November 24, 2020

November 24, 2020      

Good morning! Today's newsletter includes:

  • Do be evil: Google, Facebook pulled election strings
  • Call the cops
  • “If It Weren’t For Double Standards…” Dept
  • Leaving the Open Skies Treaty behind
  • Déjà Vu All Over Again


Mike Huckabee


It didn’t require a multinational voting machine conspiracy to swing votes away from Trump and towards Biden and the Democrats, though it might turn out there was one. There are other ways in which we KNOW some strings were pulled. Some of these were legal; some were not.

Monday on Tucker Carlson’s FOX NEWS show, research psychologist and author Dr. Robert Epstein showed that, after gathering voluminous data on the 2020 election, he can conclude “Google’s search results were strongly biased in favor of liberals and Democrats.” (They did not find this to be the case for Yahoo or Bing.) The bias was shown with almost every demographic group; interestingly, conservatives saw more liberal bias in response to their searches than liberals did.

They also found what Dr. Epstein called a “smoking gun”: over a period of days, the vote reminder on Google’s home page was sent ONLY to liberals. “Not one of our conservative field agents received a vote reminder during those days,” he said.

On the fourth day, they went public with these findings, and Google “backed off,” he said. “They literally shut off that manipulation that night, and so for four days before the election they were showing vote reminders to everyone, finally.”

Apparently it pays to notice such things and bring them to light. Otherwise, social media will go right on doing whatever they want --- and getting away with it.

Dr. Epstein said the manipulations they’ve quantified from this election had the potential to shift at least 6 million votes, easily, “in just one direction,” and you know which direction he means. “That’s the bare minimum of at this point,” he said. It’s also greater than the margin between Biden and Trump. Dr. Epstein said that because they have so much data, they haven’t even begun to estimate the possible maximum effect. Thanks, Google!

Oh, and I should mention that Dr. Epstein is NOT a Trump supporter; he deserves points for objectivity. He’s heard from whistleblowers for over a year that this has gone on at Google for some time, and he's seen leaked videos and documents attesting to it as well. “There’s no question that they set about after the 2016 election to make sure that President not re-elected." The data they’ve collected, he said, is consistent with what the whistleblowers and leaks have said for a long time.

How is this done? Dr. Epstein alleged that “Google literally buys candidates and politicians, and my colleagues, my fellow academics, are often bought by Google with large grants...The fact is, if you’re a Democrat or you’re a liberal, you LIKE what Google and, to some extent, these other tech companies are doing. It’s to your advantage.”

The problem, he said, is that we don’t know who Google is going to be supporting tomorrow. On this one point, I beg to differ; the fact that they currently support someone like Biden and the leftist machine behind him and Harris is very much the problem NOW. I hope one day soon he sees that.

He also pointed out that Google works with the Chinese government “to help surveil and control the Chinese population.” When Google first came into existence, its motto was “Don’t be evil.” What happened, Google?

Dr. Epstein is currently seeking funding to continue this research as his group moves to Georgia and monitors the senatorial run-offs. There could hardly be anything more important than that.

Guest Sharyl Attkisson also spoke about Big Tech, how it “moved into the internet in a way we haven’t seen before, in a very overt way in those weeks before the election,” to try to control the “information landscape,” as she described it.

As one example, she said Google announced after the coronavirus hit that they would direct searches to the World Health Organization, which in reality was giving out false information. She also related how, as we got closer to the election, they started “overtly censoring and taking down accounts,” de-platforming people and even media organizations, as they did with the NEW YORK POST Hunter Biden story. And they knew there would be no repercussions.

She didn’t see how to stop this before the Georgia runoffs in January, but said we have “a lot of strong, technical minds" looking for ways in which "information can be disseminated without being curated by these self-appointed parties who have their own conflicts of interest.”

So she's optimistic. “I do think something new will be born of all this,” she said. We shall see; I think we’ve got a big fight ahead, one we MUST fight if we want to take back the control being exerted over us.

And now to Facebook. Ken Blackwell for CNS NEWS has a commentary on how the election was hijacked in what he calls “a masterpiece of electoral larceny involving Big Tech oligarchs, activists, and government officials who prioritize partisanship over patriotism.”

Blackwell says they planned this well in advance and executed it ruthlessly, by exploiting the pandemic and also by going state-by-state and getting laws changed (unconstitutionally) to make it easier to weaken the integrity of the vote.

