January 11, 2018

Say what you like about President Trump, but he doesn’t let anyone get too comfortable in their assumptions. For instance, just as his critics were settling into a nice liberal-bubble bath to read that ludicrous new book that confirms all their cherished fantasies about him being a dementia-stricken, moronic grandpa who can’t understand simple concepts or remember his friends’ names, he dumped a big load of freezing cognitive dissonance in their bath water. First by giving a lengthy, extemporaneous speech on farm policy, then by taking the startlingly rare step of allowing TV cameras in on a meeting with Congressional leaders of both parties. Even the usual anti-Trump yapping Chihuahuas on cable news channels were forced to admit that he ran the meeting like a CEO who was on top of all the issues discussed. It was also a lot more transparent than anything that Obama’s “most transparent Administration in history” ever did.

But while he was deflating the illusions of all those amateur psychiatrists on Twitter, Trump also discombobulated some of his supporters with a couple of comments during the meeting. One came when he noted that Congress members got along better and got more done before they banned earmarks, those attachments of pork for the home districts that greased the skids (and the palms) enough to help get bills passed. He mused that maybe some form of controlled earmarks should come back, which set off furious backlash from conservatives who fought to stamp them out because of the corruption and waste that came along with them.

Another comment that set off alarms on the right was Trump’s seeming agreeability on the idea of accepting a new DACA arrangement now that would let millions of “Dreamers” stay in America, in exchange for Democrats agreeing later to back immigration reforms or tougher border enforcement.

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Before anyone goes too far off the deep end, bear in mind that these were only passing comments during a meeting, not hard and fast agreements. Maybe he was only dangling them as carrot-and-stick enticements, to see how the Democrats would respond. Or maybe he was just thinking out loud and didn’t really mean it. All this anguish over it is one reason why they say anyone who enjoys sausage or government should never see how either one is made.

But just in case Trump is seriously considering that DACA/immigration deal, I’d like to offer him a bit of advice. I know he’s the master of the “Art of the Deal,” but he hasn’t made that many political deals, and this is an area where I believe he could benefit from my experience. So here goes:

No Republican executive should ever, ever, EVER accept a deal with Democrats predicated on giving them what they want now in exchange for their promise to give you what you want later. Rather than go into detail, I’ll just offer the following examples, which should be self-explanatory:

“If you agree to a tax hike now, we’ll cut two dollars in spending for every dollar of new taxes later.”

“If you agree to give amnesty to no more than 1.3 million illegal immigrants now, we’ll secure the border later and we’ll never need another amnesty bill.”

“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

(Note: Popeye was more likely to get his burger money back from Wimpy than Reagan ever was to get those promised spending cuts and border security.)

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  • Matt Combs

    01/12/2018 03:41 PM

    My sister had a fantastic idea!!! Ask Roseanne Barr if you can make a guest appearance on her show. That would be OUTSTANDING Mr. Huckabee!!! I hope it happens.

  • Vern Sowers

    01/12/2018 12:54 PM

    I appreciate your articles very much. I would also like to say President Trump is doing a very good job! That being said, just think how much wore we could accomplish if our Congress and Senate would make moral and just decisions for the good of our nation as a whole, instead of acting like like vindictive spoiled children. They are our representatives not our leaders, they work for us. If they don't start working for us, instead of special interest groups, we will vote them out! I continue to pray that The Lord God Almighty will touch their hearts and minds and start doing right. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  • Jane Lee

    01/12/2018 12:10 PM


  • Cath

    01/12/2018 11:46 AM

    Absolutely agree. Also people must take note & demand the media recognize Trump's accomplishments FOR THE PEOPLE...IF focus is on his language, then ALSO FOCUS ON BO, BC language...their actions were more devastating than language.

  • Kim Pointer

    01/12/2018 03:58 AM

    Please Watch this interview with these 2 Christian Hispanic Ladies from Texas, especially the end. They are begging for a platform for Hispanics to know the truth. They know it is a spiritual war. Maybe Mike Huckabee could have them on his TBN show. America desperately needs this for the Hispanic community.
    There is a section in the middle with video of a protest that you might want to forward thru due to bad language.
    Kim Pointer

