other murderers are sitting in a circle in hell with arms linked singing Kumbaya. We should focus our attention on those families who lost so much and surround them with love and prayers.That should be the mission, not trying to Psycho analyze this scum bag because at the end of the day it brings nobody back.

  • Jerry D. Woods

    11/08/2017 11:42 AM

    My heart breaks for the members of First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, Texas. The US Air Force has also confessed they did not release their information on this killer to right authorities to prevent him from purchasing guns. Obviously our existing laws did not prevent this unthinkable massacrer and logic would dictate that new laws would not have prevented it either. How about passing some laws to free up religious liberty to where the Bible and Prayer can be brought back into the public schools as it was taught for over 200 years, during which time America saw more peaceful and tranquil times. Churches were unlocked around the clock. Homes were unlocked around the clock. And more families stayed together than split up. I'm praying for Spiritual Awakening in America for a return to Western Civilization values !

  • George Taylor

    11/08/2017 09:36 AM

    Violent mentally ill felon, unreported assaults. Dishonorable discharge. But he still gets multiple weapons?
    Inexcusable negligence as some clerk failed do do their job. Now look at the result. Who will be held accountable?

  • Crystine Goebel

    11/08/2017 09:23 AM

    SICK of celebrities blaming guns and Republicans for violence instead of themselves. Entertainment industry is more responsible for violence that ANY other organization, group or political party.... but that won't stop any of them from calling for more gun control laws.

  • Cecil Sartin, Jr

    11/08/2017 09:17 AM

    As long as all the old clowns are still in office in Washington. The only thing we gonna hear about is gun control. They are afraid that some of this stupid stuff they trying to oppose on the American public is gonna make a lot t of people flip out and take it out on them. As far as that shooter when they caught him against n he should still be in the mental hospital along with they clown that shot Lennon.

  • Debbie Bruner

    11/08/2017 09:14 AM

    Can we please stop posting the evil man's photo on every news article we see.