His piece details the activities of former Obama campaign manager and senior adviser David Plouffe, starting in 2017 when he went to work leading the policy and advocacy initiative of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, an organization established by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.

Plouffe published a book called –- I am not kidding –- A CITIZEN’S GUIDE FOR DEFEATING DONALD TRUMP. This offered a “roadmap” for a Biden win, turning out voters “block by block” in key Democrat strongholds in swing states.

Guess where these are. The examples Blackwell gives are Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee.

Investigators and attorneys for the nonpartisan Thomas More Society have been “following the money” for 18 months. “Under the pretext of assisting election officials conduct ‘safe and secure’ elections in the age of COVID-19, Blackwell wrote, “Zuckerberg donated $400 non-profit organizations founded and run by left-wing activists.” The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), whose prior yearly budgets averaged less than $1 million per year, got most of it, $350 million. The CTCL distributed these funds to left-leaning counties in battleground states, in large part to those areas identified by Plouffe. Blackwell estimates this level of spending could have translated into hundreds of thousands of votes in Philadelphia alone.

Take a look at the CTCL website. I can't wait to read "Cybersecurity for Election Officials."

Here’s the kicker: Zuckerberg and the CTCL wrote detailed conditions into their grants, including rules for exactly how elections were to be conducted, “down to the number of ballot drop boxes and polling places.”

The lawyers who tried to stop this before Election Day had their lawsuits dismissed because they’d not yet been able to show harm. Of course they hadn't --- the election hadn’t happened yet!

Blackwell’s piece is a must-read, but one caution: You are going to get very, very angry, particularly with Zuckerberg and the other Big Tech billionaires pulling the strings in this world of 2020. And it’s going to make you doubt the election results even more than you already do.


Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown, who allowed protesters and rioters to jam the streets during a pandemic, is now urging people to call the police (if they can find any, after the budget cuts) to report their neighbors for possible arrest, fines and jail time if they violate her coronavirus orders, like having more than six people at Thanksgiving dinner in their own homes.

If we’re supposed to fink to the cops when we spot a giant turkey, then I’d like to report one in the Governor’s Mansion.


A Catholic priest who delivered the closing prayer at the Democratic National Convention accused Justice Amy Coney Barrett of betraying her pro-life Catholic beliefs by voting with the majority to proceed with the execution of a Washington man convicted of the brutal rape and murder of a teenage girl.

Wait, I thought the crux of the Democrats’ attacks on Justice Barrett was that she would put her Catholic beliefs ahead of the law. Now they’re attacking her for NOT putting her Catholic beliefs ahead of the law?

While they’re trying to figure out exactly what they expect of her, I suggest they spend a little time reminding Joe Biden that Catholics are supposed to have pro-life beliefs and consider them when making policy.


Sunday, the Trump Administration announced that the US is leaving the 1992 Open Skies Treaty with Russia because Russia is not abiding by it. The treaty allows both nations to fly unarmed reconnaissance flights over the other, but while Russia has been free to fly over and spy on us, they’ve been putting limitations on our flights over Russia.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the treaty was supposed to foster mutual trust, but Russia is fostering distrust by using its flights over the US to develop attack plans against our critical infrastructure while blocking us from flying over areas where we know they’re staging a military build-up.

By the way, I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that Joe Biden already criticized Trump for wanting to leave the treaty last May and if he becomes President, will almost surely try to find a way to rejoin it.

Remind me again: Which one of them is supposedly a “Putin puppet?”


This is a thought-provoking piece by Bruce Bawer at American Greatness, pointing out the similarities between the 2020 election and the 1964 contest between Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater. It was an election in which a ruthless, arrogant, big government liberal was painted as a folky man of the people, and a patriotic conservative who turned out to be right on all the issues was brutally smeared by Democrats and the media as a crazy, warmongering extremist.

The Democrat won dirty (remember the commercial tying Goldwater to blowing up a little girl with an atom bomb?), but it didn’t take long for reality to set in and the public to get buyer’s remorse. LBJ, with his massive expansion of government and an escalting foreign war, was soon so unpopular, he didn’t even run for reelection and was replaced by a Republican.

So far, history seems to be repeating itself. The big question is, if Biden gets in, will it keep on repeating itself?