  • Ron Lombard

    01/11/2018 07:25 PM

    I'm but a humble man. Retired stuntman. Father, and husband, and grandfather.
    My son has served 5 tours of Duty.
    Three in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. I won't go into his medals and accolades bestowed upon him. He is a lifer, quit college a week after 9/11. Been in ever since. Tens of thousands of young men and women also heard that call, and answered it. Some paid the ultimate price for our freedom my point is ENOUGH , NO MORE PEOPLE COMING TO THE USA.
    Call me a racist , I don't care tell me that I don't have a heart I don't care tell me I'm prejudiced, I don't care. Nowhere else in the world can you go and invade someone's land and immediately demand, demand, mind you free education free housing free medical free dental no, it has to end. And the Democrats, with all of their lies, and all of their magic oh look at this shiny little bubble I'm going to give you called welfare .I want you to stay on it for generations. It's insane. We are a Sovereign Nation. You want to come to this country have a merit system like they do in other countries. Build the wall, like they have in other countries. Nowhere else in the world could you go to a country and set up shop and just say screw you I'm here I'm staying.
    The State of California is damn near ruined, thank you Jerry Brown, thank you Nancy Pelosi, thank you Dianne Feinstein, thank you to all of you Democrats who are trying to make California a sanctuary state. I lived in California for 45 years it once was the Golden State. It is no longer the Golden State. Jerry Brown tried to put a $1 tax per gallon on fuel to pay for his bullet train which is years over schedule and a billion dollars over budget.
    I sincerely hope that our President does not believe Congress will make a deal with him now, for something promised down the road.

  • Marta Gerrity

    01/11/2018 07:19 PM

    No DACA deal until they fund the wall, end chain migration, end visa lottery. What happened to the Dems resistance now that they want something. Dems have had since 2012 to do DACA right. It was Obama that did it illegally. He had time to fix it. It must not have been important

  • Kevin Cook

    01/11/2018 05:31 PM

    To whom it may concern

    I read with complete dismay how our Bishops and many organization want to reward and even encourage lawless selfish behavior that is causing severe and tragic problems.

    The US Bishops, politicians and advocacy groups want to try and frame passing DACA as humanitarian and justice when in fact it is the complete opposite.
    Encouraging and rewarding people to break our laws and to destroy our
    sovereignty are not only morally wrong and severely detrimental to the USA people but even worse it is causing severe and permanent damage to the country where these so called best and brightest dreamers are leaving.

    Unless Mexico or some other country is dumping their criminals and undesirables into our country like Cuba did, we in fact are depleting that country of the very critical talent they need to fix the problems in their
    home country that prompted these immigrants to escape their home country.
    This depletion of vital human capital has severely damaged and will continue to damage Mexico and the Middle East, has cost people their lives as they are encouraged to flee their home country and has severely damaged law abiding Americans who have lost much need jobs to these dreamers and who now have been forced to turn to a life of drugs, crime and the inhumane life of

    By these people and organization encouraging and rewarding this
    lawless and shellfish behavior, all are severely hurting both the USA people and the country losing their vital human capital.

    This shallow and emotional view of this "humanitarian" crisis is appalling.

    By continuing to encourage this outrageous and selfish behavior they in fact will and should be held responsible for prolonging and creating unnecessary
    poverty, for creating insufferable human exploitation that comes from
    encouraging this migration and yes, they are even causing more death to
    thousands of innocent Americans and illegals.

  • Linda Radosevich

    01/11/2018 03:54 PM

    Re: Kudos to comic Roseanne Barr:
    I am shocked, SHOCKED! to hear that Roseanne is a Trump supporter, and stood up to liberal media about her upcoming show. Hurrah! Roseanne, I misjudged you and look forward to your new show!

  • Sandra Capps

    01/11/2018 02:40 PM

    You, Sir, should be in The White House along with your awesome daughter! You would be a great advisor to OUR President! Thank you for your continued wisdom and your support of President Trump! Also, thank you for my best laugh today!!! This article, like so many of yours, hits the nail squarely on the head!!! May I say Sarah Huckabee Sanders is, hands down, the best Press Secretary since I became interested in politics in the 1960's!

  • Bill Howell

    01/11/2018 02:01 PM

    President Trump has done more for this country than I our last four Presidents, As a retired military man he is the leader that this country has needed for years. He is a leader that I would put my life on the line for. This country has been on the decline for years and now it is starting to look up again. Now we need to clean the swamp (Congressman and Senators who are there for their on good and not the people). MSgt Bill Howell, Retired, Born and raised in Ola Arkansas.

  • Marilyn Madore

    01/11/2018 12:23 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee: As a loyal Trump supporter, I am concerned that he may be considering giving Democrats what they want and getting very little of what he campaigned on it return. I am also concerned that republicans may also be giving away the store on this issue-Just have to listen to Lindsey Graham' s rantings against conservative talk-shows. Please keep speaking out for us. Thank you and God bless you.

  • Dot Michael

    01/11/2018 11:54 AM

    I'm with you, Governor... NEVER agree to any deal that includes, "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"

  • Eveline Garrison

    01/11/2018 11:47 AM

    As far as the earmarks go, I have a hard time justifying bringing them back. If they are good for the country, they should be able to fly on their own merits. The DACA, I have mixed feelings about. No they should never have been allowed in, but many have been here their entire childhood and early adulthood. The tax payers of this country have paid for their education from grade 1 through 12. If they are good people, it seems ludicrous to ship all that time, money and untapped potential back to their country of origin witch hasn't spent any time or money educating them. On a purely humanitarian plane, they may not even speak the language of their native country.