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  • Sharon Faulkner

    11/25/2020 09:45 PM

    Anybody who didn't vote because of tweets is getting exactly what they deserve. When Trump leaves office I am done with the GOP and will not vote.

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    11/25/2020 02:29 AM

    I am a supporter of POTUS and his agenda. Recently he has lost his brother, a good real estate buddy, and a pastor/confidante. Now it seem so many GOP friends are turning against him and telling him to quit. Now I hear Rona from the GOP is no longer supporting him or reprimanding her uncle Mitt. Mitt and Sasse are never helpful. Now one hears that Niki Haley and Dan Crenshaw are no longer supporting POTUS. I think Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham would not have their seats without him. Yes, most of us would like to see the GOP fill the empty seats in Georgia. But a lack of GOP support in the senate and house doesn't help. And now I hear Paul Ryan is urging Trump to concede. How many of these guys are fighters? Well they look like cowards!!!

  • Jerry Korba

    11/24/2020 07:06 PM

    Everyone knows this election is as crooked as Joe Biden and Barrack Obama. Just a few reasons take Minnesota how can a state that is the God Father of Riots, the Governor allows a Police station to abandon it and let the city of Minneapolis burn and be looted, the state elected Omar a hate driven refugee from Somalia to Congress where she thought the 9/11 twin towers was a bunch of people flying around and just happened to crash. Biden called people that would not vote for him, a people that are not worthy of being a race being black and not voting for him erases the the color of their body. How about this one he called 73 million Trump supporters and that included just about all the Races in the US, CHUMPS and he called Donald Trump a Racist. How many people really think Trump is a Racist? After reading what Biden had said on National TV> People around the world heard him. Trump Challenged Black People to vote for him asking What do ya have to lose? He then goes on to find jobs for that group giving a real chance to live the American Dream and he delivered. Why would a group not vote for him knowing the chance for a better life is with Trump as President. The oldest profession, Prostitution was the foundation of Kamala Harris 's political career look out America your pocket book is going to get stolen and the country is already being druged . Have fun with these two if they can get past security into the White House.

  • Carl T Smith

    11/24/2020 06:11 PM

    Will history keep on repeating itself? Short answer--YES! The sad part is how are Americans going to Cope with Socialism? 3-4 Generations of basically BRAINWASHED College Graduates and they head Google, Twitter, Facebook, and many Fortune 500 companies. When PROFITS above Morals took control in the '60s the acceleration to Socialism began. When Trump was elected it put the Money Changers in Panic Mode. In the meantime, 50% of America was still at the Mall enjoying the BENEFITS of a FREE NATION with no Clue HOW it happened. While the Socialists, aka the Democrats, were busy applying Saul Alinsky's Rules. Thump GOT IT and turned the tables on them. Shame the News is in the bag thinking they will benefit...

  • Robin Gonsalves

    11/24/2020 06:04 PM

    After the dems buyer remorse with the corrupt, smell your hair, digital one gaffe in your basement biden will a Republican ever be voted back into the white house now that the dems have the best voter fraud team ever?

  • Linda Wolfe

    11/24/2020 06:01 PM

    If it was me, I would just invite all the cops to my house for a good dinner. The idiots can not tell me who I can invite to my home !!

  • Sharon James

    11/24/2020 04:24 PM

    The governor of VT announced today that when kids get back to school they will be asked if there was anyone outside their immediate family at their home for Thanksgiving. If they say yes they have to quarenteen for two weeks! This is wrong on so many levels to put kids in that position asking them rat on their parents. It is divisive and undermines the family. This is going too far!!

  • Frank Maitilasso

    11/24/2020 02:59 PM

    Its a disgrace that the power of the Tech giants and the Globalists have in determining the outcome of our elections in America. The will of the people doesn't even matter anymore. Its the huge amount of money and propaganda that is used to influence one of the most important freedoms that our Constitution gives to us. The right of a free and honest election. The Democrats will stop at nothing, even fixing our elections, to gain the power that they crave.

  • Judy Radley

    11/24/2020 02:42 PM

    I was sickened while watching my soap opera this afternoon, idiot bumblin biden broke in as a 'special report' regarding his cabinet picks. John Kerry was one, the guy who did the Iran deal that left Iran unchecked, and also a new cabinet position, 'never before position' climate control change person. See, bigger govt. already shows bumblin biden wants more govt. not less. Why in the world did President Trump allow the biden transition team allow to go forward and make announcement on TV? Does that mean we all should just give up and let America get stolen and get erased and in its place, The Communist States of America? As I was watching these people,it sickened me, and I had visions of heavily armed law enforcement going in on the TV set and arrest all those on the stage as they ARE ALL CRIMINALS AND HOW CAN THEY GET AWAY WITH CHEATING ? I thought the phrase was 'cheaters never win'. and yet this whole election fraught with fraud is not totally cancelled and a new, HAND WRITTEN, HAND SIGNED WITH COMPARING ID'S TO THE PEOPLE, AND PHOTO ID'S TOO, TO HAVE A WATCHED NEW ELECTION DATE WHERE NO MACHINES ARE USED, JUST HAND WRITTEN VOTING, BUT ONLY THOSE WITH PHOTO ID PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP AND NON CRIMINALS, ETC. This is an abomination of the tearing down of the United States of America and if the election is not overturned to prove that President Trump IS AND WAS RE-ELECTED, THEN AMERICA IS GONE..... No more USA....and all those who worked hard for their homes, paychecks, vehicles, etc., will be all taken away from them and given to illegal immigrants and the antifa and blm terrorist groups............ It is SO DISCOURAGING AND FRUSTRATING!!! Criminals and cheaters getting away with all their corruption!? I really hate Liberals and what they are doing to America! I never really hated anyone, but these idiots and criminals not being held accountable for anything is getting real old, real fast..... Yes, I can see militias taking over to help those who love America to keep America alive and to round up all those liberal criminals and their supporters and displace them to Europe, Russia, China, and Korea, to let them get a taste of their own medicine! If socialist communists want socialism and communism to take over, let them live in countries that are already there, and then lets see how they like it! Andrew Cuomo is really getting worse and worse with his DICTATORSHIPNESS! LIKE ANOTHER HITLER! HE'S TELLING LAW ENFORCEMENT THAT THEY CANNOT CHOOSE WHAT LAWS TO ENFORCE AND WHAT LAWS NOT TO ENFORCE.....ISN'T THAT RICH AND VERY HYPOCRITICAL OF CUOMO TO SAY THAT! IT IS TYPICAL, DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO! He has chosen himself what laws to enforce and what laws not to enforce, i.e. the riots.... He did not stop it, he chose to let it happen. Isn't that the same thing he is trying to say law enforcement is doing, and he also WANTS TO DEFUND THE POLICE TOOO!? What a hypocritical, corrupted, a....hole! All Liberals today are like this! We cannot, must not let it over take America! We have to do whatever it takes, maybe even yes, another revolution, within the US border, to stop these treasonous terrorists from totally erasing America! Non-violent of course, but to refuse to follow the executive orders Cuomo has made, could be a start at non-violent revolution.... Then get him out of office! Recall him too.........or at least have the govt. election in 2 years, highly audited and watched and vote by hand-written, photo ID proof of only NY Citizens, to get him out of office!!!.......... nothing else, as he and the Democrats have stolen elections in NYS for decades, gone unchecked............That MUST STOP TOO......CHECK and AUDIT VOTING MUST BE PUT IN PLACE AND NO CRIMINALS NOR ILLEGALS ALLOWED TO VOTE AT ALL! If we can flip NYS to Red...........then there is hope for the rest of America, while there still is an America to defend!

  • John Galvin

    11/24/2020 02:37 PM

    How about we shut down social media sites during election years?

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/24/2020 02:18 PM

    Thank you

  • Jerry Korba

    11/24/2020 01:53 PM

    The Dark Winter can not wait to grip this Nation into a downward spiral, Biden and Harris are measuring the windows in the White House getting ready for four years of dark policies that resort back to the ills of the Obama years. Lets pray that the results of the next 4 years if Harris and Biden get in the White House that its results are not terminal for the country, Biden has been wrong all his life in the decisions he has made; Clinton if she would have won we wouldn't have a Nation to save, Trump's 4 years bought the USA 4 years of life support the CCP took a year of it pray it doesn't get all of it this time around. REELECT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!

  • John Barr

    11/24/2020 01:44 PM

    Mike send me an email about how to order your book A Simple Christmas

  • Brad Baldwin

    11/24/2020 01:11 PM

    Once again!! Great writing and exceptional Bible verse. I hope the best for you and yours on this Thanksgiving!!!