  • Cindy McRae

    01/11/2018 11:18 AM

    Washington being compared to Popeye and Wimpy was funny! As a child Has was s d to try to negotiate with my parents ( to no avail) using Wimpy’s technique!
    I do feel the DACA issue needs to be carefully addressed. What needs to be stopped is the hemorrhage of illegals who do not value our country and have no intention of living a non criminal life. The borders must be protected and the wall built yesterday!
    I respect Mr Trump immensely for wanting to take this job on! He did s a CEO and it shows. I also believe he represents us well to the world. His pride in Americacis obvious!
    I do laugh at some of the humor ( Jimmy Fallon ) which is mild but refuse to listen to the left coast and the screaming rantings of the liberal media.
    In my heart I believe most Americans agree with my feelings. Thank you for being one of our clear voices in the muddy waters of politics!

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    01/11/2018 11:11 AM

    Love your final analysis! I say make all DACA apply for citizenship NOW. Don't just give it to them....make them take the test like everyone else. OR, join the ARMY and after 4 years you become a citizen. Anyone else wanting to sign up can do so and once the 4 years is completed, spouse and immediate children automatically become citizens and allowed through the border.

  • Barbara Em

    01/11/2018 10:27 AM

    I don’t believe the President would trust congress with any deals. He’s too smart for that.

  • Bobbi Jones

    01/11/2018 10:27 AM

    I agree with you, never cut a deal with a Democrat where you give them what they want now, and they’ll give you what you want later.
    It’s like paying someone that knocked on your door for work to be done on your home up front.
    You’ll regret that mistake for sure.

  • Cheryl Kiepke

    01/11/2018 10:26 AM

    Democrats have been proven not to be reliable when working across the table with conservatives, and I hope President Trump does not put his money on having a true co-existence with them. We don't need a repeat of 8 years of 0bama!

  • cliff carr

    01/11/2018 10:21 AM

    well said good read

  • Scott William Dickey

    01/11/2018 10:14 AM

    When you dance with the devil...POTUS needs to recognize the retirements and announcements of non-rerunning by so many is POTUS draining the swamp. It is working, don't let up!

  • Patricia Carlton

    01/11/2018 10:10 AM

    Goodness, gracious!!! I am not a politician and I had the same reaction you did when I heard Diane Feinstein!

  • Rosemary Scott

    01/11/2018 10:07 AM

    Mike, I know his is unrelated to this article, but I can't help wondering who is paying off the judges who keep ruling against anything and everything that the president tries to do, but NEVER, EVER did anything at all when Obama was in office. Sure makes me wonder in light of all the corruption taking place in government, including the once honored DOJ and FBI.....just saying. Maybe these judges bank accounts need to be investigated.

  • Karen Rogers

    01/11/2018 10:06 AM

    Hello Mike,
    You don't know me, but I have been a fan of yours since you ran for President years ago. I loved your program on Fox News, and sorry when it was over. However, I would like to Congratulate you, and your wife, on the lovely young woman you have raised! I was appalled at the worthless News Media, and the terrible things they said about Sarah. In the first place calling her names about her looks was unexceptable! I happen to think she is beautiful, highly intellegent, courageous, and a tough lady to take the abuse she receives! She is fantastic at her job, and deserves a lot of credit for her work! God Bless her, and God Bless you and your wife! You are all in my prayers!

  • Ada Brekke

    01/11/2018 10:01 AM

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your commentaries Governor. I get such a kick out of those witty comments! You tell it like it is....keep up the good work!

  • Joseph Trokey

    01/11/2018 09:37 AM

    As in all matters of the legal world, if you don't have it in writing, don't agree to it. There was a time when a mans word and a handshake were all you needed, but then the prince of this world stepped in and changed all that. I still believe there are men out there who respect God and Jesus that when they give their word on something, they mean it. Those people are getting fewer and farther apart. God says "Let your yes be yes and your no be no". Not an exact quote, but that's what He says.

  • Johnny Eissens

    01/11/2018 09:33 AM

    Excellent reference to Popeye and the "I'll pay you Tuesday" concept. Trump's doing a great job. I'm so glad he (and you) are working for all Americans.

  • John Ross Phillips

    01/11/2018 09:23 AM

    Mike, I appreciate your wisdom and agree with your assessment, especially the warning at the end.
    I’m sure Sarah has the ear of the President. She is doing an amazing job. You must be very proud of her. Keep up the great work of holding all our feet to the fire. God bless!

  • Judy Davy

    01/11/2018 09:20 AM

    I read your columns ... I’m a fan! Also think your daughter, Sarah, is doing a wonderful job. Only one comment ... we have a chihuahua in the family. She does her share of yapping, but shouldn’t be used in comparisons to a flaming liberal as you did in your last article. Use another analogy, please, and maybe apologize to sweet chihuahuas everywhere! \;>)