  • Paul Russ

    11/24/2020 12:57 PM

    Your comments and stories are insightful and interesting, yet no one takes action. The fraudulence of the national election will simply be repeated in Georgia and the country will descend into the hell of Democrat totalitarianism. And there still will be no response. Other than Trump, the Republican leadership is impotent or as corrupt as the Democrats. McConnell and Graham have the command presence of the Pillsbury doughboy. Sidney Powell is left to fight alone. Barr and Durham are invisible. John Roberts is a judicial pansy. Christian America has been destroyed. As I have said before, the Communist Party USA was founded in 1919, and after 101 years they won.
    Enjoy White Colonizer Day. You might remember that as Thanksgiving but that was before the implementation of revisionist history by the dictatorship.
    See you in re-education camp.

  • Frances

    11/24/2020 12:34 PM

    Do people realize President Trump is fighting More for our Country than for his self. God Bless President Trump

  • Don Kottwitz

    11/24/2020 12:28 PM

    re deja vu: A while after LBJ was elected I saw a letter ti a news magazine. The writer said: America, I apologize. When I said I would vote for Goldwater, they told me that "America would be mired in Viet Nam, we would have inflation, we would have inflation, there would be crime in the streets, etc." But I still voted for Goldwater. And they were right. We had all those things. So I apologize.

  • Vaslav Nijinsky

    11/24/2020 12:04 PM

    LBJ also benefitted from the events in The Big D on 11/22/1963, in more ways than one, and so did his cronies, the deep state among them. Nuff said...

  • Robin Rebhan

    11/24/2020 12:00 PM

    I find it very interesting how the democrats want socialism here in America. Yet they support the Chinese people in Hong Kong who are fighting for Freedom and Independence from socialism.

  • Pat J Green

    11/24/2020 11:47 AM

    I have two items, first a couple of weeks ago when you wrote about Google and security and duck duck go and security I switched to duck duck go and I do believe I later got and email from Google say come back we miss you. I don't know for sure cause I don't open such just delete.
    Second thought I do believe that if Biden does become president he won't be president very long. There is a reason Nancy p was pushing something with the 25 admendment , not to get rid of President Trump's this late in the game but to get rid of Biden and make Harris president.

  • Vernon Thompson

    11/24/2020 11:40 AM

    BTW Governor. Isn't it time for a new Biden book? Let me suggest a title:
    Return of the Swamp Rats!

  • Vernon Thompson

    11/24/2020 11:37 AM

    I am waiting for the Dimocrats to organize a caravan to place wreaths on the grave of their Patron Saint Saul Alinsky!

  • Elaine Knudsen

    11/24/2020 11:15 AM

    What happened with Fox News? How did they turn so left? This morning they were saying on TV that the WhiteHouse approved "Transitioning" for Biden to the WhiteHouse. I don't believe that is true. What I understand is that Biden's group gets the same as they got before, computers, office space & security. No transition $$$ & no briefings on anything, until the election is determined. And Biden was asking Americans on Twitter for people to give him handouts for "Transitioning". That went over well, not. I keep getting solicitations from Trump's team as well. Both Democrats & Republicans are asking for political $$$ when they can't pass a stimulus for the hurting American people. Yes, it's important to make sure the we don't end up a Socialist country, but many Americans are struggling & tapped out.

  • sandy brians

    11/24/2020 11:11 AM

    I tried years ago to delete my info from Facebook without success. I do not join any social media, try to diminish my on line presence, and debated about adding you to my favorites. The virus has forced me to on-line shop and I guess I will continue to do so. I am not optimistic about the future but since I am old it is my grandchildren I worry about. President Trump lost many votes with his tweeting. Some of my friends just didn't vote.

  • Jerry Korba

    11/24/2020 11:05 AM

    Too repeat mistakes over and over to find a different outcome is called Insanity. The election of Harris and Biden will be a repeat of electing Obama twice is proof of that statement. Harris and Biden will exceed Insane policies more so than Obama had, if that is possible, insanity with evil doing are the goals of these anti american VP and President I am nauseous at the thought my Golden Years are will turn into the years of the sewer with Harris and Biden two Shittff people surrounded by a cesspool.